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Volume 905 - Won't Get Fooled Again


 Thurs-Mon   Oct 10-14, 2002 


"Old monsters like Libya, North Korea and Iran have proved — well,
  not ephemeral, but at least changeable, less terrifying today than they used to be.
  And the Iraqi threat, for which we're now prepared to sacrifice hundreds or
  thousands of American casualties, just a few years ago was simply another
  tinhorn dictatorship where C.E.O. Cheney was earning his bonus."
        --Nicholas D. Kristof, Revolving-Door Monsters, nytimes.com

 Jimmy Carter wins Nobel Peace Prize

  Click  Here

 Jimmy Carter today won the Nobel Peace Prize for his "decades of untiring effort
 to find peaceful solutions to international conflicts, to advance democracy and
 human rights and to promote economic and social development".

 The Norwegian Nobel committee cited Mr Carter's "vital contribution" to the
 Camp David accords between Israel and Egypt, his efforts in conflict resolution
 on several continents and the promotion of human rights after his presidency.

 Send your personal note of congratulations:

 Jimmy Carter
 The Carter Center
 One Copenhill
 Atlanta, GA 30307
 Tel (404) 420-5109
 Fax (404) 688-1701

  To critics of questioning government
        by Christian Livemore

   Click  Here

 We must do what needs to be done. But we must be sure it needs to be done before we do it.
 What I am hoping is that we will exercise the good fear, the kind that tells us to be wary of
 bloodshed, and use this fear to question a war in Iraq before we begin it, instead of giving in
 to the fear that makes us afraid to ask questions to which we may not like the answers.


"Thirty eight years ago, I voted on the Tonkin Gulf resolution!
   For all those spouting jingoes about the need to go to war with Iraq now,
   go down on the capital mall and look at the Vietnam Memorial."
        -- Senator Robert Byrd (D-Fighter)


I received an email from Terry McAuliffe this morning informing me that I had not
contributed to the DNC in a while and would I please do so now as it was desperately need.
I sent him the following reply:

Dear Mr. McAuliffe,
I need to preface this note by telling you that I have been a Democrat all my life.
I come from generations of Democrats. My grandmother was vice chairwoman of the
Democratic Party in Indiana for many years. In our home, it was considered a sin to vote republican.

I never dreamed that I would one day be ashamed to call myself a Democrat - but I am.
I am ashamed of every member of our party who rolled over and gave this administration
what it wanted at every turn, with the exception of Senator Byrd, that is.

In times of national distress we have always had the Constitution to adhere to as the guiding light
when making difficult decisions. Now the Constitution is shredded and ignored because it is
inconvenient to this adminsitration's plans for total world domination and complete subservience
of the citizenry at home. How can you ask for my money? How can you expect me to support a
group of people with no spine? By refusing to perform their duty to stand up for the principles of
their own government, the Democrats have proven themselves to be a craven pack of cowards
unworthy of our votes or our money.

By abdicating their responsibilities to challenge this administration at every turn, they have become
a frightened party of despicable wimps perfectly willing to follow an unelected moron straight to hell.

Pat R-T

ha ha

Pat, if we weren't both married I'd ask you out :)
Thanks, that was great.


 "I've got a record that is conservative,
   and a record that is compassionated."
    --  too stupid to intern at a lemonade stand

 From  http://www.bushcalendar.com/


 No Friday issue?  Not much to report on Bartfest?
 Bet it was dull (like your site lately) with liberals boring liberals with pure bulltwaddle.
 Well, I hear your detractors have been abandoning you since it looks to be a clean sweep
 by Republicans in November.  Boy, you will be able to whine like a new puppy in a cage.

 I find myself checking in now only about once a week
 and it sounds like the same complaining as the week before.

 Doug Barth

 Doug, thanks for adding to the site counter.
 I've been ...distracted the last few days,
 but I am working on my BartFest Report.


"Mr. Speaker, I rise in opposition to this resolution authorizing military force against Iraq.
 I am deeply troubled that lives may be lost without a meaningful attempt to bring Iraq
 into compliance with U.N. resolutions through careful and cautious diplomacy.
 The bottom line is I don't trust this president and his advisors..."
     --Rep. Pete Stark, (D-CA) on the House floor Wednesday

 Hell, I'll vote for this guy right now.

