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Subject: my god you are such a pig

So you now accuse a woman of being jealous of another woman's hot looks? 
My god you are such a pig.

I haven't seen you do much on Oklahoma's draconian abortion law either.

Patsi, you make a lousy first impression.

I have no idea what you're talking about, so I'm forced to guess.
Perhaps you meant this line:

> ..and it's all the more outrageous when some one that good-looking gets "corrected," right? 
> I get that, but I'm certainly not the cause.  As I said, I'm usually against enhancement surgery. 

What I meant by that is if someone has a giant and embarassing defect on their face, surgery is deemed "OK.".
But when one of Hollywood's finest gets some work done, some people look down on that.

So what was the "accusation" you claim to have found?

Funny how you could jump to such a wrong-headed and inaccurate conclusion and then 
immediately come out swinging "such a pig" at a women's rights pillar like Ol' Bart.

I forgive you - that's the kind of guy I am.

As far as the Okie abortion fiasco, I generally don't do local stories.
If the country starts talking about it, I'll get involved.

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