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Show 33 is up - plus there's a new short film.

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  In Today's Treehouse...
Where was the Air Force 9-11?
Bush notes on Clark 
Geragos Accuses Woman 
D-r-i-v-e   b-y   N-e-w-
Impeachable Offenses
Air America Radio Launches 
No facts in Bush World
Tough Questions For Condi
Rice 9/11 Testimony Key 


Quote of the Day

"We have one thing in common. We want to send 
   the Bush corporation back to Crawford, Texas.'" 
   --Ralph Nader, the guy who handed Bush 
      the White House and wants to do it again. 

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Volume 1285 -  Horrific Quagmire

  Thursday   April 1, 2004


"You can question Bush's veracity, his grip on reality, and the rationality of his policies, but not his faith.
  Turning to Jesus to escape from drinking was the turning point in his life. Sincerity, unreservedly giving
  your heart to Jesus, is the fulcrum of life-altering faith, say people who have experienced it."
     --Jack Beatty,   Attribution

 Horse hockey!
 He emptied the Treasury then lied us into a bloody, endless war to make the BFEE even richer.
 I'm more Christian that that lying, theiving SOB.

 Where was the Air Force?
  They should ask Rice about that under oath

  Click  Here

 The notion of a hijacked passenger jet meandering over the northeastern United States,
 unmolested for more than an hour before blasting away a chunk of the Pentagon, should
 appall anyone whose taxes contributed to the quarter of a trillion dollars spent on defense
 that year. And if you stop and think about it, there was actually two hours in which something
 could have been done.

 Will the Bush administration ever have to answer these questions?
 Will the 9-11 Commission ask these important questions?
 Will the press insist on answers or will they smile and let them get away with it - again?
 Will the Democrats ever summon the courage to demand answers?


 Found notes may show Bush plan on Clarke 

  Click  Here

 The White House was worried about the damaging testimony of a Richard Clarke last week but was
 trying to let the issue die on its own, according to Pentagon briefing notes found at a Washington coffee shop.

"Stay inside the lines. We don't need to puff this (up). We need (to) be careful as hell about it," the handwritten notes say.
 "This thing will go away soon and what will keep it alive will be one of us going over the line."

 The notes were written by Pentagon political appointee Eric Ruff who left them in a Starbucks coffee shop in
 Dupont Circle, not far from U.S. Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld's home.

 See the notes

 On Guard or AWOL?
  Remember Eddie Slovik

  Click  Here

 Recalls Memphian Mintz, now 62: "I remember that I heard someone was coming to drill with us from Texas.
 And it was implied that it was somebody with political influence. I was a young bachelor then. I was looking for
 somebody to prowl around with." But, says Mintz, that "somebody" -- better known to the world now as the
 president of the United States -- never showed up at Dannelly in 1972. Nor in 1973, nor at any time that Mintz,
 a FedEx pilot now and an Eastern Airlines pilot then, when he was a reserve first lieutenant at Dannelly, can remember.

(c) 2004, salamander.eps

 Geragos Accuses Woman of Lying

  Click  Here

"I think it was clear there was the embodiment of a stealth juror there today,"
 Mark Geragos said outside court Tuesday.  "It's extremely distressing to anyone
 connected to the criminal justice system to think that anyone would lie their way
 onto a jury in order to execute someone."

 Geragos questioned her about a recent bus trip she took to Reno during which she
 allegedly bragged about how she had "passed the test" to get on Peterson's jury.
 The woman acknowledged she took the trip - but denied talking about the jury selection process.

 Virus Alert

 This virus acts in the following manner:
 It sends itself automatically to all contacts on your list with the title
 "A Card for You"

 ...so don't open that

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 The demons tear at Bush's soul - Quotes

"President Bush, spending a long weekend on his Texas ranch, gave no ground,
  and several aides said he will not change his mind on letting Rice testify."
      --AP,  March 29, 2004, Attribution

"Today I have informed the 9-11 Commission that Kinda Sleazy Rice, will provide public testimony."
  --Dubya, Statement to the Press, March 30, 2004,   Attribution

 The whore press keeps telling us what a rock of conviction this giggling punk is.
 Truth is, he flip-flops more than a carp that accidentally jumped into the fishing boat.

