Rush Limbaugh Sucks Web Ring

Joining the Web Ring

This web ring is for Anti-Rush Limbaugh Sites and anyone who has enough sense to know what a great president Bill Clinton is. While you're here you'll want to read Bartcop - Rush Limbaugh Lying Nazi Whore which has over 100 issues of great Anti-Rush Limbaugh homor. If you have two brain cells and want to be part of this ring, you're welcome to fill out the form below and join.

Joining is easy.

  1. Fill out the Form Below.
  2. Within minutes you will get an email with the web ring code. Paste that code into your web page.
  3. I will then activate your page and you will be part of the ring.
When you fill out the form, it is important that you put the URL of the web page that you are going to put the ring banner on. This allows the ring to link directly from site to site. It is important that all members of the ring have their pages accessable so don't put the code on a page that requires a password. I can not activate your site until you have installed the ring code. There's no cost in being part of the ring.

Rush Limbaugh Sucks Web Ring
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In order to put this logo on your site and link into the ring, copy this code and paste it into your web page. In the code where is says "id=1" you will need to substitute your ID number. Your ID number will be sent to you by email.

<!-- Begin - Rush Limbaugh Sucks Web Ring Code --> <p><center> <a href=""> <img src="" border=3 width=453 height=77 alt="Rush Limbaugh Sucks Web Ring"></a> <br><b> <a href=;&id=1;&prev5> Prev5</a> * <a href=;&id=1;&prev> Prev</a> * <a href=;&id=1;&next> Next</a> * <a href=;&id=1;&next5> Next5</a> * <a href=;&random> Random</a> * <a href=;list> List</a> </b></center><p> <!-- - End - Rush Limbaugh Sucks Web Ring Code -->
Then you fill out this form which will link you into the ring. Once your site is approved, your code will be activated and you will be part of the system.

Submit site to Rush Sucks Web Ring
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Please choose a password. (Don't forget it!!)
Keywords: Enter up to 20 keywords to describe your site.
Description: Enter a short description of your site.

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