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Volume 634 - My City was Gone

Guess who got married? Shelly Bowen!
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 November 6, 2001                                                  Vote Today

 VCR Alert - Monster night on TV. Buffy is doing a musical tonight which the critics say totally rules.
  The Simpsons are doing their Halloween Special tonight. Frasier's 199th show is tonight.
  NYPD Blue has their two-hour premier tonight, and they keep showing Andy staring at the NY skyline,
  so no telling how emotional that's going to be, but the big news of the night is Fox's 24.    More on that below.

 When Ashcroft, Ken Starr and the Whore Court get together,
 who needs anything as cumbersome as a Constitution?

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 Scary-as-Koresh excerpt:
 According to Starr, five justices of the U.S. Supreme Court have signaled that they would give
"heightened deference to the judgments of the political branches with respect to matters of national security,"
 and thus, would be willing to bend the constitutional rules in a case involving terrorism.

 I wonder if that's like the "heightened deference" they gave to the GOP candidate for president?

 Starr's comments provide encouragement to the Department of Justice, which, according to the
 Post, is reportedly contemplating the use of "drugs or pressure tactics" when terrorism suspects
 refuse to speak, or "extraditing the suspects to allied countries where security services
 sometimes employ threats to family members or resort to torture."

 Threats to family members?
 You can tell the GOP is back in charge.

 Attorney General John Ashcroft echoed this sentiment during a recent appearance on ABC's "Nightline."


From: englands2nd@hotmail.com

Subject: Re: 23K retirement becomes 16K

Sounds like you need to diversify, although you said that was only one of you retirement accounts
(I assume you have more and they've survived, because you've not mentioned them).

Second question is, is this account an IRA or a 401(k) with an employer contribution?
If it's the latter, you're actually ahead (depending on what the employer contribution totals).

Once again, my poor writing skills have forced you to make a mistake.
Without your letter, people might think I picked poor investments and that's
why the value of that account has dropped by a third under Weak & Stupid.

Not the case.

That money is diversified into three sections:
Blue Chip funds, Strategery/Agressive funds, and I forget the other third.
But the point is those are broad-based mutual funds that got hurt under Trickledown voodoo.

The super-rich have made money since The Florida Theft,
and the working families have taken the hit for it.

...and what the hell was your last sentence supposed to actually say?
Losing a third actually puts me ahead?

You see?
That's the problem.
You're a Republican and that's how you guys think.
You think the more money I don't have, the better off I am.

Clinton tripled the stock market, and Bush steals a third of my money.
Both of those computations have 3's in them, but I like Clinton's better.

 Follow what leader?

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From: the_deans@yahoo.com

Subject: Hate to say it BC, you're being hypocritical...

Click  Here


 "Former Vice President Al Gore surfaced recently giving a speech
   declaring that George W. Bush is his "Commander in Chief".
   The irony is - had Mr. Gore made the same statement about President
   Clinton during the 2000 election - Gore would be Commander in Chief today.
   Enjoy being your own man, Al."
     -- Marc Perkel

Meditations on Jingoism, Jihad and Dunkin' Donuts
       by Christian Livemore

 Click  Here

 The attacks have affected us all in different ways.  One of the things that
 disturbs me most, though, is the increased marginalization of peoplesí
 opinions and their unwillingness to admit that any others have merit.
 Friendships are being destroyed over it.  Some of us are waving flags madly,
 and if some others of us are not, we are condemned for being unpatriotic,
 rather than because we maybe just find all the flag-waving a little jingoistic.

 Maybe Tom Delay is right

 We don't need professionals screening carry-on bags at airports.
 We just need minimum-wage morons - warm bodies - that's all.

 In Chicago, some dude from Napal got past security with SEVEN knives, a stun gun and a can of Mace.

 Full Story

 Delay doesn't want professionals manning those X-ray machines because he's afraid
 they might vote Democrat, so he's risking the lives of the passengers to prevent the possibility
 that the screeners might not vote for his crooked and evil party of the super-rich.

 Has the GOP ever put the interests of Americams before their power-hungry party?

Has Larry Klayman turned half-sane?
 History says no, but read this before you answer...

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From: (withheld)

Subject: "a lot of people who don't want to see the message Uprising is sending"

Why is it that we rightfully celebrate Jewish resistance to Nazi occupation of Poland
and simultaneously criticize, in the strongest of terms, Palestinian resistance to Zionist
occupation of their homes and lands?

One is called heroism and freedom fighting while the other is terrorism.
Hypocrisy anyone?


I'm no expert, but I'm certain that Israel has never rounded up millions of Palestinians
with the intention of putting them in ovens in an effort to eradicate their race.

...and I've never heard a Jew say "Death to all Palestinians,"
but Palestinians say "Death to all Jews" constantly.

Having said that, there is a point there, somewhere.
I heard Manachem Begin declare he was a terrorist, but I don't know why.

Sticking a fork in the neck of a soldier occupying your town isn't being a terrorist, it's fighting for your land.
But blowing up a bus of shoppers is pure terror, so no telling what Begin meant to say.


