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Volume 1172 - Cali-fornia elects Bushboy

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 Wednesday    October 8, 2003


"I would call the French scumbags but that
  would be a disservice to bags filled with scum..."
  -- scumbag Dennis Miller at Andre Agassi's Grand Slam charity event for Children     Attribution

 Can you believe this sick bastard?
 At a children's charity event, he goes for a cheap, tacky and unfunny political swipe?

 Elton John, the star of the event got him back.

"When people say, `Why do they hate us so much?
  Why do they hate us so much?' Dennis Miller."

  ha ha

 Dennis Miller alligned himself with a sick-minded mass-murderer
 who just got caught faking a war that killed over 300 brave Americans.

 Isn't it funny when someone backs the wrong horse and gets what they deserve?

 Dollar Continues Its Slide As Twin U.S. Deficits Swell 
  To quote Mel Brooks, "Our country's turning into shit."

  Click  Here

 The dollar sank to its lowest level since Nov. 2000 before firming slightly to 109.93 yen per dollar,
 down from 111 on Monday. Meanwhile, the euro hit a three-month high against the dollar, trading as
 high as $1.1813, not far off its record level of $1.1933 in late May. And Canada's dollar, the loonie,
 hit a seven-year high against the greenback.

 Even surging U.S. economic growth and, now, hints of a jobs recovery haven't been able to stem
 the tide against the dollar.

 We need to impeach the Illegal Fraud while we still have a country left to defend.


 Leaker May Remain Elusive, Bush Suggests 
  Put another way, "I'd be lost without Karl Rove" - saw it on

  Click  Here

"Asked by a reporter how confident he was that the F.B.I. would determine who disclosed the identity of the officer,
 the president responded by asking the reporter how many times he had exposed a source or had seen a source exposed.

"Probably none," Mr. Bush said in answer to his own question. "I mean, this is a town full of people who like to leak information.
 And I don't know if we're going to find out the senior administration official."

 Follow the bouncing White House ball
   by Molly Ivins

  Click  Here

 Two weeks ago, President Bush said, "There's no question that Saddam had al Qaeda ties."
 But he also said two weeks ago, "We've had no evidence that Saddam was involved with 9-11."

 That helpful clarification came after Cheney was asked on Meet the Press why he thought
 70 percent of Americans believe that Saddam was behind Sept. 11.

"It's not surprising that people make that connection," said the veep.

 Back in 2001, Cheney had said it was "pretty well confirmed" that Iraq and the Sept. 11 hijackers
 had coordinated. But most recently he said he didn't know if Saddam was connected to Sept. 11.

>Now with working link<

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 Robert Pappas

 Robert Pappas' documentary  has been accepted at  the East Hampton Film Festival.
 It is slated to screen on October 23rd at 3 pm.

 The documentary deals with media reform, the 2000 election and the future of the internet.
 I hope you got a chance to see it.

 The people in the film are:
 Charles Lewis; Center for Public Integrity,
 Robert McChesney; Professor of Media Studies,
 Mark Crispin Miller; NYU Professor and good friend of
 Bernie Sanders; Independent Congressman, Vermont,
 Michael Moore, Janine Jackson; FAIR, Dennis Kucinich,
 Jeff Cohen, Kucinich's campaign manager, Jeff Chester and many more.

 We would love if you would spread the word.
 The website is

 Thanks for your help.
 Terri N

 Last night, CNN thought it would be keen to send Candy Crowley (R-Butterqueen) to cover
 the Gray Davis victory party. Crowley hates Democrats with every pound she carries.

 Why did they send a known Demo-hater to give us "fair & balanced" coverage of this event?
 Why couldn't CNN find somebody who only hates Democrats 80 percent, instead of 100%

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 Subject: Republicans want to change the rules again?!?!

 I can't believe what I'm reading. A day after Ahnuld gets into office in what has to be California's
 biggest practical joke to the United States, I find out that Senator Hatch and the Republican party
 wants to change the rules once again, and allow non-native Americans to run for President!  This is incredible!

 Basically, this is the Republicans saying "We don't have anybody with a career record that can match General Clark's,
 so we're going to pitch for the popular movie star who plays heroes on the big screen so that we can steal elections from
 guys like Clark who actually WERE heroes in real life."

 Like in the past several major elections, the Republicans are changing the rules of the game to get their guy in office.

 Why don't liberals FIGHT? Why aren't hordes of people storming the White House and demanding change?
 Why has there been no new Boston Tea Party? No uprising? Nothing!


 Wilder, the Democrats are scared to death Mr Rove might not approve of a fight.
 The Democrats won't even fight to keep their seats they hold in Washington.
 Gray Davis refused to fight in California - why didn't he blame Enron for the huge deficits?
 Why didn't he demand a one-on-one debate with Musclehead, and call him chicken if he refused?

