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Volume 978 - Man with the Golden Gub 

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 Tuesday    January 21, 2003 


"They asked me to lie about Bill Clinton and I refused.
   I don't care if it was Bill Clinton, ...or, ...Rush Limbaugh,
   I couldn't do that to any human being."
    -- Susan McDougal on NPR this morning

 Rush has the biggest ego in show business.
 Whenever his name is mentioned - anywhere - he plays the clip
 for his ditto-sheep so they'll know how important his ugly ass is.

 But I don't think he'll play this clip, because Susan was saying she
 wouldn't even lie about a scum-of-the-Earth vulgar Pigboy like Rush.

  Peace was Cool
  Marching with Martin - Sheen

  Click  Here

 A short, smiling guy ran up to me  and said, "Look! It's the real president!  Are you going to
 take his picture?  It's Martin Sheen!"   I looked up, and there he was, marching along in the
 middle of the crowd, smiling and chatting with people around him.  I called out, "Hail to the Chief!"

 He was being very gracious as he marched along, posing for photos with people. The Bartlet
 Administration really has been my government for the past two years, so I was very proud to see
 him out with us.  I jumped out into the tide of people, and worked my way over to him, and smiled
 at him and waved. ...I blurted out: "Thanks for coming, sir!"   And he looked at me and said,
 "Thank you," very warmly.   A guy walking beside him had a big dog, and Sheen looked at him and
 said, "Hey, great dog", and the guy said, "Yeah, another dog for peace."  Sheen asked his name,
 and he said, Chango, and Sheen says, "Ah,  Chango, that's one of the Gods!" and he was off
 into a very Bartlet-like discourse on Santeria cosmology.

 Susan McDougal on Crossfire
   January 20, 2003 transcript

  Click  Here

 CARVILLE: So they wanted you to lie?

 MCDOUGAL: They absolutely had a story, from a guy named David Hale,
 that was an absolute, total lie, and they wanted me to back it up.

 CARVILLE: So they said if you did that, if you just lied, then everything would be OK?

 MCDOUGAL: Oh, it was a ticket to Paris. If I was willing to lie, I could have walked away, Tucker.

 Which country poses the greatest danger?
  Somehow, they forgot to rig this TIME Magazine poll

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 Go there and vote!

 Subject: This is so wrong

 On January 16, 2003, our first grandchild, K. S., was born with various genetic birth defects,
 but fierce and ferocious vital signs.  Yesterday, he had his first major surgery:  a tracheostomy
 and insertion of a gastro-intestinal tube.     He's already on a donor list for a cornea transplant.
 Although his father has insurance and a good job (but no time off for family leave!), the medical
 bills over the next three years of his life will be enormous.  On Friday, his mother was on the
 phone with Social Security signing up this beautiful little guy for temporary Social Security
 Disability benefits and Medicaid to help with the reconstructive surgeries to come.  I didn't have
 the heart to tell her that the pResident had just signed another one of his executive orders,
 this time authorizing hospitals to deny care to Medicaid patients.

 I suppose that if I was a Freeper, I would blame all these woes on Bill Clinton.

 We have hundreds of billions of dollars for a fictitious war; we have a bogus economic stimulus
 package that will reap millions of dollars for folks who don't work for a living; we have a defense
 budget in place that will give us a Star Wars defense shield to protect us against imaginary WMD,
 and yet, we don't have the money or the compassion to make sure all little guys get a leg up
 on the circumstances of their births?

 I tell you, in five years, Hooverville will look palatial compared to the U.S.
 I'll go now.  I'm gonna be sick.

 Keep making me laugh, Bart.  You're my Medicaid.

 Jan Walsh


"It is fitting that we honor Martin Luther King in a church because I believe that the power of his words,
 (He's lying)  the clarity of his vision, the courage of his leadership occurred because he put his faith in
 the Almighty. It is fitting that we honor this great American in a church because out of the church comes
 the notion (of) equality and justice. And even though progress has been made, even though progress has
 been made there's more to do.There's still a need for us to hear the words of Martin Luther King to make
 sure the hope of America extends its reach into every neighborhood across this land."
   --Dubya, who then ordered the Justice Dept. to stop blacks from getting an education

 VCR Alert
  Kimberly does not get kidnapped tonight on 24 because Fox is doing American Idol, instead
  24 is one of Fox's only hits, so they're pre-empting it, trying to kill it.
  Speaking of killing things, that wacky Vic will be dispensing street justice on The Shield.
  Buffy is new, Regis on Dave, Osbournes on MTV


"King was a "native son of Georgia who changed my life, the life of my grandson
  and your life ... and the life of an entire nation, indeed the world, for the better.
  We must never forget that one person, only one person can make a difference."
    --U.S. Sen. Zell Miller, one person who votes with the Illegal Usurper

 The Madness of King George
       by Dragon5

  Click  Here

 Apparently, George the First and Reich Homeland Security Minister Ridge have decided
 not to concern themselves with such trivial and bothersome matters as civil liberties, the Bill
 of Rights, and due process of law. After all they are chosen ones, the Few, the Proud,
 the Privileged, the rich, Republican, hypo-Christian, lily-white male master race!

