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Volume 919 - Drunk with power


 Friday   Nov 1, 2002 


"America faces terrorists and extremist dictators.
  Max Cleland says he has the courage to lead.
  But the record proves Max Cleland is just misleading."
   -- ad for GOP asshole Saxby Chambliss

 Hey, Saxby!
 The record shows Max Cleland lost both legs and an arm fighting for America in Vietnam.
 How many arms and legs do you have, you heartless, unpatriotic son of a nasty bitch?

 Harvey Pitt caught in the cookie jar - again

  Click  Here

 Embattled SEC Chairman Harvey Pitt faces an inspector general's investigation,
 congressional hearings and new Democratic calls for his resignation over the selection
 of former FBI Director William Webster to head a new accounting oversight board.

 Pitt apparently failed to tell his fellow commissioners that Webster headed the audit
 committee at U.S. Technologies, which is being sued by investors who say they were
 defrauded of millions of dollars. Despite the new controversy, the Bush administration
 continued to back Pitt.

 War and Elections

 I want to encourage everyone to go out and vote next Tuesday. Especially young first time voters.
 Since we are on the virge of war it's important that everyone participate in selecting the people who
 will send your brothers and sisters, sons and daughters, off to a foriegn land to fight and die.

 There is talk about bring back the draft and that is likely going to be an issue in the next two years.
 Do you want you or your family member to be forced into military service?
 Who do you trust to make those decisions?

 There are a lot of issues at stake. The economy, jobs, the price of gas and electricity,
 perscription drugs, and social security. Someone has to turn America around before it's too late.
 Voting is important, especially now.
 Please vote.

 Marc Perkel

 CNN's Howie Kurtz,  Bush cabana boy:

 "They staged a public farewell for Paul Wellstone that was so over the top,
   so blatantly partisan, that Jesse Ventura walked out."

"I feel used," Jesse said afterward. "I feel violated and duped that it turned
  into a political rally.  I think the Democrats should hang their head in shame."

 Hey, Jesse!
 You forgot to tell us about Mrs. Wrestler crying.
 I probably wouldn't say this to your face, but suck me, and the same for Howie (R-Harpy).

 The way I see it, the Democrats had two choices:
 They could've gathered and cried and whimpered and given up the way they usually do,
 or they could've stood up and joined the battle and fought back, which is just what they
 should've done to honor a fighter like Paul Wellstone.

 The reason you'd never see the GOP doing what they did is because our side doesn't murder anyone.

Subject: NTSB's Report On Wellstone "Accident"


Love your site, especially the dirt on Pigboy.   Have plenty of time to read since getting laid off
in July thanks to that fart sniffin', pretzel gaggin' ass wipe I refer to as The Resident Evil.
Go to NTSB's web site and look at aviation accidents for the month of October.

Go to Friday, October 25 to see the preliminary report on Wellstone's accident.
Compare this to the other three reports for that day.   Notice anything missing?
Could this be the beginning of the cover-up?



 "As often as not, democracy sucks."
  -- William F. Buckley, Jr.as seen on townhall.com

 Mr. Buckley, the president's family agrees with you.

click for more politicalstrikes.com toons

 From: miakulper

 Bart, have some info for ya.

 I saw that monkey mail from the alleged former Democrat
 who hates Bill Clinton because of... Denise Rich???

 Yeah, right.

 Anyways, if the little dittiot ever comes back, tell him that Marc Rich's
 former pardon lawyer, "Scooter" Libby is now Dick Cheney's Chief of Staff!

 That's how Bush restores honor & integrity ... by making
 Marc Rich's lawyer Cheif of Staff to Dick Cheney. LOL!

 Steve Largent is a bad father?
 Steve Largent (R-Jesus Twin) is about as good at raising kids as President AWOL.
 Read about the run ins his out-of-control brats have had with the law.

  Click  Here

 Oh, if Largent was a Democrat, the talk radio whores and FOX News would spend WEEKS
 harping about what a bad example he was for America, but since he's a godlike Republican,
 those self-appointed morals whores like Laura and Bill Bennett are as mute as the Sphinx.

Click to order Greg's latest book.

 Also, I heard a rumor that my good friend Greg Palast was about to drop a bomb.
 Anyone know anything about that?

 Greg's bombs rule.


"Canada has this odd system where the one who gets the most votes
  gets to run the country, which we should try here in America some time."
       --Paul Begala, Crossfire, 10/31/02

 Judge OKs Safari into Clinton's zipper
 The cock hunt will continue as long as the man lives

 Click  Here

 A federal judge ordered pretrial moves yesterday that could lead to Bill Clinton being
 questioned under oath about an alleged 20-year affair with a high school friend.

 Larry Klayman, (R-No dick) a lawyer for Dolly Kyle Browning, said he'll seek
 Clinton's deposition in a suit charging that Bill and his aides trashed Browning's
 reputation to stop her from publishing a book alleging they had an affair.
 Asked about Browning in his January 1998 Paula Jones deposition,
 Clinton swore: "I'd never been her lover."

 ha ha

 I hope the deposition is on C-Span.
 I'd pay $300 to see Klayman ask Clinton questions under oath.

