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  In Today's Tequila Treehouse...
New York to Red Alert?
Triumph on Colmes's Leg
Bush - Back to the Ranch
D-r-i-v-e   b-y   N-e-w-
Told You So, America!
Nader Shuts Philly office
Post-Convention Analysis
Bounce or No Bounce?
The Kerry juggernaut


Quote of the Day

"I'd be a total fool to ever question John 
  Kerry's heroism -- if not for him, I'd be dead."  
     --Jim Rassmann, saved by Kerry in Vietnam

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Volume 1369 - Token of my Extreme 

  Monday   August 2, 2004 


"American facisim will not be really dangerous until there is a purposeful coalition
  among the cartelists, the the deliberate poisoners of public information, and those
  who stand for the K.K.K. type of demagoguery."
     --Henry A. Wallace, VP to FDR, who enever even met GW Bush   Attribution

 New York may go to Red Alert status
   Must have been a better convention than we thought

  Click  Here

 Financial institutions identified as targets of a terrorist plot in three cities opened for business Monday
 under stepped-up security and defiant words from people who said they won't be cowed by the
 extraordinary intelligence pointing to a potential attack.

 Police sealed off some streets in New York, put international-finance employees in Washington
 through extra security checks, and added barricades and a heavy armed presence in Newark, N.J.,
 in response to a heightened terrorism alert aimed specifically at titans of the financial sector. .

 Twenty one years ago, Reagan learned the lesson the hard way.
 If they just put those concrete barriers in a line far enough away that a truck bomb will only break
 some windows, they'll have to resort to gravity-defyingmachine to attack Wall Street.

 Assuming we can control our airplanes...


ha ha


"Strategically, it is an important month for us. We started the campaign by talking about
  what the country has been through, the war on terror and the economy, and now we'll talk
  about the vision for the next four years and the difference in visions for the future.
  Bush's new refrain will be "we've turned a corner, and we're not turning back."
    --Nicolle Devilish, Bush spokesman    Attribution

 This lady could be right - we've turned the corner on prosperity, we've turned the corner on
 a healthy stock market, we've turned the corner on jobs, and we've turned the corner on the debt.
 That's four corners - we're right back where we were in early 2001.

 Triumph gets leg up on Fox's Colmes
   Did Triumph hump the traitor Colmes's leg?

  Click  Here

 Alan Colmes got locked out of FOX's temp broadcast booth at DemoCon 2004.
 After numerous frantic cellphone calls to Fox honchos, Colmes, to wild cheers from the crowd, was allowed back inside.
"Thank God they just let the doormat back through the door,'' Triumph barked.
"Get in there and get your butt kicked by Sean Hannity!"

 Colmes the doormat - works for me.



"Yesterday, the president said to Americans that we were turning the corner, referring to the economy.
  Well, let me ask you, if you're one of those 44 million Americans that don't have health insurance are
  you turning the corner? If you're one of those people who has a job ... that's been forced overseas,
  are we turning the corner for those folks? The last time we had a president who ran on a slogan of turning
  the corner was Herbert Hoover, and he ran on the prospect that prosperity was just around the corner.
  I don't want to run talking about turning the corner. I'm running to climb the mountain and get to the top."
    --John Kerry, in Greensburg, showing a little aggression,   Attribution

 Bush - back to the ranch
 "Bush has to go, for the safety of the world..."

  Click  Here

 Back in 2000 I hailed the election to the presidency of George W. Bush, mainly because he was a Christian.
 I should have known better. I must have forgotten that religion and politics don't ever mix; and that too many
 Christians equate conservative moral values with conservative - indeed, extreme hard-right-wing - economic policies.
 Bush has been no exception and the effect of his Administration, not just on the international scene but on America
 domestically, has been nothing short of disastrous.

 I can see no end to the fiasco in Iraq, which is sad not just for the long-suffering Iraqis but for Americans as well.
 All of which persuades me that Bush is a mediocre, common, inarticulate and visionless President, the puppet of a
 powerful cabal of neo and crytpo-fascists. "

 Seems like a lot of people are starting to use the language of bartcop.com  - from four years ago.



 Subject:  BCR Show 48


 I sure am getting tired of your non f-ing stop hammering of the democrats.
 If I wanna listen to that shit, I can just turn on Rush, Hannety, Oliely or a thousand other right wing shills.
 And I am paying money for this? How about looking for some positive stuff about Democrats.

