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Volume 916 - He likes death


 Tuesday   Oct 29, 2002                                                 VCR Alert - 24  starts tonight


"Our country is for sale. The food we eat, the water we drink, the air we breathe
  is for sale to the highest bidder. Our safety, our children, our lives are likewise for sale.
  You don't get health care -- you buy health care. You don't get justice -- you buy justice,
  and you sure don't get freedom -- you fight for it."
       --Marc Ash,  truthout.org

  I'd like to buy this guy a drink.

 The Saddam in Rumsfeld’s Closet 


 Throughout the period that Rumsfeld was Reagan’s Middle East envoy, Iraq was
 frantically purchasing hardware from American firms, empowered by the White House to sell.

 In 1984, Donald Rumsfeld was in a position to draw the world’s attention to Saddam’s chemical threat.
 He was in Baghdad as the UN concluded that chemical weapons had been used against Iran. He was
 armed with a fresh communication from the State Department that it had “available evidence” Iraq was
 using chemical weapons. But Rumsfeld said nothing.

 Of course Rummy said nothing - that's how the B.F.E.E. works.
 They make a profit on the front end selling weapons to "Hitlers,"
 then they steal an election and risk soldiers' lives to make a profit on the war.

 John Madden calls that move "a double dipper."

 Subject: Wellstone: accident or murder?


 In the current climate of war, repression and right-wing provocation,
 it is perfectly reasonable to ask whether Wellstone was the victim of a political killing.

 Subject: PigBoy

 Congratulations on your quoting the filthy pig's lies on a daily basis.
 Looks like you found someone to monitor this lying devil's radio show!

 It has been my opinion for over 10 years now that this evil entity is the most
 vicious and dangerous person in America today.  It's too bad most people
 write him off as some kind of a joke.  His ditto-heads actually believe his
 spins and lies, as he greedily deposits his latest millions in the bank.

What a farce!  And how stupid are some Americans?

Ann Rose

This Boondocks was censored in Seattle.
If you read this, you just might be a terrorist.

I'm making a list...


 "Well it’s too late, we waited too long.
   ...over the weekend Sweden invaded Iraq."
        -- Dave

 El Rojo: The Hijacking  Pt 2
     A true 1969 story by Christian Livemore

  Click  Here

 He boarded his connecting flight in Jacksonville early and found a seat in the front near the cockpit.
 The man next to him was on his way to the Super Bowl game in Miami — New York Jets and Baltimore Colts.

 “Do you mind going by way of Havana?” Reds asked.

“No sir, I sure don’t,” the man said, then got up and moved quickly to the rear of the plane.

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 More on Paul Wellstone

  Click  Here

 Yesterday's Nasdaq

 That's a lot of damage for one moron to cause in one day.

 So far today, the Dow's only down 130 - not bad for a Republican president.


"The House and Senate have passed a resolution to allow Bush to attack Iraq.
  The bill still needs approved by Barbara Streisand and Harry Belafonte first.


 "Auditors studying the financial records of federal government
 departments...cannot account for tens of billions of dollars."

 New & improved mirror page - http://www.bartcop.com/mirrors.htm

 Print this out at home so you can get around Ashcroft's filters at work.

In America it's a crime to try
to get around government
censorship to read the Internet.

- just like in China.

 Robert Blake's Lawyer Quits

  Click  Here

 Harland Braun said on Monday he is quitting as attorney for Robert Blake because Blake
 has "an emotional need" to do an on-camera television interview that could harm his case.

 Braun said Blake decided to do an on-camera, jailhouse  interview on Friday with Diane Sawyer,
 one of the most highly-paid prostitutes in America.

 "If you don't answer all the questions, you look guilty. If they cut you off before you answer,
 you look guilty. If you do well, they say you're just an actor. It's a no-brainer," said Braun.

 But Mr. Braun - it's Diane Sawyer, patron saint of morons and idiots.
 If not for Cokie Roberts, she'd be the stupidest prostitute in all media.

 Remember that interview she did with Michael Jackson where she let him claim that there
 was never any sexual allegations against him and Sawyer sat there like moldy bread and
 let him get away with it?  Blake's gotta be as smart as Michael Jackson, right?

 Asked for a quote, Blake said, "Deese, dem and does."


"Stockton, California is naming an elementary school after President Bush.
  They are naming the nurses office after Dick Cheney."

 The Rev. Fred Phelps of  www.godhatesfags.com  plans to protest Paul Wellstone's funeral.
 Rev. Phelps is known nationwide for his intense anti-gay, hateful language.
 He is a true Republican, hating people that God instructs him to hate.