 I woke up at age 14
   by Bob in Oklahoma

  Click  Here

 ABC Radio horseshit

 The pro-Bush, lying bastards at ABC Radio pissed me off this morning. They said
"One man was killed in an ambush in Kuwait today, and one man was injured."

 Those are American soldiers, you moron-enabling sons of bitches.
 You want to protect the Illegal Fraud, so you change "American soldiers" to "men,"
 hoping the casual listener will assume some Kuwaiti nationals died.

 Those brave men put their lives on the line and their Commander in Thief sold them out.
 He's willing to sacrifice their lives to steal Iraq's oil - and ABC Radio is helping.

 I don't like using this kind of language, but fuck you, ABC radio.
 Fuck you and your fraudulent word games when our men are dying in the sand.

 >>>> Correction:  Those men are contractors working for the U.S. military

 Read what it's like when war is necessary.
 FDR didn't take us to war to make his rich family even richer.


"In fact and practice ... you are serving those who continue to design our oppression.
  That is villainy, and I insist you look at it."  --Harry Belafonte referring to Colin Powell
  and Condi Rice, in a speech at a Martin Luther King Jr. in Chicago

 Kill Harry Belafonte!
 Kill him right now!
 He's calling me names.
 For that he must die.
 I wanna kill!
 I wanna kill!

 Bush Shows True Colors and 9-11:
 The Shine Is Off The Right Wing Rose

  Click  Here


"I trust Bush with my daughter, but I trust Clinton with my job."
    -- Craig Patterson, a 45-year-old ironworker in St. Louis

 Someone's not telling the truth

 What Michael Del Giorno wrote to me Friday:

 Bart, I'm just thrilled you are listening that long...and getting the message!

 What Del Giorno wrote to a bartcop reader who e-mailed him.

 Bart is a nutball I thought I left at KRMG... just sorry he found me...
 This attitude is towards Bart, NOT my audience...Bart is NOT a listener.

 It looks like this self-styled "Christian" isn't too familiar with the truth.

 When General Pinochet of Chile was arrested as a war criminal, the story found its way
 into the one Sioux City Journal copy circulating in the Woodward County hail. The men of
 "D" cell block knew about crime. They know about the war on crime and the war on drugs
 and the war on the poor, but they cannot understand why it is the rich who carry out all
 these wars while the poor always end up in jail.

 These men decided that former US President George Bush is also a criminal, though the
 outside world appears unaware or at least unconcerned. These men, the dregs of Iowa,
 the worthless refuse of America, plan to bring justuce to these United States. These men
 are not pacifists, or jurists; they want justice, and the only way they know is the American
 way of justice they have grown up watching.

 It's KGB by Mike Palecek

Click for more details and to order

 C-SPAN's Book TV will be rebroadcasting Susan's Little Rock
 bookstore talk on Sunday, January 26th at 10am, and again at 10pm.

 o  Ft. Worth Star Telegram 3 page interview to run in paper and appear
     on Knight Ridder and New York Times syndication wires on Jan. 20, 2003
 o  Greta Van Susteren Jan. 22
 o  CBS National Weekend news segment to air the weekend of 1/24/03
     Barnes & Noble Upper West Side NYC, 1/24/03
 o  Geraldo Jan. 26th
 o  Larry King Live Jan. 29
 o  Ladies Home Journal interview April 2003
 o  Booksense 76 pick for Jan/Feb 2003
 o  More magazine interview June 2003
 o  Philadelphia Inquirer feature to run the week of Jan. 20
 o  New York Times Book Review Jan. 26

 Barnes & Noble Los Angeles (Grove), 2/6/03
 Borders San Francisco (Union Square), 2/8/03
 Barnes & Noble Emeryville, 2/10/03
 Borders Seattle (12:30 p.m.), 2/12/03
 Elliott Bay Seattle (5:30 p.m.), 2/12/03

 New York & Company Jan. 23

BartCop sighting at DC march


 Will $5 a month get me BCR? Cuz I think I am about to get laid off
 (thanks BFEE for stimulating that economy for me) and wont be able to
 afford anything more and I really want to HEAR BC not just read him!

 A side note - I started reading your page about 3 or 4 months ago, and
 you have opened my eyes to what is going on in the US Government.

 I had no interest in Government, Politics etc., now I can't get away.
 I am astonished by the atrocities that are occuring in our Government
 and want to help swing the hammer. (I got a great phone/radio voice
 if you are still looking for a sidekick)

 Keep up the good work.. Please let me know about the $5
 because I am down for that if I can get the radio as well..

 Steve S

 Steve, the plan is for the page to always be free, and to charge a mere $5 for people with faith.
 I'll give plenty of notice, but once BCR gets hot and in-demand, we might raise the price
 to $10 a month, which is still only about 20 cents an hour.   That's cheap.

