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Volume 979 - License to Spell 

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 Wednesday    January 22, 2003 


"Some would argue that the president himself benefited from a form
  of affirmative action because as a C student, he only got into Yale
  because his father was a wealthy alumnist. But the White House
  counters that Saddam is a menace and must be stopped."
    --Jon Stewart

 Fort Hood Report
 On this gigantic military base in Texas,
 something is boiling under the surface.

  Click  Here

 Two weeks before 9/11, all 60 gates at the facility were blocked with
 concrete barriers and barbed wire. Guard patrols were stepped up.

 At least a few soldiers there believe that 9/11 was a military OP carried
 out by the US government. They also believe that the imminent war on Iraq
 has the clandestine purpose of enlarging the borders of Israel.

 This Just in...

 President Bush just changed Candy Crowley's nickname to "The Butterqueen."
 No explanation was offered.


      by Christian Livemore

  Click  Here

 Some people get rid of their trees the day after Christmas. Others wait until after New Year’s.
 But these folks had already had the enjoyment of their tree for a week or two beforehand.
 And since we hadn’t gotten our tree until Christmas Eve, we reasoned it was all right to
 keep it up until March.

 St. Patrick’s Day, to be precise.

 DC Protest Pictures
   sent by Beth

  Click  Here

 San Fran Protest Pictures
  sent by Peter

  Click  Here

   Surprise - it's not a hatchet job
   by John Machacek - Gannett News Service

  Click  Here

 Clinton also found herself playing a bigger role among Senate Democrats in helping craft policy,
 strategy and message aimed at helping her party recapture control of the Senate in 2004. She has
 been tapped to head a little-known Senate party committee charged with coordinating the
 Democratic message with elected officials and constituent groups at state and local levels
 and approving appointments to Senate committees.

 ha ha

 I wonder if Hillary has anyone to help her "craft policy" and "get the message out"?


"The last thing that the hawks inside the administration, and their friends outside the
  administration, want is a coup d'etat that would replace Saddam Hussein. They want a war
  as a manifestation of U.S. power in the world and as a sign that the United States is capable
  of changing the balance of power and the political map of the Middle East."
       --Bob Novak on CNN's Capital Gang


 I got to meet one of my heroes, Susan McDougal, last night.  Her talk had most of us in tears.
 Her courage in the face of evil was truly awe inspiring.  An elderly gentleman stood up and in a
 voice cracking with emotion, thanked her for her bravery and integrity in standing up to Starr and
 his minions.  He went on to say how concerned he was about the current "bunch  of nazis"
 occupying the White House.

 In the audience was Helen Thomas and I was priveleged to share a few words with her.
 I thanked her for standing up at press conferences with the hard questions and hoped that
 other journalists would follow her lead.  Susan told us that Ms. Thomas said that all her many
 years of covering presidents, this is the first time that she is actually afraid to ask certain questions.

 Pat Raze


"Bush says Saddam is running out of time. What Bush does not say is that the
  clock is running out on him, too...Should he wait much longer to attack Iraq,
  Bush risks beginning a war that the majority of his own people no longer support...
  If Bush wants to have his war, there is little time left."
    --Thomas Walkom, Bush has new enemy — time, torontostar.com


 Did you see where the 9/11 commission has a year and 3 mil to work out 9/11? Crikey!
 The GOP spent, what, 110 taxpayer million and took how many years to hound and harrass the Big Dog?

 Doesnt that say just how much the GHP cares about the 9/11 families? Hell, it's like 3000 people
 were sacrificed at the GOP alter. The GHP was favored by whatever god runs things (Odin?),
 and the GOP darn well owes the families something. The world has been a mess since some
 Republican spin-meister decided innocent civilians killed for the cause were "collateral damage".

 Right de-humanizin', ain't it?

 Reminds me of one of the greatest Okies ever, Woody - "all they will call you will be deportees".


 Great TV

 I saw a great TV show Monday night - I didn't even know it existed.
 It's called Dinner for Five, hosted by Jon Favreau on satellite channel IFC
 Monday was the second season premier, which means I missed a whole year.

 Jon's guests were Kevin Smith, my good friend Ben Affleck, Jennifer Garner from Alias
 and Colin Farrell from "Minority Report," which is a Can't Act movie so I must've missed it.
 It's similar to Bill Maher's Politically Incorrect, but tons better.

