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Subject: that raping, billionaire priest

A new investigative report explores whether Maciel's ability to bring in money influenced his treatment by the Vatican.


Apparently (according to Christopher Hitchens I think) Mother Teresa sent all the money donated to her to the Vatican Bank. 
Not one cent went to building treatment centers or schools or anything for the poor. 
And she had millions donated by the rubes who thought she was for real.

Her down payment on "sainthood".
 Neil in VT

I live in Tulsa, where that crook Oral Roberts had his main hideout.

Are there any religious people who aren't in it for the sex and the money?

F-ing Oral Roberts used to go from town to town, setting up shop in a tent.
Then he would gather a crowd and offer to "heal" people (if they had enough cash.)

Then he had paid shills (like some old lady) limp up to him, then Oral the Crook would 
lay hands on her and then next week she'd be the starting linebacker for Green Bay 

You think people are stupid now?  Think how stupid they were before TV.
When TV came in, Oral the Crook immediately saw its potential.

Instead of dragging that old, smelly tent from town to town, Oral the Crook
bought a TV studio and began broadcasting to suckers nationwide, then worldwide.

Moving from town to town, Oral the Crook could use the same shills, show after show.
But that wouldn't work on TV so he had to hire new shils for every show.

...and these are respected "Men of God?"

They even went so far as to bribe politicians to make it mandatory
that their religious crappola HAD to be broadcast in every market.

In the old days, if you had 20 channels to choose from,, 
at least FIVE of them were mandatory, crooked-religious horseshit.

It's still that way today, but today we have hundreds of channels.

You and me - we're fools for not being in the phoney baloney religion business.

It's fool-proof and recession-proof.
Plus, the fear factor is off the f-ing charts.

If you're old, sick and rich, Oral Roberts wanted to be your friend.

He'd tell people, "Donate your property to me and I'll put in a good word for you with God.
Or, could let your kids have the property and burn in f-ing Hell for all eternity - your choice."

These religious crooks - when they're not stealing your money they're raping your kids.

I'm not going to say EVERY religious person is a fraud, but the BIG ones are.

Your Orals, your Popes, your Jim Bakkers and Jimmy Swaggarts - 100% crooked sons of bitches.
And if you're Catholic, just consider the child rapes a bonus you don't get with the others..

Idiots like you and me actually work for a living while the religio-frauds steal and rape.
It's disgusting, don't you agree?

PLUS THEY DON''T HAVE TO PAY TAXES - what a perfect scam.
Idiots like you and me actually work for a living and we have to pay taxes on what we earn.
But these crooks get to keep 100% and I think that's disgusting.

Frank Zappa said it best.
"Tax the churches. Tax the businesses owned by the churches."

They make millions per week by stealing from the insane - there oughta be a law, but noooooo.
Backwards America treats these con men with dignity and respect.

I need a f-ing drink.

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