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Volume 904 - Oil and Death

click for fresh, Northern Air

 Wednesday   Oct 9, 2002 


"Those two little words, "why now?"
  What has changed in the last year, in the last six months, or in the last six weeks
  that would compel us to act to attack now? Shouldn't the president be spending more
  time with his military advisers in Washington instead of making campaign speeches?"
        --Sen. Robert Byrd, one of the few Democrats with some balls

 Unarmed Marine killed by AlQaeda
 What idiot withheld ammo from our fighting men in a war zone?

  Click  Here

 The Marines were practicing urban warfare tactics on Failaka Island in the
 Persian Gulf and were carrying no ammunition for their weapons, U.S. officials said.
 One Marine was killed and another was wounded. U.S. military police chased down
 the two assailants and shot them dead, according to the officials.

 Ex-Traficant Juror Changes Mind

  Click  Here

 A juror who helped convict Jim Traficant on racketeering charges says
 he now thinks the former congressman is innocent - and is showing it
 by volunteering for his re-election campaign.

"I told you I was innocent.
    ...now give me $800."

 Subject: BartCop's potential new sponsor

 Sell out? Or trade-off?

 Life is full of balancing acts. Sure, BC's page won't be the same without the passion
 that strong language imparts, and it was just that passion that made it unique.

 But.... faced with a choice between a strong message being able to get out to more people,
 and a strong message with strong language getting out to fewer...... I think I'd go with the former.

 Just my opinion.

 Of course, if this sponsor's "censorship" went any further, it would be a different matter.


 I didn't know I had a new sponsor that was curbing my language.
 Is this new sponsor giving me a lot of money?
 Could someone tell me who he/she is, and where to find that money?

 ...and as far as my language, it's not important to me that I curse a lot,
 but I'm free to write any goddamn fucking thing I want.
 This page is hosted by Marc Perkel who works for the EFF, the ACLU of the internet.

 Yeah, just try and stop me from printing something,
 and someone should get back to me about my new sponsor.

 Did you notice in Las Vegas that the New York, New York casino has no Twin Towers?

 They have the Brooklyn Bridge, the Statue of Liberty, the Chrysler Building,
 Central Park, Wall Street, the Empire State building - but no Twin Towers.

 That's almost creepy.


"Instead of demonstrating purpose without arrogance, as the president
  promised in his inaugural address, the administration's policy projects
  exactly the opposite:  arrogance without purpose."
     --Sen. John Edwards (D), North Carolina

 Subject: Bush Recession To End In 27 Months

 Like his dad, W. Bush will have to learn the hard way. Spend all your time on Iraq
 and ignore the economy, and the voters will throw you out of office. This is the biggest
 stock market crash since 1929. I don't think that Bush can keep the conversation going
 on Iraq until Nov. 5th, and that's when many of his Republican friends in Washington
 will get the boot. Good riddance!

 Greg W

 That's Life
  by Michelle Cottle

  Click  Here

 When the daughter of a prominent politician whose party preaches zero tolerance on drugs
 gets caught for using drugs repeatedly, the issue automatically assumes public import. You can
 feel sorry for Noelle, who is clearly very ill. You can feel sorry for Jeb, who, as Republicans go,
 has a not-terrible record on pursuing non-draconian drug policies. And you can argue that Noelle's
 run-ins with the law should be reported and discussed with the utmost sympathy and respect.
 But to argue that this should be "a private matter" is asking too much.

 Who Said it?

 "The cost of one bullet is substantially less than going to war ..."

 Was it...

 Lee Harvey Oswald?

 James Earl Ray?

 Ari Fleischer?

 Sirhan Sirhan?

 Laura the Unloved

 Every few days, The Unloved takes a call from some young housewife who says,
"My husband is addicted to internet porn," which prompts Laura to tell her to throw
 her husband out, file for divorce and not date again until the kids are out of the house.

 What a slut.

 You gals are free to disagree with me (ha ha, and you guys, too) but there is nothing
 wrong or shameful about looking at a pretty girl in various forms of undress. Religion
 has a way of keeping people from doing harmless things - one reason I dropped it.

 Of course, anything can be taken to the extreme. If the husband can't eat dinner with
 his family because he's too busy at his computer, then maybe you have a problem.
 But "looking at porn," can mean anything from buying the Sports Illustrated issue
 to visiting those girl/animal sex sites that are always in the spam mail.

 But Laura the Whore still makes money with her "moral absolutes,"
 even tho she spread her legs for pictures that even Hustler wouldn't print.

 Subject: Bush Recession Ate Your 401K

 If and when we ever stop talking about Iraq, check your retirement savings.
 You'll find that most of it is gone, like the budget  surplus. The Dow Jones Industrial Average
 which was almost 12,000 points while Bill Clinton was president is now hovering just over 7,000.
 Is it any surprise that Bush won't talk about the economy?

 What is surprising is that the news media and the Democrats (other than Robert Byrd),
 will not hold Bush responsible for this harsh Bush Recession.

