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Volume 909 - War Whore


 Weekend   Oct 19-20, 2002 


"Forgive my bluntness, but my constituents also want to hear the
  president and the vice president say that this war is not about oil."
          --Sen. Zell Miller (D-R) Bush's best friend in the senate

 Iraq war 'unjustifiable', says Bush's church head

  Click  Here  to read this story from England. Funny - we have to reply on England to
                        give us the truth because Bush's good puppy press keeps covering for him

"President George Bush's own Methodist church has launched a scathing attack on his
 preparations for war against Iraq, saying they are 'without any justification according
 to the teachings of Christ'.  Jim Winkler, head of social policy for United Methodists,
 added that all attempts at a 'dialogue' between the President and his own church over
 the war had fallen on deaf ears at the White House."

 Add Me to Your Lists
     by Alan Morse as seen on  truthout.org

  Click  Here


 While you abduct untold, unnamed foreign-born Americans, I am ashamed to sleep in my own bed.
 While you steal food, not just rights, from millions of families, I am ashamed to eat. I am not a threat
 to you, but I stand with billions.  I stand with the loud but lonely voices of those in print and broadcast
 media who are not afraid to challenge you. I stand with countless noble people across the world
 who are no longer cowed by bully-America. Add me to your lists, Mr. Bush. I may be insignificant,
 but wait.  I have time, history, and numbers on my side, and I am not the tiniest bit afraid of you.

"Smart-ass punk with his socialist, godless agenda.
 He's got Al Qaeda written all over him - I can smell it.
 What this terrorist needs is a little secret torture.

 This is Field Marshall Ashcroft.  I need my secret
 torture helicopter at  truthout.org on the double.
 There's some  Free Speech  going on over there!

 And hurry - it's time we unveiled the new Amerika!"

 Debate Pigboy-style

 The vulgar Pigboy had a "debate" on his show Friday.

 Caller: Rush, you keep saying Clinton should've known, and Clinton should've
             done more about bin Laden, yet Bush did nothing until after September 11th.
             If Bush took no immediate action upon entering the office,
             how can you blame Clinton for not taking action earlier?

 Rush:  Let me see if I understand your question. You're saying that after Sudan
             offered bin Laden to Clinton on a silver platter.....

 You see what he did there?

 The lying Pigboy took the man's question, which was raised right here over a year ago,
 and had to change it into a different question - one he could give an answer to.

 He's unable to asswer the question as asked, because the truth makes Clinton look good.
 So he turns the caller's volume down and changes the question and answers it, instead.

 THIS is why nobody on the entire f-ing www will debate me.
 THIS is why the vulgar Pigboy can't take unscreened calls.
 THIS is why it falls to personal web sites to get the damn truth out

 ...because anybody can put any Republican in a box in mere seconds.

 All it takes is having the truth on your side.

 The Soufflé Doctrine
    by Maureen Dowd

   Click  Here

 "The Boy Emperor picked up the morning paper and, stunned,
  dropped his Juicy Juice box with the little straw attached...

 'This is not the way my new doctrine was supposed to work.
 We are supposed to decide who we pre-empt and when we pre-empt them.
 The speechwriters called it an Axis of Evil, but it was really just a Spoke of Evil.
 Condi and Rummy said once we finished off Saddam, nobody would mess with
 America again. But everything's gotten fuzzier than fuzzy math. Some people are
 actually talking about my doctrine leading to World War III!!! Karl says that would be bad.'"


"RNC chairman Racicot recently attacked the patriotism of Senate Democrats–including
  a number of wounded and crippled war veterans–for not blindly rubber-stamping Bush’s
  plans to invade Iraq with ground troops. Racicot gave Montana deregulation; now, he wants
  to give America war. And, like utility economics, war is something Marc Racicot has no
  expertise or experience in. Unfortunately, people could die because of his influence.
  Marc Racicot, like George W. Bush, Dick Cheney, Rep. Tom Delay, R-Texas, and many in
  the Bush administration, is a chickenhawk. These are fellows who themselves escaped or
  evaded the draft of the Vietnam Era but who are now beating the drums of war."
       --Pat Dawson,  queencitynews.com

 Subject: Clinton's N. Korean Nukes

 Hey Bart...