 It's only gonna take one more rant like the second part of this show for me to take my 60 dollars a year
 and give it to my local democratic party. I have been with you since the Rush Limba days but I am really
 getting sick of this spew


 Art, you and me, both.
 Our team is getting our ass kicked because we refuse to fight back.

 Did you hear Hillary's speech?  "Bill Clinton showed the Democrats how to win," but then they forgot
 everything Bill taught them and went back to being Dukakis/Mondale lefties who could lose 49 states.
 Doesn't that make you angry?   My goal is electing Kerry, but he has to want to win.

 Most days, Rush says, "Kerry should be ahead by 20 points, but Bush is staying right with him,
 even with the crashed economy and the disaster in Iraq and the Middle East ablaze."
 That pisses me off.  Doesn't it piss you off, too?

 It seems to me we have two choices:
 We can wake the Democrats up right now or we can give Bush another four years to finish the job
 he's done with the Middle East, appointing Supreme Court judges, the economy, the environment etc.

 Sure, the Democrats are doing some things right, but are you happy with their peformance so far?
 We're out of time - the fight has to be now.  How silent should we be about that?
 I understand your anger - I have it too, but I'm doing my Paul Revere impression here.
 The fascists are coming!   Wake up!   The fascists are coming

 I can't be a perfect fit for dozens of wavelengths across the Democratic spectrum.
 I say give your money to the people who are fighting the battle.
 If your local Democrats have the GOP on the run - support them financially.
 When I "hammer" the good guys, I'm trying to wake them the hell up.

 Art, are you a boxing fan?
 The first time Sugar Ray Leonard fought Tommy "The Hit Man" Hearns, he was behind - BIG time.
 Sugar Ray was sitting on his stool in his corner and his eyes were so swollen, he looked Asian.
 Angelo Dundee shocked every boxing fan watching when he slapped him in the face and said,
"You're blowin' it, son. You're blowin' it,"
  You want to be a bum all your life?
  I need the best three minutes you got in you!"

 Now that wasn't a nice thing for Angelo to do, but in the next round, Sugar Ray caught Hearns with
 a right and went to wailing on him like an octopus on Desoxin and Hearns's corner threw in the towel.

 That's what's going on at  bartcop.com
 I don't want to be in a bum party - I want a winner and I think you do, too.

 I don't need to lose any subscribers, but I also can't remain quiet while the Democrats look
 for a way to play nice with the crazed monsters who are taking over the world.

 Told You So, America!

  Click Here

"We warred to topple a dictator, and introduce Iraq and the region to democracy and freedom."
 Well, if the US is now in the liberation business, shouldn't the Cubans, with millions of
 relatives in America, be first in line? But, hey, there is no oil in there, and no Israeli and
 corporate interests, either. Less war means less guns and fat contracts, who needs that??

Marty's Entertainment Page


"He's trying to tell America that things aren't improving. But his disingenuous campaign
  cannot hide the fact that America is stronger and safer because of the president's leadership."
      --Bush spokesman Steve Schmidt, pretending a self-serving lie is the same as a fact    Attribution

 Subject: Lori Hacking was very small

 ... 100 lbs.  It was trash day that day.  He put her in the neighbor's big green rolling trash can, in a trash bag.
 (Hackings didn't have a city trash can because they lived in an apartment building with commercial trash pickup.)

 I'm bigger than 100 lbs. and have *fallen* into my Salt Lake City-owned trash can ... I fit easily.
 Her body's in the landfill.  Part of the mattress he killed her on (the non-bloody part) was found in a
 local church dumpster (kitty-corner from their building).  He cut off the bloody part and put it in trash
 bags into another neighbor's trash can.  People around here put their trash cans out the night before.
 Her body is in the landfill.  He confessed to police.

 He killed her because she finally confronted him on the full aspect of his lies.
 She already knew of some of them, but the Friday before the whole tapestry fell apart.

 He will go for insanity/temporary insanity plea.  His attorney (or someone, possibly himself) leaked to
 Fox News that 'sources say' there had been a 'rage killing' in the apartment, to set this scenario up.
 He left the bloody knife in the apartment.  He was caught running around naked at the motel he'd
 checked into the 1st night.  All to support insanity.

 These are my theories/guesses.

 He's no Scott Peterson, that's for sure.


"A nuclear 9/11, I believe, is a real possibility. I believe it'll happen within a decade."
    --Belfer Center Director Graham Allison,   Attribution

 Meanwhile, Bush is attacking defenseless, third world countries so he can steal their oil.

