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Volume 984 - You only steal twice

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 Tuesday    January 28, 2003 


"It's amazing. They can dish it out, but they can't take it."
    --Susan McDougal, telling a crowd at a Barnes & Noble on Friday
      that Ken Starr had canceled the 29th on Larry King when he found out
      she would be appearing on the same day

 Bush Address Won't Include New Iraq Data

  Click  Here

 To counter concerns about Iraq, Bush intends to reiterate his assertion that Iraq has WMD,
 and is linked to bin Laden, officials said. But new evidence of those charges will not be revealed
 until next week by Colin Powell, perhaps at the United Nations, officials said.

 They said Bush opted for a broad argument against Saddam in part to avoid
 having the State of the Union dominated by Iraq.

 Bush "opted" to let one of the adults spell out "the new evidence" because he can't handle the job.
 He needs his hand held every minute of every day.  Bush is like Ross Perot - all he knows is that
 we have to "roll up our sleeves" and "get under the hood," but he has no idea what the details are.

 Bush's oil war and tax cuts - what has it gotten us?

 The Dow is nose-diving into the toilet.
 Look at the billions we've lost just in the last five days.

 Go to hell! I'm creating
 buying opportunities
 for my rich friends.

 Monday, Rush's substitute talked about the "three year decline" of the stock market.

 If that's true (it's not) why was Rush crowing after the 2000 election that Gore should've
 won easily, since he had the hottest economy and hottest stock market in history?

 That's why their phones are closed, so they can fabricate a false history and sell it to the
 easily-led ditto-monkeys who can't remember what Rush sold them in January 2001.

 Note: Once I get that microphone in my hot little hands, I'll play audio of the liars
           saying stuff that and I'll shove it down their throats until they choke.


"I'm becoming convinced that Ari Fleischer calls on Helen Thomas
  because of how bad she makes the White House press corps look
  to anyone watching the briefing on a cable news channel."
   -- Brent Baker, of MRC’s CyberAlert

 Valentines Candy
  You can't buy better chocolate anywhere.

The Chinaco of fine chocolates

I talked to the top chocolatier in America this morning.
They're having domain problems, and hope to be back up in a day or two.
I hope so, cause we need some chocolate real bad at BartCop Manor.

Marty's E! page
Michael Dare is kicking ass!
Spielberg's German tolerance contest
VNS's replacement
U Michigan and Ashleigh Banfield - Permanent war?
Macaulay Culkin taught Marilyn Manson how to smoke
And some CA kids offed their mom, credited 'The Sopranos'


From: AD

Subject: B. Carrigan is a dunce

I am a librarian not an english major, so when I saw that sign that got B. Carrigan's
panties in a wad I thought "What a great play on how dumb Bush is". Didn't you?
Seeing as the  pResident couldn't spell the word with a dictionary!

As to all your misspellings! Most are typos people!!! Sheesh, you work 2 jobs
(Bartcop being the more important to be sure) how much time can you spend
proof-reading and backspacing? You just go for it, and the AR's (anal-retents)
can just get over themselves.


AD, I wish it was easier to explain, but there's this "road blindness" that sets in after
you write something and then try to proofread it. Since you know what you meant to say,
when you speed-proof-read it, it reads the way you meant it to read, not what it says.
The other day I wrote something like, "in case you want to to that."

Someone wrote and pointed that out, and I had to re-read his note it 3-4 times to
find the typo. I may have an IQ of 64, but I can spell "do," even on a bad day.


"The president has not made his case in Iraq. If we're going to send our children
  to die in a foreign country, the most solemn obligation and responsibility of any
  president is to come before us and tell us why we are going to be there."
    --Howard Dean, the only Democratic contender who did not vote for military force in Iraq

Susan McDougal on Larry King Live tomorrow

 Barnes & Noble Los Angeles (Grove), 2/6/03
 Borders San Francisco (Union Square), 2/8/03
 Barnes & Noble Emeryville, 2/10/03
 Borders Seattle (12:30 p.m.), 2/12/03
 Elliott Bay Seattle (5:30 p.m.), 2/12/03


 My dad's 78th birthday was yesterday.
 He spent the previous week on a 'polka cruise' of the Caribbean.
 He & the Babe (his companion) had major problems at the airports they encountered.

 Cripes, he's a 78 year old WWII veteran with a crewcut.
 Not quite what I would envision as a threat to national security, but,
 by current profiling standards, he seemed to set off alarms.

 For Christmas, he sent the kid all his WWII medals, and the little blue boxes are still in front of me.
 This 'new Amerika' is not sitting well with me at the moment.


 Hey, shot of Chinaco for your Dad.


 Subject: Communism...for assholes like you.

 Why don't you move to a communist state you sniveling little whiney bastard.

 I don't like communists states, no matter how much you recommend them.
 ...and my parents were married, I'm the youngest of three.

