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Volume 406 - Destroyer

February 13, 2001

 Bill Clinton - Destroyer of families

 Bill Clinton destroyed families every time he deployed troops. It was very hard on families.
   -- Tony Snow, never one to exaggerate, today's third hour

 Tony, I have some questions:
 1. Were those people drafted? Or did they volunteer, for the benefits, I mean?
     What happened to personal responsibility?
      Is Clinton's primary objective to prevent those men and women from serving?
      Why have a military if temporarily leave will destroy his family ?

 2. Since Clinton never sent a man into battle who didn't come home,
     do you think he destroyed more or fewer families than Saint Reagan?
      (Hint: Saint Reagan lost 220 Marines in Lebanon in one day, Tony.
       That's a LOT of destroyed families in the real sense,
        not destroyed as in "Daddy's not here for Christmas."

 3. Since Clinton never sent a man into battle who didn't come home,
     do you think he destroyed more or fewer families than Smirk's Daddy?
      (Hint: Over 100 dead just from Desert Storm.)

 4. And if the subject is "destroyed families," should we talk about the 10,000
     veterans from Desert Storm afflicted with Gulf War Syndrome?
     Those veteran' s offspring with birth defects, do you think that is more
     devastating to military families than Daddy missing Christmas?

 5. Vietnam destroyed 55,000 families, and you bastards never miss a chance
     to ridicule Clinton for trying to stop that war when he was in college.
     To this day, you guys love Vietnam, as long as YOU didn't have to go.

   By the way, Tony:
   I haven't heard what YOU did in the war.
   If you're going to criticize the best Commander-in-Chief we've ever had,
   shouldn't we be made aware of your heroic wartime exploits?

  I've said this many times - if David Hackworth or even Ollie North (R-Traitor) want to
  criticize Commander-in-Chief Clinton it's OK with me. When you've been under fire,
  I think you have the right to criticize the military or the president all you want.

 6. Just curious, Tony, is it OK with you that Smirk is a wartime deserter?

 So, just to review, Saint Reagan's personal bungling in 1983 got 220 Marines killed.
 And Smirk's Daddy's personal bungling in 1990 put 550,000 Americans in the desert
 because the idiot sent Iraq a Telex saying "We won't interfere in your military matters."

 ...but you say Clinton "destroyed families?"

 Tony, you're a ditto-monkey and a whore.


Subject: Dennis Miller


Dennis Miller is the same as all whores in todays world.
Believe me, anyone will sell out to the repubs if the money's right.
Look at Horowitz and all the other baby boomers that got their rocks off on free sex
and drugs in the 60's, that are now right wingers cause that's where the money is.

Dennis must please his Nazi buddy Al Michaels, or he might loose his job.
Michaels is to the right of Rush and the horse fucker, Paul Harvey.
It's enough to make a person want to give up.
Is there anyone out there who is not a whore or a potential whore?
I think if JC came back today he would whore for the repukicans.

Richard---Frankfort, Ky

Richard, good point.
The reason I'm angry with Miller is that he's already rich and famous.
Miller's family and future were quiet secure - then he turns into a fascist pig.
And lets not forget what a cowardly bastard he's become.
He won't call the Democrats names when a Democrat is on his show.

Koresh, that's sad to see...

 I just wanted you to see what America looks like at night,
 before Smirk's friends in BIG OIL turn the damn lights out.

From: (please don't use my name if you use this.  This isn't America, anymore)

Subject: Dennis Miller

Dear Bartcop,
Love your site, hate Denny boy.  Close your eyes and listen.
He's channeling Sammy Davis.  I always thought he was an arrogant, giggling
piece of crap and it's no mystery why he's come out of the whore closet.
He does football for ABC, for God's sake.

Old Denny isn't fit to lick Chris Rock's urinal and never was.
Hell, he isn't fit to lick yours either.

Damn, a compliment.
I can't agree, but thanks.

