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Subject: a reshaped jaw and a lot of makeup


Not to sound like too much of a troll, but I'm kind of on the other side on this one,

If this individual (jenna) has a desire to live as a "female" that is his / her (it's??) right to do so
(no argument here). Where I get really uncomfortable with this sort of a deal , though, is when
these  gender confused individuals make themselves into public figures.

So, they should know their place and step back so normal people can live better lives?
Would you tell a Black girl, "You have civil rights - now you want to compete for Miss America, too?"

This, and the fact that there seems to be some sort of underlying argument that people who have
extensively altered their bodies (and reproductive equipment) through major inputs of plastic surgery
and hormonal treatment are to be viewed as if they are indeed the same as if they had been born
biologically of this other sex

This is kind of contrary to nature when you get right down to it (no reproductive organs, completely
sterile, requires external hormone treatments for life to maintain appearance.) as exemplified by the
extent of the surgeries, and the amount of hormones required to complete the process.   

Dude, are you for real?
If elective surgery is a disqualifier, who would be in the pageants?                                                                                                                                      

This, incidentally is a view echoed by two older cousins of mine who are both surgeons (who also
think that this is an area that medical science should have stayed out of)...

Well, that's real easy to say if you were born with no sexual confusion.
If you were trapped in a woman's body, we should tell you to "knock it off?"

I guess that what I really wish is that people who do this would not go out and advertise to the world
what they have had done. (Common topic on daytime talk shows from Jerry Springer to Oprah Winfrey
as part of their ongoing circus of freaks)

But again, if YOU were born with sexual confusion, we should call you a freak?
If YOU were born with sexual confusion, we should call you "it?"

Wouldn't you'd rather be Mark the Democrat? I think you're a good guy
who hasn't fully realized the problems with your position.

Ohhh, well. To each his (errr her, or ummm it's) own.

I can agree with that.
Bottom line, why climb a tree and scream at someone who's different
when you can keep your feet on the ground and live a happy life?

Keep swingin' that hammer of the gods, almighty Bart.
Peace dude. 
 Mark B

Thanks for giving me the opportunity to play The Leftist.


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