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Julie Hiatt

Volume 650 - Tin Soldiers & Ashcroft Coming

 November 26, 2001                                                                                                Required Reading

 VCR Alert -  Captain Kirk vs The Ice Queen on Weakest Link, Rams on MNF, Jill Hennessey finally gets buried alive
  on NBC tonight, Elton John on the once-watchable Ally McBeal,  Kelly Ripa on Dave, and Vegas night on Travel Channel.


"I'm not doing anything with secret trials that FDR didn't do."
   -- Weak & Stupid, power-hungry moron puppet of the Bush Family Evil Empire

 Hey, Smirk!
 There's a lot of differences between you and FDR.

 1. FDR won four elections - legally. He won three - legally - before the war started.
     He was so popuplar, he became president without the help of crooked judges

 2. He didn't warn us of a never-ending secret war.

 3. FDR wasn't in an Evil Empire that empowered Hitler and Tojo.

 4. FDR didn't corner the market on gold and oil and then steal for MORE power.

 5. FDR saved us financially from an idiot Republican.
     You're an idiot Republican destroying the paradise Clinton created.

 6. FDR's idea of keeping secrets was not letting us see his wheel chair.
     You won't even allow Saint Reagan's public papers to see the light of day because it would prove
     your father lied about helping Reagan's goons commit the crimes he pardoned away.

 There are dozens more, but there's not enough time to list them all.

 Did Bush sign his Impeachment Warrant?
   by Bruce S. Ticker

 Click  Here

 Members of Congress from both parties are deeply concerned about Bush's neglect in even
 consulting Congress about his measures. Sen. Arlen Specter of Pennsylvania declared on the
 Senate floor that Bush's decision to conduct military tribunals for suspected terrorists is
 unconstitutional, according to The New York Daily News.

From: ne1cmymind@hotmail.com

Subject: Afghan heroin

Hey BC,

Maybe you can get some inside "dope" on what's going on.
One thing the "liberal" media doesn't seem to care about, and no one else is asking:

Where is all that Afghan heroin?
Where is the CIA going to sell it?
Which branch of military will get the proceeds?
What secret war will the proceeds be used to finance?

Just curious.
I understand as a New American I have no right to know,
but I'm still a little old fashioned.

peter georges

Peter, great questions.
But there's no need to be concerned.
It was a born-again Christian who stole his way into power.

That means he's honest.

Great toon from Ted Rall that explains everything...


 Who killed professor Don Wiley?
  Was the Bush Family Evil Empire involved?

 Click  Here

 Don C. Wiley was in town to visit relatives and attend the annual meeting of the scientific advisory board
 of St. Jude's Children's Research Hospital. Police said there were no signs of foul play, just the car with
 the keys in the ignition on a bridge that spans the Mississippi River. Police found the car five hours after
 Wiley left a dinner at a posh hotel several blocks from the bridge.

From: Elizabeth.Baxter@fancygubmintjob.gov

Subject: the closing of the white house...

dear bartcop,

the white house is not closed to everyone.
the bushes will be having small, private tours of selected people to view the christmas decorations.
in other words, if you are a big donor to the republicans, or want to be a big donor to the republicans,
it won't be very hard to see the white house decorated for christmas.

Of course, just like the private fireworks display we were FORCED to pay for.
The Imperial Bush Family gets to use the treasury like it was their own money.

I wonder if fat cat Republicans are still allowed to kill Japanese while playing Sub Commander?
Good thing the press dropped that story.

 Tons of good stuff over at today.


"If you pray hard enough, water will run uphill.
  How hard?
  Why, hard enough to make water run uphill, of course."
   --  Robert A. Heinlein

 Tin Soldiers and Ashcroft Coming
   ...we're finally on our own.

 Click  Here

From: utusn@flash.net

Subject: Mrs DOLE's New Convictions

Word is that Mrs DOLE, a candidate in a state she hasn't lived in for scores
of years, has now changed her hitherto "moderate" stance on gun control over
to a "harder" stance more palatable to her newfound constituents.

Where are the Spice Girls reporterettes (CiCi Conolly, Katherine Seeleye, and the other one)
when a politician is changing attire daily and long-held positions?

Why isn't Mrs Dole being tagged a "carpetbagger" as now-Senator Clinton was?
Why isn't Tweezer Mathhews (lately forgoing his platinum hair shade for a mellow
lemon-honey number) calling her a "pander bear"????

How can journalism be taking a vacation like this?

