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Volume 977 - Octo-Puta

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 Tech weekend    January 18-20, 2003 


"I believe that while race-neutral means are preferable, it is appropriate
  to use race as one factor among others in achieving a diverse student body."
  There are circumstances in which it is necessary to consider race as a factor
  among many factors in diversifying colleges."
   -- Condi Rice, not as racist as her boss?

 Full Story

 Mr. Rove and the non-elected idiot will be pissed.

 The Right Blames God and Bush for 9/11?
   by David Corn

  Click  Here

 The Right Blames God and Bush for 9/11? "One of the reason I believe the spiritual door
 was opened for an attack against the United States of America," Inhofe huffed, "is that the
 policy of our government has been to ask the Israelis, and demand it with pressure, not to
 retaliate in a significant way against the terrorist strikes that have been launched against them."

 In other words, on Sept. 11, God allowed airliners to be piloted into the WTC and the Pentagon
 because U.S. actions related to Israel were not to His/Her liking. How else to interpret Inhofe's words?
 A "spiritual door opened" for the attack? Well, who's in charge of spiritual doors and opening and closing them?

 You can't get more religiously insane than Jim Inhofe.
 He is Oklahoma's premier embarrassment.


"George Bush has jumped into the fray at the University of Michigan,
  saying too many black kids are getting in. It's nice to know that while Bush
  is juggling wars against North Korea and Iraq, and struggling to get the
  economy back on track, he still has time to stick it to the black man.
     -- Tina Fey, Weekend Update

 Are there two Michael Medveds?

 I ask, because Thursday I read an article in USA Today by a Michael Medved about the
 differences between the kinds of movies the public loves and what the film critics love.

 The reason I think there must be two Medveds, is because in this column:

There was no mention of Bill Clinton's penis.
There was no mention of certain cigars going in wrong places.
There was no mention of Hillary forcing Stalinism down our throats.
There was no mention of "liberal hypocrisy."
There was no mention of Hillary's "lesbian agenda"
There was no mention of Bill "feminizing the military."
There was no mention of Clinton "raping teen virgins."
There was no mention of the "genius" currently in the White House.
There was no mention of Saint Red-Ink.

 So, I'm thinking there must be two Michael Medveds
 and it's odd that both of them write for USA Today.

 Subject: The most scandalous administration?

 Reagan #1 by far
 Reagan had over 100 charged with crimes.
 He had 245 investigated by Justice & OIC's. Not Congress witch hunts.

 Clinton--wow!--Repugs in Congress spent $110,000,000 on hearings and investigations.

 Result---one person was "convicted" of a "felony" which was commited
 while "working for" President Wonderful.    ONE.

 Mike Espy's Chief Of Staff was charged with major crime of taking few trips.
 He could not afford to fight Smaltzsmear. Had he fought he would have been
 found not guilty for even Smaltzmear said there was no quid pro quo.

 Quite a difference---1 versus over 100

 clarence swinney

 The worst part is when ditto-monkey writers refer to the "scandal-plagued" Clinton administration,
 even tho Clinton's was the cleanest administration of our lifetime.

 And, of course, the Democrats are too timid to attack President Unelected
 so we just have to put up with it until the Demos get some stones.

 A Real Journalist Speaks

  Click  Here

 HUSTLER: So the FBI and CIA agents were pissed at George W.?

 PALAST: They are furious. He blindsided our intelligence agencies.
 How could a trillion-dollar intelligence operation like the CIA not foresee
 the most deadly attack on America since Pearl Harbor?
 The answer is not because Bush knew about September 11 in advance.
 Rather, they were told not to look because of connections that are political,
 personal and financial between the Bushes and the Saudis.
 When these agencies were told not to look, there was a lot not to look at.


 Just as I suspected, the VNS results during the midterm elections were not buried because
 of technical problems with gathering the polling data, but were buried because the polling data
 was too far removed from the PRE-DETERMINED ELECTION RESULTS.
 So they crammed the exit polling in the closet so no one would become suspicious.

