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Volume 944 - We're being lied to

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 Tuesday       Dec 3, 2002 


"I go back and forth between wondering if there are really any more
  Nazi bastards out there on a city block than there used to be.
  And I wonder: ...if everybody in America voted,
  would we have the same government we have now?
       -- Hunter S. Thompson, Razor Magazine

 Henry Kissinger - Bloody Hands Full of Gold
     by Cheryl Seal

  Click  Here

 It has become the joke of the day that the Bush Administration is stuffed full of "political dinosaurs"
 from the Cold War era who want to rattle their sabers and make one last stand like geriatric John Waynes.

 They are everywhere, both in front of the curtain -Cheney, Rumsfeld, Powell, et al.- and behind it -Bush, Sr.,
 James Baker, Kissinger, and God only knows who else. However, what these men truly represent is no joke at all.

 Behind the smokescreen of patriotism, national security and ideology, they are driven by just one motive: greed.
 Every single one of these players is a politician for reasons of expediency (power can buy more power). First and
 foremost, they are corporate tycoons whose primary goal is to advance the cause of corporations. Each one is worth
 millions and each one is now in a position to engineer policies that will insure they will ultimately be worth millions more.

 Great article, but it contains at least one flaw: This isn't about "corporations."
 This is about one corporation, the Bush Family Evil Empire.

 Everyone on her list was chosen primarily due to loyal towards the B.F.EE.
 Like the mob and the C.I.A., nobody gets out of the B.F.E.E. alive.

 When Bush runs again steals the White House in 2004, they'll accept corporate money due to greed,
 but they won't need to. The B.F.E.E. can finance Pinhead's campaign with spare change from one pocket.

 ...or did you forget that  $5,000,000,000,000 is missing  from the United States Treasury.

 But Bart, bin Laden looted our
 treasury, not President Dubya!

 We're being lied to, (and not about someone's private sex life, either)
 and the Republicans and the press are helping them get away with this.


"Gore said "Something will start at the RNC and it will explode the next day on the right wing
 talk show networks and Fox News and in newspapers that play this game, the Washington Times."
In other words, there’s a conspiracy. Now this is nutty. This is nutty.
 Where’s an example of this? What is he talking about?"
    --  Fox Whore News's Fred Barnes, who I can prove is more stupid than a chimp.

 Research by Brill's Content proves that a chimp can guess right 51 percent
 of the time, but that idiot Fred Barnes is right less than40 percent of the time.

 Who Commanded the Air Force to 'Stand Down' on 9-11?

 i'm new to bartcop - don't know if you've explained this...

 i remember watching the moron as he sat in the school room on 9/11 in bradenton (sarasota?) fl when
 one of his advisors went over and whispered in his ear of the plane crash.  i remember the blank look
 on his face - different from his usual blank look.  he then sat in the classroom for some extended amount
 of time before going to the auditorium for a speech then high tailing it for louisiana and then nebraska.

 what i never realized until the last month or so was just what exactly he was told as he sat in the classroom.
 he was told that the second plane had hit the wtc.  he was told of the first crash before he went into the classroom.
 the slime ball sat there like the f-ing moron he surely is doing nothing.  they had to be aware by this time that
 two additional planes were missing.  and this is in the context that the administration was sure something
 was afoot for several months.

 bush and cheney had just returned to washington after the longest simultaneous presidential and vice-presidential
 vacations on record and ashcroft had stopped flying commercial a couple of months prior.  he should be charged
 with dereliction of duty or some such.

 there is ample evidence that:

they knew something bad was coming
they figured that they could handle the consequences better than panicking prior to whatever this event was
had they reacted promptly they could have prevented the pentagon crash
they are all at least partially responsible for the deaths in the pentagon crash by their malfeasance

 george bick

 ...and the press continues to cover for the unelected coward.

 Yes, the video we all saw was Andy Card telling Bush the second plane had hit the WTC.
 Bush has said in interviews his first thought was, "America is under attack!"
 Yet he stayed there, reading that stupid caterpiller book to the kids.

 Why would a Commander-in-Chief entertain children while America was under attack?

 We're being lied to, (and not about someone's private sex life, either)
 and the Republicans and the press are helping them get away with this.

 Congress Rewards Corporate Tax Evaders With Our Money
       by Arianna Huffington

  Click  Here

 As the war on terror shows troubling signs of becoming a war of error,
 the Bush administration is waging a far more successful war on behalf
 of its corporate backers. The latest victory comes courtesy of Congress'
 11th hour reversal of a provision in the Homeland Security Bill banning
 government contracts for companies that move offshore to avoid paying U.S. taxes.

 Bush has declared war on all non-millionaires, but that's no surprise.
 People voted for bush knowing he would favor the super-rich over working families.

 Voters threw a big bloody steak in the tiger's cage,
 and now they're surprised he's eating it?

