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Volume 917 -  A Spine of Steel

 Wednesday   Oct 30, 2002 


"I hate that little dick, and I hope he drops dead."
      -- part of Tommy Barnyard's on-air campaign for his buddy Norm Coleman, 10/17/02,
         C.J.: On-air comment about Wellstone haunts Barnard, startribune.com

  Twenty thousand gather to honor Wellstone

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 President Clinton and Sen. Clinton's arrival drew a huge cheer from the crowd.
 They were followed by Al Gore, Tom Daschle, Ted Kennedy, Trent Lott and many others.
 The crowd watched a video collage of Wellstone, set to Bob Dylan's "Forever Young."

 Before the eulogies, the crowd erupted when Walter Mondale walked in with his wife, Joan.
 Mondale smiled broadly, exchanging handshakes and hugs with Clinton and others.

 I don't know if I've ever seen anyone more comfortable speaking to a crowd than David Wellstone.
 Geez, you talk about grace under pressure.  He had just lost his sister, his mother and his father
 and there he was telling funny stories about his family under the bright lights and cameras.
 He's Kennedyesque, and if he's not in politics he should be.

 Mark Wellstone was great too, I'd give him an "A," but David was even better.
 He should be the keynote speaker at the Democratic Convention in 2004.

 Cheney not welcome at Wellstone memorial
  Snarl not really welcome anywhere, aides told

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 Bush Urges Americans to Go to Polls
  Usurper in Thief hints votes might actually be counted this time

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 "In order to be a good American you've got to exercise your right," the slug lied in New Mexico.
"You've got to go to the polls and do your job as an American. You owe it to our society."

 Can you believe the gall of this war-loving, office-stealing, mental defect?
 He's telling  us  it's important to vote - after his gang of hired thugs stopped the count last time?
 Hey, George, I have something for you:

 It starts with an "E", ends with an "E," and there's an ATM in the middle.


"Let there be no doubt as to the identity of Bushís least favorite Democratic senator.
 Itís Paul Wellstone, the rabble-rousing Progressive who represents not just Minnesota
 but what remains of the fighting populist spirit of the Upper Midwest... The Bushies
 despise Wellstone, who unlike most Senate Democrats has been fighting spirited battles
 against the new administrationís policies on everything from the environment to the tax cuts
 for the rich to military aid for the "Plan Colombia" drug war boondoggle."
        --John Nichols, Bush Fears Tenacious, Popular Wellstone, commondreams.org, 04/21/01

 Did EMP devices crash Wellstone, Carnahan, JFK Jr.?
   by  jacksonthor@yahoo.com

  Click  Here

 One way to sabotage a landing airplane would be to use a focused electromagnetic pulse (EMP) device.
 These machines are already being manufactured and marketed to law enforcement agencies to stop fleeing
 vehicles. In fact, here is a link to a US Dept. of Justice document describing these devices:

 In 1999, some crackhead/speed-freakers stole Mrs. BartCop's touring sedan.  To catch them, the Tennessee
 Highway Patrol shot out the back window with birdshot which caused the crackheads to crash into a tree.

 So when we see "Great Police Chases" on TV, we sometimes tune in to look for her car.
 Once, while watching these nutty videos, we saw them demostrate these EMPs which can
 kill a motor just by being pointed at the engine.

 So, if local police forces can afford these EMPs, let's not pretend the CIA can't.

 ha ha

 The vulgar pigboy just came on here in K-Drag (two hour delay)

 He's pissed as hell about the Wellstone Memorial service.

 Hey, Pigboy, just eat it, OK?

 You were due for a bad day, so suffer thru it.

click to see Morgan's anti-John Fund site

 El Rojo: The Hijacking  Pt 3
 Hijacker faces Cuban prison and American courtroom
     A true story by Christian Livemore

  Click  Here

 A parade of Security Police came and went and asked him questions. He told them all
 he would speak only to Fidel. When they asked him why he wanted to see Fidel,
 he would not tell them.

 He told them all, over and over again in response to all their questions, that all he wanted
 was to go home. On the 66th day, St. Patrickís Day, he missed Savannah more keenly than ever.
 By the 71st day he told his captors he would go home in a rowboat if they would let him.

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"This is for a great man and a great senator from Minnesota."
       --  Bob Dylan, who grew up 30 miles from the crash site,
           dedicating  "The Times They Are A-Changin' " to Paul

 Trashing Mondale

 Lying bastards like Hannity and Rush Limbaugh keep saying,
"Remember Mondale's legacy - he's big on raising your taxes."

 Do you remember the 1984 debate between Mondale and Von Reagan?
 I do.
 I remember it like it was f-ing yesterday.