 D-r-i-v-e  b-y  N-e-w-s

 Clarke Asks moveon.org to Pull TV Ads
  Says he doesn't want to be part of a political ad

  Click  Here

 Iraqis Drag Charred U.S. Corpses Through Streets
  Not quite 'welcomed as liberators' like Bush promised

  Click  Here

 Trump going broke
  Needs $1.8 billion to keep going

  Click  Here

 U.S. Suspends About $26M in Aid to Serbia
  They would invade, but Serbia has no oil Bush can steal

  Click  Here

 Sexual predator Took Sex Harassment Class
  But the governor already knows how to harass women

  Click  Here


 I heard some Al Franken yesterday, but Real Player (they forced me) kept shutting off.
 That's good news because it probably means they overloaded their servers.

 If that's the case, they can raise ad rates because they're doing more business than they expected.
 I'd like to buy some commercials on Air America, but of course, being liberals, they don't offer that option

 By last evening, the Air America page had more on it than "Click here to listen," but, swear to Koresh,
 under "Contact us" it gives a snail mail address but no e-mail address.  Can you believe that?

 Maybe once they get their feet under them they'll think to have an "Advertise with us" link.
 Poor Democrats - we can't get anything right.
 In the "nice vs smart" contest, we're the nice party.

 I know some are having problems streaming the new Air America.
 Here is an alternate link where you can pick it up. http://www.super62.com/listen/index.php

Marty's Entertainment Page

 Impeachable Offenses

  Click  Here

 Bill Clinton was impeached on charges of perjury and obstruction of justice. But no one died as a result
 of the Monica Lewinsky affair. President Bush has sent this nation into an illegal war based on lies,
 resulting in the deaths thus far of more than 575 United States soldiers and thousands of Iraqi civilians.
 This war has no end in sight, and officials warn that U.S. troops could be there, fighting and dying,
 for 10 years or more.

 Where is the political accountability?
 Where is the constitutional consistency?
 Where are the voices of our nation's leaders calling for the investigation of impeachable offenses?

 They're in the corner, wetting themselves like Bernard Shaw in Baghdad. The GOP would never
 impeach Bush for any reason, and they'd start another civil war if the Democrats tried to do to
 their guilty boy what they did to our innocent guy.  Lucky for them - the Democrats are afraid.

 Subject: It happened again during poker

 O.K.  You may not have believed that someone beat me with a straight flush at poker
 the other night when I had four jacks, but Friday night was something for the ages.

 We dedicated the last two hours for straight (no wild cards) Texas Hold em' and twice
 (count em twice) someone won the hand with a straight flush.

 Please, if you ever come to visit us and play poker, do not bet up a flush or a straight
 (the last guy lost with a ful house).
 My baby says Ahhhhhhh!, which means keep fighting the good fight.

 All in,
 Jeff Duby

 Jeff, that sounds wild.
 Considering you can only hold two cards, it's hard to get snuck up on in Hold'em.
 So if your community cards are 6, 7, 8, 9 of spades, be weary of the 5 and 10.
 Anytime there are three of one suit showing, I always assume the other guy has two more.

 ...are you sure they're not cheating you? :)

 Franken Launches Liberals' Air America Radio

  Click  Here

 Liberals added their voice to talk radio on Wednesday as comedian Al Franken launched
 the Air America Radio Network with "The O'Franken Factor" show, offering a sharp contrast
 to conservative hosts like Rush Limbaugh, who dominate the U.S. airwaves, television stations,
 newspapers and major news magazines in the ever-increasing whore news industry in America..

 Franken's three-hour program featured interviews with former Sen. Bob Kerry on the 9-11
 commission and Michael Moore, a satirical piece on airport security in London and call-ins
 from listeners, including legally-elected President Al Gore.

"I think what you'll see is that we will close deals with traditional consumer goods companies,"
 said Walsh. "Liberals buy beer, they drive trucks, they take vacations, they have arthritis.
 We're also consumers." .

 Hey - I'll buy some commercials - but you don't have a link that says "Advertise here."

 Unhappy about your mortage rate?

 Read  bartcop.com

 It won't make your mortgage any less painful to pay, but you'll learn how Bush lied
 America into a bloody, unnecessary war that is making his family billions of dollars richer.

 Subject: Thanks from a civilian truck driver in Iraq

 Bart, I just received all the CD's you sent me today.
 DAMN!!! I did not expect so many. Thank you so SO much.
 It is making my day listening to them. I cannot tell you how much enjoyment you are providing.

