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Volume 953 - GOP Pixie Dust

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Sunday-Monday  December 15-16, 2002 


"See, it’s easy in this town for people to commit troops, the US troops, to combat,
  through opinion and the noise you hear in Washington. But there’s only one person
  who is responsible for making that decision, and that’s me. And there’s only one
  person who hugs the mothers and the widows, the wives and the kids on the death
  of their loved ones. Others hug, but having committed the troops, I’ve got an
  additional responsibility to hug, and that’s me, and I know what it’s like."
     -- President Dumber than a can of mice

 Gore says 'no' to re-election effort

 Al Gore, who won the presidency two years ago, but was butt-raped out of it
 by the partisan thugs of the Whore Court who owed the Bush boy's daddy a favor,
 said Sunday he will not run for re-election in 2004.

"Why should I bother?" Gore asked.
"Between the Whore Court, the GOP Diebold vote-counting software,
  and the good puppy Bush press, the election has already been decided in favor
  of the non-curious moron who bungled America into our never-ending terror war."

 Don't it figure?
 Just when I start liking Al again,
 the only Democrat who called Bush the ignorant slut that he is,
 the only Democrat who said Bush was taking America down the wrong path,
 the only guy who called Trent Lott's racist crap racist crap - wants out.

 Don Rickles stabs Lott (R-Dixie Forever) in the heart

  Click  Here

 Oklahoma Senator Don Rickles (as Reagan introduced him) broke ranks with his fellow
 racist senators and called Sunday for new leadership elections, saying Lott has been so
 weakened by a race-based controversy that "his ability to enact our agenda" is in doubt.

"There are several outstanding senators who are more than capable of effective leadership,"
 said Nickles, as he straightened his tie and cleared his throat repeatedly.

 Lott, (R-Cross0Burner) had no immediate reaction beyond "Fucking Oww!"

 Until his backstabbing, Nickles is known to most Americans as the senator who left his
 children in his just-wrecked burning limo so he could walk to the Capitol to vote against
 democracy during the crucial Senate impeachment vote against our last elected president

 When asked by AP why anyone would ever consider voting for him, Nickles replied,
"...because I'm not Jim Inhofe (R-Pissquik)?"

 Trent Lott's Home Page


 They've turned on their good friend Trent for not being Nazi enough
  Click  Here

 They loved that Thurmond/segregationist talk, and wonder why their boy retracted anything.

 GOP To Trent Lott: You must marry a fly and have offspring
 (Inside the GOP)
   by H. Millard  (Is he the guy who writes Mallard Fillmore?)
  Click  Here

 It's not been a good week for freedom of speech or white people in post-American America.
 Trent Lott (R-Miss) became the latest evil white to be persecuted for his original sin of being born white
 and for having some consciousness of this fact. It seemed that all the knee jerk left wing yahoos in the
 country opened their slack jaws to drool that Lott is a racist.  Then, some of the similarly mentally
 challenged and racially neutered conservative yahoos opened their yaps to say Lott isn't a racist.
 These conservatives quickly added that they condemn racism and that some of their best friends are black.

 ha ha

 It looks like Lott's strategery is to show that there ARE people to his right.
 I wonder why they don't have Reagan, Dim Son and Rush's pictures on their site?

 What We Have Learned From the Lott Affair
  Rush must written this - I recognize the speech patterns - see if you can, too.

  Click  Here

 Even those who call themselves "conservative" were among the Lott detractors. Some blacks find
 advantage in masquerading as conservatives, but when it comes to race, they are not conservative
 with YOUR views. You better bury your own deeply held beliefs and subscribe to their odd racial
 opinions or have your whole existence become a nightmare. In other words, white men should
 "shut up."   And that is basically what we have learned from the Trent Lott Affair.

 Rush wrote that!
 I'll bet money on it.
 Rush is the premier racist in America and he currently leads the GOP.

 Thanks to Bozakand many others for finding this page.
 I remembered "Council for Concerned Citizens" it was "Conservative Citizens."
 It's where the RNC's faxes originate every morning.

 Subject: Bill Bennett did not do the "right thing" in defending Lott

 It's my understanding that the only reason Bill Bennett is on the correct side of the Trent Lott
 controversy is that he wants Lott out of the way as a liability to getting all those damn racist
 and right-wing-nut judges appointed to office that Bush is trying to push through.  Otherwise,
 he would be as silent as all the other pig Republicans.

