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Volume 641 - Please Don't Hurt Me

 November 15, 2001                                                                                                  Required Reading

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 VCR Alert -  - Regis has supermodels, followed by a Victoria's Secret Special, C.S.I. has whips & chains,
  poor lifeless ER is having a perfect storm without Clooney,  Island of Whores has no self-respect, and Friends


 "You all need some therapy, because somebody came along and said liberal
   means soft on crime, soft on drugs, soft on communism, soft on defense and
   we're going to tax you back to the stone age because people shouldn't have
   to go to work if they don't want to.

   And instead of saying 'Well excuse me you right wing, reactionary, xenophobic,
   homophobic, anti-education, anti-choice, pro-gun, leave it to beaver trip back to the fifties,'
   we cowered in the corner and said, 'Please, don't hurt me.' "
     -- from last night's West Wing, making me think someone reads  bartcop.com

   Don't you wish real Democrats talked that way?

 State of the Union

 Lee & Wrangler Jeans is laying off 13,000 workers
 Citigroup is cutting 7,800 workers
 ChevronTexaco is cutting 4,000 workers
 Global Crossing is cutting 1,200 workers
 Providian Credit is cutting 700 workers
 Weyerhauser is cutting 600 workers

 ...and that's just today's bad news.

 Last month, 415,000 people lost their jobs.
 You know what that means?

 It means a Republican is back in the White House.
 He may be there illegally, but he's killing Clinton's robust economy.

"Prosperity itself is on the ballot in November," said the lawfully elected president, Al Gore.

 But no, the Bush Family Evil Empire installed their puppet with the help of this mob.

         Republican band of thugs

 ...and the gelding Democrats just laid there, holding their sore rectums saying,
 "Thank you, Smirky. May I have another?"

 Gelding Democrats make me sick...

 I wonder...

 In 1990, President Bush told Saddam to retreat or get his ass kicked.
 Saddam didn't listen, and got his ass kicked, altho he's still standing.
 (It was one of Bush's biggest foreign policy blunders)

 In 1997, President Clinton told Milosombitch to retreat or get his ass kicked.
 Milo didn't listen, and got his ass kicked, and now he's on trial for war crimes.
 (Clinton is a foreign policy genius.)

 In 2001, the illegal fraud told the Taliban to surrender Bush Laden or get their ass kicked.
 The Taliban didn't listen, got their asses kicked, and Bush Laden will probably get away.
 (The illegal fraud is just like his Daddy)

 But my question is, when a US president, even an illegal one issues an ultimatum,
 what's wrong with these idiots that they can't see they don't have a chance?

 Once America sets out to kick some ass - it's going to happen.
 I would imagine every field commander since 1976 has said,
 "This isn't going to be another Vietnam," when they lead men into battle.

 And in this most recent case, why couldn't they see our determination?
 Did they really think we were going to take the WTC like gelding Democrats?

 The idiot Taliban could've coughed up Bush Laden and stayed in power, but nooooooooooooooo.
 They chose governmental suicide instead.

 Is there no such thing as a deterrent anymore?

 Bumper sticker seen in K-Drag

Born OK the first time

 USA Today says Warren Buffet has lost $10.4 billion since the illegal takeover.

 I wonder who he voted for?

 Lots of good stuff over at today.


"The bad terror is what America and Israel are practicing against our people,
  and what we are practicing is the good terror that will stop them."
   -- bin Laden or Jerry Falwell, you decide

  Why Should We Care? It's Only the Constitution'
 Terrorizing the Bill of Rights

 Click  Here

  Scary Excerpt:
 Moreover, "most of the new powers could be used against American citizens in counter-
 terrorism investigations and in routine criminal investigations completely unrelated to terrorism."
 Also likely to be subject to this law: "those whose First Amendment activities are deemed to be
 threats to national security by the attorney general."

 Like I've been saying - that would be gays, liberals and blacks.
 Ashcroft is religiously-insane. Any action he takes to crush "America's enemies" will be done
 in God's name and that's a problem for anyone who believes in America's Constitution.

