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Julie Hiatt Steele

Volume 624 - Drive you Home

 October 25, 2001

 VCR Alert - More blood-drinking on Survivor, a new C.S.I., Regis, (she loves her Regis)
  then Sherry Stringbean gets $9 million for trying to save ER, then later, Tina Fey and Garbage are on Dave.


 "How many political fund-raisers would the Clintons have gone to
   in the aftermath of the World Trade Center tragedy?"
   -- Rush, foretelling a future that couldn't possibly have happened.
       Big surprise - in Rush's imaginary future, Bill & Hillary misbehaved and went
       to "lots of fund-raisers," because "that's the kind of people they really are."

 Meanwhile, in today's news we see how President Gilligan is giving
 BILLION dollar tax gifts to the nations richest corporations, but...

 ...I'm sure Mr. Rove expects nothing in return from them in 2004.

From: (withheld)

Hey BC --

Right-wingies in my online haunts, in trying to rationalize the booing Hillary received at the Concert
for NYC, like to point to some interview the senator gave to the New Yorker wherein she allegedly
compared the rage that prompted the 9/11 attacks to what she went through as First Lady.

The only online references I've been able to find about this have been from the National Review,
possible dubious rearrangement of question and answer noted and, on its coattails, *ahem* Newsmax.
Searches on Yahoo News, covering AP and Reuters and so on, come up goose-egg.

Any chance you can get to the bottom of this, BC?
Does this interview even exist?

Or did she say something along those lines to the New Yorker that has, unsurprisingly,
been twisted out of context and made the rounds enough times that since every Freeper
has heard it and repeated it at least ten times, so it _must_ be true at this point?

Many thanks, BC.
Keep hammerin'.

The way I remember it (which is different than a quote) Hillary said something like,
"I know what wild, crazy hatred is like - I've felt my share of it." - something like that.

Of course, this is Crime of the Millenium to the American cave people.

What our economy needs

The most partisan and devisive president in my memory has rammed thru
his partisan and devisive right wing tax bill through the House by 2 votes.

The bi-partisan Bartcop Tax Plan would have passed by 150 votes.
But the partisan, devisive president will not submit it, because he is more interested
in dividing people for partisan advantage than he is in the good of the people.

From: (withheld)

The Deaf Pig was all over Joe Biden today because of something Biden said regarding
the air campaign vs. a ground assault vis-a-vis the Arab coalition.

First off I want to say that I disagree with Joe B., just like I disagreed with Limbaugh and the GOP
when they said our war against Slobo wasn't a just cause unless we had a few dead guys come home
in body bags (The only thing we can bury at the Kosovo Liberation War Memorial is Republican credibility).

ha ha

But even though I disagree with Joe B., I will defend him against the smear campaign that Limbaugh
and his scum pals in the White House are mounting against him.  I don't recall the REAL quote by Biden,
but it was something like, "the extended bombing campaign might give the impression in the Arab world
that we don't mind killing innocent civilians."

Limbaugh, of course, did what he and Dr. Laura do best, and that's take only part of the quote and repeat it
over and over again.  So Rush kept saying, "Joe Biden the Democrat says 'we don't mind killing innocent civilians.'
Biden was challenged about his claim, and he responded by saying, "My words speak for themselves."
Limbaugh was having conniptions over that, too.

If Rush was so damn sure that Joe Biden's words are so embarrassing to him and to the Dems,
why WON'T he let the words speak for themselves.  He takes 10 minutes to read a 100-word statement,
removing words he doesn't like, glossing over the mitigating words, and adding comments constantly.

If Joe Biden's words were so damn awful, why can't Limbaugh read them out loud, word-for-word,
no sarcastic tone, no shouting, no adding words, no deleting words, no comments.
If he did that, no one would be very pissed at Biden.

Besides "I did not have a sexual relationship with that woman, Ms. Lewinsky,"
is there one single shameful Democratic "quote" that's not really a misquote by the GOP?

Joe, good stuff.
The Deaf Pig (I like that) CAN'T let Democrats speak for themselves because their words
make too much sense. He's got to get in there and say, "What he means is..."
and then fabricate a load of horseshit to change what the Democrat said.