 Nader Philly office shuts down, workers seek pay

  Click  Here  if you want to go thru the hassle to subscribe for this one story

 Ralph Nader's presidential campaign this week abruptly abandoned the Center City office that housed
 its efforts to get on the Pennsylvania ballot, leaving behind a mess of accusations and a damaged building.
 The office was emptied Thursday after a raucous scene the night before. Police were called as dozens of
 homeless people lined up to collect money they said they were owed for circulating petitions on the
 candidate's behalf. Many of the circulators were never paid, according to outreach workers and interviews
 with several men who had collected signatures. "A lot of us were scammed," said Ed Seip, 52, who said
 he collected more than 200 signatures for Nader.


 Subject: I'm damn sick of it

 Hell, when they took off after Bill, so many Republicans were outed, 
 I was beginning to be hopeful that most of Congress would be gone, but no such luck.

 Can someone please explain to me why it is that Republican men, in general, are so obsessed
 with the sex lives of other people, especially the sex lives of other men? Same seems true of the overly-religious.
 I am liberal, I have known Liberals all of my life, and I have never heard of the kind of perversity
 I have heard about the Conservatives.

 No bounce for Kerry?
  Bounce or no bounce?

  Click  Here

 The latest US polls found that Kerry has managed what few before him have done:
 he walked away from DemoCon 2004 without creating a post-convention "bounce" of public support.

 A CNN-USA Today-Gallup poll concluded that not only had Kerry's campaign not benefited from
 the party's national conference, but the president, George Bush, had actually gained ground. Among
 likely voters, Bush led Kerry by 50% to 46%, compared to a pre-convention poll where
 Kerry led 47% to 46%. Ralph the Spoiler held fairly steady at 2%.

 I'll try to get this audio in BCR 49, but Michael Moore says these polls don't count.
 Using "likely voters" means calling reg voters from 2000, but Moore says the anger at Bush
 has caused millions of people to register for the first time. He sees a Democrat landslide.


Click on the "Get out of Iraq" MP3

Get Your War On, (c) 2004 by David Rees. Used with permission

 Big Dog on Dave Tuesday night
  Good sport, considering Dave's endless cheap shots

  Click  Here

 Bush camp solicits race of Star staffer
  Can't have "one of them" take Snarl's picture

  Click  Here

 Pizza boy given $820 tip
  Church gives big tip for no damn reason

  Click  Here

 Eldrick Ties for Third
  Great day for former champion

  Click  Here

 An Analysis of the Post-Convention
  Zogby (R-For Rent) Shows Never-elected in trouble

  Click  Here

"The most recent Zogby poll shows deeper trouble for Bush beyond just the horserace.
 Bush has fallen in key areas while Senator John Kerry has shored up numerous constituencies in his base.
 The Bush team's attempted outreach to base Democratic and swing constituency has shown to be a failure
 thus far, limiting his potential growth in the electorate. The most important group in this election now is the
 undecideds and Mr. Bush's standing among them is weak."

"Not worried - we got Diebold..."


 Subject: RE: Eyes Wide Shut

 Dear Bartcop:

 Eyes Wide Shut is brilliant.
 Remember when watching it that Tom Cruise was married to Nicole Kidman.
 The movie is a cruel joke on Tom Cruise, and a rather good one.
 In fact, it's just the sort of thing you'd do if you were Kubrick.


 ha ha

 ...now I got to see the movie :)

Up to twenty views per penny.
Nobody gives you a better deal that that.



"He was defying the world. He was firing weapons at
  American pilots and forcing the world's sanctions.
    --Dubya, explaining why he sent a thousand soldiers to their death,   Attribution

 But Governor, how many "world sanctions" has Israel "forced?"
 Oh, that's right - Israel has no oil - no sense attacking them.


 This race will be won or lost in the debates.
 If Kerry debates under Bush rules, they'll call it for Bush.

 John, use your head:

Debate man-to-punk, with the moderator there only to switch subjects.
If you let Brit Hume moderate - you'll lose for sure.   Remember that.
Don't take questions from a moderator or, Koresh forbid, the audience.
    The two (screw Nader) debaters should ask each other questio0ns.
No time limit on answering. That bullshit of 2 minutes, then 1 minute then 30 seconds
    allows Bush to memorize 30 second soundbites instead of answering the question.
When Bush answers, say, "Fine, but you didn't answer my question."
When your second attempt fails, look at the camera and say, "Did anyone hear an answer?"
Go for six debates, settle for four. If Bush wants fewer, bring out the Chicken suit
    to follow Bush everywhere he goes, When the SS arrests the Chicken Suit,
    be sure our cameras catch that for the network news.

