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Volume 393 - Private Latzko

 January 26, 2001 

 Clinton Rapes the Taxpayers

 Recently, the vulgar Pigboy went on and on and on (you know how he is)
 about something that was absolute horseshit.

 El Vulgaro Puerca said the Clintons were charging the Secret Service the equivalent
 of their mortgage payment to occupy their guest house - getting a free ride.
 As always, it was pure, Limba-horseshit.

 Fox News did a few weeks on it, same for Chris the Screamer,
 same for the stupidest woman in all of television, Cokie Roberts.

 Swear to Koresh, (that means it's always 100 percent take-to-the-bank)
 Cokie is more stupid than Barbara Walters and Diane Sawyer combined!

 Same for the always-obsessed Tim the Whore.

 Leave it to the boys at to straighten out Rush's Litany of Lies.

 Great True Quotes

 "Let me tell you about Florida politicians.
  I make them out of whole cloth, just like a tailor makes a suit.
  I get their name in the newspaper.  I get them some publicity
  and get them on the ballot.

  Then after the election, we count the votes.
  And if they don't turn out right, we recount them.
  And recount them again until they do."
   -- Edward G Robinson to Humphrey Bogart in Key Largo

   sent by


Subject: [Fwd: Worst f**king nightmare]

Yo BC,
I thought this had some worth, or else I wouldn't have sent it. I really thought
you would publish my farewell to Bartcop, have fun with it, as you normally do.
I guess I hit a little too close to home this time, eh?

ha ha
Yeah, your "goodbye" had me so stumped, I dared not print it.
Actually, I can attest it was as well-written as this e-mail was.
When you said you were leaving forever, I figured your word meant something.

Your going to miss Slick Willy, with his pardoning of criminals, and the
ex-first woman, buying votes with pardons.

ha ha
Glad to see your cable system gets Fox News.
...and you forgot to mention the "millions of dollars of vandalism" to the White House.
You'll have to sharpen your skills to be considered for Rush's Ditto-Monkey Army.

Pvt Mark Latzko

Your silence on the Rev. Jackson' indescretion speaks volumes. But, hey,
all's fair when your trying to get a little trim on the side, even when you do get caught.

My silence?
We talked about it, I just didn't see the need to dwell on it 24/7/52/end-of-time.
Are you obsessed with  Jesse Jackson's cock now?

But the silence on the religion issue, ie: Ashcroft the Christian vs.Lieberman the Jew;
thats another story. A Jew VP who was going to take every seventh day off is fine,
his beliefs are sacrosanct; a Christian, on the other hand, is a Fascist, to be stoned
to death if at all possible.

Glad we agree on that.

Actually, I'm tired of being portrayed, as a Conservative, as a Neo-Nazi Fascist,

Fine, then stop acting like a Neo-Nazi Fascist. your selectively Socialist/Communist rants. If you want Socialism/Communism
so bad then move to a country where it works; oh, sorry, there aren't any.
Tell you what, move to China and see how long your newsletter is allowed to be published.

That's the second well-thought out argument I've seen in the last 12 hours.
"Tell you what, move to China?"
Now you know why I ignored your last letter.
Perhaps some neighborhood kids could help you make your point next time.

Don't be a stranger...

 I'm catching a lot of shit for saying the White House was NOT trashed.

 Tell me, is there any EVIDENCE that it happened?
 Besides the word of a crazed ditto-monkey Smirk employee, I mean?

 That's not evidence, folks.
 Evidence would be PICTURES of the terrible, terrible vandalism.

 Are there any pictures?
 Is there any evidence?

 If there are pictures, why won't Yahoo or somebody print them?

 ...and people are buying what the whore press is selling!

 Did you hear the vulgar Pigboy try to explain the "real" reason he required
 women to send him their pictures before he'd allow their calls on the air?

 He said, "We did this to verify exactly who the female callers were."
 What horseshit that is!

 I'll bet the victims of Paul Harvey's sexual attacks don't buy that excuse.
 Well, do you, boys?

