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Volume 915 - Had enough yet?


 Monday   Oct 28, 2002 


"Cock fighting is an embarrassment to the state of Oklahoma.
  Let's make it illegal, vote against cock-fighting in November."
    -- Oklahoma Governor Frank Keating, on the right side of an issue

 Did the right-wing or CIA or someone close
 to Bush tamper with Sen. Wellstone’s plane?
   by Jackson Thoreau


 I know the CIA can make – and has made - murders look like suicides or heart attacks. I sometimes wonder
 if J.H. Hatfield, author of the explosive Bush biography, Fortunate Son, was such a victim last year. And what
 about Democratic Missouri Gov. Mel Carnahan, who was killed when his small plane crashed right before the
 2000 election? What about John F. Kennedy Jr., who had intelligence, political ambitions, charisma, and the name,
 dying in a 1999 plane crash? Do you really think these are mere coincidences


 "If you think fundamental charges are needed, if you think we need a tax cut for every
  American in the form of a relief from the payroll tax, then vote Democratic. If you think
  we need to expand American jobs, then vote Democratic. If you believe we need to go fast
  in the war on Iraq, then vote Republican. If you think that we need to go slow on Iraq and
 build these coalitions, vote Democratic. And I would say crack down on corporate corruption
 or go slow on corporate corruption. Those are the reasons people ought to vote Democratic."
    --James Carville, Meet The Whore, yesterday

 El Rojo: Story of a Hijacker
     A true 1969 story by Christian Livemore

  Click  Here

“United Flight 459, this is Havana. Go ahead.”
“I have an armed passenger in the cockpit. He wishes to send a message.”

“And what is the message?”

“He wishes to inform Fidel Castro of his pending arrival.”

“Is that the exact message, 459?”

“Negative. The exact message is: ‘Tell Fidel that El Rojo is coming.’”

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"Who is this chicken shit?"
   --Bush 41, referring to Paul Wellstone at a White House reception for
      newly-elected members of Congress, 1991, Wayne Madsen, democrats.com

 Fatal Flaw


 Military tests digital bugle for funerals


 The Pentagon, chronically short of musicians to play taps at military funerals,
 is going to test a new ''push button'' bugle that can be operated by an honor guard member.

 A small digital audio device inserted into the bell of the bugle plays a rendition of taps
 that the Pentagon says is ''virtually indistinguishable'' from a live bugler. The person using
 the bugle merely pushes a button and holds the bugle to his or her lips.

 Sounds like the Pentagon is expecting a LOT of funerals in the near future.
 Oh well, it's important that President No Mandate steals that oil

 Memorial Service for Senator Paul Wellstone, Sheila Wellstone,
Marcia Wellstone-Markuson, Tom Lapic, Mary McEvoy, and Will McLaughlin
Scheduled for Tuesday Evening

The official memorial service has been scheduled for Tuesday evening at 6:30 PM at Williams
Arena at the University of Minnesota. The service will be a celebration of the lives of Senator
Paul Wellstone, Sheila Wellstone, Marcia Wellstone-Markuson, Tom Lapic, Mary McEvoy,
and Will McLaughlin, lost in a plane crash on Friday, October 25th.

 What: Official Memorial Servic
When: Tuesday, October 29, 6:30 PM
 Where:  Williams Arena University of MN (Minneapolis Campus)
1925 University Ave SE Minneapolis

 Please continue to check www.wellstone.org for updated information.

 Subject: Dylan's Tribute to Wellstone

 I was at the Bob Dylan concert at the Pepsi Center in Denver Saturday night.

 About 1/2 way through, he sang Neil Young's "Old Man" as a tribute to Pul Wellstone,
 Dylan being a native Minnesotan of course.   It was really touching.

 R.I.P. Paul Wellstone

 Rest in Pieces the fucking B.F.E.E.


 Democratic Senator to be Assassinated Soon
 Assassination teams actively preparing hit
    May 25th 2001 - by Voxfux

  Click  Here

 Within months, one of a selected group of democratic Senators, likely from a state with a Republican Governor, will
 meet an untimely death. The death will appear to be either a plane “accident” or by “natural causes,” - Whichever is
 most easily accomplished. The reality will in fact be that the Senator was one of a group of several Senators
 (Narrowed down into a group of “Selects”) targeted for assassination and was the one who was in the right place at
 the right time for the most convenient and clean "hit.”

