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Trip Report - Part Final

One of the best deals we got last weekend was a boat trip around the San Francisco Bay for $21.
The weather was perfect, but when it's Mark Twain cold, I'll bet an hour is more than most people want.

We boarded the Golden Bear at Fisherman's Wharf.

Our timing was accidentally perfect.
That crowded trolley car dropped us off at say, 11:50, and the cruise was at noon.

We found some good seats, and off into the bay we sailed, motored, went. 

Wow!  Look at that!

See that sailboat?

My old friend Jimmy the Sausolito lawyer always claimed he owned one of those.
For years, he invited me and Mrs. Bart out for some big-time bay sailing, ...

But Jimmy the Sausolito lawyer recently was bitten by the Hillary bug - the wrong way.
We clashed in a few e-mails and things began to get ugly, so I suggested we take a break, like Ross & Rachel.

...maybe he was bluffing about the sailboat,
and picked the fight just before we came out to save face?
Maybe after she's elected his fury will wane and we can go sailing. 

I'll bet even you non-cons recognize that - Alcatraz.
If you look real close, you can see Clint Eastwood on the hill to the left of the water tower.

These people had De Gaulle to get in my way when I shot The Golden Gate.


This is where it got weird.
The guy standing next to me?
The Golden Gate pylon starts growing right out of his head!

Getting closer, closing in on passing under the Golden Gate.
I'm 53, this is my first time...


Check out the detail on my piece-o-crap 2002-era 3 Pixel Kodak!


Then the sun went dark again, like when that Miur Woods egret barked.


One of the best shots, I think...


Then an even better one...


A nice view of the city skyscape.


Another shot of Alcatraz.


Coming back into port, we caught some seals getting high...


Back on the mainland, this caught my eye.

Later that night, we took Marc Perkel out to dinner.
He put me on the web a decade ago - it was the least I could do.

We talked about the candidates and the election, we talked about his Church of Reality,
his speaking engagement the next night and his phone company, among other things.

Since we're old, and tomorrow would be another tiring day, the night ended early.

Saturday morning we had a plane to catch, but we also had some hours to burn
so we tried to make the drive to Carmel going South on Highway 1.


Sometimes the driving was slow...but sometimes the view was kinda spectacular.


We made it as far South as Santa Cruz, then headed back to San Jose for the flight home.
We had a great time and didn't have to spend much money.

Big trees, Tommy's Tequila, a boat ride on the bay and life on the big city.
It would be fun to do it again.

Remember, if an IRS agent ever asks you why
you subscribed or donated - it's those great trip reports!

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