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 Subject: Fagot!!

Hi there, Fartcock!!....I mean bartcop!
You are nothing but a no good Fagot lovin', American hate bitch!

I'm an honest importer of olive oil, nothing more.

I bet you would suck Obama's cock wouldnt you.

Did you mean "I would bet?"
I'd love to gamble with a Monkey like you.
Do you make a lot of money?

From what I've read on you web page, you probably make about $20,000 a year,

I wish.

Live on food stamp, and have a lot of time on your hands to come up with some of
the most elementary type politics that only people that live ghettos would find educating.

You're half-right - I apparently have no wealthy readers. :)
If I was a Fascist dog Republican I'd be bathing in Cristal champagne.

What is it like knowing that you voted for someone that only fagots, illegals, ciminals
and the most poorly educated people in America voted for.

ha ha
You just called a majority of voters "fagots, illegals, and ciminals,"
No wonder you handjobs can't win an election.
No wonder you lost the White House and the Senate and the House.

BTW, did you have a big fight with spelling and punctuation?
Maybe you should call them and apologize.

Which means in my point of view, (He means "from" my point of view)
that you liberals share the same views of  (He means "as")
the scum of the earth,  (I'm nothing like the Bush bastards)
welfare recipants, (He means the big oil companies)
people in prison, (Scooter Libby got pardoned, remember?)
abortoinists (He means Nancy Reagan, Pickles Bush and the twins)
(people who do not take responsibity for their sexual behavior) (He means Monkey Bush)
even animals have more morals about their cubs, puppies etc...  (He means Laura Schlessinger)

   "I am my mom's kid..."

 John Murphy

PS. Want to see a picture of my son?

 I gotta admit - that's a cute kid.

 He must take after you - his head is smaller than that baseball.
 He might have your rhetorical skills (too bad) but I'd bet he can
 climb the fuck outa trees - am I right?

 BTW, what zoo is his mother in?

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