 You will see, within in the coming months, for absolutely certainty, the untimely death of at least one Democratic
 Senator, to "rebalance the scale". The private covert intelligence groups behind George Bush Sr. are extraordinarily
 well funded with petrochemical billions. They are deadly, work completely autonomously, in a terrorist formation
 identical to a terrorist organization, and are absolutely religiously dedicated to accomplishing their objectives. They will
 not rest until the Senate is under the control once again of the darkest force ever to seize control of the American
 Empire - The clandestine industrial / military / intelligence triad who is currently represented by George Bush Jr.

 It's my guess this is a not-too-funny gag.
 But if YOU saw this article before last Friday, I'd liike to hear from you.

 Don't write and say "I think it's legit."
 Don't write and say, "My friend says he saw it before last Friday."

 Is there a way to time stamp a web page?
 How long does it take Google to archive a page?

 If YOU, personally saw it before Friday, please write to me.

 Weekend Sports Round-Up

  The World Series ended well, meaning Steinbrenner's checkbook failed him.

  The Razorbacks won - by 20 points, no less.
  Notre Dame beat Florida State, but they cheated (God helped them)
  Michigan. LSU, Oregon and Tennessee - all highly-ranked - all lost.

  The Rams didn't lose this weekend - that's almost like a win
  Emmitt Smith broke Peyton's all-time rushing record - no small feat,
  and Dallas lost the game which pleased me immeasurably.

  ...but all in all, it was a really, really bad weekend.


"I'm so concerned about homeland defense that I actually volunteered to defend it 35 years ago."
    -- Sen. Max Cleland, a decorated Vietnam veteran who lost much of his right arm and both legs
        when a grenade exploded, responding to an ad by Nazi challenger Saxby Chambliss which
        implies that Cleland is not sufficiently committed to national defense.

 Don't Mourn - Organize!
     by Barry Crimmins


 As I learned more details, my suspicions weren't quelled. According to the TV experts, Wellstone went down
 in a generally reliable plane. His wife Sheila was on board and had also died, provoking my inner cynic to spout,
 "looks like the bad guys learned from the Carnahan precedent."

 Then when I heard Teddy Kennedy had been campaigning with Wellstone earlier on the fatal morning, I really got
 skeptical. Had this been intended to move Senate liberals from the "endangered" to the "extinct" list? Was Teddy
 supposed to have been on that plane? Was someone looking to clear up all old family business?"
 Advise Moe Green to skip the massage.

 Subject: On The Clinton Women


 Just wanted to give you a tip of the hat for keeping on the "Clinton Women."  If we had a fair minded press,
 the disgraceful Impeachment period by now would have been put in context of 9-11, but major media
 (Koppel, Barbara Walters, the lot) who put us all in danger by legitimizing these semipro extortionists will
 never come clean. On the matter of "Independent Prosecutor" Starr becoming a draw at hard right fundraisers,
 talking about his mission, the likes of The Washington Post are silent.

 Paula (and Wiley) had stories that are much too absurd for anyone to take seriously, as there exploiters knew.
 I firmly believe that had the press put Juanita's story under any kind of scrutiny in would collapse just as badly;
 which of course it did under the most casual legal test.  The whores, however, had an Impeachment to sell.

 The Clinton Impeachment dangerously lowered the standard on how these matters can be handled in the future.
 If we are to protect ourselves, the right and there corporate press assets must be shamed forevermore on this
 disgusting chapter in our National History.  If we try to "move on" without learning from this disaster,
 we only hurt ourselves.


 Ben, the story that the women with angry husbands had to lie has been in my head for years.
 Thanks to that ditto-monkey and his goofy-ass accusations, I finally got it out.

 Thanks for the note.

 I went to the Wellstone HQ yesterday...
   by Tamara Baker

  Click  Here

 The one display that makes everyone catch their breath is the simplest of all, easily missed unless
 you're looking closely: Three veteran's service medals, awarded during Desert Storm. And, directly
 above them, an Army sharpshooter's badge. These were left by a veteran who knew that the "dove"
 Wellstone was the best friend the American fighting man ever had.

 What, the Republicans killed Wellstone?
      by Quintin

  Click  Here

 Goddamn right he's been murdered.  2000 election was decided in the state controlled by his brother.
 Just a coincidence.
 SOB was appointed by a court made up of TrickyDick-Gipper-Poppy nominees.
 Another conincidence.
 In less than two weeks after W's appointment gasoline hits $2 a gallon.
 In less than two weeks after Jeffords switch gas prices return to their pre-W level.
 Wow, another coincidence!
 Minneapolis FBI refuses to persue valid leads in the pre-911 investigations of Al Qaida.
 Another fucking coincidence.
 Ashcroft stops flying commercial airlines in the Summer of '02.
 ANOTHER coincidence?!