No censorship.  The "F" word was all over the place.
    That proves they could say anything they wanted - anything.
They sat at a table and ate dinner. Jennifer didn't say a lot, she mostly ate and laughed.
     Mrs. Bart was disappointed they didn't list the menu.
They were drinking alcohol (Ben had a Coke)
They were (are you sitting down?) smoking cigarettes! Right on the TV!
They spoke very frankly.

 Ben and Kevin did most of the talking. They told stories about stalkers and autograph jerks,
"Ben can you sign these 40 autographs?" then after signing the 40, Ben tells the guy he
 has to get going so the guy calls him a "fag asshole," which was a funny story.

 Kevin talked about a feud he had with Tim Burton, and how it started as a gag
 but then Burton took it all seriously and it exploded into the newspapers.

 They talked about auditions and a lot of show business stuff, much of which went right over
 my head, which figures since I'm not in show business. But it was fun to hear them talk as tho
 they were at a party instead of a stage in a TV studio. I wish they would've given us an update
 on Jason Mewes, who's currently running from the law on drug charges.

 Catch it next Monday - 7 PM CST on the IFC Channel.

 Susan McDougal on Greta Van Susteren tonight - my foggy memory is telling me that
 Greta's husband (wish I had a staff) was on JHS's defense team headed by Nancy Luque

 That might make for an interesting interview.
 Plus, I like the idea of Susan being on a FOX show.
 If they try to ambush her, they're in for a fight.


"$70 million to investigate the activities of Clinton's penis.
  $3 million to investigate the attacks on September 11."
    --Atrios, the man who brought down racist Trent Lott,  atrios.blogspot.com

 I'll bet that number goes over $200M when you count the media.
 Remember, they created FOX Spews and MSNBC just to track Clinton's penis.
 It's the singular reason those channels even exists. After sex and drugs, fabricating
 sexual lies about the Clintons is America's most profitable cottage industry.

 The Conscience of Condi
    by Joe Conason

  Click  Here

 If anyone understands what Condoleezza Rice really believes about affirmative action,
 diversity and the attitudes of white Republicans, please tell me. (It would also be fascinating
 to know her opinion about legacy" admissions, which she no doubt must have contemplated
 during her years teaching at Stanford.)

 Rice admitted that she was the beneficiary of affirmative action programs at Stanford,
 where she rose from teaching fellow to provost, the university's second-in-command
 -- with no visible qualifications for that administrative job.

 But, ...to be a B.F.E.E. team player, she has to stick a shiv in every black person behind her.
 Condi is the next generation of Clarence "Slappy" Uncle Thomas.

 Have you seen the ESPN commercial where the two office nerds are
 betting on which of them can bounce the nerfball onto the second-lowest office shelf?

 Now - think how weird it would be to live in a world where the guy who can bounce
 the nerfball into the second-lowest office shelf was considered a hueueuege cultural hero.

 He's paid $20 million a year to bounce the nerfball onto the second-lowest office shelf.
 Coca Cola pays him another $20M to say he likes them better than Pepsi.
 He gets $10M each from  priceline.com  and The GAP.

 What if...

 What if...

  ...he was caught dealing drugs or murdering his wife and the waiter who had her sunglasses,
 and he was found "Not Guilty" because he could bounce that nerfball onto that second shelf.

 Wouldn't that be a weird world to live in?

 Dueling Quotes

"Two-thirds of all African-American children are born out of wedlock. About a quarter
  of all black families live in poverty. African-American patients make up the single
  largest group of new AIDS cases. These are terrifying and depressing statistics.
  How would John Edwards solve these problems? ...by removing the confederate flag
  from the grounds of the South Carolina statehouse."
       --Tucker Carlson, who loves the Slave Flag because he's a Republican

"John Edwards has guts. John Edwards stood up and said it's a racist symbol, it should come down.
  George W. Bush campaigned at Bob Jones University with its racist practices and refused to take
  a position on the confederate flag. Why? Because he's a gutless wonder. I'd rather have John Edwards
  making those kind of calls than George W. Bush."
       --Paul Begala, Crossfire, 01/21/03

 Subject: Susan McDougal's coming to Seattle

 Susan McDougal is coming here for two booksignings on Wednesday, February 12th.
 I am so hoping to meet her, and wondering if there are any other BartCoppers who
 want to join us. (SusanFest Northwest, anyone?) We're hoping to provide the warmest
 bartcop.com welcome for a truly great hero.

