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Day One

We landed in San Jose.
I told AVIS I wanted a patriotic red Chevy and they found me one.

First thing we did was drive to Gilroy to see Marc Perkel.

He just bought a home in Gilroy, the Garlic Capital of the World.

That's tons of garlic you see in those two trailers.
We could smell it even with the windows up.

Perkel and I got into some high-level talks about the future of
That made this a business trip :)

Gilroy is 80 miles from San Fran, but they're 30 degrees hotter, too.
It was mid-afternoon and I was hot to get to the cool coast.

We drove West from Gilroy to Watsonville and there it was.

Water in Oklahoma doesn't look like this.

From there we drove south on Highway 1.
We drove thru Marina, Seaside and Monterey.
We took note of some cheap hotels driving thru Seaside in case the hotels in Carmel were expensive.

Finally, we made it to Carmel and I got the shock of my life.
In Carmel, the people are so rich they air-conditioned the entire town!
I kid you not - they even air-conditioned the f-ing beach!!

Maybe they seed the clouds everyday - I don't know - but I loved that weather!
It was 55 degrees and cloudy - my kind of town!

We were hungry so we set out to find Clint Eastwood's Hog's Breath Inn.
Wiht that handy iPhone, we just used the GPS and punched in Hog's Breath Inn
and there it was, just a few vlocks away.  Carmel-by-the-Sea is a very small town.

We weren't sure what to expect so we just walked right in like we owned the place.

This is the courtyard between the bar on the right and the restaurant on the left.
That's a mural on the back wall, not actual rolling hills.

They have heaters are fireplaces all around because if it's 55 degrees in July,
what kind of weather do they have in the cold months?

Cubby asked if we wanted to sit in the restaurant ot the bar - we chose the bar.

Clint's bar seats about 20 people - heck, my Train Station seated about 60.

But then, land is cheaper in Tulsa than Carmel-by-the-Sea.

Check out the tables in Clint's bar.

That's cut from a redwood tree and it's thicker than Michelle Bachman's skull.

"I'm dumber than a bag of rust."

They had lots of fancy food, but you should have seen the prices.
We ended up having a drink, instead of eating.

She had her usual White Zin, I had me a Black Russian.

My drink seemed pretty strong - pretty soon the bar looked like this:

Just kidding, you know I don't get drunk - at all - when I have to drive.

It was getting late and we still hadn't found a hotel.
We called a few places and sure enough, they were all too expensive so we headed back to Seaside,
had some relaxation, watched a little TV and got ready for the big driving day tomorrow.

  Click  Here for Part Two of the Carmel Trip

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