 If you weren't able to check in over the weekend...

 Click  Here  to see what you missed.

 It was a better-than-average issue.

Subject: self-defeating name calling

I totally agree with you.  But....  I showed "The Myth of the Liberal Media" to a colleague.
Although he's an intelligent man, he is blind to media whoredom in general and leans GOP.
After he used the term "liberal media", I put it up on the screen and asked him to read it.
He did, but about the only thing he perceived in it was the name-calling.

Can't we leave the name-calling to the vulgar Pigboy?
My colleague had no clue who you were referencing.

Did you tell him this was a comedy page?

The intelligence of George Will can be be debated, but he is certainly not an idiot.

ha ha
Quit it!

Brill's Content did a study on the accuracy of GOP ditto-monkeys vs a real monkey named "Chippy."

They had Chippy the Chimp hit "yes" and "no" buttons on political questions and he batted .517
George Will, with his big brain, could only bat .410
Chippy was over 100 points smarter than George Will!
Don't you ever say George Will is intelligent again.

Barbara Olsen died on 9/11, somewhat heroically.
You need to bring the "myth" up to date, man.
Why give the opposition such an easy diversion of your argument, logically sound as it is?

Roger Smith

Roger, who in this world goes back and updates past columns they've written?
Have you ever heard of somebody doing that?
It was true when I wrote it, and it's on record.
I don't like changing back issues.

By the way, Barbara Olsen was a harpy bitch from hell.
She was Ann Coulter with only slightly better manners.

 Tulsa County Schools have had to lay off 247 teachers this year.
 Because of Bush's depression, they can't afford to pay them so class sizes are bigger now.

 We never had problems like this when we got to elect our leaders.

Subject: Thank Bush On Nov 5 For Your 401K

Tell President Bush and his Republican Party just how you feel about your 401K on election day.
Make your message loud and clear. Let him know just how strongly you feel about his trickle down
economic policies that have turned our surplus into ever increasing budget deficits.

Tell him how you feel about tax cuts for the wealthiest citizens, ignoring social security and prescription
drugs for seniors and all this talk about attacking Iraq while our economy goes into a deeper recession.

Election day is a chance to give feedback directly to our president so that he may serve
the people his last two years in the White House, better than he did the first two years.

Jim in Rochester, MI

 Subject: Possible link

 After a day of quiet mourning for Wellstone it was back to campaigning for McBride.
 McBride got endorsed by the state's best papers--St.Pete Times, Palm Beach Post,
 Tallahassee Democrat, Daytona Beach News-Journal.

 The right wing papers went for Bush - Tampa Trib., Miami Herald.
 It's pretty even. Fierce.

 Bush clogging up the mailboxes with bile.
 McBride staying civil.

 Local alternative paper had a great anti-jeb COVER story  (good photos)....


 KM, the Bush bastards have always been horribly ugly during their campaigns.

 From Willie Horton in '88, to accusing Clinton's mother of being KGB in '92, to calling John McCain
 a traitor to his fellow Vietnam POWs in 2000, to Dubya sitting back and allowing 9-11 to happen,
 to sacrificing our brave soldiers to get his filthy-rich family another barrel of cheap oil.

 The Bushes are scum of the lowest order.

 Will the Stupidity of the American People Ever End?
       by Al Martin

  Click  Here

 The death of Senator Paul Wellstone was a phenomenal stroke of luck for the Republicans.
 Wellstone was the Democrats' best hope to hold onto control of the Senate. According to the polls,
 he was going to be reelected.  The laws are a little unclear - but what a stroke of luck for the Republicans.

 I guess I'm the only one predicting victory for the Democrats in Minnesota.
 I'm pretty confident about it, too, but I'm not going to bet on it.

 By the way, Al, the answer is "no."

 There's a very moving tribute to Paul Wellstone at  mediawhoresonline.com

 It'll take time to load - but take the time, anyway.

  Subject: DC protest trip report
       by Pat R-T

  Click  Here

 We listened to all the speakers and wandered around and talked to lots of people from every part
 of this country who had come to voice their anger and disgust over the Unelected Fraud's war machine and his
 presence in the White House. There were people ranging in age from little kids to older folks like myself and
 people of every color joined together in their protest of Bush and everything he and right wing stand for.

 Jess carried a sign that said: Stop the B.F.E.E. and I carried one that said:
 We Have Come To Take Back Our Country.

The Pieman

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