 The GOP and the B.F.E.E. will continue to roll over them until they say "Stop."
 Until our side decides that we want to win, we're going to keep losing.


"When a Mexican runner won the New York City marathon, Rush said it was because quote,
 'an immigration agent chased him for the last ten miles. Edgy, controversial, brilliant.
  What a way to shake up intelligent sports commentary. Hitler would have killed in talk radio.
  He was edgy, too. Disney, who owns ESPN, should take a bow."
    --Nancy Giles,  Limbaugh as Hitlerian Racist


"Mrs. Wilson is one of those rare women who was a superspy. She risked her own life by going overseas
  without official protection, no diplomatic immunity. If she got arrested, she would be shot as a spy. And she
  had a cover company, a secret cover the CIA set up. It looks like a normal business, and, from that business,
  is able to travel the world and recruit brave people around the world that were willing to help us hunt for WMDs.
  And a columnist exposed not only her name, but even after knowing that CIA didnít want her name disclosed,
  even after being told that she was an operative, even after knowing she is the rarest operative, a NOC, Robert
  Novak then publishes the name of her cover business. Every intelligence agency in the world is tracing all the
  mail theyíve ever had with her, all the company connections. I hope that none of her agents are in countries like
  North Korea or Iran, because those people are going to be tortured to find out, were you ever an agent for
  Mrs. Wilson? What was your connection with this company she had? Now, when Novak released both of those
  items, he may have unwittingly exposed himself to federal criminal prosecution.
     -- John Loftus

See Rush for all your Hilbilly Heroin needs.

 Wesley Clark in Tulsa last night

 I'm not very good at writing this stuff, and I'm still swooning a little too much to give his appearance justice,
 but he simply OOZES charm and charisma, much as I'd imagine Clinton does in person. My friend and I
 were discussing how hard it must be to put that much energy out to hundreds and thousands of people daily.
 but he definitely puts it out  there.

 he didn't say a thing wrong. not one. he talked a lot about education, job creation, use of force only as a last resort,
 his business and political experience, why he joined the race, the essence of democracy which he calls the new patriotism,
 the right to disagree/dissent, foreign policy, the economy, civil rights, human rights, everything. he even threw in some
 comments about oklahoma v. arkansas football for the hardcore OU fans. :) he took questions and answered them all
 very articulately and is thinking on his feet.

 i was particularly glad to hear his answer to the question "how will we know our votes are counted correctly?"
 he mentioned charlie rangel heading up the voter-verifiable paper trail issue on electronic voting machines.
 this to me was a sign that he is sincere about his passion for politics, as many of the candidates out there don't
 even have this very complicated issue on their radar screen, much less in tune with those who have  the answer
 for how to solve it.

 I made sure I reminded a few people in the campaign to make sure that oklahoma volunteers aren't forgotten as
 we tend to never get calls back.  (i don't know if that's been your experience, but i find it nearly impossible to get
 any campaign to make use of my offer to do door-to-door, man phone banks, etc. which is clearly just insane).

 he's got it people. and he's couching it all in "big tent" terminology trying to bring america together.
 the only thing he said i disagreed with is that country is more important than party. :)

 in a nutshell, I'm in LUV and Clark's my new boyfriend.


Click to see a fun flash movie


ďWhen I do the Today show out here I get up at 2am because out here you have to be up and ready
  to go at 4 because itís 7 in the east. So I was getting a little tired, but I feel actually good because
  I flew out here and Rush Limbaugh sat next to me on the plane. He gave me some vitamins.Ē
       --Katie Couric,   making fun of the snotty Pigboy

 "Rush is a national treasure..."

 The Whore Street Journal Seduced by Sleazy Schwarzenegger

  Click  Here

"What can The Wall Street Journal be thinking? On Friday, Oct. 3, The Journalís editorial page applauded Arnold
  for his "candor" in admitting some truth to the accusations by several women that he had touched them sexually
  without their consent. The paper minimized the allegations by saying that all that was proven was that the actor
 "can be a boor" and that his statements were "a welcome contrast to the usual political stonewalling or denials."
  Sounding like a bunch of 1950ís-era martini-guzzlers, the editors of The Journal gave Mr. Schwarzenegger a
  figurative big slap on the back and rewarded him because he did not "deny, dissemble or wag his finger into a
  camera. The owners and editors of The Wall Street Journal should be ashamed of themselves."
    -Editorial - New York Observer

 That last sentence seemed to be written by a fourth grade school teacher.
 That pack of wolves at the WSJ wouldn't know shame if it sat on their faces.