 People who stand up for something are always ridiculed
 by mealy, mindless dopeheads like yourself.

 You think Americans dying to help Bush steal oil is a noble goal?
 That makes you a ditto-sloth, unworthy of debate.

 Move to St. Petersburg or somewhere you puke.

 I've never been to Florida - is it nice?
 Now, ...take your punk ass on out of here before I spank it vermillion.


"Some editors and reporters in American media now see themselves as 'patriot police'
  engaging in jingoism and self-censorship. Throughout much of the world, the U.S. press
  is perceived as nothing more than a mouthpiece for the administration."
       --Robert Wiener, Los Angeles Times

 Robert, that's how I see it in Tulsa, Oklahoma, too
 They're helping the snot-nosed little rich kid who never worked a day in his life
 who is risking our military men to enrich his crime family even further.

 Best Super Bowl Ad

 Ozzie was good, but the upside down clown in the budweiser ad takes it hands down....
 Robert Dier

 ha ha
 I get it - "hands down"

 Bart, the best ad was Jennifer Garner's black, then red lingerie for "Alias."
 Jim in Amarillo

 Jim, no argument there.

Click for more info

When Ashcroft comes after
the Electronic Frontier Foundation
will be fighting in our corner

 Another masterpiece from
 Chickenhawk Hall of Shame

 Click  Here

 Human Shields
    by Patrick O. F.

  Click  Here

 Rather than scoring them for an incredibly brave and principled stand,
 you might at least leave them alone if you're not going to support them.


"Candidly, I have gotten somewhat nervous at some of the pronouncements Rumsfeld has made.
  When he makes his comments, it appears that he disregards the Army. He gives the perception
  when he's on TV that he is the guy driving the train and everybody else better fall in line behind
  him -- or else. It's scary, okay? Let's face it: There are guys at the Pentagon who have been
  involved in operational planning for their entire lives, okay? . . . And for this wisdom, acquired
  during many operations, wars, schools, for that just to be ignored, and in its place have somebody
  who doesn't have any of that training, is of concern."
    -- Norman' Schwarzkopf, Commander, U.S. forces in the 1991 Gulf War

 Tonight, when Bush says "Our economy is fundamentally strong," what he's really saying is,
"Despite all my bungling, Bill Clinton's economy has still not crashed."

 Budget Crises Worsen in Many States
  Tough times, tough choices - tough shit, America

  Click  Here

 Cutting services and raising taxes. Firing civil servants, freeing inmates early, squeezing health care
 for poor families. In almost every state, the options facing governors and lawmakers these days are grim.

 The pain will spread in the coming year, but hardship is already evident — for state workers laid off in CT,
 for Medicaid patients deprived of services in OK, for homeless families turned away from shelters in MA.

"I was shocked — I didn't know prosecutors were going to be laid off," said Carrie Bernier, 32, who has
 a young daughter and prosecuted domestic violence cases in Stamford, Conn., until her layoff this month.

 Welcome to Bush's America, where the super-rich get unearned millions while the poor suffer.
 This wasn't a surprise.
 When we all lived in Clinton's paradise, Bush promised to change the direction we were going.
 Every move Bush has made has been to find out what Clinton would've done - then do the opposite.

 Bush said America was so plush with wealth, a tax cut was called for.
 Then when things went bad, he said Clinton left a mess for him, and only a tax cut
 could make the country right again. Since then, we've been in a steady decline.

 ...and the press agreed with Bush, and blamed Clinton.

  Click  Here  for an excerpt from KGB

From: Kail B


Whatever happened with the "Spider" online debate?
I wanted to see how red his ass really got.


Mr Big Mouth, chip-on-his-shoulder "Spider," puta'd out.
I spent time being nice to that worm, too, trying to lure him into the
place that no Republican would dare to enter - the debate room.

I think we need to change the rules, because it's been a YEAR
since a Republican was balls-up enough to get in the ring.

So from now on, all challengers claiming they're ready to debate will need a "sponsor," which
would be any pro-Bush, pro-Rush web page with a modicum of hits.  That way when he wimps out,
we'll have a web page to go back to and ask what the hell happened.

As you know,  is read by dozens.
How many more years will we have to wait before ONE Republican stands up?

Is this not proof they are bankrupt?
No wonder Begala and Carville win every debate.
The facts are on our side, so when each side gets to speak - we win,
which I why I was so pissed at Gore for losing three debates with a monkey.

Those debates should've been knockouts, not Don King decisions from crooked judges.

Click for more info
Now with new link


"The influence of cable news on television news coverage is not good. There's too much
  opinion and attitude slipping in. From my corner of cable, I don't like what I see going on.
  Tell us your opinion, but don't call it a newscast."
   -- CNBC's Brian Williams, publicity whore, who mentions Rush so Rush will mention him

 Consumer Confidence Declines Again

  Click  Here

 January marks the second consecutive decline for the Consumer Confidence Index,
 which has ticked up only once — in November — following a five-month-long summer decline.
 Since May, when the index stood at 110.3, it has continued on a downward spiral.