John Garza

John, simple answer - they are whores.
There's no money in liberalism or accuracy or honesty.
The big money is in right-wing fabrications and federal cock-hunts.

Kangaroo Courts
  by William Safire

 Click  Here

 Spain, which caught and charged eight men for complicity in the Sept. 11 attacks, last week balked
 at turning over the suspects to a U.S. tribunal ordered to ignore rights normally accorded alien defendants.
 Other members of the European Union holding suspects that might help us break Al Qaeda may also refuse extradition.
 Presumably Secretary of State Colin Powell was left out of the Ashcroft try-'em-and-fry-'em loop.

 Why is Ashcroft rounding up Jews?

  Click  Here

 Why hold Israelis when there is no evidence linking them to terrorist activity?
 "We are taking every step we can to prevent future terrorist attacks,"
   said a Justice Department spokesman

 That's the answer they always give.

 Mr Ashcroft, why did you shut down buzzflash, bushwatch, mediawhoresonline and bartcop?
 "We are taking every step we can to prevent future terrorist attacks."

 Gene Lyons did a great interview with Buzzflash

 Click  Here

 GENE LYONS: To put it in perspective, just imagine if almost any of the actions that were taken against Clinton
 were taken against Bush today. Let's imagine that somebody with a whole bunch of money hired a journalist to
 go down to Texas and use paid sources to dig up dirt on George Bush's intimate life. Just as it happened in the
 Troopergate story. Let's say they found some Houston "barfly," to use the term Barbara Olson applied to
 Clinton's mother, to say Bush raped her 20 years ago, or paid for her abortion. They would be talking about
 treason, wouldn't they? The Republicans are all talking about civility now. Of course, what they mean by civility
 is you can't say anything bad about Bush. But in my view it was equally objectionable the first time around.

 Great stuff

Tequila Taste Test

 Click  Here

 A couple of days ago, I got a hundred dollar bill in the mail and was ordered
 to purchase and compare Sammy Hagar's Wabo Cabo reposado to Chinaco Anejo.
 I purchased both, and set out to address the question scientifically Saturday evening.

Dreamed I bought another club.

Koresh, those are scary dreams...

I lost $40,000 in the Hard Rock Island,
but I only lost $4000 at The Train Station,
so maybe my next club might make a profit.

ha ha

That's why they call them dreams...

Who's that blonde babe at the end of the GAP ad with Sheryl Crow?
 She might be in an English girl band that hasn't broken here yet.

if you have a guess.

 Worth a second look...

 Oregon judge tells Ashcroft to butt out
Assisted Suicide Law Given Another Breath Of Life

 Oregon's assisted suicide law was still in effect Wednesday morning.

 U.S. District Judge Robert Jones extended his restraining order against religiously-insane
  John Ashcroft last Tuesday, assuring both sides that the state law stands until he reaches
 a decision in the case.  A decision could take as long as five months.

 Jones also said that doctors should not fear any repercussions for
 prescribing the lethal doses of federally controlled drugs.

 So, the Nazis get a little taste of defeat.
 Of course, it wasn't a democrat who stood up to the fascist bastards.
 Noooooooooooooooooooo..   They're too scared to stand up.

 It was a judge who's probably a Republican, who probably thinks the feds shouldn't be butting in
 when the voters decided that they want the option to die without months of severe pain.

 Screw you, John Ashcroft, you power-hungry Taliban-thinking bastard.

 When the Rain Comes

  Click  Here

 Click  Here

 Lots of great toons on RB Ham's site...

 Drums & OJ

  Click  Here

BartCop TV is here - sorta...

"Bartcop, Part 1"  to be on local access channel in Houston, Houston MediaSource (HMS).
 It will air this coming Tuesday, November 27, at 7:30pm (Central).

I haven't seen this show. It's was a phone interview (pre 9/11) and I probably should've taped my half
to remember what the hell I said, but hey - when you're telling the truth you don't need to keep track, right?

The only question I remember (it was an hour interview) was when they asked me to explain Ann Coulter
blowing Ronald McDonald and I just said, "Let's not go there," to much laughter from the panelists.
Maybe they'll show the pic of Coulter & her clown when the question comes up.

So, if you're in the Houston area and near a TV next Tuesday you might catch that.

 Don't let the bastards take complete control.
 Save a little bit of America so we can tell the kids what freedom used to be like.

 The way things are going, it may be all we have left.

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 It had everything.

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