 And as far as Dolly the Cow, Clinton might've let her play popsicle with Air Force One,
 but as for being his "lover?"

 ha ha

 Some disturbed people will do anything for attention.

 Thanks to Rude Rich, my eyes and ears in New York

Osama spotted in Los Angeles

Subject: outstanding bit!

BC:  outstanding bit of writing on the juanita/paula/monica thing the other day.

You're usually pretty good, but that one was inspired, and had a lot of force.
Why don't you bookmark that one at the front of the page - it's a keeper.

- jc

JC, I fail to see why I should be rewarded for speaking the truth.
If Barry Bond hits 73 home runs, and I say Barry Bonds hits 73 home runs, I'm not a hero.

I'm just the schmuck who reported what happened.

 Subject: Reagan/Communist

"But the Los Angeles FBI chief checked the bureau's files and found that Reagan had been "associated
 with certain Communist front organizations" in the mid-1940s, before he "suddenly saw the light."

 The FBI was wary of giving the bureau's imprimatur to the ex-liberal."

 Click  Here

 Here's some other links I found through Google:

 Click  Here

 Click  Here

 He was practically a Communist before ratting out his friends.
 Later, the FBI scrubbed his files when they saw he would be an obedient governor.

"Saint" Reagan was a dim-witted rapist who got an actress pregnant and had to marry her.
 He tried to join the Communists but they wouldn't let him in.


 "Bush is seven points lower than Clinton at the height of the Lewinsky thing.
   I think he needs a girlfriend."
     --Paul Begala, Crossfire, 10/31/02

Thanks to wineart

Subject: Disgusting!

Corporate media whores bad-mouth the Wellstone memorial.

 Click Here

I was so irked that I fired of an e-mail to KARE 11's  news room director :

Dear KARE 11 News Director:

You media whores just don't get it do you?  More than 20,000 people get together
to celebrate the life and good deeds of a great man and public servant and all you can
dwell upon is 100 or so calls to your switchboard operator from cult of the soulless
(GOP) hate-mongers.

Who give's a rat's behind?  By my math 20,000 trumps 100 any which way you look at it.
And let's not forget the probably hundreds of thousands supporters and admirers
who viewed the memorial on television.

And your statement that media outlets across the state were "shocked" at the partisan display
is laughably petulant at best.  What did you expect? People to just stand around crying and
bemoaning the fact that their monumental struggle was over - - done with??  Get real, will you?
Paul Wellstone wasn't a quitter and neither are the people who loved and supported his
courageous  fight for the rights and recognition of the disenfranchised not only in the state
of Minnesota but around the nation.

The fact that "The People" publicly, forcefully and joyously expressed their desire to
keep  Wellstone's liberal legacy and dreams alive by going out to vote Democratic
in the November 5th election just gets your conservative goats doesn't it?

Well guess what??  Get the f@#k over it!

Any while your at it get lives!  You people couldn't hold a candle to Paul Wellstone's level
of courage, integrity and common decency.  You're a bunch of sellout corporate lapdogs
- - the same selfish, irresponsible and despicable bunch that Paul Wellstone spent and
gave his life fighting against.

You know something?  I actually believe you're all jealous!  That must be it!
You're all jealous because none of you will ever approach the level of respect, admiration
and love that not only Paul Wellstone's supporters, but many, many other Americans had
for the man.  And for that you impugn the motives of people who support and celbrate the
life, legacy and dreams of this great American?

At long, long, long last - - have you hateful, soulless people no decency?



"If I died and my children stood up at my funeral and said our father has died,
  but the most important thing is that his show continue to beat MSNBC.
     --Tucker Carlson, Crossfire, 10/31/02

 Tucker, you could be right.
 Let's try it and see what happens.

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Subject: Jon Stewart


Just wanted to agree with you on the Jon Stewart thing - but isn't it
a sad day for American journalism when the most truthful and accurate
reporting in the country can be found on a comedy channel?


Yeah, or on some Internet Tequila Treehouse

 NRA throws big party in Arizona after shootings

  Click  Here

 The National Rifle Association and its high-profile leader Charlton Heston (R-Senile Handjob)
 went ahead with a rally here two days after Robert Stewart Flores Jr decided to open a local
 NRA branch by shooting three professors to death before killing himself.

 Between Iraq and a Hard Place
   by Elizabeth Handley

  Click  Here

 "...investigators found a cash highway emerging from wealthy fundamentalists of Saudi Arabia,
 a nation that produced 15 of the hijackers and bin Laden himself.  To Bush Sr.'s embarrassment,
 Saddam survived in office longer than he did, and now the son is hell-bent on ousting Saddam as the
 centerpiece of his otherwise undefined foreign policy.  Bush's increasing hostility toward Iraq seems
 to be driven more by the failures of the Afghan campaign than by any threat coming from Saddam.
 Can't find bin Laden?  Bomb Saddam!

 At the Wellstone memorial, this one got a Standing Boo when it hit the video screen:


  Thanks to JK

 Polls for thought
  How they see things in the UK

  Click  Here

 Leave aside issues like the Kyoto treaty, the unbalancing of the federal budget and
 tax cuts, and instead concentrate on just one question: what would have happened
 if the September 11 attacks had taken place on Gore's watch instead of Bush's?