 That might make sense, if they sent a picture of their drivers license with the cheesecake pics.
 (even that wouldn't prove who was on the phone at the time.)
 But we all know the real reason - the fatboy/loser/bigot wanted to stare at their pictures while
 he rubbed his lil' gipper "in an impure manner," as the priests used to say, while listening to
 the she-monkey describe what a God he was to the other monkeyspanks.

Am forwarding this because I couldn't get your email
on your site to work for me...but your site is THE BEST!!
Thank, thank you, thank you!!!


Subject: The Pardons...again!

Latest from CNN - House has (surprise!) launched an investigation into "the pardons"
granted by Bill.  This, of course, makes the CNN talking heads very sober and solemn
and righteously indignant.  But Jean Meserve, who used to go into spasms of delight
everytime bush took a p___, is very sad to report that bushies don't plan to prosecute
for the awful "vandalism" perpretrated by White House staffers (even though she DID have
to report that the Bush I Regime did the same thing to incoming Clinton folks.)

Well, I guess we're in for another zillion dollar investigation, and I, for one,
am just SO pleased to help pay for it!  Then, one of the guy talking heads reported that,
gosh, those Democrats are still trying to "come up with something"
-- do you believe this? -- against the Asscrotch nomination.

I'm increasing the Prozac again.
Not MY prez!
Nancy J.

Nancy, thanks.
I think it's a GREAT idea to investigate the pardons, say, all those given since 1991.
(They won't - it'd shed light on Reagan & Bush's REAL crimes.)

And the reason Smirk won't press charges for vandalism is because there isn't any!
It's Marysleazes allllllllllll over again.
Wait until the good guys leave, then trash the place, then let the press in.
But they were afraid to trash OUR White House, so Smirk the Wonder Dog
chose to "be big" about the situation and not press charges.

If I'm wrong - where are the pictures?

But wait, if it's OUR White House, by what authority does Smirk say
it's OK (read: legal) for Democrats to trash the place?

Only one explanation fits everything: They are lying whores.

 Stroke Me? or Great Pigboy Quotes?

 "I heard the Democrats stole a case of tooth paste off Air Force One.
   If this is true, the Clintons HAD to know about it."

 Does anyone know where I could hire a sniper? Round-Up

 The ad ran last Friday.
 A week ago today, I thought it was a very bad deal.
 A few days later, I thought it was a bad deal.
 A few days later, I thought it was OK.
 Now, I think it was a good deal.

 I only have wild guesses, but here's what might have happened:
 We got a little over 600 clicks from the ads on,
 but traffic seems to be up significantly, so I formed a theory.

 When a major movie studio has a film they think is killer, they do a "Sneak Preview,"
 a week or two before it's released wide.  Who goes to see the "Sneak Previews?"
 The movers & shakers that are likely to tell their many friends about the movie.

 For lack of a better explanation, I think that happened here:
 I think some of those 600 people told their friends, maybe mentioned
 in their newsletters or web pages, because we have gotten a disproportionate boost
 from the "only" 600 Salon hits. Maybe has movers & shakers for readers.

 Does that make sense?  I dunno, but hits are up.
 Maybe other forces are responsible, but I'd hate to argue the "Salon didn't deliver"
 argument if the hits jumped significantly in the week following their running the ads.

 Unless additional evidence surfaces,
 I have no choice but to conclude did us a lot of good.

 How do the senior citizens feel about Smirk and his election theft?

 Some Good Stuff

 Click  Here


Subject: bc BE bc

Well BC, this is Tom in Virginia.
I have been laid off.
The Republican recession begins!  ]
Looks like I will move to Seattle!
We plan to drive cross country in March or Early April.
I have been assured that there are democrats in Seattle.


(It does us NO GOOD to excoriate BC for his cartoons, language or sexual
based humor. HE and we are ADULTS).





The only voice you hear, may be your own.
 by James Higdon

Click  Here


Subject: Gifts

Hey Bartcop..

Correct me if I'm wrong, but didn't the Reagans get, as a GIFT, a $2,000,000 home
when they left the White House?  Didn't they also take with them GIFTS reported at
the time to be worth tens of thousands of dollars?