 Just as an interesting note, while I was waiting in line at the PX today, there was an MP behind me
 talking to another soldier. He was saying how his last detail was in a unit guarding Paul Bremmer.
 He said a civilian unit guards Bremmer and make over $600/day  while his unit just mirrors them
 and doesn't make squat. He then said they frequently had too many hours (up to 7!) outside a
  restaurant while Bremmer ate and then when he came out he was wasted on alcohol.

 The soldier was saying all this stuff in a tone that led me to believe he is disgusted with it all.

 Keep up the good work,

 If I was Bremer, and was stuck in that war zone, I'd have a few drinks, myself.

The "Red-Ink Reagan" cap comes in three versions:

"I spent more money than any president but Dubya."
"I invented big government, Dubya just perfected it."
"I was once the most clueless president America ever had."

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"What I think the president ought to do is he ought to get on the phone
  with the OPEC cartel and say we expect you to open your spigots."
    -- Too stupid to be president, in a January 2000 presidential debate,   Attribution

 Sexual predator: Culli-fornia may need a tax increase

  Click  Here

 Gov. Groper hinted that raising taxes may be unavoidable, acknowledging he is under extreme pressure
 to offset a $14 billion budget shortfall. Groper said he needs to further review budget forecasts in the next
 weeks to decide whether to raise taxes.  "When I luke at dat numbas, I can make up my mind about
 what dat means," he lied.

 Culli-fornia wanted a movie star governor soooo much, they didn't mind that he was so stupid that he could only
 answer scripted questions like the Unelected Monkey.  When pressed for details about how he'd solve Culli-fornia's
 budget problems, this idiot said, "I vill terminate the deficit" and the nutty voters ate it up with a f-ing spoon.

 I know you didn't all vote for this Teutonic Monkey, but enough of you did to make him governor.

Click to order/get more info

 Subject: Clinton, Bush should testify

 The issue has been raised about what Clinton did or didn't do to fight terrorism.
 I say - let's call Clinton to testify to the 9-11 commission - in public - and under oath.

 In the interest of getting to the bottom of the problem so that 9-11 never happens again
 - I think Clinton could shed important light on the topic and can address issues that have been raised.

 Additionally - when Bush testifies it should also be in public and under oath. The fact that he won't take
 the oath makes it look like he intends to be less that fully truthful. I say - let's get this all out in the open.

 Marc Perkel
 San Francisco, CA.

 From: CFortunado

 Subject: Bart knew Rush was taking drugs a LONG time ago

> From Issue 148:  We'll ALWAYS Have Waco    (Wow, that's over a thousand issues back)

 Pigboy on Drugs

 We're here live in Pigboy's third hour Thursday, Sept 2.

 He's acting drunker than Cooter Brown.
 He's acting drunker than Bob Dornan on election night.
 He's acting drunker than Bob Packwood at a John Tower memorial.

 Actually, my experience behind a bar tells me it's not alcohol.
 He's not getting more drunk or less drunk as the hours go by.
 That means he's eating time-release pain killers or muscle relaxers.

 It's funny, he's slurring his words and speaking slowly and deliberately.
 Then, he goes to a commercial and the old, fast-talking Rush sounds so different.

"Have we taken any calls this hour?  Huh?  We haven't?  Thought we did.
  I owe you peebel a quick get-to."

 His ditto-logic isn't up to snuff, either,
 Like a drunk, he's staying on his point loooooooong after we get the drift.
 If he was pulled over by a cop, he wouldn't be allowed to proceed.

"Ladeees and ...gennelmin, Monica's ...mother, Bernar Lewinsky got a...
  what did she get, ...oh, a ledder  fom the democratic comm,  ...commitee
 asking for... for munney, huh?

 What?  ...I said what?
 Oh, from Monica's mudder?  I mean fodder, ovviousleee"

 Pigboy's on drugs, just like Governor Blow Monkey!

 Uh-Oh, still listening to Herr Puerca, he just fell asleep!
 Somebody shake the Pigboy, there's still 45 minutes to go!

 ha ha



 Now he's ragging on the Republicans!
 He says they want big government to solve allllll their problems.

"We can't ask big gubment to solve aborshen!
  We can't ask big gubment to clean up Horrywood!
  We can't ask..."   then the caller cut him off.

 The way he's chastising the hippocrits, you'd think he was reading RL-LNW back issues!
 So, when Pigboy gets drunk - he tells the truth?

 Hey, look at the clock!  Rush's show lasted 3.5 hours today!