 Remember on election night? All the interviews from state to state talking about how record
 minority turnout was reaching presidential-year levels? Funny how no one has talked about any
 of that since. In fact, the next day the talking heads on tv were completely contradicting what
 was  said the night before.

 Guess what? The exit polling data was right. It was the vote tally that was wrong (read: rigged).
 But what's another stolen election between corporate buddies?

 American Democracy is dead. Let's toast it's memory over a nice little "tea party."

 Karl Evans

 Hey, I'm always up for a party.


"This is fucking great."
    -- Bono, accepting his Golden Globe award live on NBC last night

 The Shield
  A TV show on the F/X Network

  ha ha

 Can they do that on non-pay TV?
 Vic spent last weekend in Tijuana, and wasn't aware of the rape of the ten-year old.
 When he heard about that little girl, just like Sipowitz, he went ape-shit ten ways.

 ha ha

 Look out, Sopranos, here comes the F/X Network.

 Ol' Vic has less use for the United States Constitution than Ted Olson,
 and I have no problem putting that into print.

 Vic and his armed goons invaded the suspect's castle and secured the taxpayers.
 Vic turned on the oven burners and asked the rapist to please do this the "nice" way.

 ha ha

 The rapist declined,  ...so Vic put a Michael Jackson on his face.
 Don't fuck with Vic.

 I promise, it's damn brutal cinema, ...but it has to be.
 It's a show about cooked cops in LA Rampart.

 The GOP Deficitaholics Fall Off the Wagon Again
    by Paul  Krugman,

  Click  Here

 Picture a recovering alcoholic falling off the wagon.
 First he says he can handle a few drinks. Then, when his inebriation can't
 be denied, he insists it's only a temporary lapse. But eventually he turns mean.
 "What's so great about being sober?" he growls, reaching for another bottle.

 As a drunk is to alcohol, the Bush administration is to budget deficits.

 The Golden Globes

 Did Lara Flynn Biyle lose a bet with Jack?
 Did he dare her to go on TV as a ballerina?

 The big winner of the night was "The Shield" and my man Vic (Michael Chiklis).

 He won Best Actor, beating out Galdolfini and Sheen,
 and The Shield beat out The Sopranos and West Wing.
 The Shield is the best show on TV that you're not watching.

 From: Bullet Boy

 Subject: VNS - DNF

 Ha-Ha !

 You think because an estimation system was unable to process
 incomplete data correctly, that means the election was fixed?
 That a modelled outcome is more accurate than the actual results?

 Ha-Ha- HAAAAAA-A-A-A !!!!!

 Boy are you S-T-U-P-I-D !

 You could be right - I've never denied being stupid.
 But I wonder if you're familiar with the facts...

 For decades, exit polls have been pretty accurate at predicting winners, at least
 until they were replaced by the CIA-assisted, Diebold-software voting machines.

 Funny, in state after state, people said they voted Democrat but then, state after state,
 the Diebold-results (that, by law, can't be independently verified) came back pro-GOP.

 As you said, I'm stupid, but way back in 1990, I could program a jukebox to play certain
 songs at certain times. That makes me wonder how hard it would be for an expert to
 program a voting machine to record an extra hundred GOP votes every hour.

 It was on the talk show, "Open Mike" that Marge Thrasher announced the assassination
 of Martin Luther King, Jr. That was a memorable moment for the women of WHER.

 Marge Thrasher hosted a call-in program the day MLK was assassinated.

 Marge Thrasher: "He was killed in the late afternoon. I was on the air.
 And they chose 'Open Mike' because of a big listening audience to pay respects.
 I can remember reading the prepared statement. Then played a Mahalia Jackson hymn.
 Then I said, 'Now we'll take calls.' I said, 'Good afternoon, this is Open Mike.'
 And it was a lady and she said, 'Are you a nigger or a nigger lover?' and hung up.
 And I thought 'what?' I was stunned. Charlie Sullivan was stunned.
 We had nothing on the air, I mean this is dead silence. And I got up and walked out."

