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Subject: A few of MY truisms

Hey Bart,
A few of MY truisms:

Golf is a pasttime, not a sport.  
Tiger Woods is NOT a hero.  He hits a little ball with a stick.
Pro basketall players, are paid for being "tall", not smart. 
Democrat leadership is spineless. 
Republicans are greedy racists. 

If/when you write one I disagree with, I'll jump in :)
So far, you're batting 1.000.

Someone IS responsible for the price of gas. 
Criminals are not afraid of the justice system. 
Cheney is a criminal. 
Bushit is a criminal. 
War is a crime.

I'd say war is usually a crime.
If you try to force your way into my house, war is on
and I haven't done anything wrong.

Veterans should be rewarded, not "honored" and forgotten.
Rape deserves the death penalty, just like our grandfathers handled it.

I think there's room for argument there.

"News" programs should report the truth based on facts, 
not opinions based on the owner's politics.
Fox News is a political arm of the Republican Party.
Religion is used to control people, not to advance the people's understanding of the universe.
Bret Farve was the only reason many people watched the NFL.

An unloaded gun can't be used to protect anyone.
No income should be "tax free".
The rich don't pay enough taxes.

The War on Drugs was used to increase the power of conservative 
politicians and enhance the budgets of police organizations.
No one was EVER forced to use drugs. 

Gays don't hurt Straights. 

Also, gay marriage doesn't de-value my marriage - how could it?

Prostitution is not a crime, it is capitalism in its freest form.

The crooked government doesn't want a woman to trade sex for money
because there's no way for the crooked government to collect their "cut."

Same reason they won't let us grow pot.  They can't stand the idea of
somebody being happy on their paid-for land without paying taxes on that happiness.

No government has the right to know anything about my personal business 
as long as I intentionally break the law.

Did you forget to include "don't" in that sentence?

The American I was taught to love no longer exists.
Military leaders rarely do.

Bingo - they serve at the pleasure of the religiously insane oil man.
If they voice an opinion that doesn't put money in Bush's pocket
they are retired and a Bush crony takes their place.

Your vote doesn't count anymore.
Parents are responsible for their children's education.  
Teachers can only advance what parents have begun.
Things are going to get a lot worse, not a lot better.
Keep up the good work Bart.

Wednesday, Obama agreed with Three Fingers Scalia and Slappy the Wonder Horse
that child-rapists should get the death penalty, which seems kinda absurd on its face.

Why, if we enforced that the Catholic Church would be empty.

And I know why he said that - Bart's Law #1.

But if we're going to execute child rapists,
shouldn't we execute a man who kicks his wife down the steps?

How about a Black man who looks at a white woman's legs?

How about a teenager who uses the "C" word in front of Grandma?
Pretty soon, we're killing suspects for spitting on the sidewalk.

A life for a life - maybe - but that's as far as I'd like to see it go.

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