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From Volume 139 - 'Make it Stop'

Fun Impeachment Moments with Bart

This trial sure has it's funny moments.
(I'm watching the trial Saturday, the 6th.)

Ditto-monkey Bryant just said this:

"We are concerned that there may have been an effort to
  in some way, affect the testimony of a witness."

Everyone agrees with you, you wacky, fascist hairball.
Your boy Kenny Starr promised Monica that her parents
were going to rot in prison unless she sang his tune.

...sounds like obstruction of justice to me.

Damn, I sure wish I could testify in a trial or deposition
that I was CERTAIN would be shown on live television.
I could be a star.

Those house managers ask the stupidest goddamn questions.
Still watching Monica Saturday, the ditto-monkey asked her:

"What were you thinking at that time?"

I would answer, "I was thinking of how awful it is that a party
of nazi bastards is trying to illegally remove the best president
this country has had in the last 50 years."

What kind of idiot asks an open-ended question like that?

After they asked a few really stupid questions, and after I
shot back with a few zingers, even a ditto-monkey would
eventually learn to phrase his questions better, right?

Another ditto-monkey question: "If you told that story to Paula Jones's
attorneys, do you think they would consider it misleading in any way?"

I'd say, "Jesus Christ, you want me to guess how goddamn stupid
Paula Jones's attorneys are? Or what the possible reaction of
Paula Jones's attorneys would be to my testimony?
As far as I can tell, those guys are less competent than you,
so there's no telling what wild-ass assumptions they'd make."

How many of these do you think they could take?

ha ha.

He did it again!

Asa Hutchinson just asked Monica: "What went through your mind then?"

Monica could've said, "I was wondering why George Butch had to
pardon those Republicans who lied about selling missles to Iran."

Koresh, it would be so much fun to have some self-important pinhead
try to trick me into saying something that wasn't true.

If anyone knows how I could get indicted,
please contact the Home Offices of RL-LNW.


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