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Volume 946 - No static at all

President Junior is a war criminal
...just like his daddy

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 Friday       Dec 6, 2002 


"Bush has had some very important domestic accomplishments. He's reintroduced the
  peanut butter and jelly sandwich to the White House. He's presided over t-ball games.
  He's cleared a heck of a lot of brush there from that ranch in Texas. So that's something.
  A few accomplishments there for our president."
   --Paul Begala, Crossfire, 12/02/02

 Will Disclosure Requirement Cause Kissinger to Resign?
     by Joe Conason at

  Click  Here

 If he read this morning's Financial Times, Henry Kissinger probably doesn't feel so enthusiastic
 about his appointment to run the independent 9/11 commission. Even another opportunity for
 public "service" may not be enough to convince the international business consultant to reveal
 the names of all his clients. Yet that is what he must do, according to a legal opinion delivered
 on Wednesday evening to the Senate Governmental Affairs Committee.

 Unemployment rate shoots thru the roof
  Nine year high - America goes backwards

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 The nation's unemployment rate unexpectedly shot up to 6.0 percent in November,
 the highest level since a peak almost nine years ago when the country was struggling
 to emerge from the last Bush-bungled recession.

 Now it's a time of great decision.
 Are we to stay or up and quit?
 There's no avoiding this conclusion,
 our country's turning into shit.

 America seen as the bully of the world

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 A major survey on international opinion shows U.S. popularity has plunged across much of the
 world amid mounting perceptions that the United States is running roughshod over other nations.
 The US commands only tepid affection, just as the U.S. government struggles to win international
 support for a possible military incursion against Iraq as the next stage in its war on terrorism.


"The Bush budget, with all the lies in it and
   wrapped in a flag, that is flag desecration."
       --James Carville

 Photographer arrested for taking picture of Cheney's hotel
  Who knows - Maginnis could be an al-Qaeda operative

  Click  Here

 An amateur photographer named Mike Maginnis was arrested on Tuesday in his
 home city of Denver - for simply taking pictures of buildings in an area where Cheney was.
 Maginnis told his story on Wednesday's edition of Off The Hook.


"Republicans will always have more powerful interest groups and the fervor of right wing emotions,
 as we saw with the Confederate flag issue in Georgia and South Carolina in this recent election.
 They have an increasingly right wing and bellicose conservative press, with the editorial page of the
 Wall Street Journal emboldened by the last election, to urge that what we should really be doing is
 raising taxes on lower income working people so they will come to hate the government just as much
 as the editors of the Wall Street Journal do. And we have an increasingly docile establishment press..."
      -- Big Dog at NYU

 Fund trades favors, beating charges dropped
  How the rich and powerful get away with their crimes
            by withheld

  Click  Here

 Eugene traded favors with Fund and it happened.
 He gave evidence he created through a fabric of distortions without blinking.
 His own self-interest comes a long step before justice.

 I love beating up women,
 and then using my political
 pals to get charges dropped.

 VCR Alert - Saturday - Live from Baghdad on HBO, then Sunday's Sopranos finale

 Colorado Wal-Mart resells donated toys

  Click  Here

 Toys that had been placed in a drop-off box for charity at a Wal-Mart store
 were put back on the store's shelves after a mix-up that frustrated organizers.

 With 10 days left until the end of the annual Toys for Tots drive for the Logan County
 Chamber of Commerce, organizer Susan Kraich said she was back at square one.

 "I've been keeping an eye on that box every time I went to Wal-Mart, and was so
 excited as it slowly began to fill. Over the weekend I heard that it was nearly full,
 so I went to pick it up. I was devastated when I found it empty," Kraich said.

 You didn't think Wal-Mart got to Number One by playing fair, did you?
 They remind me of the B.F.E.E., but without all the murders and wars.


"We will fuck him. Do you hear me?
  We will fuck him. We will ruin him.
  Like no one has ever fucked him."
     -- Karl Rove, showing some of that "new tone" Bush talks about.

 Attribution  then search for the "F" word.

 Geez, it's no wonder the Democrats are scared of Karl Rove.
 He's such a mean-talking guy.

 What happens when a church goes bankrupt?

   Click  Here

 Faced with the possibility of having to pay more than $100 million in damages to alleged
 sexual abuse victims, the Archdiocese of Boston is weighing whether to file Chapter 11.
 Unlike businesses, charitable organizations like churches cannot be forced into
 bankruptcy by their creditors, but they can opt to file on their own.

