That shameless whore, "Doctor" Laura had David Whorowitz on her show today. 

 Most of America heard this whorefest yesterday, but K-Drag radio has her on delay, 
 probably so they can censor her if she says anything "too leftist." 

 This ugly-acting whore had David Whorowitz, who is another shameless whore. 
 How shameless are they? 

 They made Rush sound reasonable. 
They made Rush sound reasonable. 

 I just heard Whorowitz explain that all leftists (anyone who might criticize President Bunnypants)
 are out to destroy America, they HATE middle America, they HATE Joe Six-Pack,  they all want
 to move to the Soviet Union but don't have the courage to leave, they have low self-esteem because
 they know deep down that they're wrong, and that whore-hag Laura backed him up 100 percent,
 and told her ditto-monkey audience that every lie Whorowitz told was absolutely true.

 I think Laura should be punished for that. 
 I think I'm the right guy for the job, too. 

 I'm going to run some of her naked pictures. 
 If she doesn't like it, she can fucking sue me. 
 If she doesn't like it, she can get on her broom and fly to Tulsa, OK go to the K-Drag County 
 courthouse (2nd floor, Laura, turn left off the elevators) and file a civil claim against me. 

 I'll pay the filing fee, Laura. 

 So, here we go. 
 You newer viewers may want to brace yourselves. 

 Click  Here  to see the nasty Laura whore without pants

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