Sen. Kerry (the good one) Vows To Filibuster Arctic Drilling

Full Story

Whore City - Senator John Kerry of Massachusetts threatened to block any legislative plan from Smirk
for opening the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge in Alaska to oil drilling, saying such activity in the pristine
wilderness was wrongheaded.

"Most senators agree that drilling in A.N.W.R. is not just environmentally unsound, it gives false hopes
to citizens suffering energy problems today," said Mr. Kerry, a Democrat.

"We need to make it clear to Smirk that this approach to energy policy is unacceptable, and that is why I will,
if necessary, filibuster any attempt to open A.N.W.R. to this kind of exploitation," he said.

Mr. Kerry called President Bush's effort to link Alaskan oil exploration to the California mess
"muddled at best and cynical at worst."

 Tons more mail and Toons

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A Public Service Announcement by

THE "ANNA KOURNIKOVA" VIRUS tempts potential victims
by posing as a picture of Kournikova, an Internet heartthrob.

It arrives with the Subject line: "Here you have, ;o)".
The message body reads "Hi: Check this!"
Iit arrives with an attachment named "AnnaKournikova.jpg.vbs."


However, it is safe to click here


Subject: Are you as cowardly as Limbaugh?

Why won't you put this on your site?
Are you afraid to print a thoughtful defence of the Nader campaign?

You must be one of those bad first-impression people.
In three short sentences, without even specifying the topic, you call me a coward,
you berate me for not putting "this" on the site when you haven't established what "this" is,
then you go for a second personal slur - all while never having mentioned the subject.

I've seen a great deal of of Nader bashing based on W's cabinet appointments.
The Nader bashers tell us that If Gore had won, these clowns would not have been nominated.
True enough...but so what?

ha ha
So what?
So, I shot and killed your mother - so what?

If there was such a huge difference between the Dems and the Repugs,
why did HALF the Dems vote FOR Norton's confirmation?
Why didn't the Dems filibuster Ashcroft?
(And why did Gore vote FOR Clarence Thomas's confirmation)?

Because they are scared weenies.
Is that the part I don't have the balls to publish?

Remember when the Congressional Black caucus challenged the certification of the vote from Florida?
Not a SINGLE Senate DEMOCRAT supported the challenge.

Yeah, I know...

Clinton/Gore supported a host of buy-partisan policies: "Free" Trade, the War on (some) Drugs,
increased defence spending, Star Wars research, the federal death penalty and Welfare "reform".
Clinton/Gore also fought against medical marijuana and did little to pursue alternative
energy and energy conservation strategies.

You must've been very happy with President Dukakis and President Mondale.
Yes, Clinton got a little more centrist than I'd like, because that's where the votes are.
What did your spoiler boy get, 3 percent?

The evidence shows that the "New Democrats" are really "Republican Lites".
I wanted to vote for a REAL Democrat, so I voted for Nader.


No, you voted for Bush.
Why did you do that?

We told you before you fucked up that you were fucking up, but you did it anyway.
Now you're whining about your bad decision?

If Nader wants to run for something, he should run for Congress so he has a record.
All I'm sure he stands for is getting Smirk elected.

Check out Bush's Dayly Diary

 Bush: Air Force One Trashing Lies "simply not true"
   by Tom Raum, Associated Press Writer

 Whore City - President Smirk said Tuesday that reports that members of Clinton's party
 took items off Air Force One on Clinton's last flight were "simply not true."

"All the allegations that they took stuff on Air Force One are simply not true,'' Bush added.
 He referred to published accounts suggesting that members of Clinton's party removed glasses
 and other souvenirs from the presidential plane January 20th.

 That son of a bitch...
 After letting all those juicy rumors circulate on Fox News and Pigboy and Hannity
 and O'Reilly and Fox Whore Sunday and Tim Russert and Sam & Cokiewhore,
 he finally gets a question from the press and answers it.

 Hey, President Asshole, that was 23 days ago.

 Why did you let those stupid lies go on for 23 days?
 Is this the "new tone" you promised?

 And where is our whore press?

