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Volume 980 - Golden Oil 

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 Thursday    January 23, 2003 


"I mentioned early on that I recognize there are hurdles,
  and we're going to achieve those hurdles."
     -- President too stupid to believe, St. Louis, Jan. 22

 I don't want to hear one more person say, "Dubya's not as stupid as everyone thinks."
 Bush makes Dan Quayle seem as smart as Stephen Hawking.

 France, Germany say 'No' to bloody oil war
 President Warhardon told to take a cold shower
 Russia says 'no reason for war at this time'

 ha ha

 The moron president has never been told 'No,' before.
 He's in his room and refuses to come out - even for Condi!
 Smirk's plan was to be at war while the Super Bowl was going on.

 ...and the "infuriated" vulgar Pigboy is throwing one of the biggest hissy fits of his career,
 calling France and Germany, "thug, rouge, tin-dictator despots and appeasers" for
 not wanting war as much as President Death. The arrogant bastards can't conceive of the
 possibility that murdering a country to steal their oil might been seen as wrong by other nations.

 Hey Dim Son!
 When your friends tell you you're screwing up - sometimes they're right.

 ha ha

 Eat it, George!

 America doesn't like your bloody oil war.
 America doesn't like your tax cuts for the rich.
 America doesn't like your racist policies.
 America doesn't like your dirty crime family.

 How about a booster shot of The BartCop Hex

 Hex on Thee!
 Hex on Thee!
 Hex on Thee!

 Not the BartCop Hex again!
 I'm a-scared!
 Bart's done boosted The Hex on me!

 The Politics of the Herd
   by Gene Lyons

  Click  Here

 The most remarkable thing ...was how little the public actually knew about Iraq despite months
 of White House drum-beating . “As far as you know,” pollsters asked “how many of the 9-11
 hijackers were Iraqi citizens, most of them, some of them, just one, or none?” Here’s what they said:

   Most: 21%
   Some: 23%
   Just one: 6%
   None: 17%
   Don’t know: 33%

 The correct answer, of course, is that there were no Iraqis involved in the 9/11 attacks—not one.
 Most were from our wonderful ally, Saudi Arabia. How any sentient American could fail to know
 that is a mystery. I’m confident more could identify Jennifer Anniston’s husband or the Oakland
 Raiders quarterback.

 Rummy sorry for 'draftees had no value' remark

  Click  Here

 Rumsfeld's letter came in response to demands from those groups and lawmakers
 from both parties angered by the defense secretary's comment two weeks ago in
 response to a question about legislation calling for reinstituting the draft. In his remarks,
 Rumsfeld said he opposed the proposal, adding that draftees added "no value, no advantage,
 really, to the United States armed services over any sustained period of time."


 Why do people think Bush will have better luck finding Saddam
 than he has had finding his old friend and partner Osama?

 Once our troops land on the ground in Baghdad, who thinks Saddam
 will walk out with his hands over his head and surrender?

 Are our troops really going to go from door-to-door, searching under beds
 and in closets for Saddam so we can drag him to a secret trial at Gitmo?

 Bush can't find Osama,
 Bush can't find Saddam,
 Bush can't find a way out of the recession his tax cuts caused.
 Bush can't find a way to avoid killing hundreds or thousands of our soldiers.
 And with all his connections and all his millions, Bush couldn't find oil in f-ing Texas.

 I'll bet he can find his precious Game Boy cartridges, tho

 Can't be true Quotes

"So I met a guy today named Joe.... He said, by allowing businesses to
  expense up to $75,000, it means somebody is more likely to buy a
  copying machine, or in this case, an architectural fancy machine."
     -- President too stupid to believe, St. Louis, Jan. 22

 If anyone out there speaks Dumbass, can you translate that for me?
 And who, besides a Bush, would spend $75K on a copy machine?

"Small business owners like Joe may have problems passing their business off
  to a child or somebody they choose to pass their business off of."
     -- President too stupid to believe, St. Louis, Jan. 22

 Hey Moron, who's going to "pass their business off of" some child to run?