 I'm willing to do the work to arrange lunch for attendees at a restaurant downtown.
 For those who'd like to get a taste of the Puget Sound via roadtrip, we're also happy to
 provide suggestions of things to do in the area.  I'll also make arrangements for
 refreshments after the booksigning.

 It's not Vegas, but it's not half bad. All the seafood (and all the coffee,) you can stand!

 Julie RB

 Note: Contact JulieRB at  julieinduvall@hotmail.com
            Meet Susan, get her to autograph her book - party with the gang afterwards - wow!

...Clinton wasn't a good president?


"So what if this is a war for oil. What's wrong with that?"
      -- the vulgar Pigboy, third hour yesterday

 Think how screwed things are when Rush is the only Republican
 who's willing to tell the truth about why our soldiers will be dying.

 C-SPAN's Book TV will be rebroadcasting Susan's Little Rock
 bookstore talk on Sunday, January 26th at 10am, and again at 10pm.

 o  CBS National Weekend news segment to air the weekend of 1/24/03
     Barnes & Noble Upper West Side NYC, 1/24/03
 o  Geraldo Jan. 26th
 o  Larry King Live Jan. 29
 o  Ladies Home Journal interview April 2003
 o  Booksense 76 pick for Jan/Feb 2003
 o  More magazine interview June 2003
 o  Philadelphia Inquirer feature to run the week of Jan. 20
 o  New York Times Book Review Jan. 26

 Barnes & Noble Los Angeles (Grove), 2/6/03
 Borders San Francisco (Union Square), 2/8/03
 Barnes & Noble Emeryville, 2/10/03
 Borders Seattle (12:30 p.m.), 2/12/03
 Elliott Bay Seattle (5:30 p.m.), 2/12/03

 New York & Company Jan. 23


 I thought the chickenhawk stuff was great, and Rumsfeld really burns me up,
 his remarks are indefensible. As a forward observer, I was in combat in Nam.
 I wish these assholes could live just one week of what we did over there.
 I would pay to have that happen, just one fucking week!
 Enclosed is a donation.

 Former Lt. William P. B, forward observer, infantry attached to artillery

 Bill, thanks for the donation and the faith.

 The Peace Train
    by James Higdon

  Click  Here

 As we drove toward San Francisco I thought of the civil rights march in Selma,
 the life and death struggles to put an end to Jim Crow.  My thoughts expanded to
 frame the 1960's, the protests against the war in Vietnam.  I remembered the lies
 told by our leadership in order to push Americans to support an immoral war.
 I remembered a generation that was once proud to be the first generation to end,
 rather than win a war.  I remembered a generation that was once proud to stand up
 to White House abuse of power, and to win rather than to capitulate.

 Is  Bartcop Radio  worth $5 a month?

 Is  Bartcop Radio  worth $10 a month?

  Thanks to Bruce Yurgil

 They own the TV networks, the major papers and talk radio.
 The Internet Resistance is all we have.

 Click  Here   to get BartCop Radio sooner rather than later

 Subject: to Bob in Oklahoma

 I just read Bob's essay on growing up at age 14; that's an incredible piece of writing.
 His question about whether people who are cruel to animals can ever respect life
 (human or otherwise) really addresses our so-called pResident. Frogs didn't mean
 shit to him as a kid, why would Iraqis matter now?

 They are all lesser life forms to Dubya.  Notice how often needlessly cruel bigots
 think of themselves as good Christians. Maybe their Bible is different than mine.
 Anyway, thanks for publishing Bob's essay.


 Bob, a double-fest attendee, is a pillar.

 From the lying RNC website...

 ha ha

 Bush had an economic success in 2001?
 How can that be?

 Rush says (repeatedly) that Reagan gave us a 20-year boom.
 Reagan's term started in 1981, so His boom just ended in 2001, right?

 So how can we be in a recession that requires hueueueuege tax cuts
 if Reagan gave us a 20-year boom and Bush has been in charge since?


 Click  Here

 Congratulations! There is now less time left in Bush's court-appointed term than
 he has already disserved --although much more than any of us ever deserved.