 A big Thank You to the contributors who have sent donations to keep  bartcop.com  hammering,
 and I want to offer up a shot of Chinaco Anejo to multiple contributors like  Jerry B, Joe C, Dragoo,
 Pam G, Ed O, Steve R, Douglas R and Ed Y, and a special double-shot of Chinaco in a brandy snifter
 to Brad Pierce,  Marc Perkel, Joe Bartholomy and Froederick for being financial pillars of  bartcop.com,
 for going above and beyond in helping to reduce the debt.


 "A thing is not necessarily true because a man dies for it."
    --  Oscar Wilde

 Cover Up Continues for Bush Family Evil Empire
 Bush administration delays release of Reagan papers for a third time

 Click  Here

 For the third time, the Bush administration has delayed release of 68,000 pages of Reagan’s
 White House records, including vice presidential papers from President Bush’s father.

 The papers were to have come out in January, 12 years after Reagan left office as provided under law.
 The White House delayed the release to June 21, then to the last day in August.

 On Friday, White House counsel Alberto Gonzales sought a third extension, this time with no deadline

 I want all of you with Republican firends to ask them about this.
 I get lots of mail saying, "Bart, this handjob I work with is a ditto-monkey
 and he asked me to explain "X" and "Y," can you help?

 Well, show them this.

 The Bush Family Evil Empire can NOT allow the truth come out.
 The truth will destroy them.
 The truth will destroy the Boy King's administration because he hired the same gang of hoodlums
 that his daddy hired to engineer the biggest crive wave on presidential history.

 Remember how they said it was consitutionally inperative that we find out what Clinton
 did with Monica, but when the Bush family Evil Empire steals hundreds of millions of dollars
 and breaks laws on four continents we have no right to the facts?

 ...and the Democrats, as always, remainsilent
 because Mr Rove wants it that way, and Mr Rove gets what he wants from the party of kittens..

 Is anybody else sick and fucking tired of the Democratic kittens begging for Rove's approval?
 I gotta get out of this party.

There's a country where no one knows
what's going on in the rest of the world
There's a country where minds are closed
with just a few asking questions

Like what do their leaders say
in sessions behind closed doors
and if this is the perfect way
why do we need these goddamn lies

This doesn't go down too well
"We give you everything and you throw it back
Don't like it here you can go to hell
You're either with or against us . . ."

There's a country that's great and wide
It's got the biggest of everything
Try to attack it and you can't hide
Don't say that you haven't been warned

You can't hide in a gunman's mask
or kill innocent folks and run
But if you're good at it they might ask -
come on over to the other side

There's a country that's tired of war
There's a country that's scared inside
But the bank is open and you can draw
for guns to fight in their backyard

I could go on but what's the use
You can't fight them with songs
But think of this as just
another tiny blow against the Empire
Another blow against the Evil Empire
Just another blow against the Evil Empire

Courtesy of The Wizard of Whimsy

Smirk gives taxpayer billions to his campaign contributors
They'll give 10 percent back to him in 2004

Mr. President, whose money is that?

Click  Here

General Motors, IBM and Kmart are among corporations that would receive billions of dollars
in tax refunds under a $100 billion House Republican economic-stimulus package.
Democrats say it is far too generous to companies and does too little for individuals.

According to the nonpartisan Congressional Research Service:
IBM would get a $1.4 billion refund,
GM would get $832 million,
Kmart $102 million
General Electric $671 million.
Enron, gets $254 million;

The poor?
"Screw them."
They're not going to contribute to Weak & Stupid

 Common Ground Redux
  by Scott Willits

 Click  Here

 In light of the fact that hundreds of innocent Afghans, many of them women and children,
 have been killed by the bombing over the last couple of weeks (and I must stress once again
 that thousands upon thousands more will die as a result of our taking out their infrastructure),
 I would submit that those of us who expressed concerns about whether bombing right away
 was the thing to do or not have a very good point.

