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 America where are you now?
 Don't you care about your sons and daughters?
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  In Today's Treehouse...
9-11 vics: Bush cheapens
The GOP's flying monkeys
Bill O'Reilly - liar & fraud
Gay foes wed hypocrisy
World: Bush is a monster
Sidetracked by theology
Gas prices sky high
Scott Peterson's jury
Poker w/Grizzly Bears


Quote of the Day

"There's a real good argument to be made 
  that I stopped backing Bush and that's 
  when I got kicked off Clear Channel.
  Maybe they did it as a favor to Bush?" 
    --Howard Stern sees the light Attribution
                      (saw it on buzzflash.com)

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Volume 1267 -  Hell for sale

Listen Saturdays 3-6 PM eastern

  Thursday      March 4, 2004


"Only a President who never had to apply for unemployment benefits would oppose
  extending them when so many workers are without a job. Only a President who never
  needed overtime pay would advocate taking it away from those workers who rely on it
  to make ends meet. Only a President who never needed federal aid to attend college
  would advocate cutting it back for those students who cannot attend college without it."
     --Sen. Robert Byrd, the only senator not afraid of Karl Rove?  Attribution

 9-11 victims enraged at new Bush ads 

  Click  Here

 Relatives of victims of the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks and a firefighters union said
 they're angry that Bush's new campaign ads include images of the destroyed World Trade
 Center and firefighters carrying a flag-draped stretcher through the rubble.

 They say the ads are in poor taste and accuse Bush of exploiting the attacks.
 The campaign had said in the past that it would not use the attacks for political gain.

"It makes me sick," Colleen Kelly, who lost a brother in the attacks and leads a victims
 families group called Peaceful Tomorrows, said Thursday. "Would you ever go to someone's
 grave site and use that as an instrument of politics? That's what Ground Zero represents to me." .

 Lady, the monster will do anything to continue his crime spree.  It seems as tho the 9-11 families,
 Howard Dean and Robert Byrd are the only people willing to call this pig of a man on his crimes
 and his broken promises. Of course he's going to politicize 9-11, the worst presidential failure
 in America's history.  Any why the hell don't the democrats remind people that Bush went to
 Ground Zero and vowed to get bin Laden, but instead chased after Iraq's oil.

 Why don't the democrats fight back?

 What are they afraid of?

 Can Kerry survive the GOP's flying monkeys?

  Click  Here

 How bad is the Bush barrage likely to be? "Remember the flying monkeys in The Wizard of Oz?
 Kind of like that," says Francis J. Connolly, of Kiley & Company, a Boston-based polling firm
 whose clients include the Kerry campaign.  Connolly adds, hopefully, "But in the end, they didn't win."

 So how does Kerry get through this period? How does he fight off the flying monkeys and keep his
 presidential hopes alive during what has traditionally been the slow season between winning the
 primaries and basking in the glow of the convention?

 He gives Kerry lots of advice, but never mentions framing the debate to make Bush answer questions.
 If Kerry gives in and agrees to the "Bush-doesn't-have-to-answer" format, I will be very displeased.

 Subject: the purpose of marriage

 According to my "family sociology" professor from over 20 years ago, the purpose of marriage
 was for the transfer of property from one generation to the next.  Sure, there was procreation
 involved (the kids had to be legitimate), but it was all about property, and anyone who says
 otherwise is a fool.  And don't forget, that women were considered property.



"I have to say, I feel like a spoiled brat voting for Nader last time. It just showed me, people do not
  have the indulgence in most places in the world to vote for the lesser of two evils. . . They see evil,
  they got to get rid of it. Not that George Bush is evil incarnate, but he does have to be gotten rid of."
     --Bill Maher, to Chris the Screamer   Attribution

  Bill O'Reilly - liar and fraud

  Click  Here

 It's long been apparent that Bill O'Reilly is a liar and a fraud.