From:  (same guy)

Subject: Your hypocrisy

You make the common mistake of suggesting that because of Nazi/German/European attrocities;
Jews are, for all time, allowed to be special people who are above the laws, ethics and morality
 that apply to everyone else.   While they are not rounding up Palestinians to put them in ovens,
 they are clearly attempting a "final solution" to their "Palestinian problem".

There is nothing close to military equality between Israel and Palestine. Fringe Palestinians can
talk about "death to Jews" all day long - they can't make it true.  German nationals were not moved
into the Warsaw ghetto to create "facts on the ground".

Like I said - hypocrisy anyone?


G, since this is America, you're free to hate the Jews as much as you want.
Your feelings seem to run very deep, trying so hard to make the Jews "just like" the Nazis.

You have failed to make your case that Jews "are above the laws, ethics and morality" of others.
Your "final solution" comments are groundless, since Israel has the power to destroy every neighbor
it has and nobody on the planet could stop them if they were so inclined.

Everyone (besides Bush) knows more about the Middle East than me, but I see Israeli "abuses"
as being defensive in nature. ...can't say that about the Nazis.


 Matt Roush (TV Guide) is the most trusted critic in TV, films or music.
 Eons ago, Matt said, "There's a new David Lynch pilot called Twin Peaks
 and it's like nothing you've ever seen on TV before - don't miss this show."

 Eight years ago, Matt said, "There's a great new show coming up that finally treats
 science fiction with intelligence. It's called "The X-Files - don't miss this show."

 Today, Matt says, "24 is innovative, ingenious and sensationally effective.
 I've watched the pilot FOUR TIMES already. You can't ask for a better opening chapter.
 This is one lean thriller. The suspense is palpable, almsot Hitchcockian. I can't imagine
 what will happen next, nor can I wait. Just how I like it - don't miss this show."

 If Matt says it - you take it to the bank.
 Even if you don't watch TV, you might want to check this out.
 If you watch the show tonight and have comments, send them to Marty at 
 How nice to have some quality TV to look forward to.

 First, the Bad News, then ... the Bad News
   by Eric Margolis

 Click  Here

 Like the CIA's unbroken record of bloody fiascos in Iraq, this amateurish venture also failed disastrously.
 Forewarned by sympathizers in Peshawar, the Taliban surrounded Haq's party. Haq, who had lost a
 foot to a Soviet mine, tried to flee on horseback. The CIA bungled an attempt to rescue him, though two
 of its agents who had been with with Haq managed to escape on U.S. helicopters. My old friend was
 captured and summarily executed by the Taliban as a warning to any potential defectors.

 The life of one of the heroes of the great jihad against Soviet oppression was thus thrown away in a
 botched, amateur mission in an unnecessary war. Another CIA "expendable asset" had been expended.

 A quick "Blow me" to Injustice Scalia, the feckless thug,
 and the simpering wimp that some call the President of the United States.

 I got a summary from the accountant yesterday.
 One of our retirement accounts had a value of 23K this time last year.
 But a year later, after Weak and Stupid destroyed America's economy,
 that account is only worth 16K.

 Hey, Smirk!

 To get your precious tax cut to the super-rich, you wiped out one third
 of our retirement account, you thieving son of a bitch.

 If Gore hadn't been such an idiot, disowning the best politician in history,
 America's favorite son, and losing to the most worthless manchild in America,
 that 23K might've gotten fatter instead of getting cut down 30 percent.

 ...all because Tipper was so terribly, personally hurt over the Monica mess.

 Comments from contributors

 Hi BC, Just wanted to say "thanks" for your efforts. I've only had to maintain a web page
 for 30 days and it was a ton of work! Anyway, I've lurked your site and others for quite awhile now
 and  felt it was time for me to pay a little back. Cheers, Derek

 Yes, we need to grow the hammer bigger! Keep up the good work.
 I'll be toasting you with a shot of Chinaco Anejo at 5:00 today!

 Bart, This is all I can afford right now, but I hope it helps out.
 This is the first time I have contributed to *any* site. Later, Joe

 Bart; I get hit up for money all the time. For wonderful causes, too, that I wish I could support.
 But your web site is an anchor of my day, and I want to support your ability to get the word out
 (in addition to maintaining my source of entertainment). Brian

 Hammer on!
 Thanks for all your hard work. Anne

 Keep it up, Dude!
 Thanks for the only truly addicting page on the web. Keep up the good work, but above all keep
 having fun! One of these days I'll have to think of something worth contributing besides payola.
 Best Wishes, Jeffrey

 "For services rendered"
 I was tempted to put "For Sensuous Massage" on the subject line, like I do for my bills,
 but I will leave that alone... Hope this little bit helps! Walt

 On Behalf of President Weak and Stupid

 Thanks to you all.
 I have added your names to the contributor list

 From: efestag@mail.alac.org

 Subject: Chrissie Hynde

 Does anybody know why Rush is dishonoring Chrissie Hynde's reputation...
 ...by using one of her songs as his program theme?

 I can't imagine her agreeing with Rush on anything!

 EF, there's a good story there.  Here's how I remember it.