 I feel compelled to show this screen capture.
 (Thanks to whoever showed me that alt-print screen trick)

This is the regular  bartcop@bartcop.com  mailbox at home.
It says I have 12,897 unread messages taking up 50meg of space.
I know I look like a pompous ass publishing that screen cap,
but if I don't,
I'm the "damned rude" elitist who refuses to answer his mail.

 Laura the Unloved and David Whorowitz

 Click  Here

 Warning, contains nude and vulgar pictures of Dr. Laura

From: bardgal@yahoo.com

Subject: I'm on Cybill this Saturday

On the Oxygen Channel (directv and selected cable)

Saturday, October 27
3:30 PM EDT (0.5 hrs)

"Little Bo Beep"

Guest Stars
Shari Lewis [ Herself and Lambchop ],
Matthew Glave [ Jim ],
David Naughton [ Andy ],
Arthel Neville [ Female TV News Personality ],
Dawn Arnemann [ Woman ],
Angelica Bridges [ Katrinka ],
Judy Baldwin [ Jim's Mother ],
Tally Briggs [ Deena ]
Cory Buck [ Little Boy ]

Provoked by Cybill's offensive reaction to a lamb attack on live television, animal activists
- led by Shari Lewis and Lamb Chop (as themselves) - launch a campaign against Cybill.

When Cybill makes an appearance at a local zoo to promote "Lifeforms," she's bitten
by a lamb while being interviewed on live television and reacts in politically incorrect fashion.

Trying to save her career, Andy convinces her to be a guest speaker at
an animal rights banquet. Meanwhile, while Cybill dates a younger man who seems
too good to be true, Maryann desperately tries to cope with the fact that her new
romantic interest shares something in common with her ex-husband - the same name.

Me - co-starring as Deena, and old friend of Maryanne's (Christine Baranski)
I'm on about halfway through the show at the begining of the "Suck up to Animals" banquet.
MUCH better (and funnier) than my Providence appearance.
Big hair, black velvet gown, and lots of CLEAVAGE.

ha ha

I'm there!

This should be a lesson to you aspiring writers out there:
If you want to make it to network television, get your start on  bartcop.com
If you become a regular on  bartcop.com , before you know it,
you could be on Providence, C.S.I., West Wing and The Sopranos.

But, Tally, you're too young to be a friend of Baranski's.
What was she, ...your baby sitter?

BartCop's false Plan A vs. Plan B
 Response to dove1023.htm  by  Gardner Prabel

 Click  Here

 In a time of real crisis in this country, when it has been overthrown by a coup,  BartCop
 goes off on vacations in a masturbation of drinking and fun.  You leave it up to us "doves"
 to spend every waking moment of our lives getting educated, educating an unwilling populace,
 and getting beaten and arrested by our own 'public safety' gestapo.  Our vacations are spent
 in prison, our lives ruined financially and by secret intelligence files detailing our so-called 'subversion.'

From: jotho@optonline.net

Subject: the boo hillary thing

today, while replying to that musician's letter regarding what he saw during the macy gray/hillary clinton thing, you said that the firefighters and cops were drunk and vomiting.  can you elaborate on that?  i didn't see the concert and did not read anything on the rowdy-ness.  also, unfortunately, heroes that many may be, many may also fall into that demographic that relies on rush and fox for their 'reliable' source of fact.  might have to do with that repubs/conservs. are 'real' americans, whilst the rest are not attitude.

 Hey, how about that West Wing last night?

 That's great TV, and I think we have more coming.

 I talked to Julie Hiatt Steele from about 7:15 to almost 8,
 and I forgot to remind her to watch West Wing because last's night's episode was
 about a sick bastard, out-of-control special counsel that told the president's lawyer
 that "cooperating fully" wouldn't score any brownie points with him.

 As things progressed, they used their blonde Republican sex kitten to give disinfo to the whore press.
 The best part of the show was the look on CJ's face when she realized her plan was working!

 ha ha

 Here's the deal:
 As nuts as the Ken Starr figure was, in this fictional world he was respected, so CJ planted
 the story that he was a nice guy, and honest guy, that they were working well together,
 that they were all pals and getting along great and everyone was happy and smiling.