 Click for More

  Get Greg Palast's book
  The Best Democracy Money Can Buy

"Courageous reporting  - read this book!" - Michael Moore
"I wish I had more time to read. I need a staff."  - BartCop


"There is a human condition that we must worry about in times of war.
  There is a value system that cannot be compromised--God-given values.
  These aren't United States-created values."
      --Dubya, doing God's will by murdering those with a different book

 Kill them!  Kill them all right now!
 They worship a different book,
 so we must kill them.
 I wanna kill!
 I want that oil, too, for the "safety of America"
 I wanna kill!

 Martin Luther King Day
   by Rude Rich

  Click  Here


"They say eating caviar cures depression. That's if you have a good health plan.
   If you have an HMO, they give you a day-old Mrs. Paul's fish stick."
    -- Jay Leno

 Stalker Alert

 From:  hawaiirog@yahoo.com

 "I love BartCop"                 "I love BartCop"
 "I love BartCop"                "I love BartCop"
 Khalid Sheik Mohammad      Riduan Isamuddin
 Fathur Rahman Al Ghozi    Mohammed M. Jabarah

"We all love BartCop. He is helping us kill Americans.
 Please help support him by sending your dollars to him.
 He is our invaluable aide undermining American's faith
 and trust in their government. We love him."

 Roger spends his day sending this kind of mail to people.
 He's one of those freaks who gathers with like-thinking people
 to read and masturbate to bartcop.com, the poor bastard.
 Isn't that sick?
 I feel sorry for him.

 If we stopped publishing tomoro, he would be crushed the most.
 His life has no meaning without bartcop.com
 He is a very sad and lonely person.

 Subject: VNS question

 VNS hired Battelle Memorial Institute to overhaul its computer system.
 It failed miserably, and Battelle is blamed, "we had IT issues that Battelle just wasn't equipped to handle."

 If Battelle wasn't big enough for the VNS job, then WHY is Battelle one of the
 top 10 IT contractors for the government along with the Carlyle Group?:

 Top Federal IT Firms for 2001

 45, Carlyle Group, http://www.carlylegroup.com, $128,960,000, Washington,
 49, Battelle Memorial Institute, http://www.battelle.org, $109,428,000, Columbus, Ohio,

 I had a similar thgought from another direction - all those stories I read about VNS,
 none of them reported the name "Batelle," and I wondered why. If a big company
 can't get the job done with two-years-plus preparation, they must suck really bad,
 so why not publicly identify the company that cost us our right to vote?

 From: Susan McDougal's book publishers

 Bart:  here's Susan McDougal's media schedule.
 Also, C-SPAN's Book TV will be rebroadcasting Susan's Little Rock
 bookstore talk on Sunday, January 26th at 10am, and again at 10pm.

 The Woman Who Wouldn't Talk by Susan McDougal

 o  Arkansas Democrat Gazette, December 15, 2002
 o  NBC-TV's The Today Show appearance January 17, 2003
 o  Fox morning news 1/17/03 (directly following her Today show appearance.)
 o  FOX News Channel's "From the Heartland with John Kasich" interview TK
 o  Ft. Worth Star Telegram 3 page interview to run in paper and appear
     on Knight Ridder and New York Times syndication wires on Jan. 20, 2003
 o  CBS National Weekend news segment to air the weekend of 1/24/03
 o  Ladies Home Journal interview April 2003
 o  Booksense 76 pick for Jan/Feb 2003
 o  CBS Early Show 1/20/02
 o  CNN's "Crossfire" 1/20/03
 o  Larry King Live Jan. 29
 o  Geraldo Jan. 26th
 o  Greta Van Susteren Jan. 22
 o  More magazine interview June 2003
 o  Philadelphia Inquirer feature to run the week of Jan. 20
 o  New York Times Book Review Jan. 26

 Barnes & Noble Georgetown, 1/21/03
 Barnes & Noble Upper West Side NYC, 1/24/03
 Barnes & Noble Los Angeles (Grove), 2/6/03
 Borders San Francisco (Union Square), 2/8/03
 Barnes & Noble Emeryville, 2/10/03
 Borders Seattle (12:30 p.m.), 2/12/03
 Elliott Bay Seattle (5:30 p.m.), 2/12/03

 Diane Rehm NPR interview Jan. 21 at 11a.m. (one full hour)
 New York & Company Jan. 23

Please, Mr Rove, tell us what to print today.