 Top headline in USA Today, January 20, 2003
 US units intensify hunt for Saddam

 Top headline in USA Today, July 20, 2003
 US units intensify hunt for Saddam

 Top headline in USA Today, January 20, 2004
 US units intensify hunt for Saddam

 Top headline in USA Today, July 20, 2004
 US units intensify hunt for Saddam

 Top headline in USA Today, January 20, 2005
 President-Elect Edwards takes oath

 That political cartoon at the top is from November 23, 1963.

 When I was a little kid, I read the newspaper front-to-back each day before school.
 That was the first political cartoon that knocked me out of my chair.
 I've been searching for it for a long time, but I didn't even know who drew it.

 It was produced by Pulitzer-winning Bill Mauldin.
 Bill was most famous for his WWII toons, and he died yesterday.

  Click  Here

 Mauldin was one of the nation's pre-eminent cartoonists. As a cartoonist for the
 Chicago Sun-Times in the 1960s, Mauldin drew one of his most famous works,
 published the day after President Kennedy's assassination.

 But for World War II veterans, Mauldin will be best remembered for uplifting their spirits
 during the darkest days of the war with the adventures of "Wille and Joe."

 Shot of Chinaco for you, Bill.


"There'll be serious consequences for any general or soldier
   who were to use weapons of mass destruction on our troops
   or innocent lives within Iraq."
     -- President too stupid to believe, St. Louis, Jan. 22

 Hey Moron, what if Saddam uses anthrax he bought from your daddy and Unka Dick?
 "Who were to" would that count?

Mauldin in French

 BFEE machine, cogs in a bigger machine
   by Phillip Schuman

  Click  Here

 For the Bushes weren't at the top of the evil food chain, but toadies and lackies
 hired on as help. Prescott Bush wasn't some original mover and shaker, but a guy
 picked up by his fellow Eli/Skull and Bones 'Bonesman,' Averill Harriman. Prescott
 was enriched first by his father in law, Walker, who put him into the banking business
 supporting the Nazis, and then when that went bust, seized under the Trading with the
 Enemy Act, he was saved by Harriman, who made him a managing director
 of Brown Brothers Harriman, a Wall Street investment firm.


“All this huffing and puffing about Bush being a strong leader is just ridiculous.
  He’s fixated on cutting taxes and just hoping that we don’t get attacked again,
  and that’s not leadership.”
      --Gary Hart, saying what needs to be said

 The Who take another hit

 When I was a kid, Zeppelin ruled and The Who were just posers.
 We argued with stoners at parties about which band was better.
 Truth is, they were both great bands, but I was always partial to the Led.

 Even tho me & Sabutai paid $80 for The Who's Final Concert broadcast in 1980,
 I eventually forgave them and I became a Who fan.

 So, ..all these years later, we see these commercials on TV.
 You see a classic 1959 Caddy convertible on a lonely road heading towards Monument Valley.

 Perhaps, due to some kind of drug flashback (which might strike a chord with the Zep crowd),
 the 1959 Caddy Titanic turns into the Cadillac 2003 Super Luxury whatever.
 The music is Zeppelin's "Rock and Roll," with each ad approved by Plant and Page.

 Cadillac!   America's luxury automobile.
 ha ha
 Maybe they'll buy some ads on bartcop radio?

 ...getting new life from an undefeated Best Band in the World Led Zeppelin.

 Fast cars, you can afford it!
 ...rock n roll, change is good
 ...life is short, so LIVE IT - what a message!

 ...and then there's the poor Who.

 For sad reasons I can only guess at, The Who didn't fare as well.
 Like I said, I like The Who - they are rock royalty.  ...stop laughing.

 That's why it's so sad, now that we're hearing that Claratin commercial 24/7 on radio and TV.

 I don't know the name of it, (I'm a recent Who fan) but it's that greatest of Tommy songs,
 the one that hits the big climax in that opera thingy. "Right behind you, I see the millions."

 ...in a what-can-I-do-to-unstuff-my-nose commercial?

 How sad!
 Possibly the greatest song ever written by The Who,
 and it stands for a drug that might clear up your sinus cloggage?

 Poor bastards.

