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Update Tuesday, July 4th

Southwest Airlines
Las Vegas from Portland for $87 One-Way
Las Vegas from Seattle  for $99 One-Way!  is offering the Stratosphere for $99
Southwest Airlines is offering Knights Inn (Airport) for $60

Things to do in 2002 in Vegas

You'll never forget the Party at The Palms

TV Alert:
The E! Channel has a regular program, Party at the Palms, you might like.

Also there's a show called  Ink! on some channel that is shot inside The Palms at their
you-won't-believe-how-popular tattoo parlor. There's always a line 20 deep for Tats.

Update Sunday July 2

I'm going to post a coded list of who's coming.
I don't want anybody flying to Vegas on the assumption that I know they're coming,
and then have you steaming as you pace The Palms main floor knowing that we've
having the best time anyone ever had in Las Vegas, 22 floors above you.

So the list will say, "TM from Eureka, CA" - that kind of thing.

Driving to Vegas: 
If you're driving from LA or Phoenix - whatever, and wouldn't mind some company 
to help with gas expenses and all, maybe post a notice on The Forum

Along those same lines, why pay for a room by yourself?
Get a room with 2 beds and a couch and split the bill three ways.

Also, some rules and information.

The first thing we're going to do is act responsibly.
One we do that, then we can get as crazy as we want.

This is a "No kids" party. Must be 21 to enter the Fantasy Suites. 

Don't show up falling down drunk. 

No "Record-setting," no passing out, no getting sick and no chugging contests.
    But if you fall in love and want to get married by Elvis that night, that's nothing that police
    can charge me with, so have as good a time as you want.

There are bedrooms in this suite - please, no sex in the Celebrity Suite bedrooms.

If you're staying at The Palms, you get free tickets to their mega-club, "Rain in the Desert."
    Even if you hate clubs, trust me - stick your head in. Palms stayers go right to the front of the line.
    Go in, look around, if you don't like it then leave. But it's a spectacular club.
    You're going to be 20 feet from the entrance, you might as well go in and check it out.
    They also have The Ghost bar, but it's small, and hard to get into on a Fri-Sat without a wait.

On a larger scale - if you're spoending the bucks to go to vegas, take a few days.
    Sunday thru Thursday, they GIVE rooms away.
    You LA people are spoiled, but some of us can't go there every weekend.
    We have people from all over the country coming the PoD. 

    (Think Johnny Cash song)

    So far we have people coming in from TX, WA, MD, MN, AL (yes, Alabama)  OK, UT, 
    CA, IL and current (about to be former) Pokerfest King Big Tom from Michigan!

This party will be 95 percent out-of-towners, thus cab-driven, so we're cool there,
    but you local dudes can't get drink and then drive afterwards. Work something out.
    Get a room or a driver - whatever.

Of course, bring your camera to Vegas, but not to the party.
    Remember that scene in The Godfather when they try to take Richard Conte's picture?
    It'll be like that - minus the distainful dropping of bills afterwards.

We'll use the same elevator as The Ghost Bar, so Palms Security will screen you.
   They'll have a list with all eligible guests - just tell them you're with the "bartcop" party. 
   Don't say "Party of the Decade" because every night is Vegas is like that.

You'll never forget the Party of the Decade

Update Thursday Night

I pulled the trigger on the upgrade

Update Thursday Noon

Yesterday was a wild-ass day. In a seven hour period, we went from 
"Do we have enough to get this party off the ground?" to
"Do we need to look at getting a bigger place?"

If the budget gets any bigger, maybe we could bring in a comedian or a band.
Of course, I'm just thinking out loud, but stranger things have happened.

Update Wednesday 6 PM
I have "pulled the trigger," this party is on!

The dude said if we can just 15 more people we can have an official "crib"
that's brand new and much bigger but we have to let them know before long or they'll sell out.