 Would you say that the "Big Dog" giving the North Koreans nuclear reactors
 so they could enrich uranium and make nuclear bombs was a BIG mistake?

 What say you?

 R. Adams
 Battle Creek, MI

 First, notice there's no screaming monkey attached to your mail.
 You asked a logical question like an adult.

 The way I understand it, Clinton helped them with their power-generating nukes
 so they'd have no excuse to build a nuclear bomb. But then then President Moron
 all but declared war on North Korea with his cute little "axis of evil speech,"
 so maybe they feel like they have a gun pointed at them by a really stupid cowboy.
 Bush's "war first" mentality doesn't give our enemies any kind of peace option.

 The B.F.E.E. can't make any money in peacetime.


 "All we are interested in is getting rid of those weapons of mass destruction."
   -- Bush's "house slave" Colin on Sunday's meet the Whore, back-pedaling on
       regime change the way they're back-pedaling on getting his friend Osama.


What a wasted life you have.
All that hate, and then you end with "prove me wrong".
Spouting a bunch of imbecilic vitriole and then double dog daring
anyone to prove you wrong makes you a real macho, deep thinking individual.
I'm in awe of your greatness.


Instead of name-calling, why don't you try to prove me wrong?
Where else on the net does the other side get an offer like that?

Six years I'm waiting for somebody to shut me up.

...are you that person?

 It was 60 years ago today


 If you only click now and then - this is the time.

     Prescott Bush                                   ...and his partner
     Hitler's Angel
      Nazi banker
  Founder of the BFEE                     Founder of the Third Reich

 Click Here  to see what Prescott Bush did 60 years ago today.


"When Ronald Reagan cut taxes on rich people, he didn't deny that that was what he was doing.
 You could agree or disagree with the supply-side economic theory he used to justify his actions,
 but he didn't pretend that he was increasing the progressivity of the tax system. The strategy used
 to sell the Bush tax cut was simply to deny the facts — and to lash out at anyone who tried to point
 them out. And it's a strategy that, having worked there, is now being applied across the board...

 You see, some folks must be under the impression that as long as something is repeated often enough,
 it will become true. That was how George W. Bush got to the top."
           --Paul Krugman,  nywtimes.com

Getting cold where you live?
 Consider a "What did Bush know?" sweatshirt

click to order

Subject: Thanks for the laughs and tears

Dear Bart,

I am a former Okie, living in New Zealand now. I read your page every day
and love knowing that there are still a few of us left behind fighting the good fight.

I just couldn't stay in America any more. I felt like I was furious all the time with
no way to get satisfaction. Now I live in a place where I can speak directly to the
Prime Minister if I want to. I have a voice again. It still infuriates me to see this
unelected cretin in the White House, making America look like the world's biggest
bully nation, but I keep hoping that he'll be a one-term wonder, and that America
will come to its senses again.

Please take care, and if you ever need a rest, we have tequila in New Zealand,
and you can stay with folks who know that life just ain't worth living without
chicken fried steak once in a while.

Best Wishes to you and Mrs. Bart,

 Our friends are at war, too

  Click  Here

"There are 192 countries in the world. One is America. The remaining 191 are mostly countries that
 hate America. I say "mostly" because I don't want to get into a lot of quibbling about whether it's 183 or 185.
 Some hate America actively--that's to say, they're in favor of flying planes into American skyscrapers.
 Some (like France) despise America because they can't quite figure out   how a great historic culture
 like theirs wound up a bit-player in a world dominated by ghastly vulgar cowboys."


"With President Bush all fired up to attack, the White House now tells us North Korea
  admits having a nuclear weapons program. The North Koreans swore for years they
  weren't trying to produce nukes, but when a senior U.S. diplomat put the evidence is on
  the table, they came clean. That was almost two weeks ago, but President Bush sat on this
  disturbing revelation until late yesterday. You may recall North Korea is a member of what
  the president calls the "axis of evil," also included, Iraq. But he wants to work things out
  peacefully. If he's willing to do that with lying communists in North Korea, why not Iraq?"
     -- James Carville, Crossfire,  10/17/02

 All together now:

 "...because North Korea doesn't have any oil."

 Subject: Keep up the great work!


