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Subject: shooting yourself in the foot


     Why do you continue just out and out dividing our core of the party? Your calculus that to mock, 
belittle, make fun of, denigrate, and classify as detached from reality people who believe in God will 
put another republican in the nut house,errr White House. Every day I read your site, seeing a most 
times intelligent discussion that doesn't stick its finger in the winds and get swayed by any type of pressure?

I think religion is insane.
I think those who buy that crap are lying to themselves.
I'm trying to get people to replace their insanity with reality, logic and science.

Why do you want to denigrate me and my beliefs? 
For you to say you do not believe in God seems to be your right. To use this hatred:

> "Secularism" is their Betty Bowers way of saying, "I'm closer to Jesus than you are,"
> which is another way of saying,  "I'm more insane than you are because I believe in 
> invisible ghosts that don't exist more than you do." It sums up their position rather succinctly, I'd say.

That's not hatred. That's calling a spade a spade.
The enemy is the crooked handjobs who steal money by using the threat of God as a weapon.
Why do you put up with such foolishness?

...makes you in my book just as bad as my Christian friends who speak poorly of you. 

If your Christian friends speak poorly of me, tell them to write.
I'd be glad to straighten them out.

If you think that atheists alone can win a national consensus along with a national election it is just you 
being cynical, realizing that your page will be more cutting edge with President Giuliani, McCain, or 
Brownback ruining our country forever. The stakes are too high for you, being a national leader of 
the liberal/progressive/common sense wing of the American citizenry to be this divisive.

Only a crazy man would say the majority believes in science and logic.
I fully realize the crazies are in the majority.
That's why things are so screwed up.

Let me make this clear. I will and would vote for Hillary in a minute. I will not vote for any man 
or woman who tells or aligns themselves with statements like yours from above.

Let me make this clear. 
I'm not asking anybody to vote for Hillary.
And you'll never be faced with the choice to elect a non-religious person
because Bart's Law #1 is "People want to be lied to."

Why is my defending your right to not believe (which is keeping to myself, not criticizing your beliefs, 
acknowledging you as my fellow countryman) subject to you calling me insane? If I try to stand up 
for myself, or Christianity I am in a position of attacking you and saying you are wrong.

I feel bad that you have chosen wild-ass superstition over science and logic.
Your mind is trapped in a web of deciet because you think you can't make it 
without that angel on your shoulder helping you thru each day. That's clearly insane, 
because there is no angel on your shoulder, but that shouldn't keep us from being friends.

You can do better.
I have faith in you.
With Love and Peace,
Your friend,

You're right that I should probably sprinkle more sugar on my words, but facts are facts.
If you take away all the religious insanity, the world's arms dealers (like Bush) would go broke.
For years, I said racism was America's biggest problem, 
but religious insanity has muscled its way into the top position. 

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