 The answer, almost certainly, is that the Republicans would never in a month of Sundays
 have rallied - or cowered - behind the president in the way that the Democrats have done
 behind Bush over the last 14 months. In fact, they would have done the opposite.
 There can be no doubt at all that the first response of many on the right would have
 been crude and visceral - to blame Bill Clinton.

 Two problems with that excerpt:

The cowardly GOP bastards were blaming Clinton before the second tower fell.
     It's pointless to "suppose" what they might've done since they already did it.

The Democrats were on their knees before Bush looooooooong before September 11th.


"...for the party of Ronald Reagan, Bob Dole, Strom Thurmond and Jesse Helms
 to be attacking anybody on age is laughable. Senior citizens vote a whole lot more
 than the rest of us. So attacking them is bad strategy..."
     --Paul Begala, Crossfire, last night

  bartcop.com  sticker spotted at San Francisco rally last weekend

Thanks to Elizabeth

                  Also spotted on fabulous babes!

 Not dead, in jail, or a slave?  Thank a liberal!

  For the best in liberal/leftist commentary, visit  http://www.zeppscommentaries.com/zeppol.htm

 Stupid Stalkers

 My stalkers aren't the brightest bunch.
 One of them took the time to subscribe me to literally hundreds of newsletters.
 No telling how many hours the poor bastard spent.
  I checked my mail and found hundreds of
 "Please reply to this message to confirm your subscription."

 It took about thirty seconds to erase allllllll of those subscriptions.
 Christ, you guys are stoopid.

 ...but it's flattering to know that of all the millions of web pages on the Internet,
 you consider  bartcop.com  the site that must be attacked the most.

 Another thing, early this week, I spent two hours on the posting boards at anncoulter.org
 trying to drum up somebody who would debate me on some issue - any issue.

 I had to register as  bartcopreal  because my stalkers have been to every
 website that exists and logged in with "bartcop" for some unknown reason.

 But after spending those two hours, and posting dozens of polite messages
 I haven't gotten a single response from any of these "brave" Coulter wannabees.

 Don't like today's page?
 That's cause all the good stuff is in today's 

  Click  Here

 We have some terrific Monkey Mail, too!

 Recently, somebody, probably in relation to Sniper-mania, wrote a piece
 about what happens when the media has nothing to report - but does anyway.
 Rush mentioned in on his hate show.

 It sounded kinda familiar to me, and then I figured out why.
 This is from waaaaaaay back in Volume 104

 Click  Here

"I can't find the soccer ball."


"I’ve got lots of other things I can do.”
  -- Paul O’Neill, about his impending loss of employment

 Subject: Voting Change

 Due to the high number of voters expected for Tuesday's election, voting has been divided by party.

 Democrats will vote Tuesday.  Republicans will vote Wednesday.


 The Toys for Tots Theft

 Ten years ago today I was in Colorado at the Black Gunnison National Monument, whatever it's called.
 I was listening to the vulgar Pigboy lying his ass off.

 He was conducting one of his stupid and phoney polls about which candidate was going
 to be victorious in the 1992 presidential election which was just days away.

 It cost a dollar to call in on this "scientific" poll, and Rush promised the money would go to
 the National Toys for Tots campaign that (I think) the US Marines were running.

 Rush told his listeners that they had received "hundreds of thousands" of calls.
 That means Rush should've given the Toys for Tots "hundreds of thousands" of dollars.

 Did anyone ever hear of those kids getting "hundreds of thousands" of dollars from Pigboy?
 No, you never did.

 We all know that Rush has a Queen Mary-sized ego, second only to Laura the Unloved
 If Rush's name is mentioned in the Des Moines Register's Letters to the Editor,
 he reads it on the air because he's a sick bastard to must revel in his self-praise.

 If the Boise Metro mentions his Nazi ass in some article, Rush has to tell everyone.
 If the Hooterville Holler prints his name, the poor self-asteem loser has to be sure we know

 I mean, why else would a phoney slug trumpet himself every day as,
 "...a Man, ...a Legend, ...a Way of Life?"  and then cue up some canned applause?

 Whenever Tim the Whore mentions his name, Rush plays the clip on the air.
 Whenever Brian Blowdry on MSNBC mentions the Pigboy, Rush plays that clip, too.
 Anytime that anyone in America breathes his name, he's compelled to tell everyone about it.

 ...but when he allegedly gives the Toys for Tots  "hundreds of thousands" of dollars,
 he fails to mention it?   And hasn't mentioned it in the last ten years?  Not on your life.

 Now - do I really think Rush stole those hundreds of thousands of dollars?
 Maybe, we know how important each penny is to a whore, but it's more likely
 that he was lying about the number of calls he received, so he had to quietly give
 the Tots a smaller check, one that reflected the real amount that he raised.

 Oh, by the way, President Butch (R-Lying Traitor, Arms Seller) won that poll 92% to Bill Clinton's 8%.

 ha ha

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