"I'm looking for turtle eggs, Junior"


"Five years ago I never would have imagined the U.S. acting like this, like a bully.
  And if people like me feel this way, then you have to imagine how other Arabs are feeling."
       -- Saudi businessman G.S., educated in the West, California homeowner

 Hey, don't blame us. America elected Gore, but the B.F.E.E.'s crooked judges said Bush won.
 When Sandy O'Conner heard whom America had elected, she cried out, "Oh, no!" and then she
 and her crooked judge friends set out to reverse America's choice and appointed the moronic Bush boy.

 Gore and the Democratic Party didn't care enough to fight for it, so now we have this worldwide mess.

 Are there any adults in this Administration?
   as seen Wednesday on thoughtcrimes.org

  Click  Here

  Excerpt: Let's adopt Rummy's logic
 Accusation: George Bush is a cocaine addict and a drunkard.
 Exhibit #1 - There is no evidence that George Bush is currently drinking
                     or snorting cocaine, which could mean he is drinking and snorting coke.
 Exhibit #2 - I have no obligation to prove that Bush is a coke fiend
                     and a drunk. Instead, Bush must prove that he isn't.
                     Ergo, George Bush is a cokehead and a boozer.

 Remember this Spider guy from Monday's page?

> Subject: Your dishonest "debate" claim
> Your dishonest claim that no conservative will "debate" you live online is a real howler.
> Plug me in, cowboy. I'm your huckleberry.
> Spider

 So I wrote him a nice letter like I do with all these "Master Debaters."

> ... so get back to me with the date and time.  Most any weeknight at 8 PM CST is OK.
> Also, in the debate I'll be nice. I might get sarcastic or goofy, but I won't call you dirty names.

 Spider wrote back:

> You do not "debate", sir.  You libel people, half of all Americans, in fact, as maliciously and
> as frequently as you possibly can.  YOU are "intellectual" and anyone who disagrees with you
> is but an idiot.  Nothing more can be added.  You call this "humor" when the venom spews from
> your lips or fingers. It is "mean-spirited", "hateful", "intolerant" when it comes back to you.
> Doubtless you just want someone to whom you can personally direct such bitter invectives,
> so that you can proclaim yourself "the winner" after a sensible person elects to tolerate
> no more of your maliciousness.      8 PM Thursday.

 ha ha

 This is what happens when you try to be nice and extend the hand of friendship to a Republican.
 They return "I'll be nice" with a string of personal attacks.

 Do you think he'll remember the two rules?
He has to know about Bush's pardons.
He has to bring the fight to me.

 I'm going to enjoy this.
 His ass will be redder than a spanked hooker by 8:10 PM

 Look for a transcript tomorrow, ...unless he chickens out.


Since poll numbers show a continuing drop in Americans' support for an
Iraqi war, will another attack on U.S. soil be in order to get everyone behind Bush?
(it worked for Afghanistan)

Just a thought,

bekaye, put another way,
"Would evil men kill innocent Americans to grab Iraq's oil fields?"

Clearly, the answer is yes.
It worked on September 11th - that's how Bush was able to erase the Bill of Rights.


"President Bush said this Iraq situation looks like 'a rerun of a bad movie.'
  Well sure, there’s a Bush in the White House, the economy’s going to hell,
  we’re going to war over oil.     ...how many of us have seen this movie?"
          -- Leno

Sometimes you had to put your
trusty mount out of it's misery.


 I just did a web search at  google.com  using the words, "george+bush+nazi".
 The site came up with 106,000 hits in 0.14 seconds.

 That should tell the ditto monkeys something.
 Raise the hammer.
 C Dewar

 CD, if the swastika fits, they must admit.


"Politicians are incredible. We make all kinds of representations when we're running
  for public office, and Mr. Bush is the personification of those misrepresentations.
  So that shouldn't surprise you, that he would say one thing today and do something else tomorrow."
     --San Francisco Mayor Willie Brown

"I'd rather dig. A movin' foxhole attracks th' eye."


 My favorite sign at the San Francisco rally said "George needs an intern!"

 Others said "Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld: Axis of Weasels"
 and "War for Oil? Draft SUV Drivers NOW."

 And, of course, the picture of Bush as Alfred E. Neumann was everywhere....
 San Francisco knows how to have fun, and we do NOT like Bush.