 CJ came up with the idea that they needed a Dan Burton or a Bob Barr to come after them
 so the President would look like a sane patriot when compared to Burton and Barr.

 This part was not fiction.

 I have a theory:
 (Cries can he heard - "Oh, no! Not another BartCop theory...")

 Aaron Sorkin (head writer and senior Poobah) is a very wealthy Hollywood liberal.
 I'll bet that Clinton and Sorkin have had a half-dozen private conversations.
 Wouldn't it be just like Clinton to have told Aaron a secret or two about his strategery?

 It's my guess that in the coming months we're going to get some information about impeachment
 from Sorkin and West Wing that we've never gotten from the pitiful American whore press.

 I was dreading going thru impeachment again.
 Thank Koresh I was wrong - again.

From: Peter.Young@veridian.com

Subject: What I was saying this morning re: the scary part?


Yesterday Molly Ivins sent her readers to truthorfiction.com, a
Christian GOP apologetics site, though admittedly well done.

Today you send us to Ronnie's site (See Thief of Time for the
ref...fifth horseman's name is Ronnie) where he/they say:

      unsuspecting societies, particularly of those once-Christian cultures.
      Since 1933, with the coming of Franklin Delano Roosevelt to the
      highest office of the land, the United States has been slowly strangled
      by the process of Bolshevization. The tactics of the Enemy within have
      been to deceive, disfigure, disparage, dismay and ultimately destroy the
      heritage, culture and moral fiber of the hard-working and dedicated
      white Christian American

The fuckin' militias in Montana have the voices of reason now?  Vern help us.
BartCop, you said a day or two ago that you are a 0 on the white's only scale.
And you've allllways claimed religion is the problem, and yet you send us there?
Not a word of warning?  But you're gonna let RB assess it?

 I don't endore every idea printed at  bartcop.com.
Trust is, I didn't read that piece, I guess I should.

RB's going to claim that the space aliens are the ones that are sucking the lifeblood
out of the poor downtrodden white Christians, and that the Bush Family Evil Empire
is merely knowingly doing their bidding.

BartCop, you've previously been an island of sanity in a world that sometimes seems to
make no sense.  If you've lost it as well, I simply don't know where to look for a true lansman.
It appears that no one is able to discern reality from paranoid fantasy any longer.
I'm not alone, but it sure doesn't make me feel any better about it.

RB Ham sent me this today. (I've also asked him to comment on your letter)

From:  bham@shaw.ca

Subject: Breaking News - Al Martin is no kook


From: apillar@msn.com

Subject: Doves

(edited to promote healing)

I have to comment on this;
The people may have "refused to be conquered," but they were conquered anyway.
Their fate was a lot worse than to be forced to "bend over for" the Nazis, as they well knew.
In the Warsaw Ghetto, they were resisting deportation from miserable living conditions and harsh
oppression to what they knew were death camps, and they were fighting in support of the Allies.

I told you that I grew up in an orphange.  I was 5 years old the first time I was confronted with a nun
who obviously wanted to hurt me. She was holding a huge wooden paddle and was telling me and other
children to lay over a bed so that she could beat the crap outa us. The others bent over but I ran like hell.

I never stopped running from nuns with weapons and I still don't understand why those other kids were
so compliant. I guess they were just too frightened.  Also, during my years there, I exacted retribution,
by stealing their personal prayer books, emptying the altar of the sacraments, and throwing away the
stations of the cross books,etc.  Everything they held sacred became anathema to me.

I really was a holy terror.   I don't believe that I was ever 'conquered anyway'.  I was aware of children
who had been beaten to death during my time there but surrendering my will seemed a worse fate to me.
When I was older, bigger, and able to defend myself,  I told a nun who was advancing on me, that if she hit me,
I would tear her arm off and shove it up her ass. I was sent off to Juvenile Court where I was threatened with
adult prison for a couple of terrifying weeks and was eventually allowed to go home with my mother.

I realize that my personal experiences can't compare with those of the Jews in the Warsaw Ghetto but I
know that I shared their fight back at any cost mentality and I'm sure we'd agree that for this jaw-dropping
statement which dismisses the guts it took to stand tough: "Hurrah, they took some Nazis out before
they were taken out.  They still lost -- the ones who weren't killed outright were deported."