 Greg W

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if Bart had a little education

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 When Whores Attack

"Who is surprised that Bill Clinton continues to be seen around Manhattan with a series of blondes
  who are not his wife. Chelsea is reported to be living with her boyfriend, a chippie off the old block."
  --The Insider, insightmag.com

 I read a thing a couple of weeks ago that explained this whore press stuff.  If Clinton is seen talking
 to a woman, even if she's the hostess of the event he's at, even if everyone in the room knows her name,
 the New York papers will say, "Who was that mystery blonde seen with Bill Clinton?" implying that
 some hanky-panky is going on.  And whenever a Bush daughter is arrested, the whore press finds
 a story, true or not, to run about Chelsea, who has never come close to being arrested, much less
 being arrested again and again for the same alcohol and drug crimes like the Bush tarts.

 They changed Florida law making it legal for Noelle to smoke her crack cocaine.


"Baghdad for now appears to be drawing a line short of conducting terrorist attacks
  with conventional, or CBW (chemical or biological weapons), against the United States.
  Should Saddam conclude that a U.S. led attack could no longer be deterred he probably
  would become much less constrained in adopting terrorist actions."
      --CIA boss George Tenet, who might've read that on  bartcop.com  a month ago

 Subject: $117K --> $75K

 Actually, I had $120K in my 401(K) two years ago, and it's worth around $19K now.

 Damn, you must've been heavy in Nasdaq.

 In exchange for my five hundred dollar tax advance, I got screwed out of  ONE HUNDRED
 THOUSAND dollars, so if you only lost $40K, your account manager was way better than mine.

 No way I've ever had $117K.
 I just used those number because they reflected the Dow, but you're right - people
 heavy invested in tech stocks got hurt a lot worse than regular fund folks.

 I can understand how the crooks doing the screwing support the Idiot In Chief, but what kind
 of brain damage does a guy have to have when he's lost his pants and he still "stands by" the Dumbshit?


  Stampeding the Herd
    by Gene Lyons

  Click  Here

 You name it, and President Junior could get it done: withdraw the U.S. from all
 international arms control and environmental treaties, grant "regulatory relief" to
 polluters, "tort reform" to corporations whose products kill people, render workplace
 safety rules inoperable, drill for oil in national wildlife refuges, harvest timber in
 national forest wilderness areas, "privatize" Social Security with sharp benefit cuts,
 bankrupt Medicare through permanent tax cuts for the rich, exchange federal
 education aid for private school "vouchers," stuff the federal courts full of right-wing
 apparatchiks, reverse Roe v Wade, tell the United Nations to pound sand, and wage
 "pre-emptive" war against the entire Islamic world.


"President Bush plans to address the nation. In less than an hour, he'll be pressing his call
 for military action against Iraq. Mr. Bush will be speaking from Cincinnati, Ohio, which is a
 major city in a key swing state. Not that any of this, of course, is political. While he's in Ohio,
 Mr. Bush may find that unemployment there, which was 4.3 percent under President Clinton,
 is 5.5 percent today. Mr. Bush has not offered an economic recovery package, but he would
 like the 325,000 Buckeye residents who are out of work to know that Saddam Hussein is an
 evil, evil man. Of course they already know that. What they don't know is why President Bush,
 who speaks with such passion about the suffering of the Iraqi people, is so blind to the
 economic suffering of Americans."
   --Paul Begala, Crossfire, 10/07/02

 Another great movie from American Stranger
 This is must-see stuff!


Harmony Cedar


"Let me tell you my thoughts about tax relief.
  When your economy is kind of ooching along,
  it's important to let people have more of their own money."
   The Commander in Thief, Boston, Oct 4, 2002

 Gee, Pinhead, can we have another $300 LOAN while you
 shower big oil with billion dollar windfalls of Social Security money?

 Bartfest Trip Report
  by Isaac Peterson

  Click  Here

 I get to the Rio hotel, and check into my room. Not really a room, though - my apartment
 would fit into this place, and there'd be enough room left for most of yours, too. I'm looking
 around the joint, and there's a safe built into this place; how cool is that? They've got all sorts
 of things in this room that I don't have at home, like an iron. The round white mints they had in
 the bathroom taste an awful lot like soap, though. I can't eat more than two of them.

 I was going through some old genealogy stuff, and came upon this print from the Bu$h family archives.

 I'm not totally sure, but I believe this is Mortimer Herbert Bu$h, and his then fiancé Peaches Prescott Walker.
 Mortimer is reputed to be explaining to Peaches how he ducked out of his unit during the French & Indian War.
 Notice that Peaches knew what to pack for a picnic.

 Best regards,

 We haven't had any monkey mail for a long time.

 Are the ditto-monkeys tired of getting the red-ass?

 Red-Hot Rhetoric Getting Dangerous
    by Joe Conason

  Click  Here

 Bush's speech sought at once to reassure and to frighten. He wants Americans to believe
 that he too would prefer a peaceful resolution, but he also wants Americans to believe
 that this country faces the imminent prospect of a "mushroom cloud."