Seizing Dictatorial Power
   by (are you sitting down?)   William Safire

 Click  Here

 No longer does the judicial branch and an independent jury stand between the government
 and the accused. In lieu of those checks and balances central to our legal system, non-citizens
 face an executive that is now investigator, prosecutor, judge, jury and jailer or executioner.
 In an Orwellian twist, Bush's order calls this Soviet-style abomination "a full and fair trial."

 My God in Heaven - William Safire wrote a column that didn't root into Bill Clinton's pants?
 Was the New York Whore Times recently purchased?

From: bushblowsus@yahoo.com

Subject: missed that pigboy irony

You wrote:

"By choosing Afghanistan's government for them,
    we are, in essence, denying them freedom."
     --The vulgar, stupid and un-American Pigboy, second hour

I can't believe you missed this.

So Rush is saying that it's wrong to choose the leaders of Afganistan,
but it's perfectly OK to choose the leaders of America.

In Afganistan, you deny them their freedom by picking their leader.
In America, you get over it, Sore/Loserman.

Right-wing media continue to savage Clinton
   by Gene Lyons

 Click  Here

 Even the Clinton-phobic pundit Andrew Sullivan, after denouncing the former
 president before troubling himself to read the speech, subsequently admitted that
 the Washington Times account was "appallingly slanted."

From: A Garbage Fan

Subject: Got the Chinaco Anejo

Hey Bart,
I found it in the Oregon State Liquor Store in Lake Oswego (upscale rich town).
$54.95 a bottle.

It's GREAT!.

The only problem is that I can't find a soda straw long enough to reach the bottom of the bottle, hahahaha.


Kai, don't be like this guy and gulp it all at once.

And whatever you do, for what you paid for it, don't mix it.
Sip it verrrrrry slowly.

It's God's gift to us.

What if they hijacked an election, and no one cared?
 Despite the media's spin, the latest recount shows the wrong man was awarded Florida's
 presidential vote. But if even Al Gore can't bother to complain, why should anyone else?

 Click  Here

 Sweep Weeks

 Why are sweep weeks even allowed?
 It's so utterly fraudulent on it's face, putting on spectacular specials then using the inflated ratings
 those specials provide to set advertising rates for when the shitty shows come back on.

 I used to own a live rock n roll club here in K-Drag.
 What if I was trying to sell the club, and told the prospective buyers to come by on,
 oh ..I dunno, let's say a week from next Tuesday.

 Then, I hire the best band available and have Budweiser bring the Bud Girls out and
 advertise "FREE BEER" like crazy on radio and TV and give away trips to Vegas.

 So the guy shows up Tuesday nite, sees the big crowd and thinks I have a really smoking business
 if Tuesdays are this packed and ends up paying me waaaaaay more than the club's worth.
 While that might not meet the legal threshold of fraud, it's misrepresentation and I would
 surely be punished by God when I get to Heaven.  (cough)

 When you buy 200 pounds of cocaine, you don't ask the seller to pick a bag for you to inspect.
 You pick one at random to keep the seller honest (I know this from watching Miami Vice)

 So why are the whore networks allowed to do it?
 They are dealing with hundreds of millions of dollars in ad rates and they cook the books.
 Why is that legal?


 "Men exultantly shaved off their beards for the first time in years.
   They played music in public. A man impishly but unsuccessfully
   encouraged women on a bus to uncover their faces."
     -- some dude in Kabul

  ...and El Pigbo said we were wrong to help them.

  It's the Overvotes, Stupid!
 The 100,000 Gore Votes Big Media Doesn't Like to Mention
  by Tamara Baker

  Click  Here

 That IS the story. And it's one that our national media
  is going to great lengths NOT to tell you.

From: Poltargyst@aol.com

Subject: this prayer thing

Click  Here

From: KDoyle@wpo.hass.usu.edu

Subject: super-important links

Our new Police State and what some congressmen say happened.

Lynne Cheney is our new McCarthy, as you will read in this article.

US will monitor calls to Attorneys

Bush Orders terrorists to be tried by the military

CNN is altering the news. I trust you, and others, will find this article as disturbing as I do.
I am a strong supporter in the freedom of speech, including the press.