"Let us not forget that our president -- our commander in chief -- has no experience with,
 or knowledge of, war. He skirted his own military service and then failed to serve out his time
 in the National Guard. And, he reported years later that at the height of that conflict in 1968
 he didn't notice 'any heavy stuff going on.'  So we have a president who thinks foreign territory
 is the opponent's dugout and Kashmir is a sweater."
   -- Rep. Pete Stark, (D-CA) sounding like he reads bartcop.com

 My good friend Joe Conason got married yesterday in Nantucket.
 I did not catch the name of his bride, but I understand she's a (gasp) Democrat!

 Congrats to Joe!!


 Julie and I have had a falling out and I can no longer support her.
 Things have been said about me that aren't true so I was forced to
 publish proof to defend myself and now I need to break away.

 I gave her over $25,000 of your money, plus more behind the scenes,
 but she remains disappointed with my performance regarding Juliefest.
 It's unfortunate the way things have turned out, but I can no longer
 be associated with her.  I wish her the best of luck in the future.

 Our country has been hijacked by a gang of thugs and I believe my time
 is better spent trying to recover our right to have our votes counted.

Smart liberal radio

click for details
Listen to Mike weekdays


 "I hate Bush. I despise him and his entire administration
  - not only because of its international policy, but also the national..."
    -- Jessica Lange,  receiving a Lifetime Achievement Award at the
        San Sebastian film festival in Madrid

 Hey Bart,

 Why don't you drum up a little controversy this weekend?   I'm pretty bored.:)

 ha ha

 I just wanted to drop you a note to let you know that what has transpired does not take away
 the accomplishment of putting JuliaFest together.  A bunch of Bartcopper's came from all over,
 had a great time and got to meet Carville, Conason and Brock.  It was a damn successful evening.

 Don't let anything that's happen take away the pride in what you and Christian accomplished.

 His most sovereign majesty,

 A vote against an imperial presidency
   by Carla Binion

  Click  Here

 This is no time to hold grudges, because the stakes are too high.  I hope Democrats
 shock the GOP by turning up at polls in overwhelming numbers.  This won't be a vote
 for those who failed us on the war resolution, but a vote against Dick Cheney's effort to
 eliminate all Congressional oversight of the Vice-President and President; a vote against
 his effort to cripple Congress and to make George W. Bush emperor.

 Regime change?  You bet.
 Why I am a Compassionate Democrat
     by  Stephen Sacco

  Click  Here

 These stories add up to a frightening picture — the policies of George W. Bush are threatening
 the peace and security of American citizens and the rest of the world.  My opinion?
 No, Nelson Mandela’s.  The former South African president (and one of Time magazine’s
 "persons of the century") stated in a Newsweek Web exclusive that he believed U.S. foreign
 policy was "motivated by George W. Bush’s desire to please the arms and oil industries."

Subject: just wondering!

Does Haliburton have anything to do with the manufacturing
of body bags that will soon be in BIG demand??

Will the servicemen be required to carry their own in a backpack??


"Ratio of the number of pardons George W. Bush has issued
  turkeys to those he has issued human beings: 2:1"
          --Harper's Index, November 2002


"What has happened to the Democratic Party?
  They are bowing down to this president.
  They're not leading, they're following.
  Now I understand why President Clinton had such a hard time.
  It's a shameful time to be a Democrat.

  Yours truly,
  An Ashamed Donkey in Texas."
       --Crossfire e-mail, 10/10/02

 From: Robert Cobi

 Subject: Clarification of facts

 First off let me say being an Oklahoman I'm very happy your site is in existence,
 and second I'm shocked it's in this state of (uninformed or uncaring) Republicans.

 The reason for my email is twofold. First your constant raving about your valuation of your
 stocks and blaming it on the president is wrong. Don't misunderstand, I hate GWB as much as
 the next guy, but this market would exist regardless of  who was elected* (whatever) president.


 Robert, before I strongly disagree, you should know I know nothing about economics.
 But you seem to be saying it's a coincidence that the market goes up under Democrats
 and goes down under Republicans.

 Think back to Christmas of 1992.  Economists said the Christmas shopping season was
 much better than predicted, and I believe that was because shoppers knew Clinton would
 be in office soon and he promised to focus on the economy "like a laser beam."

 If you remember, King George the First was playing on his cigarette boat asking
"Recession? What recession?" America had no confidence in Bush, so they
 fired his incompetent ass for failing to properly to his job.

 Clinton's actions sent Wall Street a clear signal that he was dedicated to paying down the
 Reagan/Bush debt, and that inspired confidence in the market and investors were more
 willing to bet on Clinton's America than RR/Bush's America.