 People are sooo stupid - soon, we'll own everything!

 Oil in Iraq: A Trillion Dollar Prize

  Click  Here  for the Washington Post video

  What is says:
 As a conflict between the United States and Saddam looms, the future of Iraq
 – and its billions of barrels of oil – may be decided soon. The State Department
 has 15 different working groups planning the future of the country. Yet spokesman
 Greg Sullivan says "there have been no discussions on oil."

 We're being lied to, (and not about someone's private sex life, either)
 and the Republicans and the press are helping them get away with this.


"Tonight, we honor the man who represents the reason terrorists hate us so much."
   -- Jimmy Kimmel at the Hugh Hefner Roast

 Kissinger's Revenge!
  by Tamara Baker as seen on AMPOL

  Click  Here

 For years, Dr. Strangelove has wanted to get back at Clinton, who exposed the former
"statesman's" role backing brutal Chilean dictator Augusto Pinochet... and now he has his chance.

 I got a hueueueuge contribution from Keene, New Hampshire.

 It was in the amount of  $86.43 - get it?
 It's from a joke written at the Vegas BartFest.

 Eighty-six (dump) 43 (the unelected moron)

 Thanks, Gordon

 Speaking of Las Vegas:
 The Rio's accounting proceedures take the witness stand Thursday night.
 I'm prepared to go to trial, so I'll just give them my strategery up-front.
 This time, the "judge" will be on the Rio's payroll, like the B.F.E.E. in Florida 2000.
 If they fail to settle, the next judge will be on Clarke Conty's payroll.

 Will I win?
 It's hard to say. The judge might be pro-business, he might be pro-consumer,
 but either way it'll make the newspeper that the bid, bad Rio took advantage
 of the unsuspecting rube from Oklahoma and bilked him for $8078.
 It's my opinion the Rio doesn't want to take that gamble.
 If I win, it'll make the papers twice - they don't want that.

 I am sharpening my prosecutorial skills, last used October 9, 2002.
 Don't miss Friday's issue.

 The Latest Kissinger Outrage
  Why is a proven liar and wanted man in charge of the 9/11 investigation?
           by Christopher Hitchens

  Click  Here

 We already know quite a lot, thanks all the same, about who was behind the 9-11 attacks.
 Most notable in incubating al-Qaida were the rotten client-state regimes of the Saudi
 Arabian oligarchy and the Pakistani military and police elite. Henry Kissinger is now,
 and always has been, an errand boy and apologist for such regimes.

 Look at who's joined our fight - Christopher Hitchens, Arianna Huffington, Mo Dowd,
 Robert Byrd, Jim Jeffords, Larry Klayman (but he's lying) Dick Armey, Bob Barr, John McCain...
 I don't like being in bed with these whores (maybe not Huffington) but if they are the only ones
 who are willing to fight the Illegal Usurper, I guess we have no choice but to accept their help.

  ...and still - no Democrats are willing to stand up.

 John Kerry - where are you?
 John Edwards - where are you?
 Hillary - stop voting with Bush!

 I'll say one thing about Christopher Hitchens - he's going after Kissinger's complicity in mass murder
 with the same zeal he went after Clinton for lying about an affair with an intern.

 Is there no sense of proportion left in this world?
 Mass murder and oral sex are equally worthy of Hitchen's wrath?

 I need a drink.

 Do you remember Koko, the gorilla?

 This is so weird, you'll think Larry Klayman is involved.

 Koko can "speak" to her handlers via the hand signs deaf people use - no kidding.
 Koko has a vocabulary of 1200-1500 words.
 I wonder how many words Bush knows?

 Get this - Koko is getting on the internet, (you ready for this?) so she can talk to other signing gorillas.

 Koresh, sounds like a Chuck Heston movie, doesn't it?

 Bush  promised  to get bin Laden.

 He vowed "to bring him to justice or bring justice to him."
 That's why his approval numbers went to the high eighties.
 That was 433 days ago ...and counting

 The good puppy press has forgotten, the good puppy press has forgiven,

  ...but we won't.

 It's Time To Take Back Our Airwaves

 BartCop Radio  is just what the doctor ordered.
 If we had enough $10 subscribers, we wouldn't need no stinking advertisers!
 (We'd get some anyway...)

 And if a ditto-monkey calls in, I'll put him on the air and give 'em the red-ass.
 If one tries to engage me, I'll make him cry like he was my prison bitch.

 ha ha

 Sure, the first few shows will extra-suck, ...but,
 what could be more fun than the red-assing of a ditto-monkey live?

 Y'know, there's no telling what BartCop Radio would be like,
 except it would be whatever this page is with a lot more POW, BAM and THWACK!

 Is  bartcop.com  worth $10 a month?

  Click  Here   to get links for other amounts

 From: Frances

 Subject: Bono

 Bono is that good?
 I've heard him talk, but I've never seen him perform.


