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Volume 561 - When I Grow Up

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 August 19, 2001.  ..... ... ..... 


"The Senate passed a bill to overhaul our nation's school system, and President Bush
 is expected to sign it. Interesting bill. This new system is designed to prevent marginal kids
 from slipping through the cracks, and going on to become president of the United States."
   -- Leno

White House Rolls Out Rosie Scenario
 "Tax cuts so help me God" is what Smirk promised his rich contributors.

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The White House estimated today that economic growth would rebound to 3.2 percent
next year from a projected 1.7 percent this year and that the current year would bring a
small surplus in the non-Social Security part of the budget. Democrats immediately
denounced the estimates as overly optimistic and politically self-serving.

Wow! Did Mr Rove give his permission for that?
Those Democrats better be careful - they might make Mr Rove angry...

Those figures painted a rosier picture than the one provided by many private economists,
and presage an intense battle over what is affordable and what is not when Congress
hammers out the details of the 2002 federal budget in the coming months.

 I talked to Julie Hiatt Steele Friday night.

 She had such a bad day, it put her in a good mood.
 She said the wise-ass mortgage people called and said they were in route, and they'd
 be there in about 30 minutes. They showed up sooner than that and - get this - they told her
 she had TEN MINUTES to grab what she could and get out of the house - forever.

 ha ha

 Before she could continue, I interjected that had it been me, they would've gotten a short,
 two syllable reply to that horseshit, but she handled it, as always, like a lady with class.

 She said, "You're crazy if you think I'm going to play Supermarket Sweep with my
 own stuff in my own house. You might be able to take my house, but you're NOT
 going to take my dignity, so get out of my house and off of my property right now!"

 They refused to leave, so Julie picked up the phone and started dialing, saying,
"I can have a camera crew here in just a few minutes.  I think this would look good
  on tonight's local news, you guys trying to bully me out of my house" so the bad guys
 panicked and left quickly - ha ha

 You go girl!

 Julie said she'd been pushed around so much lately, that her back was against the wall and she
 didn't have too much to lose, she fought back! She said this whole nightmare has been like
 watching Groundhog Day, but now I think she's turned a corner on this whole mess, and she
 has renewed vigor to fight these greedy bastards.  Julie doesn't see herself as a fighter,
 but she's a mother grizzly bear when she needs to be.

 Koresh - I wish we had her in the damn senate!
 She could teach those weak and scared bunnies a few things about courage!

 So the latest update has the alleged closing taking place tomorrow - but she's not invited.
 Can you believe that?  She's not invited to the closing of her once paid-for home.

 She's not sure what her next step is, but a friend offered to pay for a night in a nice hotel,
 so she'll have at least 24 hours to evaluate her options.
 I can't wait to spring the big surprise on her - and I hope she says "yes" to it.

 ...and if you can get hold of a 34 cent stamp and an envelope,
 try to find the time to send her a short note.

 Julie Hiatt Steele
 10701 Arsenal Drive
 Midlothian, VA 23113

 If nothing else, say, "You go girl!"

The Green Problem
  by Scott German

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What's wrong with me?
Why can't I play golf anymore?
All my shots hit weeds or water.
What's causing this terrible slump?

ha ha

Apologize to Bill Clinton and we'll talk
about lifting The BartCop Hex


"It is quite remarkable that after only seven months in office the Bush administration is poised
  to raid both the Social Security and Medicare trust funds. The Bush administration has authored
  a budget and tax plan that does not add up and that will hurt our country. Now it is resorting to
  cooking the books to hide what it has done. But no accounting gimmick can conceal it,"
    -- Senate Budget Committee Chairman Kent Conrad of North Dakota.

 Wait a minute, Mr. Conrad.
 You voted for that tax cut!
 When your party and your country needed you, you voted with Smirk.

 ...and now you're all shocked that we're getting screwed by the Failure in Thief?

I dare you to print this

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 The Sabutai Concert

 It went pretty good.
 We got there just before the band started - got a good table.
 I got to meet Lori, one of the head Democrats in K-Drag.
 (I think there are 16 Democrats in the state)
 She and the gang were manning the "Rock the Vote" table, and she told me
 they signed up 30-40 people to enable them to vote - many of them sober.

 The band was good, and it's a fun little club, owned by Joe, my former head of security at the
 Hard Rock Island, so Mrs. BartCop felt safe.  She was a little apprehensive about going
 - we hadn't been in a club in years. We felt a little out of place, since we're both approaching
 fifty and the place was filled with tattooed and pierced just-turned-twenty-ones.

 She had a white zinfendel and I had a shot of Chinaco to sip on and Joe specially-made a
 Rock Island Iced Tea (without the Cuervo) so I could to get a buzz going. The band was good
 at getting the audience involved, so there were several young and lovelies dancing in front
 of the stage. That never hurts to have something to watch besides five guys.

 Then the coolest thing happened:
 The cutest gal in the place asked Mrs. BartCop if she wanted to dance!

 ha ha

 You got your basic ego boost!
 She politely declined, but it made her whole night.

 We ended up just staying for just one set, but we had a good time.
 One last thing: Since I'm really big on not drinking and driving, we had the numbers of
 some taxi cabs, but at the last minute I recognized this ne'er do well and felon:

 This poor bastard is always penniless, so I paid him $10 to drive us home.
 He can live for two weeks on ten dollars. The only bad news, he has a Dodge Daytona
 so I had to contort myself like Houdini to get sideways into the back seat - and then
 Lori the Democrat stuck her head in to say goodbye and I must've looked like a boa
 constrictor wrapped around a fresh kill, so her parting visual must've been memorable.

 So the club made money, the band had a good time, Lori signed up some new voters
 and the crowd got rowdy.   I miss my old buddy Sabutai.     Thanks for the fumble, Dude.