 We enjoyed eight years of unprecedented prosperity, but then Bush stole the election,
 and promised to make the rich richer and returned us little people to trickle-down economics,
 so the market got shaky and we've lost over 8 trillion dollars (so far).

 But hey, Bush created "buying opportunities" for his mega-rich contributors,
 so they will repay him with mountains of gold in the 2004 election cycle.

 On the other hand, I wish I was wrong and you were right.
 I can't wait until Jan 20, 2009 to start my economic recovery.

Harmony Cedar

  Carol's Las Vegas Diary

  Click  Here

 Back in my room, I was not at all ready to sleep, but desperately needed a change of situation.
 Chinaco proved to be the gift that keeps giving; I was maintaining a nice buzz, and was not at all sleepy.
 I ditched the undergarments, donned drawstring pants and tank top, loafed and mentally processed the
 evening's events. Happily, my conflict whether to party or hibernate resolved, when the party came to me.
 A desperately handsome man (who will remain herein unnamed) surprised me and presented himself at my door.
 (Yes, invited.) We watched TV and talked into the night, and consummated the evening appropriately.
 It was not possible to wipe the grin from my face thereafter.  I felt lucky and blessed by the Gods of
 Democracy and Liberalism (not to mention Libertine Behavior.)


"I've been a supporter of Senator Daschle since he became majority leader - until now.
  He sold out the Democratic Party by agreeing to this resolution. If he can't listen to the
  opinion of Democratic voters, maybe we should have a majority leader who does."
    --Frank Lankey, Crossfire e-mail, 10/10/02

 Subject: BartCop at the Laundromat!

 While at the laundromat this past week here in beautiful Asheville, NC
 (the Freak Capital of the World, says Rolling Stone), I met a guy named Adrian.
 We started talking and he asked me what I do for a living.

 Answer:  unemployed, laid off from a computer job, worthless stock
 certificates next in line to be used as toilet paper, etc.

 He says "that's what you get with the Bush Family Evil Empire in charge."
 Game on.
 I say "do you read BartCop or something?"
 Answer:  yes.

 Conversation escalates into a Bush-bashing frenzy, and the world trembles.

 BartCop has moved from the dark back-alleys of the 'net to the local laundromat,
 right in front of my face!  What's next, the White House press room?

 Keep it up,



“I could not host a talk show if I were a liberal, because every day I'd
  get a fax from somebody telling me what the message of the day is."
      --Rush Limbaugh, wanting you to believe it's a coincidence that he, Laura, Hannity,
         Harvey, O'Reilly, Savage, Hume, Beck, North et al lie about the same subjects
         every day using the same lines and the same catch-phrases.

 Hey Bart,

 Attached is a pic from the DC rally.  I'm holding the violence/retaliation sign.

 I marched along with the beautiful people in the pic and about 10,000 others
 from Dupont Circle down Embassy Row where we were greeted by supportive
 banners and shouts of approval from various embassies.

 We wound up at Dick Cheney's house where the chant was
 "Dick Cheney dinosaur, we don't want your oil war!"

 It was a great rally and one of the speakers was the woman who unfurled the
 banner behind Rumsfeld on Capitol Hill.  We also heard from Damu Smith,
 and heard some wonderful singers like David Rovics.  We saw only three
 pathetic Freepers waving a flag and holding a Bush (the chickenhawk) sign.

 Another rally on Oct 26 sponsored by www.internationalanswer.org will
 begin at the Vietnam War Memorial in DC with a joint action in San Fransisco.
 Hope to see some bartcoppers there.



"Bush said when it comes to Iraq, we can't wait for final proof.
  Which is the same thing he said about the Florida ballots."
          -Jay Leno

 hey bart.....

 i had an awesome time in vegas.  i've never gone to a party where i knew no one....
 but I walked into a suite of 100 fine/kind people, each with a fabulous sense of humor,
 outstanding wit and intellect (so glad Dick Armey wasn't there).... AND.....
 from Pink Taco on, it seemed like they had been friends since high school.

 another awesome treat, as well, was meeting you and mrs. bart (obviously a keeper).

 i drank my share of chinaco saturday nite and the food was quite tasty.  i even got home with a
 full box of chocolates at the end (when i heard you say you didn't think the Rio should get the
 leftovers, I was on it). i also scored an autographed Political STRIKES.

 i'm eagerly awaiting the slide show.... and i don't care if we do it again real soon........
 i only want to live knowing we've got the option to do so if we choose.

 thank you, bart.



"Bush has three reasons for going to war:
   the Dow Jones, the Nasdaq, and the S&P 500."
      --Jay Leno

The Pieman

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