 From his website: "God hates..."  (you can fill in the blank with whatever minority Rush says)

 He protested at the funeral services for Matthew Shepard (D-Gay) and others for whom
 the good reverend had orders from God to hate. I have a favor to ask:    Please no not bring
 your Minneapolis phone books to the service and beat the living bejeezus out of the "reverend."

 That would be wrong.

 Subject: Gulf War Veterans


 Another gone nuts vet from the gulf war, this time in Arizona.
 What is it with these guys? Were they poisoned?
 I thought you might have some insight.

 Rossy Mole

 Rush says "Gulf War Syndrome is not even a recognized disease,"
 because we can't blame St George the First for anything, so the vets who've
 given birth to children with severe birth defects,  ...I guess, ...should "knock it off." .

 The Pentagon says 10,000 men have deformed kids, itching skin, rashes, diminished immune
 systems and God knows what else from the Gulf War, but it's in our "national interests" to make
 the Bush Family even wealthier so those whining Vets just need to shut their ungrateful mouths, I guess.

 These men were willing to sacrifice their lives for this country and we sweep their problems under the rug
 and tell them to go straight to hell.   I don't know why active soldiers are still willing to take that, knowing
 former soldiers are being lied to and defacated on by the all-oil-all-the-time government.

 Yet they looooooooooooove George Bush, the rich, elitist snot whose daddy bought his safety by hiding him
 in a sold out National Guard unit that Bush eventually deserted for a years-long coke binge in Mexico.

 The Whore Street Journal
  The cock-fighting Republican paper of record


 Hillary Clinton is a chicken. That's the verdict of a scrappy little industry
 known for its breeding and selling of fighting poultry.

 Last week the junior pullet from New York co-sponsored an amendment to the
 Democrats' farm bill that would have banned the interstate shipment of game fowl.
 Such roosters, you'll remember, are known primarily as the majestic creatures
 that participate in cockfights.

 Oh, yeah!
 There's nothing more "majestic" than two birds tearing each other's eyeballs out with razors.
 And that awful Hillary is trying to stop this most noble of  Republican "sports?"

 I'm John Fund.
 I beat women - got any?

 When I get done beating a woman,
 there's nothing I like more than a good cockfight.
 I don't have a cock myself - I just like to watch.

 Beating bitches and fighting cocks!
 Is America great or what?


"I have been reading and rereading what Mr. Belafonte said and I am trying
  to find where there is something inaccurate about what he said, and I can't find it.
  Do I agree with Mr. Belafonte's analogy? Yes, completely."
     --Rep. John Conyers Jr., a Democrat with a pulse


 Bush's Fall
  by Dick Morris, who Rush says is smart and honest


"Just when control of Congress hangs in the balance, Bush is losing the popularity he needs to
 gain control of the Senate and keep the House. According to Fox News, Bush's job approval
 has slipped to 60 percent, from 66 percent two weeks ago and 69 percent in August.

 His personal favorability has dropped to 62 percent from 72 percent in August.
 For the first time since 9/11, Bush's job-approval ratings have dropped below those Clinton
 maintained throughout his second term, even in the midst of impeachment proceedings."

    click to visit Dick
   Morris's web page

 I posted my Top Ten differences between the B.F.E.E. and the Sopranos
 over at the alt.tv.sopranos newsgroup and this was mentioned in a reply:

 My favourite uncorrupted politician just died in a plane crash.
 Only person in Congress who didn't get a dime of Enron money.

 I've listened to Limbaugh.  He's a blowhard.

 I still remember the time he dared a liberal to call in and argue some point
 he thought he had cleverly made up.  I called in, got through, and waited
 through the entire show, listening to him pronounce on the air that obviously
 liberals are cowards because nobody had bothered calling in.


 By the way, if you're a Sopranos fan, you have to visit that group after each show.
 It's like watching each episode a few more times.


“The threat environment we find ourselves in today is as bad as it was ...Sept. 11.
  It is serious, they’ve reconstituted. They are coming after us.  They intend to strike again.”
         --CIA Director George Tenet, explaining why the Bush boy still takes month-long vacations


 Comes a Time
   by William Rivers Pitt


 Padilla is an American citizen. If an American citizen can be held indefinitely on the word of the
 Bush administration, then private homes of American citizens are subject to searches based upon
 Section 213, so long as the Bush administration decides to label that citizen 'suspicious.'