Journalist, Vanessa Leggett

NBC correspondent Claire Shipman

Is anyone keeping a tally of all the freedoms we are losing?

Kevin Doyle

 Bush Makes Pitch, But Is He Serious?
   by Joe Conason

  Click  Here

Yet if Mr. Bush has truly turned a new page in his worldview, his weekend speech
 left that page mostly blank. He said precious little about AIDS and poverty, and not
 a word about other contentious issues such as global warming, nuclear proliferation or
 debt reduction. Instead, he departed from his main topic to lecture the delegates about
 the election of certain rogue states to the U.N. Commission on Human Rights, as though
 nothing in the world matters nearly as much as anything that irritates the White House.

 Hillary says Bush made fiscal mess

  Click  Here

 "My view on this is pretty simple. We had eight years of prosperity [during Bill's administration]
 because we paid down our debt and got rid of our deficit. We hit a rough spot, and it was turned
 into a terrible bump because of the attacks of September 11."  Mrs. Clinton then put the blame
 squarely on the Bush tax cut, saying it compromised both fiscal responsibility and the government's
 ability to combat terrorism.

 Note: This is from the Washington Whore Times, but there's still a chance it's true.

 The differences between Terrorists and the U.S. Government:

 Click  Here

From: The Last Honest Reporter

Bush orders halt to attack on Kabul but nobody listened to him.
Now that Kabul has fallen, Cheney takes credit for it.

Nobody pays any attention to Bush anymore, except the American media.
Blair and Putin are leading this War and the World now.    Bush is just a sideshow.

Bush prepares secret military trials for the Taliban so his involvement can remain hidden.

Cheney tells the Chamber of Commerce that the problem with this economy
is that rich people don't have enough money.

Bush decides to fill the Strategic Oil Reserve.
What ever happened to that energy shortage he told us about?

 Plane Crash Questions
   by Michael Lordi

  Click  Here

 Our government has chosen to declare this an accident to ensure the public doesn't cancel its
 Thanksgiving plans and Christmas plans.  This way, the stock market doesn't crash, the planes
  keep flying, the American people don't panic, and Bush isn't blamed for an intelligence gap.

  bartcop.com  will be dark Nov 27 and 28

  Click  Here

 The Grand Tyranny
  by Al Martin

 Click  Here

 The new Bush dictatorship is in full swing. Bush just signed a bill wherein the United States no longer
 has to provide a civilian trial for anyone who should stand accused of committing a terrorist act against
 the United States. Instead the government will now try said individuals in a "special closed military court."
 In this trial, the defendants will not even be allowed to present any exculpatory evidence that the adjudicating
 military body should deem "contrary to the security of the State or the domestic tranquility of the people.". . .

 Click  Here

Cheating History

Click  Here

 Critics have suggested that Mr. Bush is mainly interested in withholding documents that might be embarrassing
 not only to his father, George Bush, who was Mr. Reagan's vice president, but also to other administration
 officials who also served Mr. Reagan. Motives aside, historians as well as lawmakers on both sides of the aisle
 have expressed concern that the inevitable result of the order will be to deprive scholars and even members of
 Congress of material that poses no threat to national security but could do much to help Americans make sense
 of their nation's past and to hold government accountable for its actions. Since Mr. Bush is unlikely to rescind
 his own order, Congress must pass a law doing so.

 Well, then, it will never happen, because Mr Rove doesn't want the crimes of  the Bush Family Evil Empire
 exposed and the gelding Democrats are too afraid to anger Rove, so forget about getting the truth from this
 band of lawbreaking thugs.

    from The Daily Brew

  Click  Here

 The really scary part isn't the military courts, the wiretapping of lawyers, or the arrests without charges.
 We expected that. After all, the Republicans had sent a mob, hired and paid for with American taxpayer
 dollars, to seize power in the first place. If the GOP was willing to stage a riot in broad daylight to deny
 Americans their right to vote in Florida, it is hardly surprising they would use Executive Orders to deny
 Americans their right to a fair trial back in D.C.

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