 That was surely Mr. Bush’s intention when he compared the situation in Iraq with the
 Cuban missile crisis. The comparison is overblown, to say the least. The ballistic missiles
 installed by the Soviets on an island 90 miles from the United States were capable of
 destroying every major city on this continent. Saddam has few missiles that can reach
 Istanbul, let alone New York, and no nuclear weapons with which to arm them."

 Hola bartcop,

 President Bush's Monday address to the nation drew 2,000-3,000 protesters, right here
 in the conservative capital of the midwest, Cincinnati.  Thought you'd like to read an
 interesting take on the protests from CityBeat, our local alternative newspaper:

 Honestly, can you remember even one time where Big Dog drew protesters, let alone thousands of them??
 Seems like Bush draws a crowd of naysayers everywhere he travels.

 My personal favorite protest sign of the event (it was all over local news but I can't find an online picture):

 "War Isn't Healthy For Pensions Or Economic Things."


Subject: Complaint


If you don't want to link to Intervention copy, that is your decision.

That's a strange way to introduce yourself, Sir.
Are you one of those bad first-impression people?

Although if all portals do this, then you we be left with only a half-dozen mainstream profit-making
news and opinion sources. But it really pisses me off when your forum simply steals our copy.

Sir, I have not heard of your publication. I haven't knowingly stolen anything from you.
Sometimes I publish a cartoon that's in my mail box, but never text.
It's much, much easier for me to link than create a page, color it, do the fonts,
reformat the text and on and on because I put in too many hours as it is.

I work 16 to 18 hours a day to acquire original copy, edit it, then post and maintain the site.

Geez, I thought I was the slowest dude on the web.

And some scum bag of a Ken Lay mentality comes along and simply steals it.
He or she should have linked! to the article!

Could you be any less specific?
This is issue 904, so I probably have 4,000 pages online.
I can't search your site and mine to ferret out what you might be complaining about.

How about putting up a notice for posters to respect copyright
and hard work of others and link to their articles.

I have no problem with that.
Here at  bartcop.com  I encourage people to reprint what they read, and I don't even
ask them to mention where they got it. You see, I can always make more.
But the important part is beating the Nazi bastards who have taken over, right?

One last thing. Why not put your name on your site?
Are you afraid? Why? Come on, get a little courage.

ha ha
Suck me.

You could've extended your hand and said, "Let's be friends,"
and but you thought it'd be cute to attack me, instead.
Not a smooth move, Dude.

If your page is anything like your introductory-e-mail, I won't be reading your site,
much less stealing anything from you. Besides, I have more content than I can publish.

If you really work 16-18 hours a day on your page,
how do you find time to write whiny e-mails to political allies?

Stewart Nusbaumer

Intervention Magazine

 Screw you!
  You -- with the 401(k). Yeah, I'm talking to you.
    by  Molly Ivins

  Click  Here

"All of you who were shafted by Enron, shucked by Worldcom, jived by Global Crossing,
 everyone whose 401(k) is now a 201(k), you just got screwed again. They're not going to fix it.

 They've already called off the reform effort; it's over. Corporate muscle showed up and shut it down.
 Forget expensing options, independent directors, going after offshore shams, derivatives regulation.
 For that matter, forget even basic reforms like separating the auditing and consulting functions of
 accounting firms and rotating accounting firms every few years. Bottom line: It's all going to happen again.
 We learned zip from the entire financial collapse. Our political system is too bought-off to respond intelligently."

They protest whever this is...
(She looks like BartCook)


"...with millions of Americans skeptical, most of Europe opposed and the Islamic world either
 bitterly against this war or terrified of its consequences, the president will likely give the order
 to U.S. forces this winter to smash Iraq. Congress' abdication is astonishing.  For no one knows
 what America's plans are, once U.S. troops reach the gates of Baghdad.  Some, however, have
 made plans. Read antiwar.com. The War Party sees the attack and invasion of Iraq as but the
 first battle in an imperial war of conquest against the entire Arab-Islamic world."
       --Pat Buchanan

 How much trouble are we in when Pat Buchanan starts making sense?

The Pieman

 Greetings From Your Secret Allies on the Right
  Yes, that's right. You heard me. We are allies.

  Click  Here

 Most of us were Republicans once. We laughed at Clinton, a lot. We helped demonize him in the Press.
 I have a confession to make: Even though I never liked Clinton and I don't like him now, I wish he was
 still in office. I miss him. No, I am not being sarcastic.

 Bill Clinton was not a warmonger..he was not a second coming of Napoleon Bonaparte, minus 80 IQ points.
 We now have a silly, illiterate clown who rose to power through family nepotism and he's our Commander In Chief
 ... and he is dragging us all into a Third World War. A world war that will be paid for in blood, by our children.


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 Today's issue is kinda short because I'm being blackmailed.

 This blackmailer has forgotten two key points:
I don't do blackmail.
When you're innocent, a blackmailer has no power.

 Let's hope we don't read the details in tomorrow's issue.

 This Just In...

 Vic the Racist is taking tomoro off, so the next issue will be Friday.
 I gotta get out of this day job.

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