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Subject: When is America going to get the message?  Stop using oil!


We are a nation of morons who just don't get that running on oil just doesn't work. 

Everyone expects that somehow President Obama is going to waive a magic wand and the oil spill 
is going to go away, the coast will be clean, and the fishermen are going to start fishing again. 
People think that maybe if we give Obama the authority of a king, or maybe if we nuke the hole, 
that everything is somehow going to fix itself. It's not going to happen. 

It's time to get off of oil because this spill has proven that oil no longer works.

How many spills do we have to have before we stop drilling for oil? How many wars for oil do we 
have to fight before we get it. Politicians are crying over the drilling moratorium because 150,000 
oil workers might lose their jobs. 

Good I say!  Every oil worker needs to be looking for a new job. 

We are a country in deep denial and quite frankly I hope the oil keeps spilling until America finally gets it. 
Until we get serious about wind and solar energy. We can, for some time run off of natural gas and coal, 
but we are officially out of safe oil and we need to stop drilling for it.

So I hope the spill keeps spilling until the last politician in the pocket of big oil gets on the side of the people. 
I hope it gushes until the last Tea Bagger stops saying "Drill Baby Drill". 

America has turned its back on reality and reality has been tapping us on the shoulder trying to
get our attention. Now reality has whopped us up-side the head. America needs to get right with reality. 
We need to run our trucks on natural gas. 

We need to run our cars on electricity. We need to start making diesel fuel out of coal. 
We need to upgrade the electrical grid. We need to do nuclear if we can do it safely. 
And we need most of all to convert to solar, wind, and hydroelectric to ensure that we 
have clean energy for tomorrow. And most of all, we need to have a war on stupidity, 
because being a nation or morons is a luxury we can no longer afford.

Marc Perkel

Founder of the Church of Reality
Reality changed my life. It can change your life too.

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