 The entire country has been in a downward spiral since the mental midget stole the election.
 They're making billions on the economy and multi-billions on the fake war.

 We can just go to hell.

Who is this?

It looks like she's at a function,
so she could be famous.


 What does "The Clinton 42/44 connection is about to be hueueueuege... " mean?

 Your Friend and Mine,
 Bill Ryder

 Bill, I'm predicting the future and claiming the phrase "42/44".
 Since the unelected moron and his crime boss daddy are both "President Bush,"
 some people use "Bush 41" for the smarter elder, and "Bush 43" for his dimmest son.

 Similarly, we know Hillary will be America's first Lady President, so when she wins,
 they'll have to say "Clinton 42" and "Clinton 44" to distinguish one from the other.


"The old economic team was a disaster. The new economic team is selling the same stupid policy.
  They'll be a disaster, too. Ari Fleischer is a mouthpiece. He gives away nothing. The press can't
  stand him. The president loves him because this is the most secretive and arrogant administration
  we have seen — probably since the days of Richard Nixon. I'd like to have Richard Nixon back.
  I think he'd be a huge improvement."
    -- Eleanor Clift, the only honest panelist on 'The McLaughlin Whores'


"We didn't have a budget deficit until Bush got in there. All those years we struggled to get
  rid of the deficit and now we're right back into it. The tax cuts put us back into the deficit."
   -- Robert Hall, retired business instructor from Louisiana, in NYWTimes interview

Subject: BoxGate!

Here's the U.S. Code having to do with marking foreign goods.


TITLE 19 > CHAPTER 4 > SUBTITLE II > Part I > Sec. 1304. Sec. 1304. - Marking of imported articles and containers
(a) Marking of articles Except as hereinafter provided, every article of foreign origin (or its container, as provided in subsection (b) hereof) imported into the United States shall be marked in a conspicuous place as legibly, indelibly, and permanently as the nature of the article (or container) will permit in such manner as to indicate to an ultimate purchaser in the United States the English name of the country of origin of the article. The Secretary of the Treasury may by regulations -
(l) Penalties
Any person who, with intent to conceal the information given thereby or contained therein, defaces,
destroys, removes, alters, covers, obscures, or obliterates any mark required under the provisions
of this chapter shall -
(1) upon conviction for the first violation of this subsection, be fined not more than $100,000,
or imprisoned for not more than 1 year, or both; and
(2) upon conviction for the second or any subsequent violation of this subsection, be fined
not more than $250,000, or imprisoned for not more than 1 year, or both

Bush will never be held accountable for anything.
Remember, his running mate was unconstitutional, (both from Texas)
but nobody cared, especially the Democrats who gave up and rolled over.


"Vladamir Putin called Bush this weekend and urged him to give U.N. weapons inspectors more time.
  Bush agreed to delay the attack and then he winked so hard you could hear it over the phone."
     --Jimmy Fallon, Saturday Night Live's "Weekend Update"

 VCR Alert

 Kimberly won't be kidnapped tonight on 24 because the Illegal Warmonger is pre-empting the show.
 But Emmy/Golden Globe winner Vic and his boys are back with more mayhem on The Shield.

 Last chance to get in...

State of The Union Signs

 People ask, "We have to print that entire message on the sign?"

 No, all you need to qualify for the big prizes are the words,
"He is lying.
  He's NOT the president.".

Take a picture of the sign while President Slovik is speaking.
Send two pictures of your "He's NOT the President" sign to

 Would you like a preview of tonight's Bush Lie-fest?
 Deb the Pilot has done a tremendous job with this flash animated video..
 Click  Here


"Hillary Clinton is the most investigated woman in history and cleared on
  all accounts. Ken Starr and all the rest of the right wing crowd went after her.
  She was cleared of all of it, and now she's in the Senate. And you just can't stand it.
  Truth is, Bob, you're not half the woman Hillary Clinton is. God bless Hillary."
     -- Paul Begala, rubbing Novakula's nose in it

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  Thanks to Bruce Yurgil

 They own the TV networks, the major papers and talk radio.
 The Internet Resistance is all we have.

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"Can you believe the freezing cold? The temperature's
  been dipping into the teens more than R. Kelly."
   -- Leno

 Bush's 'Nation of Enablers'
  as seen on

  Click  Here

 But more than “a nation of patriots” or “a nation of pirates,” the United States has been behaving
 for the past two years like “a nation of enablers.” At times, it seems that the U.S. political system
 is dedicated to treating George W. Bush like he's some addicted adolescent in a family that won't
 confront the youngster's behavioral problems and "enables" the problem to get worse. Virtually no
 one in the major news media will admit that Bush's personal behavior has been downright strange...

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