"The President is casting his mission and that of the country
   in the grand vision of God's master plan."
     --Bob Woodward, sucking on the Bush Family Evil Empire teat

 I'm so old, I remember when Bob Woodward was an objective reporter.
 Now he's a whore who realizes he can sell more books that start with "I love W"

 Statistical Anamoly

 I had a chance to view the hit counter, and was shocked at what I saw.
 January 6th set a new record for unique hits in one day.
 More hits than September 11, 2001, more hits than the last election theft.

 I e-mailed Marc Perkel and asked him if upgrading the server would cause
 some kind of double-hit shenanigans, but he said the stats were real.

 So what happened on January 6th?

  me if you have a clue.

How America watches corporate news.


"Without Derecheckeye saying 'I love you, Mommy'
   I couldn't get out of bed in the morning."
    -- Laura the Unloved, who had a baby so she could train it to say "I love you."

 Laura, the kid's in his twenties now.
 He already more warped than Michael Jackson's kids.
 Can't you let him go?

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"I'm not a textbook player. I'm a gut player..."
  -- the stupidest president in history

 He's a gut player because he can't read or understand the textbook.

Check Marty's E! page
Great stuff!


 bartcopradio@yahoo.com  is now a valid address.
 That's what I need - another mailbox to check!
 Please send all BCR stuff to that address.

I want Iraq's oil!


"The government itself is running exactly like the Sopranos. Bush has cut deals with
  France and Russia so the UN Security Council won't complain when we go into a war
  with Iraq and kill a lot of innocent people. Bush says, 'France, you're getting the pipelines.' "
     --George Clooney to Charlie Rose


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 Dave says Hey

 It was so cold in New York today that the "Gangs of New York" were wearing mittens.
 It was so cold here today that I saw a guy with his tongue stuck to a hooker.

 President Bush's approval ratings have taken a dip for the first time.Now down to 58 percent.
 Look out, because once it hits 50 he's going to start drinking again.

 North Korean Dictator Kim Jong-il has been called an under-achiever that succeeded his father.
 Thank God nothing like that could ever happen here!

 My corporial angel is still matching all new subscriptions to bartcop.com
 If you susbscribe for $10, he sends a matching $10.

 The tech boys came over this weekend and sprayed for Windows XP.
 Once they got rid of that, they re-installed Windows 98, a system that works.
 Since they had to wipe the C drive clean, I stored everything I had on CD.
 Of course, that caused a lot of problems because CDs are "read-only,"
 which means I couldn't add anything to upload to Perkel's server.

 I finally got that fixed, so we're back in business, taking more baby steps
 towards the inevitable unveiling of BartCop Radio.

 Should we give up?
 Or should we resist?

 I say we fight back!

 If we had BartCop Radio, supported by 20 cents a day subscriptions, they couldn't shut us up.
 Let's take the fight to them.  Pardon my French, but fuck a bunch of defense.
 Let's go on offense and make their heads spin until they're too dizzy to lie to us again.

 Is  bartcop.com  worth $5 a month?

 Is  Bartcop Radio  worth $10 a month?

 Is the freedom to say anything we want worth five or ten dollars?

 They own the TV networks, the major papers and talk radio.
 The Internet Resistance is all we have.

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 Thanks to Bruce Yurgil


"Make no mistake, Total Information Awareness would encourage
 faceless federal agents to engage in blind fishing expeditions into
 the information that we most want to keep private."
    -- Former Rep. Bob Barr, who wishes nobody knew that he wrote
        a check to an abortionist tyo murder his unborn baby daughter

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