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 Rush crush, but too late

  Click  Here

 Tom Jackson, who told two ESPN executives he would quit "Countdown" if Limbaugh remained on the show,
 does not agree with the radio talk show host who, on his Friday program, referred to Jackson as a "friend."

 "Rush Limbaugh is known for the divisive nature of his rhetoric. He creates controversy," Jackson said.

"And what he said Sunday is the same type of thing he has said on radio for years. A player in this league,
 who has a young son, called me this week. His son now wants to know if it's all right for a black to play quarterback.

 That's why he's called the "vulgar Pigboy."

Marty's Entertainment Page
Hillary on Jon Stewart
Carlin on Leno
Harper's Weekly Review
Fresh BAGnews
FCC lets Bono skate
Beyonce launching 2 clothing lines
Maryland's 'first lady' on Britney Spears
'Nick & Jessica' renewed for another year
Jesse Ventura's debut show had only 194,000 viewers
Edith Piaf can still draw a crowd
Oliver Stone in Marrakech
And, prime time ratings - the top 20 shows

 Arnold is my Governor?
    by Kelly D

  Click  Here

 Oddly, itís fitting, too, that this happens in here. Murkuh, youíre not special. We have defined
 what happens for you forever: be afraid. It couldnít happen here was what I thought through
 the whole stolen election. And the California Dems might prove the national Dems wrong as
 regards the resistance factoróbut why should we have had to, national Dems?

 Iíll tell ya: itís because we have had something of a coup here too. Itís complete.
 Theyíve taken over even California. Stand up now for the principles, fight the money power,
 and fuck those who think the path of least political anxiety is the best path.

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 Bush welcomes Arnold: The fresh face of baby-killing
 homo-loving, gun-control groupsex Republicanism
  saw it on

  Click  Here


"I guess Callefournyuh loves sex, because now
  they are going to get the fucking of their lives!"

  Dean in WPB

taken at Pokerfest 2003-Vegas


"What must it be like to live in Rush Limbaugh's world? A world where when anyone other than
  conservative, white men attempts to do anything or enter any profession, be it business, politics,
  art or sports, the only reason they're allowed entry or incredibly attain excellence is because the
  standard was lowered. Be they liberals, people of color, women, the poor or anyone with an accent."
       --Nancy Giles,  Limbaugh as Hitlerian Racist

 Subject: Governor Predator

 Well, shit.

 A serial predator is my new governor, and the 'results' of the election were announced (literally) 1 minute after the polls closed.

 Guess we know which dog & pony show will be deflecting grief from chimpy for the next year or so
 (not that ahnold has any corporate masters to pay off)...and then there's always the chance that Maria
 will melt down, too...yeah - it'll be the media's fault!  Damn liberal media.

 Don't think it's gonna be pretty - it sure as hell ain't gonna be cheap (this recall has cost over $75 million - so far).

 Although we do get the added value of expanding kid's vocabularies with words like 'grope' and 'penetrate'
 while defining the nuances of 'consentual' vs. 'predatory.'

Click to order and
for more information

 Why does the world hate America so much?

  Click  Here

 REST OF THE WORLD: Hey, donít get me wrong, Miller and I used to be pretty tight. I watched his show
 on Fox all the time. And he was the only reason I used to watch Saturday Night Live. He was a riot back then.

 ME: So, what happened between you two?

 REST OF THE WORLD: Well, he stopped being funny and became flat out mean-spirited. For some reason,
 when Bill got that hummer from Lewinksi, well Miller blamed every problem on the planet on him, and just couldnít get over it.

 Radio feedback


 I thought BCR Show 14B was the best so far.
 The timing, delivery and message...all perfect. You were ON!

 What do we need more of? I say add some slams against Hannity, Laura, Wiener and Miller.
 Use that Pigboy format! That's a winner!

 Keep hammering the bastards!

 Bill Neufeld

 Miller's on Leno tonight.
 Maybe he'll say something stupid :)

 Siegfried on Larry King tonight

   "...taking your calls!"

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 Subject: weird deal

 I was in Sacramento this week for a wedding and sat at a table full of strangers.
 During the conversation one of the folks from Wisconsin mentioned Bartcop and that he was a member.

 After that we had a very lively discussion and many drinks.
 What another fine example for a Bartcopper.


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 How to win:

 To get your stickers, send a self-addressed envelope to:
 PO Box 54466
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 The stickers are free, but donations are accepted.

 Get yours, then send in a digital photo of where you put it.
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Smirk didn't misjudge anything.
He's a monkey dancing to Cheney's organ.


