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Volume 938 - Always on the Run 

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Tuesday    Nov 26, 2002 


"Landrieu should be careful as well, and she might want to avoid the unfriendly skies
  until the runoff election is held Dec. 7. Unfortunately, Democrat candidates have a tradition
  of dying in mysterious plane crashes - but only those in danger of losing.
  She should pray her party doesn't have a viable candidate ready to replace her."
    -- Newsmax's Carl Limbacher, who seems to be saying Landrieu might be "Wellstoned."

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 Thanks to Kirk

  Spank the Donkey
  Time to give up on the Democrats?

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 What happened to the Democratic party?
 You could say that times changed and the party changed with them,
 and you would be right so far as it goes. But it had nothing to do with
 the sentiments of the people. The party's right turn was a move conceived
 from within and designed to make the Democrats a more appealing vehicle
 for major private and corporate donors.

Dear Bartcop,

When you said: "It was Bush who turned Beamer's last words into political fodder,"
it occurred to me to compare that to the media frenzy over Paul Wellstone's service.

It was perfectly all right for moron and helmet-head to use a man's last brave words,
"Let's Roll" to promote their evil political agenda, but turning Paul Wellstone's service
"into a political rally" was outrageous, right?

And of course, the pathetic pink tutus actually apologized for that.


 PM refuses resignation over 'moron' remark

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 "Ari Fleischer dismissed the comment as coming from "somebody
  who obviously doesn't speak for the Canadian government."

 ...but it speaks for everyone who's ever seen Bush try to think.

Hi, BC,

I went to see Al Gore at the Elliot Bay Book Company here in Seattle Friday.
I thought he was going to do a speech of sorts. He did nothing except sign his two new books.

There were no pictures allowed at the signing which threw my whole plan of getting him to pose
with a  bartcop.com  sticker out the window.  Due to the fact I didn't have a book I decided I would
just give him a sticker and tell him to write you.

He blew me off by putting it in his pocket and said rather emotionlessly, "Yeah, I'll take a look at that."
I gave one to Tipper as well and she said, get this, "Oh I know this site.  It's a good one."

Well there you go,

Houston in Seattle

Houston, thanks for that.

 U.S. Bankruptcies Hit New High

  Click  Here

 Strapped by debt, Americans filed for bankruptcy protection
 in record numbers in the three months that ended Sept. 30.

 More buying opportunities for the super-rich.

Dr Newdow, the man who sued to make the pledge constitutional,
 the man Begala beat up for wanting to choose his own God.


  Is bin Laden a member of the Moral Majority?

"Who can forget Clinton's immoral acts committed in the official Oval office?
  After that you did not even bring him to account, other than that he 'made a mistake',
  after which everything passed with no punishment. Is there a worse kind of event for
  which your name will go down in history and remembered by nations?"
      -From Bush's buddy Osama, who has at least three wives and some goats.

 Thanks to Kirk

 From: Unknown

 What the hell is wrong w/ Daschle?
 Why, oh why would he even mention the Vulgar Pig-Boy by name?
 What the hell is wrong with him?
 Pig boy gets more publicity, goes on every news program who asks him and spews forth on national TV.
 Daschle is an idiot. Pig boy is despicable and Daschle gave him another venue which probably will add
 another million or so to his legion of knuckle dragging fans.  I am a life-long Democrat, but I am disgusted
 and ashamed of the dumb ass Dems.  They are idiots and so lame they should be ashamed of themselves.

 I must be the only one, but I thought Daschle did the right thing.
 It's not like Rush mentioned his name and Daschle felt compelled to respond.
 El Pigboy has been hammering Daschle every hour of every day for months and months.
 It got to the point where it just about couldn't get any worse, so he spoke up.

 Sure, it didn't help a lot, on the surface, but when you're getting pounded non-stop
 at some point you have to do something.

 I'll tell you what the Democrats need to do.  Every damn one of them needs to say in interviews
 that Rush and Ann Coulter are the new face of the GOP and then watch what happens.

 Cheney accused of vandalism

  Click  Here

 Vice President Dick Cheney is the primary suspect in a vandalism spree that rocked
 the White House and neighboring locations in the Washington, D.C. area. The damage
 ranges from foul language scrawled in crayon across the Oval Office walls to excrement
 deposited in a Denny's restroom wastebasket.

