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Volume 910 - Iraq the Vote


 Monday   Oct 21, 2002 


"It's obvious Maureen Dowd hasn't gotten over her breakup with Michael Douglas
  who she thinks is a real American president but he didn't do anything but utter the
  words written for him by Aaron Sorkin and stand where someone director told him
  to stand and have his hair coifed by somebody who knew what to do, and then he
  blew it by running off with Catherine Zeta-Jones, leaving Maureen Dowd in the lurch.
  All she's got now is bourbon for mouthwash, and it's showing on her columns."
   -- the vulgar Pigboy, pretending that Bush writes his own speeches

 The Anti-Porn Guy

       I'm a sick bastard.
 I need to get laid soooo bad...

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 "...ban pornography with a 10-year prison term... with a 1-5 year prison term for oral sex
 and a 1-10 year term for anal sex. ...ban birth control with prison (and fines) for violating this ban.

 ...ban interracial marriage. While I am not racist, I believe that God intends people to marry
 within their own race. Any and all interracial marriages currently licensed should immediately be annulled,
 with any children born to said couple, allowed only to marry with other children of interracial couples.
 Affirmative Action is racist against white people and ought to be abolished.

 It gets worse.
 He proposes no medical care for prisoners. Hitler was more humane than that.
 He proposes a national dress code, banning all jeans, with prison for "offenders."
 He favors a prohibition of alcohol - which is going too far!

 And before you laugh and call this guy "some racist, religious nut,"
 remember we have one of those in charge of our national police force
 and another, extra-stupid one in charge of our military.

Monkey in a man suit

Subject: "Clinton's N. Korean Nukes"

I saw on the Oct 19-20 Bartcop edition that someone wrote in asking Bart to comment on Bill Clinton
supplying N. Korea with nuclear reactor equipment.  The questioner implies that Bush is now dealing solely
with Clinton's mess regarding Korea.  Bart's answer overlooked Bush's own involvement in the situation.

Here is a BBC News article from last April, explaining how Bush released funding that the US had been
withholding to N. Korea's nuclear program:


Specifically, the article mentions that this funding was conditional upon N. Korea allowing inspectors in
to verify that no weapons were being developed.  Here is a rather relevant quote:

"In releasing the funding, George W Bush waived the Framework's requirement that North Korea
allow inspectors to ensure it has not hidden away any weapons-grade plutonium from the original reactors.

President Bush argued that the decision was "vital to the national security interests of the United States"."
I find it hard to pin this entire problem on Bill Clinton, but maybe that's just me.

Skippy X


 ďNorth Korea has some explaining to do.Ē
    --Colin Powell

 No, the Unelected Idiot has some explaining to do

 John McCain on SNL

 I just saw pieces of this, but one skit I caught had McCain saying he would stay out of show business
 (since he didn't know anything about it) if Barbara Streisand would stay out of politics for the same reason.

 If you're wondering why McCain would go after Barbara Streisand, it's because traditional targets like
 Daschle and Gephardt have joined Bush's Holy Oil Jihad, so Streisand has become, be default,
 a leader in the Democratic Party and has to suffer the attacks of the Nazi right.

 That's some sad shit, when Hollywood has to stand up because the Democrats are scared

 But Bart, fighting is wrong.
 Bush is our best president, ever.
 We must do as we're told.

 Sniper News

"To the person who left us a message at the Ponderosa (restaurant) last night,
  you gave us a telephone number. We do want to talk to you, call us at the number you provided."
    --  Police Chief Charles Moose

 Does this make sense?
 Call us at the number you provided?

 I was watching the world series game last night, and Fox was doing a pretty
 decent job of covering the game.  (Granted, most of my TV sports exposure is NBC
 coverage of the Olympics, so my expectations are abyssmally low.)

 But they were doing the usual job of panning the stands for celebrities.  Various
 stars of various Fox programs *just happened* to be at the game, along with the
 usual assortment of movie stars and washed up baseball players.

 They panned along the suite boxes, and spotted Michael Eisner, CEO of Disney, and
 marved at the fact that such a rich and famous fellow was at the game.  That Disney
 owns the Angels seemed to escape them.

 They didn't say a word about the fellow sitting next to Eisner.
 That was Governor Grey Davis. The governor of the host state for the World Series.

 Not one word.  They didn't even acknowledge his existance.
 The did that because Davis is a Democrat.
 And Fox are lying, dishonest, cowardly right wing chickenshits.


Harmony Cedar Hope Chests and Amish Furniture


"McBride, the Democratic nominee for governor, was endorsed by the St. Petersburg Times,
  the Tallahassee Democrat and The Daytona Beach News-Journal. He earlier received the
  endorsement of The Daily Commercial of Leesburg, his native city.

  Bush received the endorsement of the Stuart News. "
          --The Associated Press

 A random telephone survey of 1,048 likely Minnesota voters found
 47 percent supported Wellstone, while 41 percent favored Coleman,
 in a race that could determine control of the Senate.

 Juicy details

 Ads Renew 'Ex-Gay' Debate
  Rights Groups Oppose Ministry to Change Orientation

  Click  Here

 The last time John Paulk came to Washington, he admits, it ended very badly.

 Paulk had been the most famous success story of the Christian ex-gay movement,
 which seeks to persuade gay men and lesbians to accept Jesus and renounce homosexuality.
 He had appeared on "60 Minutes," "Oprah" and the cover of Newsweek.