 This is more horse hockey.
 I'll bet the Church owns billions of dollars in downtown Boston real estate.
 Like an Enron executive who was caught cheating on his wife, I'll bet the Cardinals
 are busy transfering deeds to off-shore corporations to hide their true assets.

 This is sickening.


 We're about to go to war - why?
 ...because Bush wants that oil, and he's using "fighting terror" as an excuse.

 How is he able to do that?
 He can do anything he wants under the Homeland Oil Act.
 The Democrats made the insane usurper the most powerful man in all of history.

 Why are we having to fight this war?
 Bush needs to do something because he can't find his old partner Osama.

 Why did the September 11th attacks happen in the first place?
 Osama claims his primary reason was because we put military bases in his Holy Land.

 Why did we do that?
 Because Bush's Daddy sent a Telex to Saddam in 1990, thru April Glaspie, telling Saddam
 he could have Kuwait if he wanted it and the United States would not take action against him.

 So Bush's bungling (or not) caused the war that made us put troops in Saudi Arabia
 which made bin Laden angry enough to rearrange the skyline in New York?
 Yes, and the Bush Family and friends made billions from that war.

 So Poppy Bush is responsible for the terrorist attacks on America?
 Without any doubt.

 Will the Bush family make billions off this next war, too?
 No, they will either make hundreds of billions or trillions off the new war.

 How many men will die in the new war?
 How many will come home with Gulf War Syndrome?
 That's not important - Bush wants that oil.

 So, war is not hell?
 Not for the super-rich family of the never-elected President.

 Yesterday, Rush called Paul Begala "The Forehead," again,
 yet he insists he has never engaged in personal insults.

 Click on the vulgar Forehead to get to a fun anti-Rush site.

  The Sopranos
       by Rude Rich (He's a Jersey guy)

   Click  Here

by Bruce Yurgil

 Have a job opening?   Need a job?

  If you're in a position to hire people, or know someone who is,
  might as well hire a non-fascist who reads  right?

  If you need a job or a better job than that which Smirk's broken economy allows,
  send your resume to Ed and he'll post it for others to see. I guess it would make
  sense to mention if you're willing to re-locate. If Dallas needs a programmer and
  you're stuck in Michigan, might as well say that up-front and save everyone some time.
  Visit the resume page

  Also, Shirley there are some bugs to be worked out.  Ed will handle the details.

  Click  Here  to e-mail your resume to Ed.

  Send him only the details you want published.

  Right now, President Anti-Miracle is down 2 million jobs.
  (That's why he fired Mr. Alcoa today - he'll blame everyone but himself.)
  If we can put just one person to work, our record will be better than his.

  Washington's Hottest Whodunit
          by Arianna Huffington

  Click  Here

 Everyone in D.C., it seems, is utterly baffled as to how an ugly little provision
 shielding pharmaceutical behemoth Eli Lilly from billions in lawsuits filed by the
 parents of autistic children made its way, in the 12th hour, into, of all things,
 the 475-page Homeland Security bill.

 "It's a mystery to us," shrugged Eli Lilly spokesman Rob Smith.

 Yeah, its a mystery how Bush contributor Eli Lily got a pass on litigation.

 Who is older - Barbara Bush or Hoover Dam?

 Answer - Barbara Bush, and she holds more water, too.



"It is considered the appropriate thing to say at a dinner party that, while
  Krugman is very bright, he's just too relentless on Bush.  Because to accept
  Krugman's facts as right makes the Washington press look like idiots."
     James Carville, from The Secret of Paul Krugman's Success, Washington Monthly

JC Penney is so into the coming war, they're selling this "toy"
of an American soldier staking his claim over the enemy command post.

 Wait, ...that's not an enemy command post, that's an ammo storage facility.

 Wait, that's not an ammo storage facility, that's what's left of a family's home after
 Bush's bullies blew it up. And I'll bet we don't see any survivors because this home
 was blown up using the best and most powerful explosives that American taxpayer
 money can afford.  That's our money, yours and mine.

 Why would Penneys want to make a profit from this "fantasy?"

 To complain:

                   Re: Item# IH655-0158A

 Penneys recommends this "toy" for children 5 and up.

 The Rio on trial

 The big trial was to be at 7 PM last night.
 But the assistant called, asking if we could do it tonight, instead.
 I took it as a sign of weakness.

