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Volume 942 - See how they run 

 Weekend       Nov 30 - Dec 1, 2002 


"Like Liddy, Poindexter and North, Kissinger has been helped back from eternal obscurity
  by a deep desire on the part of the nation's conservatives to avenge past humiliations,
  when men they saw as heroes were forced to answer to the law, and sometimes go to jail...
  Kissinger's second act is sweeter than most - his murky past has not only gone unpunished,
  it now looks like the unsettling prologue for US policy in years to come."
     --Julian Borger, Henry's revenge, guardian.co.uk

 Bush Cuts Pay Raises for Federal Workers

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 Citing a state of national emergency brought on by last year's disasterous tax cuts,
 President Bush on Friday slashed the pay raises most civilian federal workers were
 to receive starting in January

"My super-rich friends needed those extra millions for the buying opportunities
  created when I trashed the Clinton Miracle," confessed the Unelected Fraud.

 Ted Bundy and George W
  The striking similarities between two evil Republicans, both born in 1946 --

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 Subject: Help_me_understand_Rule_#1.please_

 Hello Bartcop!

 What Gore (and Dashle) did was tell the truth - they broke Bart's Law #1

 Ron Sheridan

 Politicians who tell the truth can't get elected.
 Voters want to be lied to - they won't vote for a man telling the truth.

 In 1984, Mondale said "I'll raise your taxes, Reagan will, too."
 Reagan promised he wouldn't, but he was lying and he did raise taxes.
 People didn't want to hear the truth. Mondale was an idiot to level with them.

 Gore said there's a right-wing media bias - they pounded him for that.
 Daschle said Rush causes the ditto-monkeys to threaten people - they pounded him.

 People won't vote for an athiest, either.
 They want a "good Christian man, with a wife and 2.5 kids," as though believing in God
 and having a wife and kids makes a man a better candidate.

 It's all a sham - witness the Unelected Fraud. Years ago he said, "I could never run for office,
 because I'm basically a media creation,"  but all he had to do is buy a stupid ranch and say
 "I'm compassionate," and suddenly he was qualified to run Planet Earth.

 People are _so stupid_ they refuse to hear, "You must go to the dentist."
 They want to hear, "Candy and pizza for every meal and screw that dentist."

 Reagan, Bush and Bush all ran on the idea that we can have tax cuts and build up the military
 and it won't cause deficits, and people know that's false, but they loooooooove hearing it.
 They also love to hear, "God will protect us from the terrorists."

 Yeah, right.

 Bart, that atheist Boy Scout you mentioned Friday?

 He refused to lie about believing in the magic ghost in he sky, so they booted him,
 He told me about it when he posed for this picture.


                    Thanks to Darrell Lambert.
                        You got guts, Dude!


"To do harm to another person or group of persons is evil. This definition fits
  what Republicans do to the unfortunate in our society. Therefore, Republicans are evil...
  Republicans look at it this way--when one of their friends is out of work it's a disaster but,
  when 800,000 are out of work it's just a statistics. This is an evil attitude."
     --Norm Walker, Evil is as evil does, liberalslant.com

 Protesting junior's crappy little war
   by Michael Bersin            November 10, 2002

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 This is an incomplete story.
 Someone determined, somehow, that Peter J McCoy was the man who took Rush's place in
 the draft when his butt was infected and his rich Daddy used his political influence to keep
 young Rusty safe from harm, just like the Unelected Fraud in the White House.

 (Funny that the military boys love Bush and Rush, even tho they both used money and political
  power to sheild themselves from harm, while Bill Clinton was working to have FEWER names
  on the Vietnam Veteran's Memorial Wall.  Don't we all wish there were fewer names on this wall?)

 As you can see, Peter J McCoy didn't make it back.
 If anyone knows about this story, or how it was determined that McCoy was unlucky
 enough not to be born with a rich daddy, please contact bartcop.com

 Thanks to Ken Sawyer, Alpha Co. 3rd Recon veteran for the picture.


