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Subject: Your 'Land of Screaming Eagles" analogy is incorrect

In your fabled world, your "Screaming Eagles" rant neglects to take into account
that no one would let the "Jooland" residents live elsewhere in peace.

You are a crazy man.
If we moved Israel to Oklahoma or Arizona, who's going to die to try to drive them out?
You think AZ and OK are hotbeds of violent Arabs?

As for Israel being a Jewish state (if that is somehow wrong), please remember that England
and Vatican City both have religious heads-of-state (christian), as do Saudi Arabia (Islam) I give a fuck.

As for Helen Thomas... Ms. Thomas isn't Palestinian.

Who said she was?
So far, you've gotten everything wrong.
Will your streak continue?

She 1/2 Lebanese - and Lebanon is the same country that kicked the Palestinians out in the 1980s.
These same lovely people (Palestinians) were also kicked out of Egypt (1961), Israel (1946, 1948,1956,1967),
and Jordan (1969). Jordan refers to the time as "Black September". I give a fuck.

When England tried to divide Palestine in 1946 into two-states, the Arab world declared war. Palestinians then
lost 50% of "Palestine" to the newly created state of Israel because of Syria, TransJordan, Saudi Arabia, Iraq,
Egypt, and Lebanon wanting to destroy what Jews were left after the Holocast. The rest of Palestine was
absorbed into Israel after the 1967 war, when TransJordan became Jordan, the Sinai became SouthEast Israel,
and the Golan Heights became the NorthEastern border.. You do know where the term "West Bank"
came from, right? Its the former territory of Jordan that was lost to Israel in 1967. I give a fuck.

The US policy towards Israel is that a strong Israel is beneficial to the interests of the United States and that
policy has remained unchanged for 60+ years. The US was Israel's greatest advocate in trying to deny official
UN recognition of the Arab League in the late 1940s/early 1950s; Israel maintained a democratic state in the
Middle East that remained friendly during the Cold War when Syria, Jordan, and Egypt cozied up to the Soviets.

I wonder who's on Letterman tonight?

Did you forget who you were writing to?
I don't care about any of this.
This topic is a never-ending wormhole of hate - and life is short.

One more little factoid for you; when Egypt made peace with Israel in 1979, the Arab League abandoned their
Cairo headquarters and moved to Tunisia 'cause that ethnocentric organization cannot deal with a peaceful Israel.
The Egyptian Army assassinated Anwar Sudat for signing a treaty with Israel, yet the treaty remains in force. 

The Jordanians signed a peace treaty in 1994 without gaining any territory back. Why are the Palestinians
somehow more special than Egypt and Jordan? They're not - Palestinians  just have more selfish and corrupt
leadership (yes, corrupt. Arafat didn't earn his $3 billion fortune by finding an oil well in the back corner of
his West Bank compound) that benefits from the continued conflict.
You can snip and edit emails all you want - like you did with my last email on this subject and that you'll
most likely do with this email - 'cause apparently you cannot accept a valid reason for Ms. Thomas' reduction
in status to pariah without somehow it damaging your uninformed argument on the subject.

YOU are the reason I have to edit.

Some people write fucking War & Peace and expect me to publish every word of it.
Go to  and look up the word "brevity."

You Middle Eastern "enthusiasts" are the worst.
Do I strike you as the type of guy who cares what happened 11,000 miles away in 1948?

You need to take a few classes on the Middle East and maybe a few classes in Western civilization.

You need to take some lessons in manners.
You got the Monkey Mail graphic for acting like a dick.

You could've written, "Bart, I disagree and here's why," but noooooooooooo.
When you come at me like Mr. Big Balls, I gotta smack you around a little.
I'll bet you're a nice guy when you're talking about some other subject - am I right?

Israel (formerly Palestine) was not invaded by Jews. There was no massed landing party, no coordinated
assault on Palestinian military installations. Jews have lived in what is now Israel for  thousands of years.
Let me repeat this again since you cannot wrap your head around the fact that Palestine was not invaded

I wonder who's on Poker After Dark this week?

Westernized Jews migrated to Palestine before, during, and after WWII, and had been doing so for more
than 50 years before WWII. Golda Mier lived in the former Palestine in the 1920s - two decades before
the creation of Israel - so when exactly did she invade Palestine?  This little tidbit about an Israeli Prime
Minister living in Palestine with her family 25 years before the creation of Israel kinda blows the whole
"invasion" theory, doesn't it? If you'd have read up on the subject instead of doing a "Sarah Palin",
you'd know that instead of having this punkass Jew-ish polisci major explain it to you.
Now that you have some background,  follow closely with your self-proclaimed 64 point IQ.
I'll type slow so you can understand.

ha ha
See?  I knew you were a nice guy.

Helen Thomas said at an official White House event that the Jews in Israel should return to "where they
came from", specifically Germany and Poland. Those are her words. Deny it all you want, but she said

Liar, liar, liar!
She said,
"where they came from", specifically Germany and Poland AND THE UNITED STATES.

When you have to change her quote to make your point, I know I'm winning this debate

and I don't know a goddamn thing about the subject we're debating.

If you were right, you could argue THE FACTS instead of changing them.
Shame on you.

Maybe you should watch it. The clip is easy to find online.

Yeah, we ran the full "interview" last week - that's why we're talking about it, moran.

Then apologize.

ha ha
Yeah, that sounds just like me.

Or don't apologize and lose another few dozen daily unique clicks and the advertising revenue
that goes with it. I'm sure you can afford it.

No, things are really thin right now, but I'd lose more readers if I turned tail like a Democrat.
You watch, someone will send me $25 and say, "Thanks for not being a Demo-wimp!"

You have good site. For the most part, insightful dialogue coupled with humor.
Usually you get the facts right. This time, you're wrong - demonstrably so -

You never laid a glove on me.
My face is still as pretty as Ali in his prime.

...and should at least acknowledge being uninformed if you do not want to research the topic.

I do not want to research the topic.

If I did, I might catch that awful poison that caught you and I might spend my days sending
angry, 1,000-word emails to friends (and daring them to print every who-gives-a-fuck sentence)
about a problem that'll never be solved because both sides are into religious insanity far more
than watching their kids grow up safely.

They choose to live that way.
I choose to have fun.
Nobody has more fun than Ol' Bart.

Why don't you take your own advice and move away from Oklahoma?
After all, you're not a Republican and do not believe the way they do.... until you do,
you have no standing to question why Israelis live where they do - after all, the Republicans
in OK hate you almost as much as the Arabs hate Jews, yet you just keep on insisting on
living there. Or had the dichotomy of your speech/living not occurred to you?

You are a Grade A, certified nut with papers to prove it.

Nobody's trying to kill me here in Okiehomie.
Nobody spent the last 4,000 years plotting revenge against me.
Nobody is willing to sacrifice their kids to make me leave.

Are you, like, a second grade teacher or something?
I get the feeling you've been debating eight year olds all your life.

PS. Like I said earlier, you're probably a nice guy
who just gets carried away when talking about Israel

Next time, consider talking to me instead of screaming at me
and for Koresh's sake, consider a 200-word limit on your rants.



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