 Frances - wow - really?
 You've never seen the best living male performer perform?
 In 1985, he stole the show at Live-Aid.
 In 1987, they became the hottest band on the planet.
 In 2002, they released their "best" album.

 Send me your street address and I'll send you a video.


 VCR Alert - The Osbournes, 24, (Kim gets kidnapped again!) and NYPD Blue is back

 Federal money to help pay heating bills has dried up
  Chicago is broke, and winter's not even here yet.

  Click  Here

 Peoples Energy spokeswoman Elizabeth Castro said a pool of federal funds available to needy
 natural gas customers in Chicago has already dried up because the federal government only allocated
 $1.8 million--down from $3.2 million last winter.

 Jesse Jackson blamed Bush for cuts in the Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program.
 The program's total budget dropped from $1.7 billion to $1.4 billion.

 "4,000 thousand households cut off in Chicago, that's huge,'' Jackson said Friday.
 "An emergency is upon us. You are talking about the most indigent people,'' he said.
 "You are talking about the very old who are living alone.''

 Here we go again.
 Voters threw a big bloody steak in the tiger's cage, and now they're surprised he's eating it?

 I have a big thunderbolt for you, America.
 The man almost half the people voted for doesn't give a damn about dead old people in Chicago.
 He's a spoiled snot who never ever had to earn a paycheck.
 He doesn't care if Chicago's poor freeze to death.
 He's a Republican.

 If God wanted those people to survive this winter, it wouldn't get cold, right?

 Chicago voted for Gore and besides,
 my family needs to earn more money.
 If you don't like the way I run things
 then vote against me next time, like
 that'll do you chumps any good (ha ha).

 For more, visit the all-new 

 Subject: Mary Landrieu needs our help

 Bart, this is really a close race. Please, remind your readers in Louisiana
 to vote for Mary Landrieu this coming Saturday, December 7.

 Mary in the Washington Post 11/25/02,
 "I'm not on speaking terms with Senator Lott right now,"

 That's enough for me!

 Brad Orman

What does Marty E! have today?
Good stuff!



 When they lie and call Clinton "a criminal," remember

  Anybody with an IQ of 64 can argue like BartCop if you just have the facts.

  Click  Here  for the MWO version known as convictions.htm

  Click  Here  for the Buzzflash version known as convictions2.htm

  All you need to remember is we're right, and they are lying.

 Dueling Quotes

"There is no precedent in any modern White House for what is
  going on in this one: complete lack of a policy apparatus."
   -- what former Bush aide John J. DiIulio said before talking to Mr Rove

"[My comments were] unjustly hard on Mr. Rove and over-the-top complimentary to me,
  thereby creating a too-pat contrast that is, I feel, MOST UNFAIR TO MR. ROVE."
  -- what former Bush aide John J. DiIulio said after talking to Mr Rove


 Subject: Artists that connect...

 There can only be one true nomination for this award.

 He has the single most devoted group of fans since Jesus and he
 has been around almost as long.  Most importantly, he is a Democrat.

 Nobody connects better with the audience than Jimmy Buffett. (praise be unto him)


 Carl, I heard a rumor Buffet drinks Cuervo.
 Truth be told, I've heard that Jimmy Page does, and I've published Bono's rider, too.

 What's with these rich rock stars drinking fake tequila?
 Geez, at least "I can't drive 55" drinks 100% blue agave...


 Click to order

 She was faced with federal prosecutors who wanted her to lie—and threatened to jail her if she would not.
 She refused to give investigators a hook on which to hang Bill Clinton—so they ruined her life.

 She had a choice: Lie and get your life back, or tell the truth and face jail on bogus perjury charges.
 McDougal offers fresh anecdotes about the Clintons’ early years in politics, an up-close account of the
 sinister workings of Starr’s investigation, and a moving expose of what happens to women in American prisons.

 Susan McDougal is a trooper!


 Entertainment Tonight says tonight's The Osbournes has Sharon telling
 the family about her colon cancer, live, and they show the true reaction from the family.

 I'll watch, but let's hope this is done with some class.

 Don't like today's page?
  That's cause all the good stuff is in today's 
  Click  Here  to see all the fun

  ...no Monkey Mail today, but Rude Rich needed straightening out

 Supreme Court to Consider Tribal Lands
  Bored?  Let's screw the Red man some more.

  Click  Here

 With hundreds of millions of dollars at stake, the federal government
 will try to convince the Supreme Court on Monday that it took good
 care of tribal lands — but owes nothing even if it didn't.

 Gee, what are the odds Ted Olson (R-Bush's point man on Florida 2000)
 can convince Bush's Daddy's court that President Pinhead needs another favor?

 Why do we even have a Supreme Court anymore?
 Let's just ask the Unelected Fraud what the B.F.E.E. wants and hand it to them.

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