 A liar because this denizen of a self-styled "No Spin Zone" consistently spins
 supposed "facts" about his background and upbringing so as to buttress the
 phony "working class hero" status that made him a multimillionaire.

 A fraud because he masquerades as a journalist, hosting a supposedly fair and
 balanced "news program," while actually performing as a fairly unbalanced and
 highly opinionated (albeit entertaining) advocate for conservative issues and ideas.

 Good article - read it.

Visit www.deckofbush.com for your deck today!

 Bush a monster in the eyes of the world

  Click  Here

 Two-thirds of Britons say they have a negative opinion of the role that President Bush plays in world affairs.
 Two-thirds of Canadians say they have a negative opinion of the role that President Bush plays in world affairs.

 Just over eight in 10 of the French have a negative view of the role President plays in world affairs.
 More than eight in 10 Germans say they have a negative view of the role President Bush plays in world affairs.
 Almost six in 10 have a negative view of the role President Bush plays in world affairs.
 Half in Mexico have a negative view of the role President Bush plays in world affairs,

 More than half, 57 percent, say they have a positive opinion of the role President Bush plays in world affairs.

 That's because America's press is controlled by the president's rich corporate donors.
 We don't have a free press in America, and it's getting worse day by day.

 The countries with a free press have seen the news that Bush's good puppy America censors.

 Wake up, you're being lied to.

 You can't get your "news" from TV, radio or newspaper.
 Isn't it amazing that we have to go to the Toronto Star or the Brit papers to find out
 what's going on in Washington DC because the American media is lying.

 Your only chance is the internet because it connects to other countries with a free press.
 Ashcroft the Insane hasn't (yet) declared the internet an Al Qaeda tool

 Fact-finding sidetracked by theology
    by Gene Lyons

  Click  Here

 Back in 1960, John F. Kennedy, the last Roman Catholic senator from Massachusetts to make
 a serious run at the presidency, had to contend with suspicions that he'd turn the White House
 into a tool of the pope. He dealt with them in a brilliant speech to Baptist clergymen in Houston,
 Texas, affirming his commitment to the First Amendment separation of church and state.

 Delivered today, the same speech likely would cause the gang on "FOX News Sunday" or
"Hardball" to question the candidate's piety.  Not that doing the pope's bidding would please
 FOX News theologians, understand. Pope John II opposes abortion, yes, but also the death
 penalty and the Iraq war.

Click  Here


"I was in the back of an armored personnel carrier. We got hit by a rocket-propelled grenade.
  It was a [bad] day, to say the least. I just kept shooting. I thought I was dead anyway. I've had to
  relearn everything from standing up to walking. I'd been snowboarding for close to eight years before
  I got hit, and I'm just hoping to be able to do it again. I want to go back to the military.   I want my old
  job back. I was infantry. We blew things up. I felt like my heart was in the right place over there."
    --Tristan Wyatt, 21, who lost his leg near Fallujah,    Attribution

 Gay Marriage Foes Wedded to Hypocrisy

  Click  Here

 An old joke is that Republicans believe so firmly in marriage that they do it over and over and over again.
 The living exemplar is former House Speaker Newt Gingrich, a veteran cultural warrior and now well into
 his third sanctified union. His half-sister Candace is a lesbian, but he has spoken out against her right to the
 same conjugal relationship that he has indulged so frequently and vigorously. Why would he deny her the
 same happiness he has repeatedly enjoyed? Why, he wants to protect the sanctity of the marital institution
  - by upholding the biblical proscription against homosexuality.

Marty's Entertainment Page

 Fast-rising gas prices set records in 2 states

  Click  Here

 Gasoline prices set statewide records Tuesday in Nevada and West Virginia, and new highs
 were hit in Southern California as that state pushed to within a penny of its record.

 Nationwide, a gallon of unleaded regular averaged $1.70 AAA reported Tuesday.
 Ten states were poised to break records as soon as Wednesday.