 They knew it wasn't true, they were on the goddamn airplane when Clinton got off.
 They knew the plane wasn't trashed, but they all kept quiet to fuck Clinton.
 The same way they're keeping quiet about Smirk and AWOL, the cocaine, the fourth arrest et al.

 ...and Smirky, my dislike of you has gone up a full ball park.
 You're an unprincipled, smirking fuck.

 What they said in 1993

 This administration gave up on deficit reduction even before it started. Its 'plan'
 consists almost entirely of tax hikes. It would certainly be an upset of historic
 proportions if higher taxes actually led to lower deficits.
    --  The Whore Street Journal

 "The income tax rate hike aimed at the nation's most productive citizens will
  damage investment, reduce national savings, slow business and job creation
  and most importantly, fail to add a penny of revenue to the federal treasury.
   -- William F. Buckley's National Review

 The Clinton plan was designed to punish success  through this witch's brew of
 taxes and mandates, which is poison for the economy.
   -- The Whore Street Journal

 These are the same losers who say Smirk's gift to the billionaires will help.

 What do the smart people say?

 It took us 20 years to dig ourselves and our nation out of the hole we dug in 1981.
 The Bush tax cut constitutes a windfall for the best off.
 Fiscal responsibility will be a casualty. This tax bill is going to escalate with
 every interest making sure its own special tax break is included.
   -- Leon Panetta


Subject: Clinton troubles

Dear Mr Bartcop:

Now that Mr Clinton is no longer president, it seems just about every Republican,
and their buddies in the media, are attacking him.  They don't want to assume that
he mistakenly took a few items when he moved out of the White House.

If you have ever moved out from a rented home before, you know how easy it can be
to inadvertently take something that doesn't belong to you.

Then he was smeared for exercising his Constitutionally guaranteed right to pardon people.
And now they are after Sen Clinton, for not listing any of the gifts giver to HER during the last 8 years.

But what really makes me see red is that many Democrats are either going along with these smears,
or doing nothing to defend the Clintons.

I don't get to your web site every day, and I never know when you update your site.
I wrote you previously about putting a search feature back on your site.

Now my two questions for you are:
1. What is your opinion about these attacks on President and Senator Clinton?
2. Why don't you bring back your search feature?


Keri, it's so much worse that what you've described.
The first thing you always have to do is assume the story is totally false.

I wasn't there (nobody was but the Clintons) but here's how it looks to me:
The GOP can't even breathe without screaming a personal slur at the Clintons.
The media hates Clinton's guts and they are in love with the idiot Smirk.
The spineless Democrats are running away from the only winner we've had since JFK.

The spineless Democrats COULD stand up for Clinton, but they're too afraid.
Clinton can't even get the benefit of the doubt from his own party.

Even the Demcrats who hate the Clintons with all their heart could be saying,
"The pardon is the president's perogative. He knows more about the pardons than anybody.
 If he made a decision, we must assume he made a good one unless evidence shows otherwise."

One guy told me Paul Begala let it slip that Marc Rich might be an agent for the Massad
and he got this pardon as a favor to Barak and the people of Israel.
But the spineless Democrats (like Chuck Schumer) think it's better to attack Clinton.

You have to remember that EVERY story is like the "trashing of the White House."
The whore press is just making shit up and the spineless Democrats just stand there.

I don't mean to attack you, Keri, but what makes you think the Clinton's "inadvertantly"
took anything? Why do you assume they have done something wrong, even accidentally?
The way I read it, if Speilburg bought Bill a La-Z-Boy recliner, and Clinton likes it
and wants to take it to New York, it's his goddamn chair!

Remember, "they say" Reagan left with over a million in gifts, but Clinton is a crook
for trying to leave with a golf club Jack Nicholson gave him ($350) and some china
that Mary Steenburgen gave to Hillary?

The whole story is horseshit.

It's too bad the whore press won't give us the facts.
Until they do, assume they're lying about Clinton and Smirk.

As far as that search engine, it stopped working when we switched servers.
Anybody know where I can get another one?