How long will the press stay on this Clinton gift story.......if they
had their way probably the next four frigging years.

And the pardons.....OMG the pardons!!
Bush pardons the cabinet officers for "any crimes they may have committed" but
pardoning Susan McDougal is the story on the front page of my hometown rag.

I'll talk at ya later.....I have to go throw the fuck up.
Good God!

Geoff Butler

Geoff, I don't know about that, but I'm certain it's true, and I'll tell you why:
When Terry McAlliff (sp) helped the Clinton's get their house in NY,
the vulgar Pigboy was squeeling like he was caught in a tractor's nuts.

So a caller accidentally gets thru and tells Rush:

"Why are you screaming at the Clintons? When Reagan left office, his buddies
 bought him a $2,000,000 home and you're fine with that, right?"
 ...and Rush, always the King of Debate and the King of the Snappy Comeback,
said, "That's the trouble with you liberals - you live in the past."

So that proves it's true, I just don't know the facts.

As far as the pardons and Susan McDougal, they'll never let go of Clinton's cock.
Like Elvis, James Dean, The Beatles and Marilyn, Clinton's cock is now an icon.
In the year 2525, if man is still alive, they'll be grabbing for Clinton's cock.

It's so bad that, when our most-beloved president eventually dies, he'll have to be
buried at sea like JFK Jr. because if they don't, some ditto-monkey will dig up his body
just so he can grab his gipper and say, "I finally have reached the Promised Land."

I am NOT kidding.

Subject: Google Link to Smirk

If you search for "dumb mothereffer" (use the real second word)
in Google's search engine, first link up is Smirk. anybody shocked?

 Who has more job security than anyone else in America?

 Click  Here


Subject: just wondering

Love the site.
Did you catch Bill O'Reilly on The Daily Show with  Jon Stewart the other day?
O'Reilly bristled when Stewart suggested FoxNews change their catchphrase to
"We Report. You Suck On It."

O'Reilly apparently didn't like have his whoring network's objectivity questioned.

An observation: Isn't it sad that the only show who can legitimately claim to
report the truth is on Comedy Central?

Keep up the good work.
The other liberal Okie,


I missed the O'Reilly show, dammit.
The Daily Show has reruns a lot, so if someone sees it again, lemme know because they rerun
Tuesday's 11 PM show the next day at 7 PM, so I can catch it there.

As far as your most excellent observation:

Nobody saw this amazing phenomonon coming, but we should have since the sicko-fant
whore press have all gotten on their knees for Smirk. Remember, since we have known Smirk,
David Letterman is the only one to ask Smirk any real questions with real follow-ups.

What does that say about our whore press where COMEDIANS Jon Stewart and Letterman
are the ONLY two to get serious about this voter-rape we've just survived.

The whore press needs Listerine - every goddamn one of them.

 Music news

 Smirk's sexually-ambiguous friend Ricky Martin will open the Super Bowl party Saturday night.
 Sunday, Britney Spears (picture not available) will perform a striptease for the kids at halftime.
 Also, swear to Koresh, former rockers Aerosmith will do a duet with N' Sync.

 What will they think of next?

 Correction - Britney will also sing with former rockers Aerosmith.



That makes more sense.
Italians are notorious for harassing women on the street.

Little Pat on the Bottom OK, Court Rules

Click  Here

Who's the pig now?

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Subject: call me crazy

You can call me crazy but in some respects I think Ronald Reagan
was just what this country needed when he was first elected.

Lets look at what happened on his watch. He broke the cycle of inflation when he
fired the air traffic controllers and he broke the back of our primary competitor.

I didn't of course agree with everything he did or supported,
like our dirty little central American wars but some good occurred.


Gmorey2, thanks for the permission - just kidding.
I'm not sure how you connect the air traffic controllers with sustaining inflation,
but Reagan fired them to prove how tough and inflexible he could be.