 But on Sept. 19, 2000, he was spotted and photographed at a gay bar near Dupont Circle
 -- proof, according to his opponents in America's culture wars, that at least part of his vaunted
 conversion was phony. In the ensuing scandal, he was forced to resign as chairman of the
 largest ex-gay ministry, Exodus International.

 Smith said Paulk "deserves some credit for gumption" in publicizing his return to Washington,
 "but there isn't a gay person in America who doesn't know why he was in that bar."

 God is an agnostic
   by Carla Binion

 God is an agnostic.
 She doesn't have a name.
 She's bandied like a pawn
 In a believers' game.
 She didn't cause AIDS
 Or the San Francisco quake.
 She's no excuse for holy wars
 Or preachers on the take.
 No one religion owns her.
 Her gender's not confined.
 She's no tool for ideologues
 Who have an ax to grind.
 Somewhere in the universe,
 Among the swirls and stars,
 A planet's oceans, land and air
 Bear injuries and scars.
 Its inhabitants cry out to God
 To justify and blame.
 But God is an agnostic
 In a scapegoat game.

 More Tears

 I'm hearing some sad Ozzy news.

 Rumor has it they're holding back this season's "The Osbournes" because
 they don't want to show the co-star slowly diminishing before the cameras.

 Some say Sharon's cancer treatments aren't going well and they don't want
 to start a season they can't finish. The Osbournes have recently signed a
 two-year deal with MTV for a reported $20 million.

 It was 60 years ago today


 If you only click now and then - this is the time.

     Prescott Bush                                   ...and his partner
     Hitler's Angel
      Nazi banker
  Founder of the BFEE                     Founder of the Third Reich

 Click Here  to see what Prescott Bush did 60 years ago today.


"The Sept. 11 attacks which took 2,800 lives here followed some dealings the
  Bush administration had with the Taliban. There was a report that we gave
  the Taliban $43 million. Why? Did Bush do something behind the scenes to
  provoke the attacks? We can only speculate, but it would not surprise us."
        --Bruce Ticker

Getting cold where you live?
 Consider a "What did Bush know?" sweatshirt

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 There's a Halloween Party at Shelley's house in Kansas City Oct 26.

 Wear a costume.

Weekend Sports Round Up

 #2 Oklahoma beat #4 Iowa State by 46 points (Miami, your time is gonna come)
 God continues to smile on undefeated Notre Dame
 After 41 years, Oklahoma State beat Nebraska.
 That's so long ago, I might've been Catholic the last time OSU beat them.

 The St Louis Rams won - they can make the playoffs if they win out.
 The Intelligencia-California World Series is tied 1-1

 ...and the Dallas Cowboys lost, and that's all that counts, so it was a good weekend.

 Hey, BC,

 Remember the anthrax killer that murdered 5 people, injured 18, tried to
 assassinate leading Democrats, and is widely rumored to be a US goverment employee?
Whatever happened to that story?   Whatever happened to the hunt for the murderer?
 The serial killer who terrorized America is still among us, still somebody's next-door neighbor, but nobody cares.

 (Now we're supposed to be terrorized instead by a new serial killer
  who is widely rumored to be a US government employee.)


 Good question.

 Bush said his number one priority was protecting the homeland.
 Yet, we've suffered our worst attack in history and Bush goes on another vacation..

 ..but it's not Bush's fault.

 Bush swears to hunt bin Laden down and his approval goes to 90 percent.
 Then the anthrax killer hits, and a year later the Bush Administration has nothing.

 ...but it's not Bush fault.

 He can't find bin Laden, so he changes the subject to Iraq.
 He's hot for a war on Iraq and we've lost our civil liberties, yet many
 Americans say Bush is doing "a good job" handling the war on terror.

 He's screwed the Clinton Miracle to hell and millions lost their life savings

 ...yet he's not accountable for that, either.

 Can anybody tell me one concrete, positive thing Bush has done?
 As he has done his whole life, Bush gets an "A" for being a walking hand-job.

 The Fear Factor

  Click  Here


''She (Jeb Bush's daughter) deserves love, compassion and treatment but then your son
  and daughter deserve the same love, compassion and treatment. Caught with illegal drugs
  a third time, the president's niece got a 10-day jail term.  Most people who are arrested
  are white, most who go to prison are black. Racism is alive and well in the United States."
        --Rev. Jesse Jackson

 Iím Going to be George Dumbya Bush for Halloween
     by Smoked em Out.. And Left em Runnin

 I have my costume ALL ready to go !
 A nice big, empty suit, with a sleeve going up my back
 so my puppeteers have full control over my movements.

 No trick or treat bag, because my RepubliKan financiers just stuff their ca$h up my ass.

 For realism and appropriate horror, I'm going to eat the biggest fucking pretzel I can find,
 fall over like a wooden Indian, and crack my eye on the coffee table.

 With my eyeball hanging half out of it's socket and a disgustingly accurate smirk on my face,
 Iíll slink up to each house looking like a cross between 'The Missing Link' and 'The cat that ate the canary.'

 I'm going to massacre the English language at every doorbell I ring.

 If they don't give me a trick or a treat, Iíll make a pre-emptive
 strike on their house with Ariel Sharon's Bulldozer Corps.

 Then Iíll go to Camp David, play a video game or two, and take a nice 12-hour nappy.

 Dueling Quotes

"I find bringing the country to the brink of war unilaterally five weeks
  before an election questionable and very frightening."
    --Barbra Streisand

"Once again, Barbra Streisand has opened her alligator-sized mouth
  before her humming-bird brain has a chance to catch up. Ms. Streisand
  does not speak for me or many other folks in this business."
   --actor R. Lee Ermy to the Sunday Telegraph


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