In The New Yorker, Karl Rove confirms that you have to be stupid and rich to vote Republican:

"Our education plan allows us to make further gains in the suburbs. It will also allow us to
 make gains with Hispanics and African-Americans. The tax cuts will make the economy grow.
 As people do better, they start voting like Republicans--unless they have too much education
 and vote Democratic, which proves there can be too much of a good thing."

Thanks to Steve at


Subject: Bush Quote

Hey Bartcop,

Can you verify the quote "attributed to gwh bush" about atheists being non-patriotic
and shouldn't be allowed to have citizenship?

If you can't then remove the statement.  I have a hard enough time with these bloody rednecks
that I live amongst without having sites like yours guilty of the things that we blame the republicans for.

Christ almighty, I have to listen to these stupid bastards talking about what an honest guy bush is.
And they went wild with praise about reagan, on his birthday.

Don't give them more ammunition.


Gee, I was kinda hoping I could be the guy who decides what gets posted and what gets pulled.
That particular phrasing was used because the quote was sent to me and I can't verify it.

If I'm guilty of anything, it's going easy on people who write with demands and accusations.
Too often, I leave the hammer in the holster.

 Ton o' mail and Toons

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Ediotr's Note: This is a good example of why your should NEVER believe
                          any criticism about the Clinton from anybody at Fox News.

New York Post on Clinton gift story: Oops
 Paper tries to clean up Dick Morris' mess.


Feb. 12, 2001 | On Sunday, the New York Post splashed Dick Morris' column on its
cover, trumpeting yet another turn in the Clintons' gift caper. Morris, the former advisor to
Bill and Hillary Clinton who in recent years has become a knee-jerk critic, reported that
Hillary had failed to disclose thousands of dollars worth of gifts she received as first lady.

Based on what he assured readers was a "careful analysis" of the Clintons' disclosure forms,
Morris cataloged scores of gifts the first lady had received (or so he thought) but never owned up to.
"The choice is simple," wrote the Fox News commentator.
"Either you believe that Hillary did not receive any personal gifts or you believe that she did but isn't telling."

If life were only so simple. For while Morris often enjoyed access at the highest levels of the White House,
it seems he never took the time to learn about more mundane matters, such as gift-giving procedures for first families.
If he had -- or if he had bothered to check with Sen. Clinton's office -- Morris would have realized that just because
he was able to find an old newspaper clipping that mentioned a gift given to Hillary but was unable to find it listed
on any Clinton gift disclosure forms, it doesn't mean anything was out of the ordinary.

First families, particularly those of two-term presidents, receive hundreds of thousands of gifts. But only those
gifts that are officially accepted -- and are worth more than $250 -- need be disclosed. The rest are either
returned to the giver or sent to the National Archives. Additionally, any gifts given to the president and his family
during the transition period before the inauguration do not have to be disclosed.

Turns out every single gift Morris held up in his story as an example of Hillary skirting ethics laws fell into those
three easily understood categories. Those "five beautiful dresses publicly reported to have been given to Hillary
by the king of Morocco on the occasion of his state visit" that were never disclosed?
Four were returned and the other was given to the National Archives.

The Post had to send out two reporters to clean up the mess for MondayÆs paper;
they dutifully quoted Hillary Clinton's spokesman, who explained the simple gift-giving guidelines.
The paper offered up no response  from Morris. -- Eric Boehlert  [1:15 p.m., Feb. 12, 2001]

Yet, the story goes around the world that Hillary stole everything.
Laura, Pigboy, Harvey, Hannity, O'Reilly, Fox Whore Sunday, Tim Russert, Sam & his Whore
will all do a dozen shows each on this non-crime because it sorta involves Clinton's cock.

 I did my first-ever interview last night.

 It was a phone interview-for-print, later in LA Weekly.
 It was weird - this guy, John, asking me questions.
 I'd never done an interview before.

 Who Me? talking to me?

 I guess anyone who's ever read some magazine interview mindlessly wondered
 how they'd answer questions if the press came to their door.

 One of the questions he asked was about the BartCop name.
 I asked him if he wanted the truth or the funny story.
 He said, "I want the truth."

 ha ha

 There was a couple of times I almost had to go Bobby Knight on him
 but it was mostly a friendly, relaxed conversation.