 The Fourth, Fifth, Sixth and Fourteenth Amendments to the Constitution were cast aside with the
 passage of this Act. When questioned about it before the Senate, John Ashcroft, U.S. Attorney
 General and the highest law official in the land, said, "To those who scare peace-loving people
 with phantoms of lost liberty; my message is this: Your tactics only aid terrorists - for they
 erode our national unity and diminish our resolve."

 So much, then, for the First Amendment.

 This story from yesterday?
 The one I guessed was probably a not-too-funny gag?

> Democratic Senator to be Assassinated Soon
> Assassination teams actively preparing hit
>   May 25th 2001 - by Voxfux

Click  Here

 I'm told the meta tags in this story mention only Carnahan and Wellstone.
 Funny - the writer knew it would be Wellstone and failed to mention it?

 The story, and the site, is a fraud.

 From: Don Tomberlin

 Subject: Exhibit "B"

 There is no need for a rebuttal you frickin' Socialist.

 A slap at Bush "would" be bullshit, and the "Dozens" of attacks
 on Slick Willie by the "above 38" would be true.

 Please....move to France FreakBoy...


 Don, good to meet you.
 It's rare that I run into someone whose IQ is less than 64

Subject: my private opinion

... they killed Wellstone

We no longer have a democracy.

- Erik from Minnesota

 Subject: I need help

 Can you help out a friend of mine?  My friend Dan needs some ammunition to use against
 his conservative mother, who sent him these articles about how tight Clinton and Enron were.

 Since I've become something of a local switchboard by e-mailing lots of political stuff to my friends
 (including forwarding lots of Bartcop stuff!), people tend to come to me for help in situations like this
 when I don't have facts at the ready.

 Might you?

 Buck Hakes

 Buck, I have experience dealing with conservative mothers.

 First, always remember they are lying. They are incapable of telling the truth.
 Clinton kicked their ass and took "their" White House from them - twice - so they hate him
 and they will spread any lie, no matter how vicious, in an attempt to get even with him.

 It's difficult to quantify "how tight" Clinton was with Enron, but suffice it to say Clinton didn't
 stock his cabinet with current and former Enron executives the way President Pinhead did.

 That crap about Kennyboy staying at the Clinton White House was just as true as the stories
 that they trashed the White House, stripped Air Force One, murdered Vince Foster, Hillary
 refused to meet with the Gold Star Mothers and Ollie the Traitor warned Gore about bin Laden.

 This is how Hannity, Rush, Laura, Bill Bennett, Michael Medved, Fox News, CNN and the
 rest of the dirty, soiled whores make their money - fabricating stupid lies about the Clintons.
 Remember "The Clinton Death Count?"     To this day, Falwell masturbates to that video.

 If Clinton had committed one percent of the crimes the wacko right claim, proof would exist
 and the radical bastards of the ditto-monkey House would've impeached him for real crimes
 instead of a half-assed consensual affair that didn't amount to half a hill of beans.

 It's important to dismiss these nutty allegations quickly, because they have 600 more coming right
 behind this one. They'd love for you to spend a week refuting their horseshit, because as soon as
 you do, they'll say, "Well, what about this charge?" and it never ends.

 It's too bad we no longer have a free press in this country.
 The rest of the world wonders why we crucified the best president we ever had.

  Joe Conason's Journal
 Bush's sagging poll numbers
 Jeb panders to the evangelicals


"That trouble includes the possible return of "little brother" to the private sector next January.
 Jeb Bush has been out trolling for votes amongst the fundamentalists. He tells the Christian
 Coalition pamphleteers that Jesus is his "personal saviour," and they tell the gullible that the
 governor is a "real Christian," as if the Almighty had personally informed them that McBride
 is an infidel. But what the right-wing activists neglected to explain as they handed out their
 Florida voter guides is how Jesus would have regarded a Tallahassee Caesar with a bogus
 "blind trust, a dubious sibling hawking "educational" software and strangely convenient
 relationships with big campaign donors like the company putting up an environmentally
 unsound cement plant near a sensitive, beloved river. Or are all those issues outside the
 realm of Pat Robertson's golden-calf theology?"


 Deeper Into the Big Muddy
     by Robert Parry


 On the campaign trail this fall, George W. Bush has been selling his hard-line
 foreign policy as a strategy for protecting Americans. But the opposite now
 appears to be true: Bush’s tough-guy rhetoric in the face of complex world
 problems is adding to the dangers confronting Americans.

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