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Volume 947 - Feel the Evil

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 Weekend       Dec 7-8, 2002 


"Bush wants to cut $300 million from the federal program that helps needy families pay
  their energy bills.  By one estimate, that leaves 438,000 more American families out in the cold.
  Back when I was a boy, at the church in St. Gabriel's parish in Louisiana, we had a word for this.
  It's called a sin, a mortal sin. The kind of sin people go to hell for."
        -James Carville, Crossfire, 12/05/02

 US firm buys stake in UK defence labs
  The B.F.E.E. will get sooooo rich on Nimrod's never-ending war

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 The Ministry of Defence (MoD) has sold a third of its defence
 research business, Qinetiq, to the US private equity group Carlyle.

 The deal will see Carlyle, whose European chairman is John Major,
 take on some management control at Qinetiq.

 But the agreement includes a special clause allowing the government to stop
 Qinetiq's research being shared with other companies that Carlyle invests in.

 The Carlyle Group is run by Poppy Bush!
 Whatever Qinetiq is working on will be just the technology that Bush will need.
 He's going to buy war machines from his daddy and get a commission!

 They bought John Major's loyalty for the last oil war.
 They're buying Tony Blair's loyalty for the next oil war.
 Blair will get a piece of the Carlyle action for dragging Britain into this.

 Doesn't anybody care?

 Clinton semi-bagged an intern and the media fucking crucified him for it.
 Meanwhile, another Bush bungles America into another bloody oil war from a botched
 pipeline deal, and he's getting the B.F.E.E. to produce the oil war and we're stuck
 paying for Bush's oil war with our life savings and the blood of our brave young men.
 ...and the good puppy media plays right along.

 Meanwhile, President AWOL is laughing his ass off.

The fighting is for the stupid people.
I didn't have to fight because I'm smart!

 Cruella Harris lands key House role
  Playing ball with the B.F.E.E. will make you rich, powerful or both.

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 She's been elected to Congress for just more than a month, but already Katherine Harris has
 landed a leadership role in the U.S. House.  The chamber's third-ranking Republican tapped
 Cruella, (R-For Sale) as an assistant majority whip.

 The B.F.E.E. owes Cruella big-time. Had she not been willing to be so flexible with Florida laws,
 the guy with the most votes would've carried Florida and been elected President of the United States

 Turkish people say "NO" to Bush's oil war

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 New survey says Turks overwhelmingly oppose the use of a key U.S. air base
 in their country in any possible attack against Iraq, underscoring the difficulties
 faced by Turkey's leaders if they assist in the U.S. campaign against Baghdad.

 The survey, directed by the Pew Research Center, said most Turks opposed letting
 the US use Turkey for military action in Iraq by a margin of 83 percent to 13 percent. .

 No problem.
 Invite the Turkish leaders to join the Carlyle Group when they retire, meanwhile
 invite them to back a Brinks truck up to the US Treasury and loot themsleves drunk.
 Then let Halliburton build them some secret torture chambers so they can control
 the dissidents who aren't interested in Bush stealing all the oil in Iraq!

By God, I better get my secret torture chamber
before some damn hanky-head Turkeys do. I have
thousands of liberals, homos, darkies, Al Qaeda
and school teachers that need secret torturing.
Them Turks can wait until I'm finished with my fun.

 There's not much we can add to this...


 States May Get No Federal Budget Aid
 "You're on your own," says Never-elected Moron

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 States seeking federal government help to stop their budget hemorrhaging may have to look elsewhere.
 With the exception of paying most of the increased costs of U.S. domestic security, the federal
 government is unlikely to give states more money, according to Moody's Investors Services.

 I don't like this "new" Amerika much.
 I liked the old one, Clinton's America a lot better.

 Judge compares Microsoft bullies to Tanya Harding
  Calls Bill Gates "a knee-capping bitch"

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 U.S. District Judge J. Frederick Motz compared Microsoft's treatment of
 Sun Microsystems to Tonya Harding's knee-capping of figure skater Nancy Kerrigan

 Motz ruminated from the bench Thursday as attorneys gave their closing arguments.
 After assuming for the sake of the analogy that Kerrigan was the better skater, Motz said:
"Nancy Kerrigan is deprived of the opportunity to compete on those two good knees."
 Witnesses said gates left the courtroom, "weeping like Bernard Shaw."

 Wired Magazine  recently asked me for a quote.
  If you see that, could you let me know?

 Wired has more credibility than Salon.com and Jennifer Liberto, right?
 I mean, they just have to have more credibility than some old barstool bimbo, don't they?

 Hi Doll, I'm Jennifer Liberto
 ...and I'll do anything for a story.
 I'm working in Florida now, after
 Salon fired me for what I did.