 Keep on hammering!
Your website is an inspiration and a godsend in these dark times.


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"How does a guy whose pedigree opened doors all the way to the White House get away
  with pretending to believe in meritocracy? Affirmative action, so long distorted by its critics,
  makes an easy political target. Thus it was not unexpected, but it was still disappointing,
  that our allegedly "compassionate conservative" president would pile on."
      -- Robert Scheer, Bush's bogus "reverse racism" charge, salon.com

 C-SPAN's Book TV will be rebroadcasting Susan's Little Rock
 bookstore talk on Sunday, January 26th at 10am, and again at 10pm.

 o  CBS National Weekend news segment to air the weekend of 1/24/03
     Barnes & Noble Upper West Side NYC, 1/24/03
 o  Geraldo Jan. 26th
 o  Larry King Live Jan. 29

 Barnes & Noble Los Angeles (Grove), 2/6/03
 Borders San Francisco (Union Square), 2/8/03
 Barnes & Noble Emeryville, 2/10/03
 Borders Seattle (12:30 p.m.), 2/12/03
 Elliott Bay Seattle (5:30 p.m.), 2/12/03

 New York & Company Jan. 23


"...He Loves Me Not..."


"Crying "reverse racism" at the drop of a hat is ludicrous. And who better than Bush
  to understand that white people, especially wealthy white people, have huge social,
  financial and educational advantages. This is the man who was allowed to consistently
  underutilize the best educational institutions the nation has to offer because of his race,
  money and connections to power."
      --Robert Scheer, Bush's bogus "reverse racism" charge, salon.com

 Is  Bartcop Radio  worth $5 a month?

 Is  Bartcop Radio  worth $10 a month?

  Thanks to Bruce Yurgil

 They own the TV networks, the major papers and talk radio.
 The Internet Resistance is all we have.

 Click  Here   to get BartCop Radio sooner rather than later


"Assume the position. It just got a little easier for special interests to screw the public
  -- courtesy of the public's own representatives in Washington, who saw fit to kick-start
  the 108th Congress by gutting a pair of pesky ethics rules designed to reduce the
  amount of influence-peddling on Capitol Hill...Thanks to the House GOP's gutting
 of ethics rules, the capital is once again the land of free food, junkets and lobbyists galore."
         --Arianna Huffington, Denny Hastert's wild Washington, salon.com

took out a quarter page in USA Today saying,
 "CNN - Trouble with the Truth?"
 "America trusts Fox - that's why they choose us."

 If CNN takes that, and doesn't fight back (like Democratic eunuchs)
 that charge will stick and they might was well turn off the cameras and go home.

 The whores at Fox are pulling a Limbaugh/Goebbels in that if they repeat a lie often enough,
 and nobody makes an effort to call them on it, people will assume it must be true.

 I wish the scared-to-death Democrats would learn to fight back.


"To govern is to choose, and our governors are choosing badly...a war against Iraq
  is not just a foolish diversion from fighting terror, it is a sure-fire way to fuel it.
  What more vigorous recruiting sergeants for anti-western militant Islamism could
  Bin Laden have hired than Bush, Blair and their 160,000 troops - westerners
  invading and occupying an Arab land?"
       -- Jonathan Freedland, War is not inevitable,  guardian.co.uk

 The GOP said it wasn't important for the president to be smart.

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  Over 30 resumes, but since we're under illegal occupation, nobody is hiring.

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“The left can't intellectually explain their opposition to tax cuts or why they think
  the Reagan years were bad, just like they can't intellectually explain their whole
  economic policy, and they cannot intellectually explain the pro-abortion movement.”
    -- Rush Limbaugh, who would force you to have your rapist's baby

Check Marty's E! page
Penn & Teller on Conan
Faux gives Sajak another talk show
American Idol allows kids only
Hilary Rosen leaves RIAA
Clear Channel erects billboards
Robert Heinlein's widow
Nedra Volz, 'old ladies with a bun'.
Bill Mauldin - Dog Faces, Willy & Joe, WWII,
Stars & Stripes, Pulitzers, Lincoln & Kennedy


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 Please send all BCR stuff to that address.

"...forever, Amen. Hit the dirt."
Anzio 1944

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