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Saturday I got an e-mail from a man named Isaac

Subject: about a pic on your site

I have known about several unauthorized pictures of myself that i would like taken off your page.
There was no permission or notification that they would or could be used.

So I checked it out - it was in Volume 2071 from November 2007

Subject: LCPL Isaac Gallegos

Hy Bart!
For the full impact of the image of der monkey with that poor kid, you need the 'Before' picture.

I got it from

Keep hammering away.

And because of Bush's lies and greed, now he looks like this:

It could be argued that Lance Cpl. Isaac Gallegos is a public figure in the news
so his story and his picture are public domain, but why would I want to be a pain?

So I wrote back:

Isaac, I have a policy of never talking anything down but for you - I'd do anything.
But tell me -  could I have your permission to keep those pictures up?
I have a lot of readers - is there anything you'd like to say?

Where is your head these days?
Are you angry and bitter or are you doing better than one might think?
What are your feelings about Bush and the war?
Do you have a story you'd like to tell?
Are you a religious guy? 

BTW, except for Bush's disasters, I'm more pro-military than my Lefty friends.  
I also own guns, which pisses them off :)

I wish you had been dealt a better hand and I wish the best for you.
If you want the pictures down, just give the word.

And if you ever want to write something, let me know.

A shot of super-high-quality Chinaco Anejo to you.

With much respect,

Isaac wrote back:

You know the pictures are not really for me but I see how people use them against other people which pisses me off 
and my family members for not even asking my permission, telling God knows what about what has happened to me 
when they didn't even know the whole story makes me sad and dissapointed. 

People can say what they want about the President and to those who have never met him - they are missing out.
They don't know that he sends me letters every other month or so asking how I was doing, offering me kind words 
of encouragement, asking about my future and what's in store for me and if i ever need any help, he's there for me. 

To those who blame President Bush, I don't know why they do.    I don't.   I take full responsibility because I was not 
forced to sign up or join the military.  I had a very high paying job before I joined the Marines.  I didn't do it for money,
but for the honor of serving this country which was founded on our past family who helped form our country.
They gave their lives and asked for nothing in return except freedom. Was the protester or someone on welfare ever going 
to serve our military?  I think not.  They are content collecting their checks, not working or standing outside the White House 
saying what they believe in - which is fine - but they should really think before they speak.

I don't condemn anyone for my injuries. If anything I think of it as a new way of looking at life.  I have met some incredible 
people all over the world that support our troops, me and my family which is all I need.   If anyone has anything to say they 
should say it to my face which, right now in my current status, I'll probably kick the crap out of them for disrespecting the 
President, which tells you where I'm at in my rehab and I can't wait for the day I get to go back and fight beside my buddies. 

If I get that chance, I'll be happy to post a picture of me giving the bird and see what they think about that.     

Obviously Isaac and I have vast political differences but you and I 
would probably not be speaking English if it weren't for men like him.

Isaac, I hope you have a complete recovery and I hope you send me that picture of you giving the bird :)

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