 Bill Bennett--support Lott and lose the battle on getting those judges in place.
 Get rid of Lott, get the heat off, and slip through those appointees!

 Assholes and leopards do NOT change their spots.
 They only try to use the vision of other people to their advantage.


 Linda, when Bennett calls Lott a racist, facist pig,
 you must allow me to agree with him.

 Rove Stabs Lott
  as predicted on buzzflash.com

 Click  Here

 "Must stab Lott!"

 Dunces of Confederacy
  by Maureen Dowd

  Click  Here

 We could have had a perfect Friday the 13th trifecta.
 First Cardinal Law, coddler of pedophiles, resigned.
 Then Kissy, coddler of dictators, kissed off the 9/11 families rather than reveal his clients.
 But then Trent Lott, coddler of racists, spoiled it all.

 Mr. Lott said he would be stepping out early this week on BET.

"For a full hour, I will talk about my hopes and dreams for the people in this state and
 this country, regardless of their race, and to make sure that African-Americans have
 the opportunities that they deserve," he promised the press in Pascagoula.

 For the love of Amos 'n' Andy, hasn't Mr. Lott punished the black man enough?

 But, Le Dragoness!
 You forgot to tell us where Lott's Bridal Registry will be!!


"The Democratic Party is so knockkneed and gutless,
   they couldn't win a presidential campaign against carrottop!"
     ...Darrel Hammond, telling the truth, doing Chris the Screamer on SNL


“Rosie O'Donnel (D-Traitor) has attacked Wynona Ryder saying
 'She's been stealing stuff for ten years and her last movie sucked.'
  Of course, Rosie can say that, because she's the best damn
  middle-linebacker the New York Jets have ever had."
    --- Tina Fey, Weekend Update

 Got a few years to look at Bush's current scandals?
 (Hint: these aren't about some girlfriend, either)

 Click  Here

 Too big for an excerpt...

 US President Implicated in Sex Scandal?
 Sex crime lawsuit filed against GW. Bush
 Hey, Pravda is reporting it, which is the only reason we mention this probably Rove-planted story.

 I use force for everything...

  Click  Here

 A lot of women liked Bill Clinton. Women thought that he was a very charming and attractive man.
 However, the situation with George Bush is totally different. Mr. Bush is definitely a representative of
 another psychological type of human being. It is evident that he is often drawn to solve all problems
 with the help of the military force. As it turns out, this trait of his character it also seen when it comes
 to sexual relationships with women.

 Btw, on a DU POST - they say the plaintiff was a minor:

 George, we thought you gave up raping young girls in 1971?

 Fan Mail

 Subject: Bart, you're the light of my world at this point

 The check's in the mail, buddy. For a pitifully small amount, it's true.
 Still paying off MASSIVE credit card debt from the rewiring/electrical job
 I had to do on my house to keep it from being a damn fire hazard.

 Consider this a down payment. I am doing snail mail and check, because I don't
 want to max out my credit cards any further, and also because Paypal would take
 a cut -and I want it to all go to you.

 Here's hoping you can quit your day job in 2003. It's people like you
 that are helping ME keep MY day job - a futile effort maybe, as the
 economy tanks, but one I can wholeheartedly support.


 Dolly World

 Subject: Pearl Harbor

 Bart---This post of mine was removed completely from your site. Why?

 I know that I get carried overboard with my subjects, but I get pissed
 off when people wave the American flag and then talk out of the side of
 their mouths.

 Please respond


 Burt, I don't have anything to do with the day-to-day stuff at the Forum,
 which is where I'm guessing that was posted and pulled down.

 I'm not sure why they pull down stuff over there.
 They've pulled my stuff before and you're right, that's maddening.
 But I like that WWII stuff, which is why Dave has been working on Project 60 for years.

 Here's your FDR speech, sorry it's late and thanks for writing,

  Click  Here

 Monkey Mail from a little kid?

 Oh well, might as well straighten him out now...

 Click  Here

 Bush Tax Plan Screws Poor
 Nation stunned, Democrats quiet as usual

  Click  Here

 As the Bush administration draws up plans to simplify the tax system, it is also refining
 arguments for why it may be necessary to shift more of the tax load onto lower-income workers.
 Are too few wealthy Americans paying too much in taxes for too many, and should the working
 poor and middle class be shouldering more of the tax burden?

 Yes, the super-rich have had it too hard!
 Let's screw the always-lucky poor people!