 John, as soon as I hear the debate rules, I'll be able to tell you who won.

 Don't let them bully you into a Bush-friendly format.
 If they balk, say, "Why can't the leader of the free world explain himself?"

Fahrenheit 9-11,
Hunting of the President
Order your copies from the BartCop Bookstone

 Subject: The Village's crappy ending

 Bart, the crappy trick ending to The Village is ...(withheld)

 Are you kidding me?

 They actually charged for that outrage?

 Why does M. Shama-lamma-ding-dong hate his audience so much?

 I barely enjoyed the movie more than arriving home to find my car in a ball of flames...
 Fred Mecoy
 Allen, Tx

 ha ha
 Sorry to laugh, Dude, but how did your car catch fire?

 I got another, more detailed review from Gustavo.
 If his description is valid, M. Shama-lamma-ding-dong should be arrested for fraud.

 He closed with this:
"Its bad, ...but its not Signs bad."

 ha ha

 So how many times worse than Unbreakable is it?

  is different.

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"They succeeded in defining themselves as the mainstream party - and they really are,
  compared to the extremist Bush administration. The Bush people truly are the radicals these days.
  In fact this may be the most reactionary presidency in 100 years. And the Democrats are succeeding
  in defining it that way, and this message is starting to resonate with the public."
    --Carl Bernstein, declaring the Democratic convention a success,   Attribution

Bush's American soldier body count in Iraq

 896, 901, 905, 907, 912, 914  dead American soldiers.

Drip, drip, drip - young lives go down the drain


 The Kerry juggernaut
   by Joe Conason

  Click  Here

 Smashing expectations with his powerful, emotional acceptance speech, John Kerry is leading thrilled
 Democrats from Boston into the final stages of this election with greater unity and confidence than they
 have known in a generation. Steady and serious but often plodding during the many months that led up
 to his nomination, he again earned his reputation as a skilled political "closer" last night. For this campaign,
 he has built a consensus within the party around his own ideas and priorities...Even before Kerry's early
 emergence from the primary pack, the disastrous presidency of George W. Bush had begun to change
 the Democratic Party -- in ways that were plainly on display in Boston this week. The neurotic preoccupation
 with intra-party struggles between "new" Democrats and "true" Democrats is gone, replaced by a desire to
 win and a willingness to build alliances among the party's disparate constituencies and supporters. Perhaps
 most significantly for the future of political debate in America, Boston framed the new determination to
 build institutions that can compete with the nation's long-established conservative propaganda machine.


 From: Jamison Bobo

 Subject: are you f-ing retarded?

 Are you fucking retarded?

 Not completely - I have an IQ of 64 - wanna debate?

 I'm gonna jump for joy when Bush gets re-elected so people
 like you will whine and cry themselves to sleep for the next 4 years.

 Be sure to write back election night, Bobo.

In silhouette, Iraq camels look like American cows.

 Price of oil spurts to $42.90 a barrel
  A thousand dead AND record high oil prices?

  Click  Here

 The price of oil set a nominal record Wednesday, closing the trading day in New York at $42.90 a barrel
 after flying as high as $43.05 during the day. Gasoline, hovering at a nationwide average of about $1.90 a gallon,
 already is profitable enough for refiners that it might not quickly zoom, says Tom Kloza, senior analyst at the
 Oil Price Information Service. But he forecasts record prices soon for diesel, heating oil and perhaps jet fuel.
 That would drive up the cost of heating homes, delivering packages and taking trips and would burn money
 otherwise available to buy goods and services and make investments that would help the U.S. economy.

 Can you believe that underlined part?
 Like an oil man could ever be satisfied with "enough" profit.

Do you have an opinion?

Call the

Then  listen for your call on...

You have two minutes to record your message.


"When I was kid, I went all over the world with my father and my uncle and everywhere we went,
  they were greeted by throngs of people, thousands and thousands of people reaching out to touch them.
  Europeans proudly named streets after our presidents, Roosevelt, Kennedy. Our country was adored,
  these people were desperate for our leadership and for our moral authority, which took nearly 250
  years to build. And in just three-and-a-half years this president has destroyed that."
    --Bobby Kennedy Jr., speaking the obvious,    Attribution

 When the Clintons traveled somewhere like Africa, you'd read stories of villagers walking
 ten miles in their bare feet to get a glimpse of Hillary. Can you imagine anyone in Africa
 crossing the street to get a glimpse Pickles Stepford Bush?

When will the rapes stop?
When will the tortures stop?
When will the looting stop?
When will the murders stop?
When will the invasions stop?

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