 USA Today says gas prices are $2.95 a gallon in San Fransisco, where gays are marrying.
"Rape California" has always been the motto of Enron and the B.F.E.E..
 They didn't vote for the never-elected bully so he's teaching them a lesson.


"The wall just crashed on me. Crushed my head, broke my neck. I felt separated, like in relaxing mode,
  but really I was still driving the tank. I couldn't feel my hands on the wheel. I felt nothing. My sergeant
  was telling me to stop on the radio, but I couldn't speak loud because my voice just went away, I was whispering,
  a very slight whisper. Another tank got the wall from ahead and took it out, and we waited until the medics came.
  They took me to the support camp, and that's where the doctors determined I had a broken neck and a spine injury.
  My spinal cord is C3-C4 - quadriplegic. From my neckline down I cannot feel anything."
      --Luis Calderon, 22, injured May 5, 2003 in Tikrit,    Attribution

 There are thousands of brave men coming back from Iraq with something missing
 Meanwhile, the B.F.E.E. is stealing that oil - day after day - accountable to nobody.

 ...after all, that's why we went to war - to make Bush richer.

 Subject: Were you better off four years ago?

 With which of these statements do you disagree?

 When Clinton was president the Dow went over 12,000
 When Clinton was president the NASDAQ went over 5,000
 When Clinton was president we had a $500 billion budget surplus
 When Clinton was president 23 million jobs were created
 When Clinton was president we didn't attack another country in a phony war
 When Clinton was president we didn't reward big businesses like Haliburton & Enron
 When Clinton was president he didn't give tax breaks to the wealthiest 1.5%
 When Clinton was president he did raise taxes on the wealthiest 1.5%
 When Clinton was president we didn't get attacked by 4 of our own planes
 When Clinton was president we were all better off financially

 Under Bush's presidency the Dow has risen to 10,000
 Under Bush's presidency the NASDAQ has risen to 2,000
 Under Bush's presidency we have a $500 billion deficit
 Under Bush's presidency 3 million jobs have been lost
 Under Bush's presidency we attacked Iraq killing tens of thousands in a phony war
 Under Bush's presidency Haliburton (Cheney's old company) is cashing in big time
 Under Bush's presidency gave tax breaks to the wealthiest 1.5%
 Under Bush's presidency we were attacked on 9-11-01
 Under Bush's presidency we are not better off than we were 3 years ago

 I'm beginning to see a pattern here, how about you?

 Greg Whitman

 Subject: What is BartCop Radio?


 I see mentions all over the home page about "Bartcop Radio", but nowhere do I see an explanation of what it is?
 You ask for subscriptions to it, but I don't see what I'd be paying for.

 Can you point me to the place on your site where you explain what Bartcop Radio is?
 What is the programming?


 Cliff, BCR is a subscription-based radio show. Subscriptions are generally $10 a month, but some readers
 have been nice enough to sign up for $17, $25 etc.  We call them "pillars."

 Many old-timers got in for $5 because they gambled that BCR would be worth it and a successful gamble
 deserves a reward.  Students, teachers and military also get the $5 rate.  The links to each show are in the
 members section, the link to which is in the upper-right corner of this page.

 We started last year, with April 15 as a start-up goal. We had some spits and false starts, then my computer blew up,
 then I got a virus, then I had to re-install Windows XP, which, of course, disabled the sound card. After almost a year
 of tech problems, all we had to show for it was about 16 shows, but now that everything works, we're doing a show
 per week with plans to increase production. Most shows will fit on a 80-minute CD, but double-wide shows, like our
 last show, Show 29, sometimes run over two hours.

 The programming is an audio version of the page, but it's almost all new material. It's not the page being read aloud.
 When I see a story in the paper, I decide if it's a "page" story or a "radio" story. We also have clips from Jon Stewart,
 Dave, SNL, but usually it's Bush jokes, taunting, audio beatdowns of bullies like Rush, Hannity etc.,  and monkey ridicule.
 Since my IQ of 64 prevents me from being gainfully employed, I live on the income generated from subscriptions.