“I don’t want to prejudge the report. But my gut feeling
  about Saddam Hussein is that he is a man who deceives.”
    -- President Kreskin, who can smell that oil

 We're Broke!
   by Don Stott

  Click  Here

 Check out the papers. California is $21 billion in the red. All states are in the red.
 Counties, cities, towns, and even villages are broke. Ford stock hovers around $7, and
 United Airlines stocks which got almost to $100, now are worth pennies. They're broke also.
 Continental Airlines, and all of the others, except those who are run decently, are broke as well.
 Qwest has debts of $25 billion, and Kroger super markets are heavily in debt. The county in which
 I live is struggling, as is the whole state. Tourism is so far down, that thousands of tourist-oriented
 businesses are broke, for sale, or hovering at that point.

 Notice, I didn't say a word about the federal government.
 The fed is doing just fine, thank you. Thousands of new hires, expanding bureaucracies, and the
 military-industrial complex Ike warned us about, is going full throttle. DC is booming...

 Bush controls the printing presses and they're robbing us blind.
 All 50 states are crumbling, but the B.F.E.E. is stealing billions per day.
 ...but keep your eyes on the phoney war - and do not look at the Treasury.

The Treasury is none of your concern.
Let your shadow government worry about that.
Halliburton & Bush are saving you from terrorism.

 Al Gore on SNL this weekend

 Haven't seen it yet, was out of town.
 Please Santa, send me time for Christmas!

 Radio Update

 Some bad news, but mostly great news!
 With my top tech getting surprised married, we got very little done last week.

 The good news is - this radio thing is going to work for sure.
 They say the technical end is no Tribble at all.
 They say the money won't even be a problem, because the only way we can run
 into a lot of expenses is if a LOT of people are listenting, and since subscribers
 will be the ones dialing up BCR, more people will mean fewer costs - what?

 The Plan: All current subscribers will get BCR for free.

 One thing - and this is an observation, not a complaint - November receipts were up
 which made me thing BCR might be just around the corner, but November seems to
 have been an aberration (Adjective - deviating from the usual) probably due to the
 horrific takeover of the illegal Republican thugs so we're a little less eager to dump the
 day job and plunge into radio, but we're getting closer every day.

 I'm guessing the best way to do this is dump the day job, then do 30 practice shows
 to raise the quality from super-extra lame to just lame - then start webcasting.

 So if the Heavens opened up and rained cash (Or Barb or Alec or Martin called)
 we could be on the air as soon as February or March, so wish me a bunch of luck.
 Also, if the tech people say a co-host won't need to be here in K-Drag,
 we might do those practice shows with different people and see who's most fun,
 but I guess that means you gotta dump your day job, too.

 More updates as we have them.

 You know what would make Bruce Willis angry?

 If it's true that Bill is dating Demi.

 Click  Here

 Bruce is seething because Demi has been secretly dating Bill Clinton.

 The actress is said to be captivated by Bill's "mature" sex appeal, witty one liners
 Bruce told Demi,  'He uses women – don't trust him'."

 Hey, Bruce, do you mind if Scout, Rumur and Tahlulah call Bill "Daddy?"

 From: mark crispin miller

 Subject: 15 US cities now oppose PATRIOT Act.

 Patriot Act Earns Council's `No' Vote

  Click  Here

"We shouldn't stand by silently as those rights and freedoms are eroded,"
 Councilor Bonny Bettman said, urging her colleagues to make a unified statement.
"Our rights and freedoms really help distinguish us from our enemies."

 The Week the Wheels Almost Fell Off

  Click  Here

Great Christmas Gifts!


"Democrats may claim that Landrieu's victory shows the party does have a winning message.
  But there may be a different lesson. You cannot be nice. These people go for the jugular.
  Mary proved that you can attack them back."
        --Donna Brazile, Al Gore's 2000 campaign manager

 Uh, excuse me, Ms Brazile, but didn't Clinton prove that in 1992 and 1996?
 How could you guy forget that in 2000?

 If I was on the 2004 team, I guarantee we'd remember to fight back...