 Now, we're in the last ten minutes.
 Pigboy is denying his speech is slurred, even though he says he getting
"scores of people suggesting he get to a doctor immediately."

 Hey, Pigboy, it gets worse than that!!
 BartCop is taping you, you lying buck futter!!

 ha ha

 I'm giggling like it's my first beer watching the reels go 'round and 'round
 on my tape machine while Rush denies he's slurring his words.

 Pigboy is so busted!

 ha ha

 Rush just said, "My slurred speech is miffical!" (mythical)
 and he's "getting sick and tired of all the calls."

 Rush, this time I think you're right.
 There's nothing wrong with your speech.
 Those pills aren't affecting you at all.

 I have a suggestion:  Go home and take about a dozen more pills
 then wash them down with a quart of gin and take a long nap.

 Take a really long nap,  you Nazi pig.

 An excerpt from Show 33

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Bush knows what he doing with the economy?

Then why is this chart lying?

Saw it on   www.bushbacklash.com

 Subject: Momma Condi and Sista Hughes

 A 'war president' who hides behind the skirts of Mammy Condi and Sista Hughes?
 The Squatter is a coward, through and through.

 Rumors are that Mammy will be leaving the administration the end of this year.
 Rove has now made her the official 'fall down and pee all over yourself' gal - taking the blame for the Unelected Fraud.
 He, of course, will chat with the 911 commission in private with Cheney at his side.

 So, the question is...who wipes his ass?



Click to Enter

 No facts, only motives, in Bush World
    by Gene Lyons

  Click  Here

 Knowing that his book, "Against All Enemies," would depict a White House that dismissed
 terrorism as a Clinton era obsession, reacted passively to warnings of an impending al-Qa'ida
 strike during the summer of 2001, then did precisely as bin Laden wished by attacking Iraq
 without finishing the job in Afghanistan, Clarke clearly anticipated the administration's counterattack.

 Over the past two weeks, he's singlehandedly made the Bush White House look like chumps,
 anticipating their every move and outmaneuvering the GOP smear machine. Accustomed to
 bullying adversaries into silence, the White House has made one tactical blunder after another.
 The result has been a political disaster.

"Whatcha talkin' bout, Rumsfeld?"

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"When George W. Bush ran for president in 2000, he said he was
  against nation building. I didn't realize he meant our nation."
        --Al Franken,   Attribution

 Bush pokes fun at missing WMDs

  Click  Here
"Those weapons of mass destruction have got to be somewhere," he said.

ha ha
That's funny as hell, Mr President.

Bush's American soldier body count in Iraq
 Bush lied, and caused   591  600  Americans their lives - and counting.

That's funny as hell, Mr President


 Tough Questions For Condi Rice 
  Did an internal poll set Karl Rove's hair on fire?    by Smoking Joe Conason

  Click Here

 Until now, Ms. Rice had accepted the President's decision - however reluctantly and despite her personal
 yearning for candor - that she would be deprived of the chance to testify before the commission. Nothing less
 than the Constitution itself was at risk, in the opinion of the White House counsel. "I would certainly hope that
 everyone understands that this long-standing separation between the President's closest personal advisers and
 the Congress has to be maintained," she lamented on March 28 on television.

 How could she have known that this essential Constitutional barrier would suddenly disappear less than 48 hours later?
 Such magical lawyering is likely to annoy the frustrated members of the 9/11 commission, who have been treated with
 contempt by the White House. One of those frustrated commissioners might even ask Ms.Rice about the Oval Office
 discussions that preceded the President's turnaround on her testimony. Was President Bush influenced by the
 increasing political pressure to let her testify?

 Subject: Why I subscribed to BartCop Radio


 I subscribed because you're the only guy out there who really expresses the way I feel
 about the scum who have stolen our country.  Your passion keeps me stoked every day,
 and I hope it will guide and motivate me to do something concrete to fight "the  Greatest
 Criminals the World Has Ever Known."

 Thanks Bart


"America will never be intimidated by thugs and assassins. We are aggressively striking the terrorists in Iraq.
  They know that a free Iraq will be a major defeat for the cause of terror.'"
     --Dubya, safe in the Oval Office, making billions of this unnecessary war  Attribution

 Trip Report
  Mind Pilot goes to Vegas

  Click  Here

 One ride left: The X-Scream. It's a car holding 8 people in rows of 2 on a seesaw type of contraption perched on the edge of the tower.
 As the seesaw tilts the car runs out to the end, hangs off the edge and then just when you think it's stopped and you are OK, it jerks
 forward a couple more feet. It points down over the edge and you hurtle down the ramp and hang, suspended over the edge with nothing
 under you. You dangle there, next to the windows of the observation deck where people scream at you and take pictures. Then you tilt
 backwards and go back. You do this about four times before they let you go.