 The early shows were so bad, the recent shows sound great by comparison. Somewhere around Show 29
 professional knobbist Tommy Mack came aboard and made the show sound damn professional, 'cept for the host.
 Tommy used to run The Guitar Center in Hollywood, so you know he can knob with the best of them.

 Lately, we've been running a small sample of each show.
 Look for this after each new show is posted.
  An excerpt from Show 29

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 Delivered to your door -  ready to play in your car or home stereo.
 All shows after Show 28 will be as clean as an edition of The Daily Show. but not as funny.

 Order your CDs today!
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 BartCop Radio Shows on CD for just   $24

 Currently shipping shows  27  (Double-wide)  28  (Five parts)  29  (Double-wide)
  professionally mixed by Tommy Mack.  That's 5 CDRs for $24.  Cheeeeap.

 Remember, if you PayPal, mention your address.

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 Scott Peterson Jurors to Hear Wiretap Evidence

  Click  Here

 Scott Peterson's defense received a blow when a judge decided to allow jurors in his murder trial
 to hear some details gathered by scent-sniffing police dogs and phone calls intercepted to his first attorney.

 Prosecutors said the police dogs picked up Laci Peterson's scent in several places in the
 days after her disappearance, including the Berkeley Marina where Peterson told investigators
 he launched his fishing boat.

 Calling the details "iffy, at best," Judge Delucchi tossed out prosecution claims that the dogs
 had detected a broken trail of scents leading from Laci Peterson's home to the warehouse
 where Scott Peterson kept his boat and along the boat's rim. .


 We're going to semi-track this case, along with Kobe's legal problems and I'm trying to
 prevent the inevitable "Bart is pro-rape and pro-murder" charges. I recalled an old rule
 that I had in my early days on Prodigy: I refused to discuss the subject of abortion if
 my opponent had a baby bouncing in his/her lap.

 It was all honor-system stuff, but people can get carried away with the logical and legal
 points about a hot topic with they equate my position with wanting to kill their offspring.

 Now and then, when talking about priests who have been convicted of sexual abuse,
 I say that my passion on the issue does not come from being abused.

 Similarly, if you or a close friemd/relative have been the victim of such a crime,
 I can understand how a spirited defense of the accused could sicken and enrage you.

 So if you write a hot letter over some in-the-future comment I might make, you might
 include the phrase, "...and no, I'm not personally affected by a similar crime."

 Nancy Grace's fiance was murdered, but I don't know any details, but that experience
 seems to have made every suspect guilty beyond any shadow of any doubt.
 She was ready to inject Scott Peterson the day she heard Laci was missing.
 Nancy Grace is the definition of "pre-judge."

 ...and don't think I'm making a joke here. If you or your wife/daughter/mother/friend
 was raped or killed, your heightened senses certainly have a place at the discussion,
 but I'd hate to be associated with a negative event that changed your life forever.


"It's as sick as people who stole things out of the World Trade Center.
  The image of firefighters at ground zero should not be used for this stuff, for politics."
    -- Firefighter Tommy Fee of Queens Rescue Squad 270, on Bush's Ground Zero bragging ads  Attribution

 Did Anna Kournikova break Penthouse?

  Click  Here

  Thanks to Jason W


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 States Bent on Collecting Internet Taxes

  Click  Here

 Remember all those gifts you bought online during the holidays?
 Now it's time to pay sales tax on them, at least so say the income tax forms of 20 states.

 The latest to outstretch that revenue-seeking hand are New York and California, which this
 year added a line requiring taxpayers to declare any tax they owe on out-of-state purchases.

 The National Governors Association estimates state and local governments will lose at least
 $35 billion this year from Internet sales.

 Bush has bankrupted all 50 states, so they're looking for ways to make money.
 I hate the idea of an internet tax, but Bush stole the money - it's gone and it's not coming back.
 The states can't actually file bankruptcy and wipe their slates clean, but bankrupt they are.

