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For newer readers - I don't believe in God or Heaven or the Easter Bunny
but this was too good of a coincidence to not bring it up.

The Sabutai Football Miracle

My friend Dennis "Sabutai" Clark died in late 2000.

I wrote an obituary and told some stories about him.
As the obit closed, I wrote this: 

PS. Dude, do me one last favor:

I'll watch the big game Wednesday with a shot of Chinaco standing by.
If you can, try to cause a Florida State fumble in the fourth quarter
so Oklahoma can win the game, and we'll share one last toast.

...bye, Dude

A few days later, Oklahoma played Florida State for the National Championship.

I wrote this three issues later, while watching the game.


 Watching the Orange Bowl, waiting for the fourth quarter "Dennis fumble..."

 Isn't it sad that Bobby Bowden broke his glasses and had to wear his wife's?
 You'd think with all his millions, he'd have a second pair.

 But the biggest bitch I have is the biased announcers.
 Everything Florida State does is "great," even tho they haven't scored a point.

 And everything Oklahoma does is "trying their best against a much better team."
 Hey, I'm not kidding myself, Oklahoma could still lose this by 30,
 but the announcers are about as "fair and impartial" as Fox News.

 Let's hope the officials don't screw up some major call, giving the championship
 to the state of Florida, of all places, if they don't deserve it.


Orange Bowl Update

 Remember the Barry Switzer factor?

 Some sports writer asked Barry how he expected to do against the
 powerful "Texas scoring machine," and he said.

 "We may play to a tie."

 Puzzled, the reporter asked Barry what he meant by that.

 Barry said, "Well, I don't think Texas can score on the Selmon brothers,
 so if we don't score, the worst Oklahoma can do is a 0-0 tie."

 After three quarters,
 the powerful "Florida State scoring machine" has a goose egg.

 ...and then in the middle of the fourth quarter...

 Florida State University quarterback Chris Weinke fumbles the football as he is tackled by
 Oklahoma's Rocky Calmus during the fourth quarter, January 3, 2001 in the Fed Ex Orange Bowl.
 The fumble set up the only Sooners touchdown, with OU beating FSU 13-2 for the championship.

 ...thanks, Dude.



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