 Who said it?

"The protections of the Fourth Amendment are clear.
 The right to protection from unlawful searches is an indivisible American value.
 Two hundred years of court decisions have stood in defense of this fundamental right.
 The state's interest in effective crime-fighting should never violate the citizens' Bill of Rights."


John Ashcroft

Joe Lieberman

   Answer below

 Beltway Rumors...
  by Judy in Atlanta

 Kellyanne married one of those elves, George Conway. He looks like an extra from the Hobbit.
 Anyhow, what he wanted was to marry one of the blond republican pundettes and he was dumped
 by all of them till he got desperate and hit on Kellyanne, who was also desperate.

 She wanted Fred Thompson, but he knew if he ever had a chance in hell at the top job
 he would need a wife who hadn't done the entire Beltway.

 ha ha

 As it is, he married a woman who had a relationship with...John Fund!!

Hi, it's not about adultery.
It's about beating up women.

 ...got any?

 I coulda done without
 that information...

 Who said it?


John Ashcroft

Joe Lieberman

 First decide, then Click  Here  for the answer

 Oh sure, but now that's we've lost the right to have our votes counted,
 Field Marshall Ashcroft has thrown away the Bill of Rights.

Your day is coming, Funnyboy.
I don't like being the victim of your little quiz.
It makes me look like a stupid, lying hypocrite.
If you think you can play hardball with me, Funnyboy,
here's what you and your ilk will soon look like on your
 way to my new Halliburton-Gitmo torture complex.


"Technically, a moron is someone who is stupid but looks normal.
  Much has been said recently about Bush arriving at a point where
  he looks presidential.  What's intriguing about morons is that they
  can pass as just about anyone, but inside they're still morons."
    --  Albert Nerenberg, the director of a television documentary titled Stupidity.


 I'm not stupid,
 ...not like they say

 Subject: Bill15 - Guns

 You asked,

 >Are you saying pretty young women don't lock their doors at night
 > because nobody would enter their home with bad intentions?

 There are practically no crimes in the far east due to gun violence.
 I bet most donít bother to lock their doors at night, as hard as that
 may be for you to believe.The reason is that almost no one has guns there.
 The homicide rate in countries with very few guns is a very small fraction
 of what it is here in this haven for guns we call America.

 I wonder how reliable that statistic is.
 If there are practically no guns in Japan, and someone needs dying,
 they'd use a knife or strangle them, push 'em off a tall building etc.

 I understand what everyone is saying about "gun deaths," but as an example,
 I'll bet in American prisons, there's hardly ever a gun death, but I'm sure their
 stabbing statistics go thru the roof.  The next time someone sends Japan gun stats,
 could you include total murder stats? That might shed some light on this.

Harmony Cedar Hope Chests and Amish Furniture


"The upper class keeps all the money, pays none of the taxes.
  The middle class pays all of the taxes, does all of the work.
  The poor are there just to scare the shit out of the middle class.
  Keep 'em showing up at those jobs."
        - George Carlin

 Bart, you wrote:

> Reagan, who was almost as stupid as the President Happy Crack, had orders to stay away
> from all microphones unless he was reading from a script because he was too stupid to speak
> without someone else having prepared something for them in writing.

 BC, this is WAY true!  My father-in-law used to work in the higher realms of government and
 met with Reagan numerous times.  According to him, whenever that numbskull had a meeting
 that his aides couldn't sit in on and whisper a script into his ear, he was supplied with a stack
 of index cards that told him what to say.

 My father-in-law is a very solid guy who *never* overstates anything.
 .... he had a good look at "the cards" a couple of times and the top one.
 ....(this still cracks me up)........the top one always said "HELLO".

 The Republicans love quarter-wits to be President......which is why they hated clinton sooooo much!


 Poor Reagan, they used him like they used Paula Jones.
 Just like Dim Son - Reagan was the pretend president, while Poppy's crew made all the decisions.

      ...before reading  bartcop.com

......... .
      ...after reading  bartcop.com

Subject: terror warning


I just heard the dumbest f-ing thing on CNN Talk Back Live.