 The super-rich need tax relief

 Click for a great short movie

 World Poker Tour

 Last night's show was damn entertaining.
 An entire season of poker has just begun.

 Bart: Playing poker is like fighting a wild grizzley.

 You: Bart, when you obsess over something, you really obsess.
          How can playing poker possibly be like fighting a grizzly?

 Bart: Ok, so you're walking in the woods and you turn a corner and there's
          a mother grizzly and you're almost close enough to her cubs to touch them.
          Suddenly, you're in a life-and-death poker game that you never asked for.
          As far as I can tell, you only have two options.

          Option One is to fold, and you do that by saying, "Uh-Oh," and "Good bear"
          as you slowly back away.  That decision will probably get you killed and eaten.

          Option Two is you bluff. You swing your arms wildly in the air and scream at the grizzly,
         "You want a piece of me you big, ugly bully? I dare you. I double dare you!"
           ...and hope the grizzly doesn't speak English.

 In many, many cases, your options are to fold or bluff.
 Next time some merchant tries to rip you off, tell them you can have a camera crew here in 15 minutes
 and then start dialing your cell phone. I'll bet the merchant will fold, unless he reads  bartcop.com

 Trust me, everyone should learn to play poker, then drop it if you don't like it.
 You can't make it thru a single day where you make 25 decisions based on the likelyhood of success.

 Poker Update
 Foxwoods doesn't want us just like Harrah's in New Orleans doesn't want us.
 "We're too busy" they said, as if expanding and hiring more dealers wasn't legal in America.

 So here's the plan we're kicking around:  Chicago Pokerfest in April and then New York Pokerfest
 the same week they have NaziCon 2004 (The GOP convention). I've never seen a riot in person.

 We paid Circus Circus $180 to host our last Pokerfests. Let's take that money and a little more and
 rent a big room outside of NYC with a big table and we'll just play a tournament without a sanctioning body
 Some of the dealers at Circus Circus weren't sure what beats what - hell, at least I know that much.

 We'll know more in the coming days, and if we're going to do this in April we'd better hurry.  On the other hand,
 this isn't a flight to Vegas - there's gotta be enough people in the Chicago area to fill up a poker table or two.
 We could see Zomar and Isaac Peterson and Cathy and Grant and I think the Buzzflashers are located in Chicago,
 plus Chicago Jim will hopefull co-host the event since he knows the city.
 Shirley, we'll have enough people for a friendly game of poker.

 Nader and voting in the year 2004

  Click  Here

 There were a lot of replies.
 I think everyone who voted for Nader wrote.

 Bush's American soldier body count in Iraq
 Bush lied, and caused 550  American lives lost - and counting.



"It's a slap in the face of the murders of 3,000 people. It is unconscionable."
    -- Monica Gabrielle, widowed on 9-11, on Bush's Ground Zero bragging ads Attribution

Something on your mind?
 Call the
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You have two minutes to speak your piece.


"You need to be able to drill on state and federal lands. You don't harm it that much anyway."
   --Stephen Gose, chairman of Retamco, who paid $600,000 for leases in February,  Attribution

 Entitlement of Silence
  by George Will, who is dumber than a chimp and I can prove it.

  Click  Here

"Has any candidate ever gone further on anything dumber than John Edwards's three-hanky tear-jerker speech
 about a father losing a job? Most of the approximately 1 million small businesses started each year fail - send for
 more hankies - within a decade, so it is unsurprising that 10 percent of manufacturing jobs, and an even higher
 percentage of service jobs, are normally eliminated every year."

 ...but Clinton created 22 million new jobs.
 I think Will just called Clinton a "Miracle worker."

 As we step up the pace of ...
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 (Hey - I finally bought a Mac! :)

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 If you prefer the mail, our address is  bartcop.com  PO Box 54466   Tulsa, OK  74155

  Show 29 is up.

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