 Mondale did something very smart and then he did something very stupid.

 Mondale said something, it doesn't matter what, and Reagan replied with,
 "They told me not to say this but I just can't resist. 'There you go again.'"

 Reagan got a small-to-medium laugh out of that,
 but Mondale pounced on the old codger like a cat on a mouse.

"Mr Reagan, do you remember the last time you said that?
  You said it to Jimmy Carter in the 1980 debate.  Jimmy Carter said you were going to
  cut Social Security and pensions and you accused him of lying, saying, 'There you go again.'
  And what did you do? The first chance you had, you did exactly that.
  You cut Social Security and pensions after promising you wouldn't."

 Reagan, who in his prime was almost as stupid as the chimp some call "President,"
 had no response. All he could do was stare at the floor and wait for the moment to pass
 because he was guilty, guilty, guilty of doing exactly what Jimmy Carter predicted he'd do.
 The reason Reagan's debate prep team told him NOT to say that is because they knew Reagan
 was completely vulnerable on that point but, like President Oily, he couldn't follow his script.

 [That was the smart thing Mondale did]

 Later, (or maybe in was a different 1984 debate - it's not really as clear as yesterday :)
 Walter Mondale did a really, really stupid thing. He told the truth in a political campaign.

 He looked the voters right in the eye and said,
"I'm going to raise your taxes ...and President Reagan is going to raise your taxes.
 The difference between us is ...I'm being honest with you ...and President Reagan is not."

   If you listen real close, you can hear that 49th state falling for Reagan.

 It was the biggest gaffe in presidential debate history - bigger than Gerald Ford saying
 Poland was not under Soviet domination in the 1976 debates with Carter.

 Bart's Law Number One - you don't EVER tell the truth in a political campaign.

 As we all know, Mondale was right.  In 1986, Bob Dole authored the biggest tax increase in history
 and Reagan signed it into law.  You older folks might remember that interest on credit cards used to
 be deductible, but Dole/Reagan stole that money from us to give to the super-rich.
 Reagan broke his word AGAIN, but that doesn't matter to voters.  Voters can be very stupid.
 Voters WANT to be lied to and they only rarely will vote for a man who tells the truth.

 So each time you hear the vulgar Pigboy or Hannity or the others say "Mondale is tax crazy,"
 remember that Reagan raised our taxes and he did it after swearing he wouldn't.

 VCR Alert - West Wing debates tonight

 Sorkin is going to show Gore how he should've handled Dimm Sonn.


 "Paul was about the only person who really believed he'd win.
   The DFL establishment thought I was crazy to want to help him
   but I loved his heart. He said he wouldn't be the senator for big oil,
   for the drug companies. It was straight populism, 180 proof."
       --David Lillehaug, Paul Wellstone's debate coach, 1990

 A poem for Paul Wellstone

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 Does the vulgar Pigboy read  bartcop.com?

 Tuesday, Rush was mixing truth with lies, and he said this:

 "Yes, we mix irreverent humor with the facts.
   It's up to you to decide which is which."

 The Truth Molester stole that from right here at  bartcop.com

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"One of the things that's painfully obvious here is that when the Democrats' young lions
  fade away and decide to go be Simba in the jungle, they have to go out and get these
  dinosaurs from Jurassic Park. There's no future in Mondull in Minnesota or Lautenberg
  in New Jersey. They're just generic Democrat votes... It's absurd to vote for these two
  cadavers just because they the letter (D) next to their names... It's the same thing with
  the Widow Carnahan in Missouri Ė who's putting a big emphasis on "widow" these days."
      -- who else but the vulgar Pigboy would say something with so much hate?

 Hey, Rush - call it what you will, but "Mondull" and Lautenburg will both win.

 Letterman Moment

 Dave:  And why is it that there were American targets of terrorism prior to a year ago?
             Why didnít we more actively understand what we needed to do and do it?
             Why did it take something this big to . . .

Big Dog:   Well, I donít think thatís quite fair.  I just think there was a limit to what we could do
                  inside another country like Afghanistan.  There were lots and lots of terrorist attempts
                  that most Americans donít know about that were thwarted:  an attempt to blow up
                  the Holland Tunnel, an attempt to blow up the Lincoln Tunnel, an attempt on the life
                  of the Pope, an attempt to blow up LAX airport, two attempts over the millennium
                  weekend to plant bombs in cities in the northeast and northwest of the United States
                  Ė and a lot of people who did terrorist acts (the first World Trade Center bombing,
                 Pan Am 103, the CIA terrorist murders) were actually captured and brought to justice.