Shiite, the first fest in DC, we had over 200 people. The second fest, in Vegas, 
drew about 88 and we were getting less than half the hits we get today.
(That's where I met Tommy Mack, and my whole world changed)
We should be able to get at least half of the last crowd, right?.

I asked the Palms dude, "What happens if a poker game breaks out in our room?"
he said we can have the poker game in the Fantasy Suite, so we just saved everybody $25

He answered by saying, 
"Look, it's your room - this is Las Vegas - we don't care
what you do in your room,"  which brings up other possibilities  :)

So c'mon, forget the family vacation this year - send them kids to the in-laws because 
Mom & Dad need a fun weekend in Vegas to decompress from all the Bush-induced stress.

We'll ask Tommy Mack to bring his recording equipment.
We could do a BCR Show during the party and let the guests speak!
We could do a live chat thing like we did four years ago from The Rio.
Possibilities are endless - it's Las Vegas and we are in control.

The Party is on, now we're just haggling over size :)

Update Wednesday Noon They've given us until tonight.
(Note: This update may change as the hours go by. If we get 30 to sign up,
 I'll put up a notice that we are full.)

I've heard "Count on me to be there" from dozens, but The Palms wants their money tonight
and for some strange reason, they won't accept my best intentions to hold the Fantasy Crib Suite.
We need another $1500 by tonight or we'll have to try this party another time - maybe election night :).

Sidebar: The Palms is one of the most exciting places in Vegas, and that's saying a lot,
but their web site is the worst I've ever seen, and that's saying a whole lot. 
Seriously, about half the time the page doesn't even come up.  Odd they don't fix that.
Maybe while we're there, one of you techies can pick up a $1000-a-week part-time job :).

But if we're going to make this work, you need to send your money today.
Paypal if you want in. 
By tonight, we need another fifteen sign-ups ($1500) to keep the room.
If you already have money in the mail,tell me and we'll count that.

(The weekend and my broken computer didn't help the sign-up process.)

Some people ask, "Why did you get such an expensive room?"
Well, I don't know of any inexpensive rooms in Vegas.
We can't just walk in some crowded Vegas bar on a Saturday night and say, "Party of 30, please."
And remember, the last room cost us $8500..$5000 so this time we're getting a great deal.

Today is our last chance to make this work.
So if you want in, it's $100 per ticket and we only have about 15 tickets left.
(Maybe they'll let us put 31 or 32 in the room, but I'd hate to tell a long-time pillar,
"Sorry, we're all sold out," because that'll be the end of that pillarship :)

If it doesn't work, no big deal, I'll refund your money and we'll try some other time.

Update late Monday.
If we can sign up 25 people (at $100 a ticket) by Tuesday night

we can get this place.

So if you're semi-interested, be checking here and your mailbox Monday-Tuesday.

If we don't get 25 people, we can always party in your room :)

Pokerfest/Tequilafest Sept 16, 2006 in Las Vegas

We start with a Texas Hold em Poker Tournament, ( no chance of losing big) Saturday at The Palms.


Then maybe a Tequilafest with samples of the best tequila on the planet

Don't play poker?
Don't drink?
That's OK.

You could do a little shopping... a thunderstorm - every 30 minutes.

What the hell - are you getting any younger?
Do you want to wait until you're old and your bones hurt before you go to Vegas?

If you ever told yourself, "I really should go to one of those, sometime..."
...this is the one you want to go to, especially if you fly free.

Haven't you always wanted to go to Vegas?
Assuming you'll go once in your life, how about Sept 16th?

If the idea is a little imtimidating, then go when a bunch of like-minded, 
Bush-bashing bartcoppers can party with you. Woo Hoo!  Party in Vegas!

(Sadly, you won't get to hear a long speech from Harry Reid or Nancy Pelosi.) 

Seriously, there are places to party in that town

If you go, we'll play some poker, drink some tequila (or whatever)
see some sights and maybe even find time to talk a little politics.

Don't book your flights yet - this is a trial ballon that'll be solid by Wednesday.

If you're in, I need to hear from you.


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