 Two or three years ago, the subject came up about Chrissie's song, My City was Gone.
 Rush's people told him he couldn't use the song without her permission or he'd have to
 pay a royalty each time he played it times the number of listeners.

 So, Rush started using whatever song Clark Howard now uses by the Fine Young Cannibals.
 This went on for a month or so, then Rush heard an interview Chrissie did with a NY radio station.
 Rush got the interview and played part of it on his show.

 When she was asked if she stopped Rush Limbaugh from playing her song, and she said,
 "Rush Limbaugh?  Isn't he that Nazi guy on the radio?"

 ha ha
 Rush played that on his Nazi hate show!

 Chrissie went on to say, "I don't care who uses my music,"
 which Rush took at face value so he started using it again.

 Yesterday, Katherine was looking for a History Quiz from bartcop.com
 We may have found it on  It was a quiz by Notorious B.O.B.

 Click  Here  It's the 4th story down.

 Or, it could have been  http://www.geocities.com/bardgal/tolerance.html
 There was a history lesson there...

 If that's not it, I remember Cynthia B sent in a couple of short mini-quizes.
 Maybe we can find those. Cynthia, do you remember where those are?

From: (withheld)

Subject: I *was* going to send you money

Dear BartCop,

I was getting ready to send you a donation, but then you said to bet on Oklahoma over Nebraska.
I thought I could take that to the bank.  I even found a bookie who gave me nine points!
But then you know what happened.

Then you kept harping on how the Yankees were going to win the World Series again because it was fixed.
If it's fixed, how I could I lose?

But I did.

Now I have no money to send you.


ha ha


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 POBox 54466.... Tulsa,OK 74155

Double shot of Perkel

From: marc@perkel.com

To: ombudsman@msnbc.com

Subject: I agree with your article about dissent, but ---

Dear Mr. MSNBC ombudsman,

The news media picked Bush as president and served to ram him in office despite the vote of the people.
You made your bed in undermining democracy in the first place. I say - sleep in it.

We sacrificed our liberties on December 12th 2000 - way before the recent (fabricated) attack which was
a front to suspend our liberties. I see you personally as ombudsman of MS(Microsoft)NBC as having a
personal hand in slanting the news in favor of those who you now complain about.

Marc Perkel

   The King and the third-most crooked president ever.

 Is Mohammad Atta dead?
 Are you sure?

 Click  Here

From: utusn@flash.net

Subject: Genuine "Legitimacy"

This regards the latest propaganda wave making the rounds of the media outlets, to the effect that
nobody cares anymore about the 2000 Selection, that Shrub is accepted by all, and that everybody's
glad he is the one in the chair:

Uh, no.

Throughout the past year, when the media-ho(s) were telling us to "get over it" and to "move on"
and then slurring us for being obstinant or die-hard, I didn't get over it, but sometimes wondered
whether not-moving-on was after all not natural.


Besides Dr LAURAsevic telling her followers that FORGIVENESS is NOT automatic,
that the wrong-doers need to ACKNOWLEDGE the wrong AND show remorse AND
do something to REPAIR the damage BEFORE forgiveness (moving on) is even ON THE TABLE
-----last week the History Channel's History of Britain covered Charles I, who had closed down
Parliament for more than a decade because they were airing certain grievances, and when he opened it
up again he thought things had been going better and those grievances were IN THE PAST.


When they convened, they PICKED UP WHERE THEY HAD LEFT OFF 11 yrs before. So, hey, ....

It is the wingnuts who keep bringing up the word "legitimacy," claiming that this or that event has NOW
bestowed LEGITIMACY on Shrub. SCOTUS did what it did and it sealed that issue back then for
what it was worth. But for Shrub to earn genuine & authentic SUPPORT, he might do something
of integrity LIKE THIS:  Announce that there might have been some anomaly in the 2000 Selection,
that to set things right and RENEW the sanctity of our electoral processes he will NOT RUN for a
second term, will focus on cleaning up the mess of this term, and will NOT push through the extra items
from the right-wing agenda, only the needed legislation for cleaning up the current mess.

Now THAT would be real patriotism and would bring him whole-hearted SUPPORT.
Forget "legitimacy."

Greenspan ready to cut interest rates
to help Koresh-awful Smirk economy.

 Hey Al, what are you going to do when the rate hits zero?

 Remember when America had an elected president?
 Greenspan had to raise the rates again and again because the economy was "too hot."

 With that nose picker in the White House, the economy has no pulse.

 The latest from R.B. Ham

 Click  Here

From: brad_pierce@acm.org

Subject:  The deserter-in-chief

The following story is about a guy who was thrown into jail when the
Air Force caught up with him 18 years after he deserted --

Air Force deserter sentenced to 24 months

 Full Story

One of the government attorneys, Capt. Brian Thompson, said the sentence showed
"desertion cannot and will not be tolerated, and
 ... no matter how long it takes, deserters will be found."

What about our deserter-in-chief?


p.s.  Why are Democrats afraid of these chicken-shit Republicans?

p.p.s.  Thanks for pounding your hammer every day, rain or shine.

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 It had everything.

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