 As we were about to hang up, he said a "fact checker" from LA Weekly
 would call and double check what I'd said in the interview.

 Fact checker?

 ha ha

 Didn't you say you were with the press?

 ha ha

 Now, I'm not going to heap praise on these guys just for including me
 as one of many people who have a cyber complaint with Smirk the Wonder Dog.

 But a fact checker?
 It was like going back in time.
 Back, when the press didn't stand for horseshit.

 A fact-checker?

 I was a witness in a murder trial
 and the K-Drag Blue Line never bothered with a fact-checker
 ...for a goddamn murder trail,

 ...but LA Weekly wants to get their facts straight?

 BartCop impressed.

 Even if he was lying,
 it felt good that he had the brains to pretend that he had a fact checker.

You might enjoy Going Here

It's an electronic card site.


Subject: The Question Tim Russert Should Have Asked Bill Thomas

I saw House Ways and Means Committee Chairman Bill Thomas (R-CA) on Meet the Press
this past Sunday.  Tim Russert asked Thomas several questions regarding the Bush tax cut;
after spending the first half of the show bashing Clinton for the Rich pardon.  (Of course, there
was little mention of Poppy's Christmas Eve pardons of Cap Weinberger and five others, as
Lawrence Walsh was getting perilously close to revealing Reagan and Bush's direct involvement

Anyway, the question Russert DID NOT ask Rep. Thomas was:

"Congressman Thomas, it has been reported that you carried on an
adulterous affair with Deborah Steelman, a healthcare industry lobbyist
who in 2000, was paid $900,000 in lobbying fees by drug companies.  This
occurred while you were the chairman of the House Ways and Means
subcommittee on health.  Considering that you were the chief architect
of a proposal to provide a prescription drug benefit as part of
Medicare, while at the same time, being intimately involved with a major
drug company lobbyist who had directed $56,800 in drug company
contributions to your re-election campaign, which, by the way, was the
most of any member of Congress, would you consider it prudent to exclude
yourself from any legislation involving medicare and the prescription
drug benefit?  And considering your obvious poor judgment in continuing
such a relationship, how can the American people have faith in your
judgment regarding the cornerstone the the Bush administration's,
legislative agenda, the questionable $2.5 trillion tax cut plan, a plan
put forth even before the administration has submitted its first budget,
a highly unusual move?".  Additionally, how do you square your call for
the President's impeachment for personal behavior, while you were
involved in what some would say was a blatant act of sexual corruption
and vaginal influence peddling?"

Full Story


 Subject: Tina the "Pay Pal girl"

 Bart, we love you in Washington state.
 One thing, ...Tina, your Pay Pal girl isn't very good at fundraising.

 She was our Pay Pal girl in 1999 and our revenue went down.
 There's something about her - men just don't like her.

 ha ha
 Swear to Koresh?

 For the commercial she did for our "It's not the apple's fault" promotion,
 the director had her looking down, to minimize her negative impact.

 She's poison.
 Stay away from Tina the  killer!
 You might want to reconsider your association with her.


 Wapple, thanks for the warning, but I'll stick with Tina.
 Granted, we haven't needed to hire people to help process
 all the donations that are flooding
 but unless she turns into some kind of whore/apologist for Smirk,

 ...and yes, Dennis, I'm talking to you,

 I think Miller will err and then come back.
 I think he'll catch his reflection in the mirror and he'll say,
 "What the fuck was I thinking?" and beg our forgiveness.

 If he had a ...what's that Catholic word, ...uh, ...epiphany
 and said he was sorry for selling us out to help the alien Smirk takeover,
 at that point we'll assess the damage he's done and pronounce sentence.

 Hey - Miller!

 I got a thunderbolt for you and your career.
 The farther you go, the farther you'll have to come back.
 Nobody likes a turncoat.

 As far as Tina the Pay Pal fundraiser?
 She may not be Terry McAullife, but I think I'll keep her.

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