Largent to be given Oklahoma Governorship
 Rep. Steve Largent (R-Jesus Twin) said he will resign
 effective Feb. 12 to become governor of Oklahoma.

 Click  Here

 Steve Largent is a decent and honest man.
 H is also extremely religiously insane.

 If your wife was pregnant and in a car accident, and your doctor said mother and fetus
 could not both survive, Largent would fight for legislation that would force the doctors
 to risk your wife's life in an attempt, no matter how medically unsound, for that fetus.

 That insanity is far past the insanity of Rush, the Boy King or Laura the Unloved.
 Because Largent was a great football player, the idiot sheep follow him.
 Just like Uncle OJ Watts, Largent attained godhood status with a football.

 It's 10 oclock in the morning and I need a stiff drink.

From: jmaresca@earthlink.net

To: jbedell5@home.com

Subject: No taxes for Cheney

I saw your question on bartcop.com - thought I'd drop you a line.

The big issue is the constitution AND taxes.  Bartcop's right on the VP
question - there were two lawsuits filed that were both denied by Texas
courts (surprise!!).  You are right on the tax issue.  There is no state tax
on income in Texas but there is in Wyoming.  More importantly, and almost
completely ignored by the press (surprise, again!!) is that Cheney bailed
out of Halliburton when he was nominated for VP.

If he's a resident of Texas, he's free and clear of state taxes.  The only problem is
that KHOU in August reported that Halliburton financial records showed that
Cheney had stock or options totaling 1,000,000 shares.  Halliburton was trading
at $51 dollars that day, the day that Cheney was selected.  If he's a Texan,
no state tax but a violation of the Constitution.  If he's from Wyoming, big hit
on that $51 million+ of tax fraud if he doesn't declare.  Considering he had a
primary residence in Texas to qualify for their Homestead tax deduction and
that you can't even get a Resident's fishing license in Wyoming without living
in state for a year my guess is - - - - violation of the Constitution - the first of several.


 from Volume 621- Til the Day I Die

>Rude Rich said:
>>You wouldn't know good music if you stumbled into a Stones recording session.
>>If it ain't Zeppelin or U2, to you its garbage.

>Damn, you're close.
>I think Garbage is the best band in the world right now.
>If Garbage and U2 were playing the same night, I'd go see Garbage.

Well, even that little exchanged has caused friction.

Thru back channels I hear that Shirley is "pleased" with that endorsement
but ...Bono is "disappointed."

Hey, hey, what can I do?
The new U2 was a really good CD.
The new Garbage is a masterpiece.

BTW, those who are helping me with sound files?
The entire Trip Report will be in Monday's issue.

Next to Volume 100 - The Wizard of Ahhs it's the most work I've put into the Treehouse.
(let's hope it's funnier than Volume 100)

From: Poltargyst@aol.com

Subject: Cheer up!


Just felt like writing to you and giving you a little support.  You seem so down sometimes when
someone declares that they won't read your page anymore, and the loss of Margaret Shemo has to hurt.

I don't know what the heck is wrong with us Dems.  The friggin' Repubs are marching in lockstep as usual,
goosestepping along with their arms up in salute, while we divide up over simple differences of opinion and
whether or not you have a page two girl!  Geez, we're a bunch of idiots, we could win every election
if we could just get together like the Repubs.

The page two girls reminds me of when I first started reading your page, Spring 2000.
You seem so angry now, you were so much funnier then.  Of course, then we had a good president.
Since then, we've had the White House stolen and been attacked by terrorists, and who knows if
there's a connection.  I'll continue reading even if you want to bomb the terrorists (yay!) and even if
you don't have page two girls (boo!).  I kind of liked the page two girls.  And, I agree that we need
to take out the terrorists, but we need to constantly keep our eyes open for what ulterior motives this
administration has for bombing Afghanistran.  I trust them not. Hey, cheer up.  We're on the right side,
and eventually everyone will be forced to see that no matter what the whore media is saying.


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 It had everything.

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   Thanks for the fumble, Dude.

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