 ...the question of the day relating to the signing of the department of homeland security was
..."How do you want to be warned of an impending terrorist attack?"

Shit!  How about flying airplanes into buildings?
That might get my attention.

capn mike

 VCR Alert - The Osbournes return tonight

 Subject: Crime in Japan - reader feedback

  Click  Here

 From: Chris Goulet

  Click  Here

What does Marty have today?
Michael Dare and Paul Krassner!
'Dr. Phil' has to pay for an audience
 'The Osbournes' starts tonight
this is the only 'cancer-free' episode.
Bono & Larry '8 Wives' King swap glasses.
    Judas Maximus's ratings are tanking.
...and more.

 The 9/11 movie Hollywood won't let you see

  Click  Here

"The controversy is easy to understand, especially in light of the current political climate in the U.S.
 After all, if Susan Sontag can get dragged across the coals for drawing a link between American
 foreign policy and 9/11, and if Bill Maher can lose his "Politically Incorrect" gig for questioning the
 description of the hijackers as "cowards," then it goes without saying that a film that looks kindly
 upon the family of a Palestinian suicide bomber and calls attention to U.S. complicity in murderous
 South American regimes might stick in the craws of executives at Sony and Universal."

  Bush advisor tells British MPs:
 War against Iraq regardless of UN findings

  Click  Here

 Richard Perle, one of Pinheads top security advisers, told British members
 of Parliament November 15 that Bush intends to attack Iraq even if
 the United Nations inspectors fail to find any weapons.


 It was always a sham to get more money for the Bush Family Evil Empire.
 Bush wants to steal that oil and build that Halliburton pipeline
 more than the 1998 GOP congress wanted inside Clinton's zipper.

 Jimi Hendrix... A Guitar God's Legacy

  Click  Here


 In the same way that it's impossible to imagine an old Elvis,
 it's jarring to realize that Jimi Hendrix would have turned 60 this week.

 The world's seminal rock guitarist is frozen in time, clad in paisley and leather,
 on his knees coaxing fire from his instrument and changing rock forever.

 Subject: End of my rope

 I've managed to alienate most of the people in my office.  I find myself increasingly surrounded
 by conservative zombies.  They think I love debating them, even though they usually just get angry
 with me even though my arguments about current events are rational and logical.  In fact, the more
 logical I am the more emotional and angry they get.  AND, the only reason they think I love to
 argue with them is I'm the only one who will question any of their stupid and ignorant statements!
 It's so sad- I actually feel like giving up-

 Mike C

 Mike, I know just what you need.
 Get a bottle of Chinaco Anejo and any Garbage CD.
 Kixck back, smoke 'em if you've got 'em, and remember that we'll be back.

 We survived Von Reagan, and then we got Clinton.
 We'll survive the Unelected Commander-in-Thief, too.
 Someday, we'll have a competent president again.
 Enjoy life - because there is no afterlife.

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 Bart, I think you have the best site on the internet!!!!
 I HAVE to read it daily!!

 But, I don't know what B.F.E.E. stands for, can you help me out?


 Ryan, it stands for Bush Family Evil Empire
 They're taking the whole planet by force.

 Help stop them!

 Yes, bartcop.com  is worth $10 a month

 No, bartcop.com  is worth $100 a month, ...because we need BartCop Radio.

  Help make  bartcop.com  a full-time thing

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 Federal Audit of Florida Pension Fund Postponed After Call From Jeb
  How cute - Jeb's raping Florida like The Pinhead is raping Washington

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 At the request of Gov. Jeb Bush's office, the inspector general of the Health and Human Services
 Department ordered delays in a federal audit of Florida's pension fund that ensured the review wouldn't
 be completed before Bush won re-election, officials say.

 The delays by Janet Rehnquist, daughter of Chief Justice William Rehnquist,
 are now being investigated by Congress.

 In an incestuous circle jerk of thieves!

 If they get caught, they have enough cash to appeal it to the Whore Court, where
 "Daddy" and Scalia will make sure of the B.F.E.E.'s crimes will go unpunished.

Ho...                 ho...                 ho!

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