 Hooray for the peace rallies in Washington, San Francisco and everywhere else!
 I'd have joined the hundreds of thousands of D.C. protesters, who braved weather colder
 than Nancy Reagan's heart, had I not been recovering from oral surgery and still bleeding.

 Then again, the smell of blood might have been the one thing that would have attracted W to the rally.

 Germany and France Line Up Against Iraq War

  Click  Here

 France, which says it has yet to see a convincing case for war, has hinted
 strongly that it might veto a resolution authorizing force. Germany, which
 holds a non-veto Security Council seat, said it would not vote for one.
 Most of the 15 Council members have said the inspectors need more time.


 According to the information we (Russia) have, the [war] is planned for the second half of February.
 The decision to launch it has been taken but not yet been made public," the source told the agency,
 which has generally authoritative contacts in the Russian military and political establishment.
 The source did not indicate how the Russian military knew of such an operation, the main aim
 of which he said was not so much to topple Saddam but to secure U.S. control over Iraqi oilfields.

"That oil is mine!
 Daddy promised it to me!"


"Over the weekend another one of those Osama bin Laden letters came out.
  It's 26 pages long! But in all fairness, the last page is just his Oscar picks."

Visit the all-new 

 Have a job opening?   Need a job?

  Over 30 resumes, but since we're under illegal occupation, nobody is hiring.

  Visit the resume page

  Click  Here  to e-mail your resume to Ed.
  Send him whatever details you want published.


“Does anybody out there actually think that we are going to be stopped
  by some Frenchman named Dominique de Villepin and what his country thinks?”
     -- the vulgar Pigboy

 Rush is right this time.
 When Smirk gets a hardon to kill some people - he's going to do it.
 Remember, he holds the Western Hemisphere record for most state-sanctioned murders.
 Nothing can stop him from killing. It's what Jesus would do, right George?

 Who could stop him?
 The Supreme Whores?
 They installed him over the wishes of the voters.

 Pressure from the America press?
 They're paid by the Bush Family Evil Empire to prop up The Fraud.

 The Democrats?
 Don't make me f-ing laugh.
 They can't fight their way thru a wisp of smoke.

 The only group that could possibly stop him are high-ranking Republicans,
 and they are so wound up in partisan politics, they'd sooner see the
 Middle East in flames than break ranks with Mr Rove and the Illegal Usurper.

 Unka Dick, I have a question, but I'm afraid it
 might be stupid, so promise not to get mad?
 How come we sometimes spell Iraq with a "Q"
 and sometimes spell it with a "N"?

 Why, ...don't cry, Unka Dick.
 Did I say something sad?

Check Marty's E! page
One more year for Frasier?
Jackie Chan uses a stunt-double?
Mel Gibson, the Mad Max Catholic?
Uri Geller, Michael Jackson & Darth Vader?


 bartcopradio@yahoo.com  is now a valid address.
 That's what I need - another mailbox to check!
 Please send all BCR stuff to that address.

 30 years after Roe v Wade

 It's almost impossible to read/hear a discussion about abortion that's not full of lies.
 I'll attempt to change that.

 Recently, some people died in Canada from an avalanche.
 Isn't that the price we pay to have the freedom to climb mountains and play in the snow?

 I'll guess 5,000 people, mostly women, die every year from non-driving alcohol abuse.
 Husbands get drunk and beat their wives, but isn't that the price we pay to have alcohol?
 We know some people will screw up and commit murder, yet we allow it.
 I'll bet half the people in prison were drunk when they committed their crimes.

 How many people die from gun violence each year?
 Whatever the total, isn't that the price we pay to own guns?

 I'll guess 30,000 people die in car crashes every year. We could save those 30,000 lives
 by doing away with personal cars, but we allow those deaths because we want our freedom, dammit.

 They say 400,000 people die from the GOP's good friends BIG tobacco, yet tobacco is still legal
 because we've chosen to accept the 400,000 deaths rather than outlaw that dangerous substance.

 I don't know the number of abortions done each year, and it's a shame if Sally has an abortion
 so she can go on some cocaine/skiing trip to Telluride with her drunken friends, but isn't that the
 price we pay to keep Scalia and Karl Rove out of women's uteruses?

 Nobody likes abortion.
 Like guns, cars, alcohol and cigarettes, it's part of being free.

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