Subject: Julie Hiatt Steele

Thanks for the prod, BartCop - I broke down and sent her 11 dollars (all I had),
but invited her and her son to come live with us in Seattle - I realize she has family there
in the East, but frankly, Virginia hasn't done her any favors lately.

Thank you for championing her cause - even if the money doesn't come pouring in,
the letters and well-wishes will, and I'm sure it's a lifeline she desperately needs now.
My next 11 bucks for you, pal!


Mysty, that was nice.
The karma gods will see to it that the out-of-control federal government will never try to
take your kids and your home and send you to prison.  Thanks for doing that.

   a rant by coach921

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From: (Withheld)


Please add that the following is a strong rumor, and not yet fact.

Just found out that the prescription drug price for Veterans is to be increased from
$2.00 per month to $7.00 for each prescription  The big news is the program is to be
discontinued completely, leaving WW 2, Korean and Viet Vets without a drug prescription
program if they were lucky enough to not have a service connected disability

Personally my drug bill for health maintenance will be over three hundred dollars a
month and I will have to do without some prescribed drugs. I am over 75 years old
and need these drugs but find they have become unaffordable under the
Compassionate Conservatism now in effect.

Afraid to sign this, too old to fight anymore, but mad as hell.

WW2 Vet

First, thanks for risking your life to preserve our freedom.
I prefer speaking English to German or Japanese.

It would be an atrocity for your government to abandone you now
so that unelected idiot can make his oil friends even richer with big tax cuts.

This isn't ordinarily the kind of story I can follow, because I have a 30-second attention span,
but I know people will help me follow this because it would be a crime to let you guys down.

Bush said, "Hang on, help is on the way," at every campaign stop,
but it looks like he'd rather hang the older vets than do anything to help them.


Subject: Question about August 15 ish


In the August 15 issue of, under a sidebar mentioning journalist Greg Palast,
there is mention of the Bush Family buying up water rights in California. The text is blue
rather than black, so I'm assuming that it was posted from another source.

I'm the arts editor at an alternative weekly in Sacramento. Although most of what I do
has to do with restaurants, music, movies, theater, etc., I also write the occasional
hard news story, or  I pass it off to one of our staff writers.

I would be very interested in finding out more about this particular issue.
Can you point me in the right direction?

Jackson Griffith,
Sacramento News & Review

That story is true, but I can't put my fingers on a URL for it.
Can anybody help Jackson out with this? (Send me a copy, too)

What happens is I scan 30-50 stories a day and pick the ones
that seem fun or important. Those water rights stories may be
in the back issues but I wouldn't know where to look.

Also, if I'm not mistaken, it's Enron and the El Paso oil boys
who are doing the actual buying, and that's scary as hell.

You can bet they're going to manufacture a water "crisis."

GLAAD Strikes Back at new Jay & Silent Bob Film

Click  Here  to read the AP's account

Click  Here  to read Kevin Smith's comments

I want to see the film before I comment, but as a rule, comedy should be exempt from
the political correctness brigade. Now, a pig like Rush will use comedy to slur blacks and gays,
and his intent is clearer than Lake Concha, but Kevin Smith isn't a lying Nazi whore.


Subject: FAIR articles on Faux News

If you haven't already, make sure you alert Bartcop fans to the August edition
of for their indepth analysis of bias on the Fox News Network.

A Great Piece of Work.....FAIR's that is.

Long live Bartcop.


See KR for all your Subaru needs.

 No wonder they call Oklahoma 'Knuckledrag'

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 ...thanks to SpaceDust


Subject: Greens Can't Be Trusted...Period.

OK, OK, OK.  I've been reading this for a week now and I'm gonna jump my arse into the fire.

I find your arguments completely sound and logical BC.  It is not up to the majority of the Democrats
to go over the minority of Nader's is Nader's side that needs to get pulled to the center.
If they have a bitch about the center of the Dems, or the right, and they want to pull everyone to
the left and try to get the majority to vote for Nader, that's nothing more than fuzzy GHP logic.

If they are so hell-fired bent about changing the Democrat party, then they must work from within the party.
We don't have time to try to turn 3% into 50+% .  Hell, even Perot got more votes than Nader.
(As a side thought though, the Libertarian's probably even out the score.
I don't know what % Browne got, but it sure wasn't more than Nader, and perhaps less.)

But what really irks me about this whole question is this...what if the Repubs (as we've read recently)
are really behind the whole Green party?  Who is to know at this point?
How do they know they're not being financed by the Repubs?

How do they know that Karl Rove and his minions haven't taken over the whole damned party?
How do they know that Saint Nader wasn't bought off?
Hell, the Repubs tried to buy off Ross Perot for god's sakes...why not Nader ?
Not like it couldn't happen.
The Greens can't be trusted at this point...the stakes are way too high.

Bottom line:  They can't just throw out the whole Democrat party,
say we should support Nader, and then watch Shrub devastate this country.

April Morgan

Soc Sec Commission to Have Closed Meetings
 "Screw the public, we know what's best for them" said one Bush staffer.

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Out of the spotlight of federal open meeting laws, Bush's Social Security commission
plans to meet in private next week in a growing attempt to govern by secrecy.

"Everything has been completely open. These are the first meetings where the
  commissioners are trying to have a little time where not every word they say is
  going to be broadcast to the world," said commission spokesman Randy Clerihue.

 ...but the press doesn't care. They're after REAL stories, like this one:


Subject: oh please can u help?

do u know the address on how to get bill jefferson i-love-him-to-death clinton baseballcards

i deeply would appreciate it and so will others who can't get enough of bill

Can anybody help?
If you know, send me a copy of your e-mail to OopBoys

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 It had everything.

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   Thanks for the fumble, Dude.

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