 In a way, it's kinda exciting - taking on the Vegas big boys.
 And I've got nothing to lose - I've already been screwed - I've already paid the bill.

 I did a little research, and if they fail to make me happy, Clark County Court
 allows Small Claims action for anything up to $5000 in Las Vegas Township.

 There's no way the judge will give me nothing.
 The Rio tried to pull a fast one on the rube from Oklahoma.
(No sense in disclosing that I have 24 years of trial experience.)

 I wonder how that will look in the Las Vegas Sun and the Las Vegas Review Journal?
 I figure I'll get a mention when I file the suit, and another when the judge rules.

 I can see the headline now:
 "Rio caught in BartCop legal snare."

 Court is fun when you're going to win.
 They recommend some arbitration thing, first, so I may soon
 be getting an all-expenses paid trip to my favorite town.

 Wish me luck.


"Every time I see one of my Republican friends, I always remind them that they did
  better under us too.   A guy came up to me at a multiple sclerosis banquet the other night.
  The guy said, 'I'm a Republican and I voted against you twice.'  Then he said,
  'I'd sure like to have you back now.'   It was funny."
     --Bill Clinton at NYU

 Memo to Howard Kurtz: Who has the loose screw?

  Click  Here

 Howard Kurtz thinks Tom Daschle has a loose screw because Daschle claims he's being
 harrassed by Rush Limbaugh. I suggest Kurtz spend a week listening to Limbaugh.
 Limbaugh is a crazed, rabid pit bull. He has one speed -- ATTACK.
 He has one weapon -- RIDICULE. If the Democrats want to get back on the map,
 they're going to have to study why this is so effective, and adapt it to their purposes.

 Hmmm... sounds like another call for BartCop radio

 BartCop Radio  is just what America needs right now.

 If we had enough $10 subscribers, we could make Rush and Bush eat it every day.

 Is  worth $10 a month?

  Click  Here   to get links for other amounts

Wind me up and give me a script
I can sell anything - war, death, oil...


"You can add Limbaugh and Bush's IQs together and it couldn't boil water."
     --Paul Begala, Crossfire, 12/04/02

 Subject: Google search for "moron"

 After reading a letter on your site about Google, I searched the word "moron".
 Guess what the first site was in their list.

 President Moron.

 Best Wishes

 A Christian who reads Bartcop

  Click  Here

 For more, visit the all-new 

 Hey BC,

 When I searched Google for "Liar Slut Whore,"
 the first link up was a Whore-A Slessinger rant:

 If anyone should be (and hopefully is) pissed about it's the leg-spreading radio GOP ho.


 Doug, thanks.
 I hope she doesn't sue me (chortle...)

What does Marty E! have today?
Paula Zahn broke a bone
'Taken' gave Sci-Fi Channel its best ratings - ever
The VH-1 'Big In 2002 Awards'
Bill Moyers kicks the ass of Bill O'Really
'Naked Cowboy' is out in the snow
Also, started up page 4 of 'The Osbournes'


 Who said it?

 "I know who I am. No one else knows who I am.
   If I was a giraffe, and someone said I was a snake,
   I'd say, 'No, actually I'm a giraffe.' "

Strom Thurmond

Richard Gere

The never-elected Usurper

  Answer below

 The Friday USA Today said that Michael Jackson testified
 yesterday that he had "no nose" for financial matters.

 It's my opinion his testimony was truthful.

 Richard Gere is the giraffe, just married to Carey Lowell.

  Two of a kind
     by Andrew Greeley

  Click  Here

 Ultra-partisan Republicans hate former President Bill Clinton. They hate the memory of former JFK
 almost as much. The men have a lot in common: smart, articulate, cool, both pointy-head policy wonks,
 both charming, witty liberals. So the recent ''revelations'' about Kennedy's health caused them great delight.
 Peggy Noonan chortled gleefully in the Wall Street Journal that if the media in 1960 had focused on the
 qualifications of a president the way they do now, Kennedy would never have been elected.

 And most of us would either be dead or would never have been born.

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 Starr: "Lie and get your life back, or tell the truth and go to jail."

 Susan: "Go to hell, Kenneth!"
 (May not be an exact quote*)


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 Public opinion surveys taken in 44 countries indicate that negative opinions
 of the United States have escalated in most nations over the past two years.
 The polls also concluded that were longtime U.S. allies Oppression, Pestilence
 and Mayhem have also fallen in international esteem.

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