Reagan "broke the cycle of inflation," with the biggest depression since the 30's.
If voters knew the cure for inflation was war, losing their jobs and economic ruin,
a second Carter term might've looked pretty attractive.

And yes, he hastened the fall of the Soviet Union by sacrificing the economic futures
of your children and their children - and perhaps their children.

He was wise not to wait another minute with his military buildup. Had Reagan
not spent that extra $3,000,000,000,000 (trillion) on weapons we never used,
we might've had to wait another 18 months for the USSR to collapse.

Of course,  I'm not attacking you - I just disagree.
It's my wild guess you're younger than 40.

There are some cool anti-GOP t-shirts at

 Madam President

    That's how senators greeted Hillary, who briefly presided on Wednesday
over the U.S. Senate for the first time since leaving the White House.

    Under a power-sharing deal in the 50-50 Senate, Democrats will take turns with
Republicans in presiding over the body, giving her a chance to oversee the chamber
that tried and acquitted her husband on impeachment charges two years ago.

   "Madam President,'' said Sen. Patrick Leahy, (D-or R, not sure) greeted Clinton,
"before I begin on an issue I wish to discuss I want to welcome my neighbor and friend.
I'm delighted to have the senator from New York here and to be serving with her.''

   Likewise cheery Trent Lott (R-Whites Only) called her "Madam President,'' but kept
strictly to Senate business scheduling votes on Smirk's cabinet nominees.

   Clinton said the experience of presiding over the Senate was ``very interesting.''
"I learned a lot and have a lot to learn.'' She runs the Senate again next week.


Subject: wassahh

you suck and you dont have a clue what your talking about.

David Wagner


I've been looking for someone to straighten me out.
I have the feeling you are that person.

Is Thursday, 9PM CST good for you?
That gives me time to draw a crowd.

Lemme know...

 Much Ado...

 You've seen this story a hundred times, right?

 President Bush's middle initial is missing from many computer keyboards at the Old Executive
 Office Building in the White House Complex.  In an apparent prank carried out by departing
 Clinton administration staffers,  dozens, if not hundreds of computer keyboards and office
 machines were missing the "W" key, Bush aides report.

 I still can't believe the whore press is so blatantly dishonest
 and nobody, except maybe for Steven Brill calls them on it.

 In that horseshit story, above I underlined the ONLY three words that count.
 The whore press will take ANY story the Smirk people feed them and elevate it to a fact.

 Why didn't the reports have pictures?
 Why didn't reports mention "the staffers" by name?
 IF anything was disfigured, was it shown to reporters minutes after Smirk's people walked
 in the doors for the first time?   Or, like Marysleazes in Miami last Easter, was this damage
 "discovered" hours and hours after the claimants were left alone with the furniture?

 Where are all the reporters?
 Why is nobody doing their job?

 Just like with Paula Jones, ONE person, (in this case, one unnamed person) makes a wild claim
 about the president and every news outlet in America makes "those facts" their top headline.

 We live in a whore time and place.

Sent by:

Daschle's Pink Tutu

Go to Tom Daschle's homepage at
Senator Daschle is almost gaga over Bush's inauguration and his meeting with Dubya.
Maybe Tom was confused that day and thought that it was Al Gore who was sworn in.

He's so impressed with Bush that Tom D. says

Boy, should Tom Daschle be listed as (R-South Dakota)?
Maybe so.

Daschle today said that he never assured Bush that Ashcroft would be nominated.
However, Daschle went on to say that he told Bush he opposed a filibuster and isn't telling his
senators how to vote. Meanwhile, Trent Lott has strong armed his 50 senators to vote for Ashcroft.

So, let's understand Daschle:
He won't allow a filibuster.
He won't tell his caucus to vote against Ashcroft.
He knows that Ashcroft can't be stopped without a filibuster,
but he says that he never told Bush that Ashcroft would be nominated.
Say what?

Guess what Tom, Bush is dumb but not that dumb. He heard you loud and clear.

I'm sick.
We need a fighter in the Senate.
Daschle needs to step down - for the good of the party.
If only there was a Democrat with balls on the Hill.

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