"If you can trample your own campaign promises, avoid talking about fixes for the state's problems,
  drive a Hummer in smog city, get accused of pawing 15 women, and still captivate an electorate in which
 Democrats hold a huge advantage, you deserve to be governor. And the people deserve to have you."
   --Steve Lopez,   Der Gropenfuhrer

  Tulare county votes look wrong 
    by Faun Otter    a exclusive

  Click  Here

 Tulare county gave 'obscure' candidates very high percents of their state wide totals:

 Palmieri - 995 out of 3,717   26.77%
 Platform was 'don't vote for me or the recall'. Gay Rights activist who lives in LA.

 Kunzman - 694 out of 2,133  32.54%
 Lives north of Oakland and favored increased social programs. Said he would fire all
 school custodians tosave money and have the kids empty the trash and clean the carpets.

 Sprague - 546 out of 1,576  34.64%
 Zero tolerance for discrimination. Lives near

 From: Bob

 Subject: You have proven yourself and idiot

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"I've learned my lesson. Never underestimate the stupidity of the American voter.
 Just when you think they can't be bigger fucking idiots, they prove you wrong.
 Stupid sells. Hence the miraculous relative popularity of Dubyah, despite all of his
 adminstration's screw ups and deliberate screw jobs. By rights Bush should have
 favorability and approval ratings that make Gray Davis look like Mr, Popularity.

"I want him to be governor,because he is really cool and heís got lots of money for us, too. "
      --Andrea Lazano, Schwarzenegger supporter, quoted on  Olbermann

 Radio show feedback


 1) The clip-your response-clip-your response format works really well.
     Most of us have short attention spans, so it's best to deconstruct Rush (or whoever) sentence by sentence.

 2) Your voice sounds great--not that it was bad before, but whatever you did equipment-wise really worked.

 3) As for the "more shows" question, I'd rather have fewer, higher-quality shows than something quantity-driven.

 4) I guess just keep in mind that we're paying to hear what you think, and we're doing that because we get a kick out of you.

 5) I think it would be a nice idea for you to get COMPLETELY shit-faced and do a show.


 1. Those are fun to do.
 2. Credit Tommy Mack, and my finding the front of the microphone
 3. Me, too.
 4. Thanks,
 5. That could happen.

 Study proves FOX News audience is stupid

  Click  Here

 PIPA found that 48 percent of the public believe US troops found evidence of close pre-war links
 between Iraq and al-Qaeda; 22 percent thought troops found WMD in Iraq; and 25 percent believed
 that world public opinion favored Washington's going to war with Iraq. All three are misperceptions.

 I blame:
FOX for lying about everything
The rest of the media for not calling them on it.
Democrats for hiding in the corner begging, "Please don't hurt me."

 VCR alert

 Hillary on Jon Stewart, attempt #2.
 Attempt #1 resulted in the Eastern Seaboard being blacked out.

 Plus West Wing and the best in poker from The World Poker Tour,
 from the site of Pokerfest 2004 -The Bicycle Casino in Los Angeles

La Cucaracha by Lalo Alcaraz

 Subject: Christian Eye for the Queer Guy

 Bart, you wrote, in invisble ink:

> (I would've loved to have put "Faggot, please!" there, but this crowd would howl.)

 BART - You rock!  If I wasn't so fucking broke and in debt I would send some $$$.
 keep on bringing it to them!

 It's cool when someone reads the invisible ink.

 Doctor calls Roy's survival 'all but miraculous'

  Click  Here

 In a news conference Tuesday, Dr. Derek Duke confirmed that since Sunday afternoon,
 Horn has been "communicating with us and is responding nicely."

 The neurosurgeon said the prognosis was not good when Horn  arrived at the hospital late on his 59th birthday.
"Mr. Horn's injury was extremely severe, and it is all but miraculous that he is alive at this time," Duke said Tuesday.
"While we are quite pleased with his progress, Mr. Horn is in critical condition, and it will be quite some time
 before the extent of his recovery is known," Duke said.

 On Tuesday, S&R manager Bernie Yuman reiterated that there are no plans to destroy Montecore.

"His future is bright," Yuman said. "A tiger is a tiger. We understand."

 I read some posts at the  alt.vacation.las-vegas  news group.
 I saw comments like, "Who cares? They're just a couple of fags."

 You just know the asshole who wrote that was a Bush fan.

Baseball, pro and college football, and Eldrick Woods!
...and more

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 Bush's American soldier body count in Iraq
 Last issue it was  318,  ....this issue it's  323 They got FIVE of our boys since yesterday.
                                                                                                                   Damn, I hate to hear that.

 Soon, we'll be at 400.
 How long before we hit 600?
 How long before we hit 1000?

 Total deaths since President Frog-blaster said, "Bring 'em On":  113 118 son of a bitch

Over 1,400 wounded - with many missing arms, legs and eyes.
 How much more are we willing to tolerate?


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 Three hours of that is enough to put one in a bad mood.

 Have a good time today - that's just a suggestion...

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