"Ultra-conservative talk shows dominate AM radio's one-way street. The hosts' screeners
  let opposition callers through in only token numbers and only to be steamrolled. You can't win
  an argument against the guy who controls the squelch button. Audiences in the millions are
  harangued for hours daily with the message that everyone who isn't vividly conservative is liberal
 -- and liberals are stupid, venal and unpatriotic if not outright disloyal. Talk radio is rewriting the
  political language. Even traditional social programs are now "socialism." Environmentalists are
  wackos. Taxation is theft.  Public schools are being morphed into "government schools."
 "Moderate talk radio" is an oxymoron and the last in-your-face liberal with national potential,
  Alan Berg, was machine-gunned to death by white supremacists in the driveway in 1984."
     --Tom Teepen, Talk radio is serious politics, charlotte.com


 VCR Alert - There are only two Sopranos episodes left.


"We have over 450 members of the Armed Forces in the audience tonight.
  What are you guys doing here?  Have we caught bin Laden?"
      -- Leno

From politicalstrikes.com

Lemme get this straight: They can attack a president with repeated,
proven lies, false accusations and unproved allegations;
They can impeach a president for wanting to keep an affair a secret;
They can make political cartoons that ridicule a U.S. president
about those affairs, girls in berets, blue dresses or cigars...
 But all of a sudden it's NOT okay to ridicule a U.S. president
over his stupidity and perceived lack of intelligence?

Further proof that when anyone refers to a "liberal media", they are
either Ignorant, lying or have their head up their nether region.

What does Marty E! have today?
Ian Fleming wrote 'Chitty Chitty Bang Bang?'
France re-interred the remains of Alexandre Dumas.
A shark bit an attorney & spit him out (professional courtesy?).
Rosie O'Donnell is a mother, again.
The Doors are reforming with Ian Astbury & Stewart Copeland.
               And, 'Bambi' Bembenek jumped out a window,
broke her foot & had to have it amputated.


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"Our slumping economy, our threatened environment, our underfunded schools, our corporate
 scandals - these are not issues that you will hear discussed by the White House, but they are
 being talked about by people who don't have the power to define the nation's agenda....
 If the new, razor-thin Republican majority abuses its power and moves forward with an
 extreme agenda that overlooks the concerns of the many and benefits only the privileged few,
 there will be repercussions.“
    -- Jim Jeffords

 You can tell he was once a Republican, because he has not forgotten how to fight back.
 The Democrats, of course, are too afraid to speak up.
 Mr Rove wouldn't like that.

"You Democrats!
  Remain silent!"

 "Yes, Mr. Rove..."


"Hope you all had a good Thanksgiving!  I had a good time.
  I do the same thing I do every year – I dangle my nieces and nephews from a balcony."

 A movie review without spoilers.
 Go ahead and read it, I won't tell you any more than you already know.


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 U.S. Facing Bigger $200 Billion Cost For Iraq War
  With no allies, your lost pension is paying for this war
  Bush Family expects to make $60 billion in 2003, plus the oil

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 If the fighting is protracted, and Saddam blows up his oil fields,

 most economists believe the indirect costs of the war could be
 much greater, reverberating through the U.S. economy for many years.

 Well, that's OK, at long as the Unelected Thief gets to steal that oil, that's important.
 Add in the thousands of men who will get Gulf War Syndrome II and you
 begin to understand how much American lives mean to this mean and stupid drunk.

 I'm gonna be super-rich, just like my contributors.
 Besides, those soldiers love smart guys like me.
 It's my country and nobody can stop me.

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"The President of South Africa is taking golf lessons
  so that he can golf with Bush when they meet.
  This is true. He’s also hitting himself in the head
  with a brick so that he can play Scrabble with Bush."
    -- Conan

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 Reefer Madness
  by Bill Keller NYWTimes

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"Bush’s drug czar “is a veteran of the conservative political bunkers, where pot is viewed as
 a manifestation of moral degeneracy. "It's still about the war in Vietnam and growing your hair long,"
 says Mark Kleiman, a drug law expert at U.C.L.A. and a thoughtful centrist in a debate monopolized
 by extremes. "It's the 60's being replayed again and again and again - the S.D.S. versus the football team."
 For this White House, to give ground on pot would be a moral surrender....

 The moralistic drug war has overstuffed our prisons, left communities fatherless, fed corruption, consumed
 vast quantities of law enforcement time and money, and led us into some cynical foreign ventures, all without
 making drugs scarcer or more expensive. Legalization, on the other hand, means less crime and inner-city misery,
 but more addicts....Drug reform requires not only money, creativity and patience, but also the political courage
 to face down ideologues. And political courage, you may have noticed, is a lot harder to come by than drugs. “

Ho...                 ho...                 ho!

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