 We hope to do a two-hour show on weekdays (days? nights?) with archived shows for
 those who can't hear it live and then the occasional "special broadcast" for Smirk speeches,
 political conventions, Oscars, Emmys, Grammy's etc.

 So, to answer your question, an early $5 subscription makes you a pillar of BartCop Radio.

 We got a new subscriber yesterday!!!!
 Woo Hoo!
 We're building BartCop Radio a brick at a time.
 Even though we're taking small steps towards BCR, we continue marching forward.

 Is  Bartcop Radio  worth $5 a month?

 Is  Bartcop Radio  worth $10 a month?

  Thanks to Bruce Yurgil

 They own the TV networks, the major papers and talk radio.
 The Internet Resistance is all we have.

 Click  Here   to get BartCop Radio sooner rather than later


"What is hollower: The missile shells discovered in Iraq,
   or the rhetoric of the war hawks?"
     --Joe Conason  mirrors
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"Sarah McClendon, a familiar face on the Washington news scene, died this week,
  but she will not soon be forgotten. The White House correspondent was known for
  making presidents squirm with her tough, pointed questions that they tried to ignore.
  But she persisted and often made them answer her. Unfortunately, they don't make
  many White House reporters like that any more. Too often correspondents today ask
  only softball questions and don't challenge the "spin" manufactured in the Oval Office."
      --Helen Thomas

 From:   Garrett Magda

 Subject:  Why DU is locking you out

 The reason is simple. Your a moron.


 Garrett, why would Democratic Underground lock me out of anything?
 I'm a good guy - they are my kind of people.

 Also, how sad that the body of your letter was only seven words long and yet,
 you were unable to avoid a glaring and embarrassing spelling error.

 ...but you did spell "moron," correctly.


"Bush is the genuine article. People have bonded with him and love him.
  No amount of Democrat ripping of him to shreds, no amount of Daschlism,
  none of these protesters and whatever they want to say is going to matter."
    --Rush Limbaugh

 How would we know?
 He's never been attacked, never been forced to answer questions such as,
"How many felony convictions do you have?"

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  Over 30 resumes, but since we're under illegal occupation, nobody is hiring.

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“It's beyond me how anybody can look at these protesters and call them anything
  other than what they are: anti-American, anti-capitalist Marxists and communists.”
      --Rush Limbaugh

 But Rush, what happened when YOU had a chance to defend your country?
 You failed to wipe your butt properly and got an ass infection that kept you
 from going to Vietnam - another war you loved with all your heart.

 And Bush - when HE had a chance to go to Vietnam, did what he always does
 and got Daddy to pull some strings and get him in a already-full National Guard unit.

 And Cheney - he said he had "other shit to do," and had no time for Vietnam,
 but that oil lust is so powerful, they must fabricate a fake war to get richer.

 Why do you think they stole their way into the White House?

Check Marty's E! page
Michael Dare!
Cybill Shepherd is Martha Stewart
A flying cow
Consolidation at NAPTE Convention, exhibitors down 70%
vampire bats in New Mexico

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 That's what I need - another mailbox to check!
 Please send all BCR stuff to that address.

 I know what you're thinking...

 You're thinking, "This must be the greatest issue of  ever!"

 Well, if you liked it so far, you'll love today's 

  Click  Here   to read today's exciting 

 From: Spider

 Subject: Your dishonest "debate" claim

 Your dishonest claim that no conservative will "debate" you live online is a real howler.
 Of course since you control your website, you can say anything there that you want.
 Your fellow leftists will believe you, as they do anything said by Bill, Hillary, etc.

 Plug me in, cowboy. I'm your huckleberry.


 Spider, I wish you had a website.
 Without a website, you're nothing more than a disembodied e-mail address.
 After I give you the dreaded red-ass, you can always dream up a different name and
 get a different e-mail address and write again the next day without paying any price.

 I'll debate, but don't you have any Republican friends with websites who can debate?
 I'd much rather pummel someone who has invested some time and effort in a website,
 but each and every Republican website I can find is run by a coward who won't debate.

 Two rules:
You have to be aware that Bush pardoned Reagan's Iran Contra suspects.
    You don't have to agree on why, you just have to know that piece of history.
    It'll be an enormous time-saver should you call Clinton "unethical" or a "criminal."
    I debated a simpleton called "The Bird" and when he called Clinton a crook,
    I reminded him that Clinton didn't need to pardon his gang top stay out of jail and
    that dorky Bird said, "Pardons? What pardons? There were no pardons! Liar!!!!"

You have to know enough about  to attack me. I don't want to set this up,
    only to find out you're pro-choice, own guns and think Rush sucks.
    It's possible we'd agree a lot, so it's up to you to bring on the attack or there's no point.

    When do you want to do this?
    Do you need a few days to get your affairs in order?

    ha ha

 Subject: Theory on Jan. 6

 No big conspiracy explanation here – just the observation that for a lot of people,
 January 6 was their first day back at work after the Christmas/New Year’s break.
 And if, like me, you only have access to the Net at work… you get the idea.

 Pope Buck I

 Thank you, Your Eminence.

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