"The big problem here in New York right now is the noise.
   Itís so loud you canít hear yourself scream. Itís gotten so bad
   that you need a lip reader to know youíre being held up."
      --  Dave

by Bruce Yurgil

 So this is Xmas
 And what have you done
 Another year over
 And a new one just begun
 And so this is Xmas
 I hope you have fun
 The near and the dear one
 The old and the young

 A very Merry Xmas
 And a happy New Year
 Let's hope it's a good one
 Without any fear

 And so this is Xmas
 At least for the strong
 For the weak and the poor ones
 The world is so wrong
 And so happy Xmas
 Not for black but for white
 For the Iraqi oil fields
 Let's all join the fight

 A very Merry Xmas
 And a happy New Year
 Let's hope it's a good one
 Without any fear
 War is coming, if you want it
 War is coming now

 Happy Xmas, everybody


"Today there was a total eclipse of the sun in Australia.
   Cheney used this as an excuse to support the oil companies.
   He said,  'I told you we canít trust solar energy. Itís not dependable.'Ē
       -- Jay Leno

 VCR Alert - DeNiro on SNL, and Sopranos tomoro

 The Rightward Press
   by E J Dionne Jr.

  Click  Here

 Rather than join an outcry against Limbaugh, the establishment commentary was mostly
 aimed against Daschle and picked up the conservative cry that he was "whining."
 Limbaugh was invited for lengthy and respectful interviews on CNN's "Reliable Sources"
 and Tim Russert's show on CNBC.

 Limbaugh's new "respectability" is the surest sign that the conservative talk network is now
 bleeding into what passes for the mainstream media, just as the unapologetic conservatism
 of the Fox News Channel is now affecting programming on the other cable networks.

 From: Rude Rich

 Subject: Who played the guitar solo on Baby I'm Amazed?

 My buddy says Paulzy played all the instruments on that album.
 I say he may be able to play chords but he can't play a solo like that.
 I'm sure someone with your limited musical tastes must have a sappy
 album like that in your collection.


 ha ha

 Dunno, maybe somebody else knows...

 An Internet Chat with Koko the Gorilla
  It reads like a live press conference with President Monkey Suit

  Click  Here

 HaloMyBaby: I'd like to know what you'd like for your birthday.

 LiveKOKO: Birthday. Food and smokes.

 HaloMyBaby: SMOKES?

 DrPPatrsn: Smoke is the name of her kitten.

 This is trippin' stuff, man.
 I'll bet KOKO could testify at a trial.

 This isn't a parrot repeating some phonetic patterns.
 KOKO is answering questions, like maybe a four-year old kid.

 For her birthday, Koko just wants some good food and her cat "Smoke."

                  Koko and Smoke

 Check it out - Koko is smarter than a Republican
                       and more loyal than a Democrat.

 Want Admiral Pointdexter's Phone Number/Address?
  (Hey, He's Got Yours!)

  Click  Here   (Use IE, not Netscape)

 They give the names and addresses of some neighbors, too.
 I wonder how Poindexter likes this?

 Is it cold where you are?

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 A "What did Bush Know" sweatshirt from
BartCop Store No 7  will keep you warm.


ďI'm toying with the idea of having Al Sharpton on to ask how he feels about echoing me,
  and remind him that I have proclaimed myself 'America's black leader.'"
    -- Rush Limbaugh (R-Racist)

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  Right now, President Emotional Landslide is down 2 million jobs.
  If we can put just one person to work, our record will be better than his.

 Article on The Sopranos finale

  Click  Here

 Tony mounts Ralph's head on a wall.

 Reminder from Marty E!

 The finale runs 75 minutes, if you're taping it.


"The Bush administration is blaming the recession they can't get us out of. They're blaming
   the war on terrorism they can't seem to win. It's obvious the real culprits are those Bush
  tax cuts everybody told him we couldn't afford when he ran for president. And now we have
  proof we can't afford it. He wants to make them permanent. You know what? This guy inherited
  a $5.6 trillion surplus and blew it all in taking us $3 trillion back in debt."
       --James Carville, Crossfire, 12/05/02

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"Since the Bush administration began, if you had $100,000 in a 401(k),
  you've lost $31,000 in those two years."
    -- Frank Lautenberg, Crossfire, 12/04/02

 Hey, we lost our life savings and our futures and we're in a never-ending war,
 but as long as the president's not having sex - that's all we need to be happy.

 BartCop Radio  is just what America needs.

 If we had enough $10 subscribers, we could make Rush and Bush eat it every day.
 Is  bartcop.com  worth $10 a month?

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Letterman Alley protested by Garfield the cat
Seinfeld's 'puffy shirt' auctioned
Bono is delusional
Yoko, Sean & Bijou


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