 I have been reading your web site for some time.  One of my fellow employees turned me on to your site,
 but since I'm a federal employee in Ashcroft's America, I didn't want to e-mail from work, and in fact am
 paranoid about looking at your page at work.  Koresh only knows who'd intercept the e-mail and I know
 there is a room in the basement where my employer monitors internet activity.

 The first time I read your page, I laughed so hard I thought I was going to wet my pants.
 It is so wonderful to know there are people out there who think like I do.
 I wish I could have attended Bartfest, but had to travel for work that week.

 Thank you so much for bringing all these people together.
 Maybe I'll make it to the next Bartfest (especially if you come to KC)!

 Hang in there--


  GOP Law makes recovery tough

  Click  Here

 One of the key portions of the bill (passed over Clinton's veto)  is the so-called “safe harbor” provision
 that protects executives who make forward-looking statements about their companies, such as
 predictions of profits or growth, that don’t pan out.

 Back during the debate over the bill, Sen. Paul Sarbanes, D-Maryland, called that provision,
 “a license to lie.” And, indeed, that is what it has become.

 Enron’s Ken Lay and Jeff Skilling both cited that “safe harbor” protection in their motions to dismiss
 the shareholder lawsuits against them. “Every statement allegedly made by Mr. Skilling and claimed
 by plaintiffs to be false or misleading is protected under the PSLRA’s safe harbor for forward-looking
 statements,” said Skilling’s motion.

 Another blank check for the super rich to screw working families out of their life savings
 and the retirement.funds of tens of millions of people over 50.   It's Bush's Amerika.

 Feedback on the Bali explosion rumors

  Click  Here

click for more toons

 Rush's Rules

"Before Clinton came to office, Pakistan and India did not have nuclear weapons.
  Now they do.
  Before he came to office, Red China was unable to target our cities with nuclear warheads.
  Now it can.
  Before he came to office, North Korea did not have nuclear weapons.
  Now it does."
     --the vulgar Pigboy, explaining "the rules of responsibility"

 Two can play that game, Pigboy.

"Before the Illegal Drunk was installed over the wishes of the voters, we had peace.
  Now we have war.

  Before he was installed, the Dow was flirting with 12,000
  Now half the families in America have lost their retirement accounts.

  Before he was installed, our biggest problem was how to spend the deficit.
  Now we're desperately trying to avoid another 1929.

  How long do you want to play this game, Rush?"
    -- BartCop, ready to refute any lie he tells

 Hey, Bart

 Today's Daily News has a picture from a street fair in NJ yesterday with Frank Lauterberg
 sticking his finger about a quarter inch from Doug Forrester's nose and screaming at him
 as if Forrester had just said Lauterberg's sister was sleeping with Coolio.

 Forrester has his hands up as if to say "Whoa Frank...thats just what I heard!"

 If anyone stuck their finger in my face like that, we'd be rolling around on the ground.
 I'd love to know what Forrester said.

 Polls have Lautenberg leading 44 to 38.

 Rude Rich


"For all of the Bill Clinton bashers out there, here's something to chew on. According to the
 "Chronicle of Philanthropy," the former president has been using his clout to help charities
 around the world. Since leaving the White House, he's been in South Africa to help in the
 AIDS battle. His own foundation is helping other African nations fight the deadly disease.
 He's also  promoting racial and religious understanding and encouraging public service by
 young and old citizens. Now, consider our current president, since installed last year, Bush
 has attended a total of 71 party fund-raisers, raking in $188 million. So watch what you have
 to say about Bill Clinton... I'm damn proud of the way he's all around trying to help people
 around the world. And I'm damn proud of the fact that he could run this country as opposed
 to running the ditch that this current crowd is doing."
      -- James Carville, Crossfire,  10/17/02

 Vegas trip report by Nick
  Senior  bartcop.com  foreign correspondent
  and proprietor of bartcop books

  Click  Here

 You Vegas haters can just scroll on by...

 That didn't hurt, did it?

 Double shot of quotes

"Ariel Sharon met at the White House yesterday with President Bush.
  It was going great until Bush said, "Now, which side are you on??”
       -- Jay Leno

 "For comedy or satire to be funny, it has to have the ring of truth."
   --the vulgar Pigboy

 They say if you Go Here and click on the pink ribbon,
 The Signa Foundation will donate $1 to breast cancer research.

 It looks legit, ...but sometimes it's hard for one to tell...

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