 You see, a real president, a smart one who takes his job seriously, prevents terrorist attacks
 instead of sleeping on the job and then acting like a big, tough cowboy after we lose 3,000 people.

 Thanks to m.mcgunnigle


"The White House is considering pushing back an attack on Saddam til after January 1st.
  When asked why, a White House spokesperson said it's hard to get President Bush to
  focus on anything until after Santa comes."
        -- Conan

 Consumer Consumption

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  A thousand seedlings will rise
    by James Higdon

  Click  Here

 A pig was placed on the American center stage in November/December of the year 2000.
 The mainstream media painted it with lipstick, and the Democratic leadership kick stepped behind,
 wearing pink tutus.  Were it not for the massively armed military orchestra in the pit, with weapons
 aimed at all who fail to applaud, the world would respond accordingly, with rotted tomatoes and
 cabbages, to this misplaced vaudevillian joke.  While it's always tough to follow the animal act,
 Al Gore is showing signs that he may just be the "real deal."

 Why should I contribute to  bartcop.com?
      by anonymous

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 So, I have been funky about subscribing, thinking of it as good money after bad to build higher
 a hammer that wants to be in the middle. I've also kept to myself that the reason nobody's made
 BartcopRadio a reality is because you're not counterpoint to rabid rightwingers--you're just a moderate
 democrat. There's tons of moderates all over the media--it's the closest we get to liberal in the media.

Subject: Wellstone Memorial

Last night I was very proud to be a Democrat as I watched the memorial service for Paul Wellstone
and the others who were killed last Friday. It was a celebration of their lives, and felt like a revival.

When the national Democrats entered the auditorium, the people cheered as if they were at a rock concert.
The biggest cheers?  For Bill and Hillary Clinton, of course.  Every time Bill's picture was put on the screen,
another roar would erupt.  There were huge cheers for Fritz Mondale, as well.   I think the crowd booed a
little bit when Trent Lott and Jesse Ventura came in.

The tributes for each person were very moving.  And yeah, it got political.
As I sat watching, I knew that the chattering class would go ape today about it.

There are some things I will remember.   One of the Wellstone sons saying that Paul's philosophy was
"Don't live your life separate from the words you say".  Rick Kahn calling out the names of the Republicans
in attendance, naming Paul's friends in the Senate (not Trent Lott) and asking them for help in giving Paul
one more victory.  He called on the highest ranking Republican in the Minnesota delegation and said
"You know Paul loved you.  He needs you now.  Help us win this race."  Mark Wellstone saying that
when you needed someone, there was no one he'd rather have in his corner than Paul Wellstone and
that Paul fought for every person in Minnesota just as hard.

I hope everyone in Minnesota watched that service last night.  I think the Democrats are going to come
roaring out and win this election for Paul and the others.  And I hope Dems across America watched it.
As Rick Kahn said, if the words last night didn't mobilize us to DO SOMETHING, he would have failed
on Paul's behalf.  And no one wants to fail Paul Wellstone.

P.S.  I'm hoping to hear more from Rick Kahn, and David and Mark Wellstone in the future.

Toni Call


 Another fun flashback

 Click  Here  to read The List

 Letter to Diane
    by Tally Briggs

  Click  Here

 I recently wrote to all of my reps regarding the Iraq resolution.
 I wasn't nice. I basically told them to grow a spine, and do their jobs.
 This week I received a copy of a letter from Diane Feinstein

 Subject: Wellstone vs. Vince Foster

 Hi Bart- don't want to rain on any conspiracy parades for our late Senator,
 but Vulgar Pigboy thought there was a pretty good case for Vince Foster's murder too,
 and the jury's still out on that  for many people in this country.

 Keir, let me help:
Robert Fisk, Ken Starr and Robert Ray all swear it didn't happen.
 If anyone thinks they're covering for Clinton, they're beyond help.

The GOP pigs like to say Hillary is a lesbian, yet they claim Foster
 had to be killed because he was having an affair with Hillary.
 They can't just pick one slur and stick with it - they like to hop around.

Clinton never had the CIA doing his illegal jobs for him.

Foster's death couldn't tip the balance of power in congress for an illegal regime

The vulgar Pigboy lies constantly.
 I might be wrong, but unless I'm going for a joke, I'm not lying.

 What I mean is, how much more legit could a Wellstone murder theory be
 if the same thing applied to Foster might not be true?

 See the above reasons.

 I'm just dizzy from a decade of spin, I guess.
 Keep up the good work, but I'm not sure how much more vertigo I can take!


 Keir, just remember they are being paid millions to lie to you.
 Keep that in mind and the rest is easy.

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