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Subject: you racist fuck

Your racism is showing.

You mention the Cole bombing with a wiki link explaining how Al Qaeda operatives used a boat
to bring explosives to the ship as it sat docked in Aiden. You even mention the 17 soldiers killed.

So, other than boats and Muslims, there is absolutely nothing similar to Cole and Iranian speed boats
coming too close to US warships. How can you justify saying we have to do something before "they"
kill another 17 sailors?  Is it Iranians or is it Al Qaeda?

You racist fuck, they are not the same thing - they aren't even the same faith (Sunni / Shia).

You sound just like the Neanderthals I work with who think Islam and all Muslims are a monolithic entity
out to get us. We aren't at war with Iran (YET), so we can't start shooting at them, even if their speedboats
are being provocative. That isn't a Carnival Cruise ship trolling around Iran's Southern border - the US Navy
is making a show of force to intimidate Iran - not exactly a peaceful pleasure cruise in international water.

For someone who keeps saying that there will not be a war with Iran, you sure sound odd
saying the Navy should do something that would unquestionably be an act of war.

Joe, thanks for that.
Probably the most popular feature of  is Monkey Mail and you've hit a home run.

Who brought race into this?
You did, but I can't figure out why.

If I command a warship and some boat is racing towards me without identifying itself,
I'm going to blow it up without wondering what color skin the attacker has.   Who cares about race?

Do you think a boat loaded with explosives will cause more damage
if the guy driving the boat has a particular tint to his skin pigment?

I have a tip for you:
You could shoot up a half-dosen IQ points if you were to read and memorize Bart's Laws.

Here's a screen shot from the early Bush presidency:

The same way one should never lay down in front of a bulldozer or a train, one should never
threaten a ready-to-do-battle group at sea.  Even if you're sure your cause is just, that won't
stop a bulldozer or a train or a aircraft carrier from killing you.

Also, notice I condemned Israel for crushing some protestor.
Why would a radically-biased, Israeli-excusing Jewish panderer do that?

And what was this about?

You racist fuck, they are not the same thing - they aren't even the same faith (Sunni / Shia).

You make up racist charges and then scream at me for alledgedly not knowing
something that everybody learned back in 1979 - except George Bush?

This is one of the oddest (and best) Monkey Mails ever!

I wish I had the money to hire you.

We could start a new feature: Dumbass Statement of the Day where each issue,
you'd fabricate some Monkey Mail-ish racial charges against me and I'd mock you.

Don't be a stranger!


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