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Subject: Weiner - seriously?
Let me get this straight:  You come up with some horseshit explanation for Weiner's tap dancing excuses
for Weinergate and expect to be taken seriously?  Did you read that silly shit before you posted it? 
It is laughable

Well, thanks.
After all this is a comedy blog so I must be doing my job.

I'm not sure what it is that's causing you to have a cow.
Weiner's answers weren't making any sense - he seemed to be speaking in another language.

After hearing him flounder for answers again and again, I realized that he's not free to speak.
He was obviously protecting comebody - his hands are tied and he can't speak the truth.

It would be illogical for him to sacrifice his career for a subordinate.
It would be very logical for his to take some heat to protect his wife.

You can call it "laughable" all you want, but my theory explains everything.

Did you pull that out of your ass while you were high? 
Your pathetic tap dancing post DOES read like the ravings of a dope addled, ex-used car salesman and pervert enabler. 
(I'll bet you omit that line...wouldn't want your fans to know about your pervert enabling, dope peddling past, would you? 

Monkey, there's nothing I need to hide.
I have no secrets - I am blackmail-proof.
There ain't a mother-fucker on this planet who can lay a glove on me.

If you think you have something on me, bring it on now.
Don't wait till after I'm gone to "tell the truth about Bartcop."

Speaking of perverts, how IS that fat son of a bitch these days?)

If you're talking about Sabutai, he died eleven years ago.

Let's put an "R" after Weiner's title for a moment.  In this scenario, you'd be making dumbass weiner jokes ad nauseum. 
You'd be raking him over the coals for being a typical pervert republican. 

No, if he was a Republican, he would be guilty of sending that picture to a young boy.

By the way, Weiner isn't a "fighter". 
He's a red face, screaming little man who probably got his ass kicked in high school on a regular basis. 
Now, the pissant is a congressman.

As someone else pointed out - with a name like Weiner, he's probably had to fight all his life.

Weiner can't get his story straight because he is a LIAR (in addition to being a red faced, screaming little man). 
Twisting yourself into a pretzel to come up with clearly stupid explanations for his lying and subject changing,
all just because he is in your precious democrat party, doesn't change that.

If he's guilty of something, he deserves the punishment.

Hollywood isn't liberal?  Did you mix up your weed and crack stashes when you wrote that? 
You only need to watch EVERY TV SHOW EVER MADE since 1970 to see the blatant liberal propaganda! 

Liberals, generally, are educated.
They push for civil rights and gay rights because it's the logical thing to do.

Jesus said "Do unto others" remember?
It's not our fault if the Republicans are selfish whores stuck in the fifties.

You have got to be frickin' kidding, right?  The author has direct quotes from several interviews with them.. 
He's only a "lying whore" because those limp wristed sacks of crap in Hollywood have been outed.

He's a lying whore because you don't have to be liberal to make it in Hollywood.
But, if you refuse to work with niggers, slants, beaners and faggots, you won't get much work.
How old are you that such obvious things need to be explained to you?

You have no credibility.  None.  You like to bleat about the truth, but you can't bring yourself to tell it, can you?
 Lies used to advance an agenda are still lies.

I have no credibility with monkeys like you.
I'm OK with that.

When I make a mistake, my readers don't eat it with a spoon.
They're very quick to call me on my mistakes, but I never lie.

I may have an IQ of 64 but I'm smart enough to know I can't lie

when dozens of people are reading and will quickly call me on it.

The majority of Americans do NOT want cradle-to-grave, big brother, nanny state socialism, understand? 

Monkey, when you turn on a faucet, socialized water comes out.
Are you saying the majority of people don't want running water? 
Christ, you're dumber than Palin.

We do NOT want to be on par with Norway, Sweden, or any other quasi-communist "utopia". 

We wish - they live longer in those countries.
Are you saying nobody wants to live longer?
Those countries have free health care and as a result, they live longer than us
Christ, you're dumber than Batshit Bachmann.

This is America, built by the tough mindedness and independent spirit of pioneers. 

Look at you - you said something right.

This is what we need to get back to, not handouts for lazy sons of bitches who won't
take responsibility for themselves (and that includes corporate welfare whores). 

So you're saying "fuck the old and fuck the defenseless."
That's what makes you a monkey.

Stupid people vote for democrats because they lie and promise the moon (for free),

I thought we were the people who raised everybody's taxes - make up your monkey mind!

and they vote for republicans because they lie and promise to give them their freedom back. 

You're right about lying Republicans.

They've been made weak and stupid in part by snake oil salesmen like you pushing a bankrupt agenda. 
Democrat politicians don't give a shit about you any more than republican pols do. 
You and your "fans" just don't seem to get that.
  afraid to sign my name

Monkey, I don't have "fans" I have readers - and they're very loyal.



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