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Part Two of the Trip Report

We woke up, jumped in our patriotic red Chevy and headed south along the coastline.

Let me ax you iPhone experts a question:
This picture is the actual size that came from the camera phone.

We've taken hundreds of pictures over the last year or so and they were hueueueueuge.

Did you notice Paris Hilton is trying to steal my hueueueueuge?

But for some reason, about 1/4 of our pictures came out this tiny - any ideas why?
I'd hate to think I had the picture of the year and then find out it's only 3 inches square.

I know why that happened, Bart!

One of the first things we saw was the Carmel Highlands, where my sister stays when she's in Carmel.

Natch, they wanted $425 per night because they have rooms with a view of the coast.
Hey, for $425 a night, I should get that room and oral sex from Playmate of the Year.

We also spotted this super-cool hidden building.

Can you see it hiding behind the trees?
It was super-hueueueueuge and it was made of stacked stone.

It has this spectacular view, too.

I'm guessing whoever lives there has some money - like it was Bob Hope's house or something.
Anybody know what that building/house is? 

It's gotta be famous.

I know what that building is, Bart!

So we kept driving and the views were spectacular.

Check out that bad boy fog machine at work.



  Click  Here for Part Three of the Carmel Trip

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