What does Marty E! have today?
ExxonMobil tells 'Masterpiece Theater' to go to hell
Al Gore on SNL
McCartney claims he wrote Beatles songs
Bruckheimer's 'Profiles' has yet to air
VH-1 does the 80's.
Baron Dave Romm's gift suggestions III
Can't wait for BartCop Radio



"How good was the Clinton Presidency?
  History's pending verdict becomes clear when we ignore the hysterics and
  constrast Bill Clinton's success against two failed Bush presidencies.
  Bush I and Bush II - gloomy bookends before and after the eight great Clinton years.
  Clinton not only kept the campaign promises he made, he even fulfilled those
  Reagan and Bush I made and broke. All without breaking a sweat."
        --Mike Hersh,  mikehersh.com

 Just wondering...

 When you check in, do you ever look to see if you've missed an issue?
 For instance, Thursday, the issue went up at 3 PM.
 Friday, since I had to leave town, that issue went up at 11 AM.

 So if you checked in around noon or 1 each day, you missed Thursday's issue.

 I know what you're thinking, "Post the same time each day, Dumbass,"
 but it doesn't always work that way. Sometimes at noon, the issue is
 skinnier than Ann Coulter on Day 30 of Survivor.  And sometimes
 I gotta post before I leave town because I don't have a laptop.

 (Santa, do your thing...)

 So anyway, maybe double-check the issue date or top toon or whatever.
 I want you to get your money's worth.

 Last thing, we got back late Sunday.
 I was supposed to make phone calls Sunday - sorry about that.
 Will try again tonight if I can find your number (I need a staff).

Trent Lott's America
Vote GOP in 2004


"This is a great great day for Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson and all the other
  race-baiters on the left. Trent Lott's survival has given them ammunition for years."
     -- Andrew Sullivan

 So Andy, as an HIV-Positive gay man, why are you in a party of Nazis and Klansmen?
 Can you hate Clinton that much?

 Send in your funny/damaging sound files.

 What we need is short, short stuff - 30 seconds maximum.
 We'll eventually be multi-capable, but for now, send MP3s only.

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 Lott successors hover over his carcass

  Click  Here

 Don Nickles's call for a new election to consider replacing Trent Lott (R-Nazi)
 raises the possibility of  the first multi-candidate leadership struggle for the Senate
 GOP in nearly two decades, with Nickles and several others already figuring in
 speculation about would-be successors.


"Obviously, he was trying to make an old man feel good,
  and there's nothing wrong with that."
    --Sen. Jon Kyl, (R-racist) on Trent Lott's racist remarks

 Weekend Sports Round-Up

 Mr. Handsome wins Heisman!
 I never heard of the guy - is he any good?
 I guess if you're a prettyboy and play for Hollywood U, U're gonna win the Heisman.

 College football pretty much sucks until the bowl games.

 Mr. Perfect - Tiger Woods is using surgery as an excuse why his game sucks so bad,
 when we all know it's the BartCop Hex, which has been on his ass for 18 months.
 Hey, Tiger, the surgery won't help. You can't get a hexectomy.

 In the NFL, most games were yawners, too, but I was on the road & didn't see them.

 One thing?
 While the whole nation got the fantastic Green Bay-San Francisco game,
 Oklahoma was stuck with KC-Denver and Giants-Cowboys.
 Why do they pipe in "local" crap from Dallas and KC while the best two teams
 in football are giving us a playoff preview?

 St Louis won, of course, because the best quarterback of the last 5 years was out.
 Green bay won the great game we weren't allowed to see, but all in all is was a
 great weekend because Dallas lost!

 For more/better sports coverage, visit the all-new 

 It's time to revisit John Aschroft
  By Joe Conason
  Click  Here

"If conservatives are sincere in their sudden agitation over Trent Lott's neo-Confederate sympathies
  – and there is every reason to believe that many of them are – then perhaps the time has come to
 take another look at John Ashcroft. He hasn't said anything lately as offensive as Lott's remarks at
 the Thurmond birthday celebration. But during his confirmation hearings, the Attorney General's
 odd opinions and unsavory connections received less attention than they merited.

 The questioning of Ashcroft in the spring of 2001 by the members of the Senate Judiciary Committee
 was barely competent, and his former colleagues took his demurrals at face value. Had the Senate
 attempted a serious investigation of Ashcroft's background, they would have discovered many
 resemblances to the Mississippi Senator who now causes them such discomfort."

 Joe is right!
 Ashcroft is every bit the Klansman Lott is - maybe more - but the Senate Democrats went to
 f-ing sleep like always and confirmed a religiously-insane monster as Attorney General.
 And now, that religiously-insane monster has the power to legally murder at will,
 just like the Unconstitutional, Unelected Moron who stole Al Gore's job.

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