 It took me a while to build up the courage for that one

Do you have an opinion?
Do any GOP impressions?

Call the

Then  listen for your call on...

You have two minutes to spit your bit.


"To say that the Bush-Cheney secret presidency is undemocratic is an understatement.
  This administration is truly scary and, given the times we live in, frighteningly dangerous."
     --John Dean, in his new book, "Worse Than Watergate"   Attribution

Click for more info

 Rice 9/11 Testimony Key As Race Heats Up

  Click  Here

 When she testifies before the 9-11 commission, Condoleezza Rice will face pointed
 questions about what outgoing Clinton administration officials told her about terrorism
  - and how urgently the new Bush administration regarded al-Qaida's threat.

 She also may face questions about her credibility..

 Maybe with Bush's good puppy press, but I doubt America trusts Kinda Sleazy.
 That snooty posture and that better-than-you attitude rubs people the wrong way.

 Subject: Rice and the 9-11 commission

 Hey Bart,
 I see three possible scenarios shaping up regarding Condi Rice's testimony before the 9/11 Commission:

 Scenario #1: Bush's demand that the 9/11 Commission pledge not to call other members of his Administration
 as followup to Dr. Rice's testimony could provide Rice with an opening to lie to the Commission under oath (and thus perjure herself).

 The Democrats were idiots to agree to that.
 They should have demanded Smirk tell all on live TV under oath anmd any attempt to shut down
 further testimony should've been answered with, "What are you trying to hide?

 Given that the Commission will be hampered from calling additional witnesses to followup and prove Rice's perjury,
 this could provide a small loophole through which Rice and Bush can slide out of a perjury charge....... and thus get away
 with lying to the American people.

 ...as they always do.

 Scenario #2: Rice will tell the truth, it will be very damaging to the Bush Administration, and in return,
 Rice will have to be sacrificed in order to clear Bush.

 That is, Rice's testimony will be so damaging that the only move open to the Administration will be to say "Hot damn, look at that.
 We put Condi in charge of National Security and she dropped the ball. Off with her head!" Condi will then get fired, blame will fall
 on her instead of George, and the Administration will use its enormous campaign war chest to bombard the airwaves with spin to
 the affect of "Bush is a great war leader who was let down by his staff. Bush is without blame."

 She would accept the blame smiling - anything to protect the never-elected Fraud.

 Scenario #3: Rice's testimony will be honest and extremely damaging to the Administration, but the selected GOP partisan hacks
 on the Commission (Lehman, Thompson, and others) will so politicize and muddy the waters with tantrums, obstructions, softballs,
 obfuscation, and character attacks on Clarke that, in conjunction with the flying monkeys (Limbaugh, Hannity, Ingraham, FOX,
 and all the rest), it will so politicize, blunt, and inflame the issues that Bush will somehow be able to slide through...... dented
 perhaps, and tarnished, but still intact.

 Scenario #3 depends heavily on the stupidity and gullibility of the American people, and on the tremendous ability of the Bush
 Administration to throw a thousand flying monkeys behind one set of talking points in a relentless attack upon the truth, the 9/11
 Commission, and the facts.

 Personally, I think Bush is aiming for Scenario #3, because it's familiar, it's time-tested, and it's been successful in the past.

 Scenario #1 is the least likely, because it's the most risky, although it's not entirely unthinkable.  Scenario #2 is also unlikely,
 but less so..... if Bush and Rove calculate that sacrificing Rice is the safest course for Bush, this could be the way things come down.
 It all depends on whether Bush believes the GOP flying monkey attack is strong enough to counteract the truth about his Administration and 9/11.

 If there's any doubt that the flying monkeys won't be able to cover Bush's butt - given the revelations that are likely to come out
 once Rice goes public under oath - then Condi may very well be forced to "take one for the team" and go down without her head.

 Erik Wood

 Erik, plus they have Lee "Whitewash" Hamilton there to save Condi or shut the whole thing down, if needed.
 He's not going to let anything happen to his employer's son.

Garry Trudeau offers $10K to anyone
who saw Bush show up in the ANG

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