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Updates at the bottom  - We are locked in to March 21 and 22

Subject: Relocate pokerfest?

Possession of less than an ounce in Nevada is a six hundred dollar fine, 
and mandatory rehabilitation.

I hear you and I get that.
But does that happen?
I've never seen a cop in casino..

If word got out - "I smoked a joint in my room at The Mirage and got busted,"
Who would book a room at The f-ing Mirage?

Possession of less than an ounce in Colorado is $100 fine and no rehab.
I'd go to Colorado. 

You might have a point, but I acted stupid.
I announced the big Bart-Illegal-Fest in Breckenridge.
(Bart pulls his hair out like Larry on the Three Stooges)

Odds are everything would've worked out - but if anything unusual happened, Ol' Bart 
would be "the drug kingpin who mobilized the socialists to hook our kids on heroin." 

Christ, is somebody mis-parked their car, suddenly the place is f-ing lousy with cops and 
Johnny Law wants to know who's in charge and there's Bart the multi-state Drug Kingpin. 

Sure, than scenario seems a little far-fetched, but considering that weird shit happens
I have to stay on defense a lot.

will take place in Vegas March 21-22, 
a Sunday and Monday, saving 80% on your hotel bill from Friday and Saturday.

Note: That date is not carved in stone but it could be by the end of the week.
If that's a bad time, let me know before we get locked in, but it's a date when hotels are cheap.

With a little planning this can be a very cheap getaway.
Book a room with two double beds and split the cost with a Bartcop socialist Democrat.
If you book a $19 room, you won't need to split the cost.
Travel with a friend and split the cost of a socialist cab.

My plan is to drink one, smoke one and play some poker.
Break for lunch, then drink one, smoke one and play more poker.
Break for dinner, then drink one, smoke one and play more poker.

If we have enough people, we can have our own private tournament or cash game table.
It'll hurt a little less losing to a fellow Hammerhead :)

I suspect impromptu parties will break out - that'll be fun.
Maybe our friend Robert from Humboldt will make an appearance :)
Shit, last time he brought "goodies" and a bottle of Don Julio 1942 to share.

Maybe we'll check out the new properties that opened since we were there last,

They say it's like The Bellagio, but it's a couple of billion dollars nicer.
Holy Jesus, that's a nice-looking building.
They say they have two poker rooms there.

If nobody else shows up, it's still a write-off on my taxes.
If you come, we'll talk politics and we can discuss you coming to work
for  and you can take the trip off your taxes, too.

We could get all socialist and buy some fine tequila together - remember the Party at the Palms?
Thirty of us spent $3500 for that room - this time we could spend $35

If we have any socialists who want fine tequila, maybe we can get Pontiac Tom to deliver some.

I think everyone should put all their expenses on a Southwest Airlines Visa and get two free trips a year.
Hell, they give you a free trip just for signing up - who can turn that down?
With last year's four hospitalizations and that funeral we had to pay for, we have four free trips this year.

We haven't had a Fest in a while.

Isn't it time?

For me, 2009 was one of the worst years ever.
Let's get together and bury it with .

What am I forgetting?

Note: Unlike previous Fests, there's no charge for this UNLESS we have a lot 
of people coming and we choose to rent a bigger room, which might cost $20 each or so.

If you're interested, write to me and we'll discuss hotels, tequila, etc.

...and not meaning to sound like The Who's Pete Townsend, who asked people to buy pay-per-view 
tickets to their 1980 We're Disbanding Forever Swear-to-God final concert, but if you ever wanted 
to attend one of these Fests you might want to be there. You never know - this could be the last one.

Southwest has flights from LA for $75
Southwest has flights from San Fran for $99
Southwest has flights from Phoenix for $69
Southwest has flights from Chicago for $149
Southwest has flights from Denver for $75
Southwest has flights from Kansas City for $136
Southwest has flights from Seattle for $116
Southwest has flights from Tulsa for free

And Andrew in Phoenix, I'll buy your first shot of Chinaco.

Andrew flew to Vegas for the Party at the Palms in 2006 and since we had no signs, 
Andrew paced the floor of The Palms knowing we were upstairs partying without him.

Sorry about that, Dude.

You can spend as little or as much as you want on a room.

The Stratosphere has room for $27 when you book online.

The Tropicana has rooms from $30

Expected to attend:

Marc Perkel founder of the Church of Reality

Chicago Jim

Rick, the Hollywood Liberal

Big Tom from Michigan is driving to Las Vegas.

Dennis K

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